Indie publisher Raw Fury acquires the Kingdom series from original creator noio

The king is dead. Long live the king!

Boutique indie games publisher Raw Fury purchases the Kingdom intellectual property from its original creator, Thomas van den Berg (noio), for an undisclosed amount.

In 2015, indie game publisher Raw Fury signed and funded a little known gem called Kingdom. Its creator, Thomas van den Berg (noio), was the first developer to come on board our then-fledgling publishing brand. As of today, three Kingdom games have been released across multiple platforms with more than 4 million units moved to date. Not bad for a game whose original tagline was “Nothing lasts…”

Our partnership with Thomas effectively shaped how we collaborate with the developers we’re fortunate to call partners. It’s a proof point that how we operate works well and that, together, we can help build successful franchises with these incredibly talented teams.

Today, we’re announcing that we have purchased the Kingdom IP from Thomas. This was only made possible because Thomas has decided he’d like to move away from Kingdom in order to pursue new projects, as Raw Fury has no clauses in its agreement with developers that give us any rights to a developer’s IP (and we intend to keep it this way).

Thomas van den Berg, creator of Kingdom:

“The first pixels of Kingdom I put on digital paper around 2011, it’s been a long and interesting time working on something so dear to me. But now, I’d like to continue challenging myself and explore different kinds of projects. And whereas most Kingdoms don't last long, the Kingdom series deserves to go on. For that, it’s great that Raw Fury has been so deeply involved in the game for so long, enabling them to take the series somewhere I never could. Two Crowns is evidence of that, it was thought out almost entirely by Gordon, with great success. I look forward to seeing what is next, and to become a Kingdom player myself.”

Jonas Antonsson, Chief Everything Officer and founder of Raw Fury:

“Kingdom means a lot to us both personally and as a company, it’s one of the cornerstones of our success and a testament to how we do things here. We usually work with small teams that are highly creative and, at some point, they may want to explore new things. We always want to support this, and we try our utmost to find a good way to both move games and franchises forward while making sure the developers have the freedom to delve into these endeavors. We love seeing them come up with some new magic whether it’s in collaboration with or independent from Raw Fury.”

Gordon Van Dyke, co-founder of Raw Fury, has been involved with the Kingdom series since the start by helping with the design and balance of the inaugural title, and eventually taking on the role of Game Director and Designer of Kingdom Two Crowns developed together with Coatsink. Gordon will now take the role as monarch of the entire series.

Gordon Van Dyke, co-founder of Raw Fury and newly crowned monarch of the Kingdom series:

“Without sounding too cheesy, Kingdom changed my life. Thomas has become like a brother to me and to have him hand over Kingdom is one of the greatest honors of my career. Protecting the careful crafting and diligence of the series, like we did with Kingdom Two Crowns, is just the start of the journey on how we plan to progress with the series. I’m still very much in love with Kingdom and have so many ideas to explore and build upon.”

The next update for Kingdom Two Crowns, which we’re calling Challenge Islands, will debut in late summer.

Kingdom: Two Crowns updated to Version 1.0.4

A major overhaul

A rather sizable update for Kingdom: Two Crowns has been pushed live. For those wondering what's in Version 1.0.4, check out the massive list of patch notes below.


Fixed issues with achievements “There is No Greater Ruler Than Thou”, “Their Savior” and “Never Gives Up”.
Fixed an instance where the game could not save the progress properly thereby displaying an error prompt. Issue should now be fixed, and error prompt should
no longer be displayed.
Fixed an issue where the host player could get a soft lock when toggling “Joinable state” to off while a client player was connecting.
Fixed so player no longer can get stuck in opening point of game if enabling online joining if there is no internet connection.
“Beggars” should now spawn properly even in long sessions.
Workers and archers should now perform assigned tasks properly even in long sessions.
Hermits will now properly board the boat if they are purchased just before the monarch boards the boat.
Forge now spawns as designed.
Crown status in multiplayer sessions will now persists across islands.
Tools such as the scythes should no longer bounce around for client players.
Fix for Shogun Kirin mount turning into unicorn mount when switching islands.
Client player should no longer get stuck in loading screen if accepting an invite from a host player in the tutorial.
Thickets should now spawn properly.
Fixed so that in-game music does not play over credits music when viewing credits.


Lowered the coin price of the ninja.
Doubled the amount of hits the ninja can take.
Doubled the amount of attacks pikemen can do.
Adjusted speed of crown stealer so that they now stay with the pack of greed instead of running ahead.


Added Wharf Bell to the boat docks which allows the player to manually call citizens to the boat. Removing the feature that citizens are called to the boat as soon as it’s put in the water.
Changed the notification of the crown stealer spawn.
In order to experience BALANCE changes you will need to start a new campaign.

Nintendo Switch specific patch notes

New features:

Hunting during winter: While the smaller animals go into winter hibernation, there’s other animals that suddenly appear as the snow starts falling on the ground. But beware that you must first find this menacing animal deep in the forest, and once confronted it’s much tougher than the regular small game that roamed outside the walls of your kingdom during spring, summer and autumn.
Foraging during winter: Since the farms can’t harvest during winter, the Farmers have discovered foraging to bring in a bit of extra income. It’s not much but every bit helps.
Shinobi: Who says being a stealth warrior at night is all we’re good for?! During long nights of waiting in ambush the Shinobi came up with a brilliant way to pass time during the day instead of just sleeping.
Introducing the Gem Chest: Those gems sure are a heavy burden to carry around while you explore for valuable upgrades to use gems on. Now you can lighten your purse and store the gems in a stone chest. This appears by the Wharf once you’ve upgraded your Kingdom to a Stone Castle. Storing gems is a costly business, so it won’t be free for the Monarch to offload those precious gems.
Other updates: In addition to the above there’s also fixes and changes such as an upgrade to the Stable to make switch Steeds more affordable, improving appearance of shops on the edge of your kingdom walls as you expand, and optimisation of save data compression, to mention a few. We have also included Brazilian-Portuguese as a language option and improved the Russian text.


Switching steeds in the stable is now more affordable.
Improved appearance of shops on the edge of your kingdom walls as you expand.


Forge now spawns correctly.
Added failsafe for rogue hermits which could cause it to become impossible to travel away from islands as the game was waiting for a hermit who never spawned to board the boat.
Improved Russian language option.
Optimized save data compression. This should prevent the save data to become too large which was the cause of the save issues.
Fixed graphical biome issue.

Kingdom: Two Crowns dev explains how they made a strategy side-scroller

Kingdom: Two Crowns is a very unique strategy game in that it plays as a side-scroller. Most strategy games are viewed from the top down, or with a three-quarter view. Why was a side-scrolling perspective chosen for Kingdom: Two Crowns and how on earth did the devs make it work? Creator Thomas "noio" van den Berg explains in a Gamasutra interview.

I like the panoramic visual aspect of it, as well as the fact that it equates moving through the world with "panning" the map. Actual platforming movement (e.g. jumping) would get in the way of the strategy aspect, I think.

However, in terms of strategy, it can be hard to find gameplay mechanics that allow very complex tactics by the player. Units are either in-range or out-of-range on a one-dimensional line, there's not much more to gain from squad placement.

What is also interesting is that when units are placed on a one-dimensional line, you are forced to allow them to "overlap," which means that multiple units can be in the same place. That has some consequences for the design behind area-of-effect weapons (like the catapult boulder in kingdom). When you add hard defenses (walls) to that mix, it means that 20 enemies will pile up in the same spot and are all hit at the same time by a boulder. This makes some game mechanics much less predictable/controllable.

Kingdom: Two Crowns - upcoming hot fix detailed

Kingdom: Two Crowns is getting a hotfix on the Switch. It's not available on Switch yet, but we do have the full details on what it will include.


Fixed an issue where an infinite loading screen could occur if the connection failed when attempting to join a Steam friend
Fixed an issue involving the Stables and multiplayer games (aka Steed Save Corruption) - this will also patch affected save data, so you shouldn't need to restart your campaign
Added a fix for corrupted, almost empty save data, that was sometimes caused by having a connection attempt fail with very particular timing
Fixed an issue that caused pikemen to fish double money when in an online game
Fixed an issue that caused the bow and hammer shops to be unusable by the client, if they joined after the scythe shop had been placed
Fixed that hermits would wander outside of the kingdom, searching for a place to stand, to their eventual demise
Fixed that workers would also wander outside of the walls during greed attacks
Fixed an unlock requirement for the 'There is No Greater Ruler Than Thou' achievement
Fixed an issue where swapping steeds spawned by the Stables repeatedly in an online game could cause ridden steeds to move independently
Fixed an issue with having hermits as passengers when a remote client pays to embark on the boat


Buffed the ninja, and reduced the hire cost
Reduced a few steeds' ride costs (Bear, Stamina Horse, Unicorn/Kirin, Lizard and Warhorse)


Added a way for players to manually dismount their hermit passengers (flip back and forth rapidly to expel unwanted hermits)
Updated the credits
We are still working hard on fixing critical issues like:
Knights not attacking portals if player arrived in an intact boat
Blacksmith/Catapult shop not appearing
Items rotating when purchased by clients
Difficulty to find co-op controls
Bread from the bakery disappearing
Please note that you will need to start a new campaign for the game to properly generate the balance changes into your Kingdom. In order to do that follow these steps:
Allow your current game to load
Open the menu
Select "Campaign"
Select a blank campaign save
Enjoy the changes!

Kingdom: Two Crowns - another gameplay video

In the award-winning Kingdom series, players took on the role of a monarch struggling to build their kingdom up from nothing. Hundreds of thousands of players across the world explored, recruited loyal subjects, and defended nightly against the persistent threat of the Greed – but they did so in isolation, and as with all things in Kingdom, nothing lasts… until now.

Kingdom: Two Crowns - more gameplay footage

In the award-winning Kingdom series, players took on the role of a monarch struggling to build their kingdom up from nothing. Hundreds of thousands of players across the world explored, recruited loyal subjects, and defended nightly against the persistent threat of the Greed – but they did so in isolation, and as with all things in Kingdom, nothing lasts… until now.

Kingdom Two Crowns hitting Switch in Japan on Dec. 11th, 2018

We just heard about the NA/EU release date for Kingdom Two Crowns, and now we have info on the Japanese side of things.
Raw Fury has now announced that the game will hit Japan on Dec. 11th, 2018, and localization will be handled by by Kakehashi Games.

Kingdom Two Crowns coming to Switch on Dec. 11th, 2018, will include Shogun kingdom, online 'being explored' for Switch

Over 3 million monarchs have experienced the enigmatic and evocative world of Kingdom since its original release in 2015, and now the next installment of our bestselling franchise is nearly upon us! Kingdom Two Crowns will release worldwide on December 11th for PC, Xbox One, Switch, and PlayStation 4.

And while launch dates are a big deal, there is something even more wondrous about Kingdom Two Crowns that we can finally talk about…

Kingdom Two Crowns will introduce new incredibly vibrant and unique campaign settings for fans to explore.

wiAt launch, Kingdom Two Crowns will feature an additional stunningly gorgeous Japan-inspired setting we’re calling Kingdom Two Crowns: Shogun which will be filled with its own unique set of NPCs, strategies, and mystery. This is on top of the already revamped and reimagined medieval backdrop Kingdom is known for, which will also don its own NPCs and more. Furthermore, additional settings will be coming to Kingdom Two Crowns post launch, each with completely new environments offering their own different items and characters. These aren’t reskins, they are settings that offer different strategies to ruling in Kingdom.

This is the most extensive undertaking of Kingdom we have ever attempted but one look at that teaser trailer and you can see it’ll totally be worth the wait. Both the current setting and the new Kingdom Two Crowns: Shogun setting overhaul Kingdom’s permadeath mechanic and introduce a new campaign style where death will still be your best teacher but you won’t be punished as severely as before.

For veteran rulers, there are plenty of new mysteries to solve in our beloved horse riding simulator. For monarchs who have yet to traverse these lands, Kingdom Two Crowns will make you swoon with its remarkable aesthetic and keep you engrossed with its simple yet brilliant strategic depth.

Kingdom Two Crowns will feature couch co-op on all platforms and online co-op for most platforms at launch (we’re exploring online for Switch at the moment). For Xbox specifically, Kingdom Two Crowns will be a part of Game Pass in December.

Kingdom Two Crowns is shaping up to be the best entry in our beloved series. We’ll be sharing more over the next month so join our Kingdom obsessed community on Discord, follow us on Twitter, sign up for our newsletter, or check out our brand new Kingdom site! Safe travels, future rulers.


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