To All Mankind - Erina Kashi trailer

A no-frills girl

At first glance Erina may seem lazy, but she is actually an all-rounder who can play both the funny man and the straight man. Since she only tends to say half-hearted things with a serious look on her face, those around her are often under her thumb. However, she is a no frills girl who acts the same around everyone, so things like that are forgiven.

To All Mankind - Kyouka Shintou trailer

Meet Kyouka!

The latest trailer for To All Mankind gives us a good look at Kyouka Shintou, one of the main characters. Kyouka is always smiling, and is the energetic mood maker of the group. She can be somewhat clumsy at times, but that is part of her charm.

To All Mankind gets a 2-hour live-stream event

Can you survive for 2 hours?

If you've got a spare 2 hours and you're really looking forward to To All Mankind, we have the perfect video for you. The team behind To All Mankind has shared a two-hour live-stream event that shares artwork, gameplay, and more. Check out the full recording above.

To All Manking - Famitsu print ad

To All Mankind is going to have some major competition in Japan, considering how close to Super Mario Maker 2 it's launching. That's probably why magazine adverts the game are appearing this early. This advert happens to have primo placement, as it appears on the back cover of last week's Famitsu.

To All Mankind devs talk game story, character pairing, sequel desires, and more

Yori gonna like it

The dev team behind To All Mankind recently shared a whole new wave of details on the game. Check out a summary of details discussed below.

- this game is more yuri (genre involving lesbian relationships or homoeroticism) than Kin-iro Mosaic, but less than Citrus
- the girls get touchy with each other, but don’t expect them to suddenly start making out
- despite having a post-apocalyptic setting, the game's story isn't depressing
- there's also no story twist where it turns out to be a horror game
- the game is coming to Switch due to the devs considering the budget, their goals, and the market
- releasing on more than Switch/PS4 would be too high risk, seeing as how it’s a new IP with niche themes
- the producer's recommended coupling are Erina Kashi (game otaku girl) X Yuyuko Oura (literature girl)
- the producer also recommends coupling for Kyouka Shintou (protagonist) X Isana Shouni (cooking specialist girl)
- all of the girls can be paired with each other, for 15 different couplings in total if you buy the DLC-only girl Shuuka
- the only character players get to control directly is Kyouka Shintou
- there is a hunger system, but none of the characters can die
- the game aims to present a more sentimental approach to gameplay
- preload is opening soon in Japan
- the game is set in Akihabara because it’s an iconic town for game and anime otaku
- Acquire is based in Akihabara, making it easy for them to recreate
- it’s an easy to navigate town, making it perfect for game design
- early on, the team hesitated a lot between Akiba and Ikebukuro, but ended up deciding on Akiba
- if the game sells well, a sequel might be developed, and it would only have girl characters again

To All Making 'system' trailer released

How to survive 101

The latest trailer for To All Mankind takes a look at the various gameplay systems throughout the experience. Get a look at the exploration, collecting, cooking, and handicrafting aspects of the game above.

To All Mankind - New info on gameplay flow and DLC

The daily struggles of a post-apocalyptic world

Along with the earlier assets for To All Mankind, we now have some new details on the game itself. Check out a rundown of the game's flow, and DLC below.

■ Daily Flow (In-Game)

On the usual morning, Kyouka will wake up at the hotel and the day will start from there. By waking up early, she can explore the town and hotel with the other girls. Will there be no one else in town again today…? What kind of useful tools will you come across?

As you explore the town, you will find things that can only be found in Akihabara. Things like figures, electronics, and other items that you come across in the culture-infused town of Akihabara can be put to use in your survival life.

—Perhaps because Akihabara is a popular tourist location, you will even find foreign currency. If you notice the coin’s “material properties,” you can see ways to use it other than as spending money.
—Since Akihabara is the Electric Town, you will also find the latest appliances. They may even be a precious power source…?
—What’s this…? There are even enthusiast items like this Baghdad Battery. You may be able to learn more about these items at the doujin shop.

After you get tired of exploring, you can make the day’s food with the ingredients you gathered. Eating a well-balanced diet of foods like fish, meat, and vegetables not only recovers health, but also comes with various benefits to your survival life, such as smoother collecting or increased dexterity.

—Yuyuko and Erina are full of confidence after catching fish in the morning.
—“Leave the fish to me and you focus on the vegetables”-Kazumi. The effects you receive differ depending on the type of food.
—In the survival life, even acorns on the roadside will serve as fine ingredients.

As the girls get tired and hugnry, their performance will worsen. In self-sufficient living that requires all of life’s necessities, hunger is a powerful enemy. You may sometimes be able to double your exploration time, so be sure to check your status for any worrying conditions.

With perfect physical condition, you can go out and explore a great deal without worry, find various tools and ingredients, and gradually build up your repertoire of cooking recipes. Life a productive survival life that satisfies both the mind and body.

—Kyouka overindulged on Isana’s cooking. While the food may be delicious, you should not overeat.

■ Downloadable Content

Sukhaya Shuka (voiced by Yuki Yagi)

A half-Japanese, half-Russian girl. A prodigy exchange student who made it to college by skipping grades, she is only 12 years-old. Majoring in aerospace engineering, when it comes to the sky, she is the one to go to. She enjoys rakugo, so she has a somewhat cultured side.

As paid downloadable content (500 yen), she can become a member of the group from the middle of the game. As you might expect from the “12 year-old prodigy exchange student,” she has a wealth of knowledge. Sukhaya can also see things that the other five girls cannot.

To All Mankind - opening movie, and more screens

Survival doesn't look too tough

Check out more screens here

By exploring the city and obtaining useful tools from the mountain of rubble, you will be able to do more and more. That includes starting fires, going fishing, catching wild animals, and more. While tools can be used standalone, they can also sometimes be combined. There may be hints closer than you think in your surroundings, and you may be able to do things you would not normally have imagined.

To All Mankind delayed to June 27th, 2019 in Japan

Just a bit more time needed

Nippon Ichi Software has announced a slight delay for To All Mankind in Japan. The title, which was originally slated to launch on May 30th, 2019, is now set to release on June 27th, 2019. Nippon Ichi Software has said that the delay is due to “various quality improvements.”

Japanese cover art for Summer Pockets, Team Sonic Racing, Guilty Gear 20th Anniversary Pack, and To All Mankind revealed

Which is your favorite?

No joke, I love cover art. I always think it's interesting seeing what direction a company takes with a game's cover. A nice cover and be a real work of art! Perhaps you'll think the same about one of today's covers. Check out the Japanese cover lineup for Summer Pockets, Team Sonic Racing, Guilty Gear 20th Anniversary Pack, and To All Mankind, and let me know which one you like the best!


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