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If you’re like us, you never get tired of talking about Fire Emblem™: Three Houses. The game has so much to do and discover! Host Chris Slate is just starting his adventure, but superfans Krysta Yang from Nintendo Minute and Joe Bustos from the Nintendo social team are here to put him on the right path. The team trades tips and talks about their favorite characters and storylines, all without dropping any major spoilers. The group also shares game recommendations, talks about upcoming new titles, takes the Warp Zone Quiz and more!

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Fire Emblem: Three Houses has sold 68k copies digitally in Japan

A third of all sales in Japan

Japan isn't all that big on digital game purchases, but things seem to be going quite well for Fire Emblem: Three Houses. Famitsu has shared the tally for total digital sales for the game in Japan, and so far it has been downloaded 68,377 times. Once you combine that with the 143,130 physical copies sold, you see that one third of the game's total amount sold is digital. Now that's a pretty impressive figure!

Fire Emblem: Three Houses - Accolades trailer

Praise all around

Critics absolutely adored Fire Emblem: Three Houses. Need a refresher on some of the praise out there? Check out the official trailer above to see some of the complimentary comments the gaming press offered for the title.

GameSpot Video - Which Is The Best House In Fire Emblem: Three Houses?

Kallie, Jake, and Edmond sit down to discuss the most important question of all, which is the best house in Fire Emblem: Three Houses? Will it be the Black Eagles, the Blue Lions, or the Golden Deer? Tune in to find out!

Check out the Famitsu print ad for Fire Emblem: Three Houses' Perfect Guide

Print media in Japan is a hell of a thing. It just keeps on trucking, and seems to be in no real danger of dying out. Nintendo continues to advertise in Famitsu each week, and not just with ads for their games. The advertisement above is for the Fire Emblem: Three Houses 'Perfect Guide' in particular! Yes, that does advertise the game as well, but it's just crazy to me to see a print ad dedicated to a walkthrough!

Fire Emblem: Three Houses datamining reveals Blue Lions conversations that aren't accessible in-game

All sorts of dark stuff going on

Hackers have been sifting through Fire Emblem: Three Houses since it first launched, and they continue to discover new tidbits that aren't accessible in-game. The latest findings reveal dialog options that never pop-up in game, but appear to be considered during development. As long as you don't mind spoilers, hit the jump to see what was found.

Click here to read the rest of the story...

Fire Emblem: Three Houses players pick their favorite house and character

It wasn't even close!

The most recent issue of Nintendo Dream magazine asks fans a few questions about Fire Emblem: Three Houses. The writers wanted to know which house players chose, why, and who their favorite characters were. Check out the results of the poll below!

Q1. Which house did you choose?

42.6% – Lowenklasse (Blue Lion House)
29.6% – Hirschklasse (Golden Deer House)
27.8% – Adlerklasse (Black Eagle House)

Q2. What’s your biggest deciding factor for choosing that house?

60.7% – My favourite character is in that house
23.5% – I’m wondering about the story development when I choose that house in the War arc
3.9% – I’m wondering about the story development when I choose that house in the Academy arc
3.4% – The house’s proficiency skills [TN: Lion=Spear, Deer=Bow, Eagle=Magic]

Other responses

- From the introduction order in official site etc
- I summoned them in Fire Emblem Heroes
- Favorite color
- The motif animal
- I decided with roulette/drawing lots

Q3. Who is your favourite character right now?

Dimitri – 32.4%
Claude – 22.9%
Female Byleth – 17.7%
Edelgard – 17.0%
Lysithea – 15.9%
Male Byleth – 14.3%
Ingrid – 13.6%
Bernadetta – 10.9%
Marianne – 10.5%
Sylvain – 9.1%

Another top 10 but this one is limited to those who have actually played the game

Dimitri – 30.2%
Claude – 19.8%
Lysithea – 17.8%
Female Byleth – 16.6%
Bernadetta – 15.1%
Ingrid – 14.2%
Edelgard – 13.6%
Male Byleth – 13.0%
Sylvain – 11.5%
Sothis – 9.8%

Fire Emblem: Three Houses sells 800k digitally in July 2019, making for a franchise best

A fantastic debut

Superdata Research has put out a report on the digital sales of games worldwide for July 2019. According to their research, Fire Emblem: Three Houses came in third place overall for top-grossing console games digitally in July 2019. Taking things a step further, their data shows that the game managed to move 800k units during the month, which makes for the best digital launch in franchise history.

Japanese retailer sees increased interest from female customers with Fire Emblem: Three Houses

The ladies have good taste!

Japanese retailer Tsutaya has shared some interesting information on the audience purchasing Fire Emblem: Three Houses in Japan. According to the retailer's data, they believe some core Fire Emblem fans have decided to go the digital route this time, rather than scooping up a physical copy. The store also notes that they see a lot of female gamers purchasing Fire Emblem: Three Houses instead.

In more generic sales news, Tsutaya has stated that Fire Emblem: Three Houses is driving Switch hardware sales in Q3 2019, and has surpassed Fire Emblem Echoes, but is yet to catch Fire Emblem Fates: Hoshido.

Dataminer discovers new details on difficulty options for Fire Emblem: Three Houses

More than Lunatic on the way?

Dataminer DeathChaos25 has been poking around Fire Emblem: Three Houses, and he's discovered some new details on what's to come. Check out a summary of details below.

- on Lunatic mode, rather than remaining stationary as he does now, Death Knight will move around on early maps
- Death Knight can take you out in one hit
- there is a higher difficulty called Infernal
- on the third map, enemies have 11 AS everywhere, and Kostas himself can also move
- all archer enemies have Poison Strike, while all Thief enemies have pass


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