Dead by Daylight updated to Version 3.6.2 in Japan

The Japanese version of Dead by Daylight has been updated to Version 3.6.2. Check out the patch notes for this update below.

- Fixed an issue that would award progress to both the Killer and the Survivor for the Trophy Quick Draw.
- Dead Dawg Saloon: Fixed a performance drop when using a Flashlight.
- The Deathslinger: Fixed an issue that caused the Deathslinger’s chain winch to not break after shooting.
- The Trapper: Fixed an issue that wouldn’t award any score event when resetting a bear trap.
- Fixed an issue that caused Survivors with the perk Saboteur to see the hook auras while being in a locker.
- Fixed an issue that caused Survivors to be unable to be healed to full health when using the perks Solidarity, Autodidact and For the People on other Survivors.

Dead by Daylight updated to Version 3.6.1

Dead by Daylight has been updated to Version 3.6.1. Check out the full patch notes for this update below.


- Dead Dawg Saloon: Repositioned some vultures.
- Dead Dawg Saloon: Repositioned the generator on the second floor of the saloon.
- Dead Dawg Saloon: Fixed an issue that caused the Nurse to see out of world when blinking in the basement.
- Family Residence: Fixed an issue that caused a Bear Trap to spawn inside a rock.
- Fixed an issue that prevented The Nurse from blinking through the exit gates.
- Fixed a heavy frame drop when walking on multiple Hag traps.
- Fixed an issue that would award a Protection score event to a Survivor for breaking free from the Redeemer’s spear near an injured Survivor.
- The Hillbilly: Polished the animation when breaking pallets and breakable walls with the Chainsaw.
- The Hag: Fixed an issue that caused The Hag lunge speed after teleporting to be slower than it should be.
- The Deathslinger: Adjusted the sensitivity when aiming down sights when using a controller.
- Fixed an issue that would incorrectly display a connection lost error prompt when leaving the Tally screen in a Custom Game.


- Fixed an issue that caused Killers using the Perk Hangman’s Trick to see Survivor auras until the end of the hooking or dropping animation instead of at the beginning.
- Fixed an issue that would cause the perk Boil Over to be active for Survivors that do not have it equipped during the trial if at least one Survivor has the perk equipped.
- Fixed the translation of the Perk category text in Thai.
- Updated the description of the perk Gearhead.

Dead by Daylight's "Chains of Hate" chapter now available on Switch

Hate is such a strong word

Dead by Daylight's "Chains of Hate" content update has finally made its way to Switch. Check out the full details on what this chapter provides below.

A brilliant and fiery-tempered engineer, Caleb Quinn made a career out of revenge. When his wealthy employer, Henry Bayshore, stole the patents to his inventions, he broke into a violent, bloody rage. For fifteen years, Caleb languished in Hellshire Penitentiary, paying for his crimes. While doing his time, the warden asked him for a favor—fill the private prison with inmates. In return, the warden would use his political connections to imprison Bayshore for life. Caleb agreed. He returned to his workshop and created a pressure-based spear gun that allowed him to capture fugitives alive. With a gang of released inmates in his employ, Caleb hunted the countryside as a brutally efficient bounty hunter. But for all he did, he was just a pawn in a rich man's game. The warden betrayed him, selling Hellshire Penitentiary to Bayshore. In a fury, Caleb stormed Hellshire with his gang, killing anyone who stood in his way. The massacre ended with Bayshore and the warden bloody and dying, left for the inmates to finish off.

The Deathslinger’s ingenuity affords him the ability to reel in bounties with a unique invention—a heavily modified, hybrid rifle that replaces conventional ammunition with a razor-sharp spear affixed to a chain.

Press and hold the Power button to aim down sights. Press the Attack button to shoot a spear that can lodge itself in a Survivor, allowing them to be reeled in towards The Deathslinger against their will.


While a Survivor is speared by The Redeemer, press and hold the Power button to reel them in towards you. Survivors may struggle against the chain or use the environment to pressure the chain to break. Doing so will result in briefly stunning The Deathslinger as well as putting The Survivor in the injured state and applying the Deep Wound status effect. Using a basic attack while a Survivor is speared will break the chain without applying a penalty to either The Deathslinger or The Survivor. Successfully hitting a Survivor with a basic attack while they are speared and healthy will also apply the Deep Wound status effect.


The Redeemer must be reloaded after every shot, before it may be fired again. Press and hold the Active Ability button to reload The Redeemer.


After hitting a Survivor 2 times with your basic attack, Gearhead activates for a short duration. Each time a Survivor completes a Good Skill Check while repairing, the generator will be revealed by a yellow aura for as long as it is being repaired.


You become obsessed with one Survivor. After hooking the Obsession, Dead Man’s Switch activates for a short duration. While activated, any Survivor that stops repairing a generator before it is fully repaired causes The Entity to block the generator until Dead Man’s Switch's effect ends. Affected generators are highlighted by a white aura.


Any Survivor who cleanses a Dull Totem will briefly suffer from the Oblivious status effect. If any Hex Totem is cleansed, including this one, the auras of all Survivors are revealed for a short time.

New Survivor: Zarina Kassir

A daring, modern, workaholic filmmaker, Zarina strove to reveal the truth. Growing up in a Lebanese household in Brooklyn, she struggled with two unique cultural identities. With time she learned to embrace the different layers of her identity and roots and borrowed her father’s digital camera to interview members of her community in Bay Ridge. Posting her content online, she slowly built a loyal following.

The sudden death of her father sent a shockwave of anger and pain that left Zarina in pieces. She became obsessed with his murderer—Clark Stevenson—his gang “IR-28,” and his short prison sentence. With the last of her inheritance she bought a new camera and a plane ticket to Nebraska and bribed the warden at Hellshire Penitentiary to let her interview Clark. Filming their first meeting, she asked him about his gang and his violent tendencies. Clark refused to talk; but in the weeks that followed, she used her research to push his buttons and finally got a confession of a pre-meditated crime. Zarina’s film became a tribute to her father and the trail of blood left by gang violence.

Inspired by Hellshire’s “Mad Mick Massacre” story, her next project was based on the Irish outlaw who had heartlessly slaughtered the warden and his guards. Joining the historical walking tour, she infiltrated the prison and reached Mick’s dilapidated cell; but venturing inside, Zarina found more than she’d bargained for.



Once you are unhooked or escape from the hook, this perk activates for a moment. While the perk is active, your aura will not be shown to The Killer and grunts of pain caused by injuries are silenced.


Once you’ve started repairing a generator, it will be highlighted with a yellow aura only visible to you. The generator stays highlighted until you fully repair it, repair a new generator, or enter a locker. Entering a locker will trigger a loud noise indicator from the generator that is only visible to the Killer and incurs a lengthy cooldown.


For the People is only active while at full health. Press the Active Ability button when healing another Survivor without a med kit to instantly heal them from dying to injured, or from injured to healthy. You become injured and receive the Broken status effect for a duration. You become the Obsession. Equipping this perk reduces the odds of you becoming the Obsession at the start of the trial.


An early settlement on the unforgiving frontier, the outpost of Glenvale was snuffed out in a ruthless, bloody gang war. Responding to the abduction of five brothers-in-arms, the Hellshire Gang stormed in with six-shooters and dynamite. What began as a standoff with the Mason Kelly Gang quickly broke down into a chaotic war zone. Guns fired indiscriminately in a desperate bid for self-preservation, cutting through gang members and civilians alike.

When the dust settled, the dead outnumbered the living. The hostages were discovered to have been long killed, their bodies disemboweled, guts strewn across town. In a silent rage, the few surviving Hellshire members rounded up their injured enemies and finished them in the same gruesome manner. By nightfall, only the crows remained, feasting glutinously upon their victory.

Dead by Daylight "Chains of Hate" Spotlight trailer, plus more screens and art

Haters gonna hate

Here is the next chapter for Dead by Daylight: experience cold, unrestrained vengeance with Chains of Hate. Dead by Daylight is an asymmetrical multiplayer horror game where one player takes on the role of a brutal Killer and the other four play as Survivors. As a Killer, your goal is to sacrifice as many Survivors as possible. As a Survivor, your goal is to escape and avoid being caught and killed.

There's also a new round of screens and character art for the upcoming Chains of Hate chapter, which you can skim through here.

Dead by Daylight devs discuss adding in the game's first gun-wielding Killer

Bang bang!

The Deathslinger is making his way to Dead by Daylight, and he's a bit different from the rest of the killer roster. Deathslinger totes around a Redeemer speargun, which makes him the first killer in-game to use a gun as his main method of attacking. This fulfills a long-time request from Dead by Daylight fans, and the game's director couldn't be happier.

In an interview with Comicbook.com, director Mathieu Cote talked about the team's long-standing interest in adding a gun-wielding character.

“On one side, we’ve wanted to do a killer with a gun for a long time. It’s also been a vigorously requested element since day one. There was a challenge to this because the game needed us to create a new, unique way to interact with a gun. A simple bullet would not have been fun either for the killer or the survivor. What we created, with the Redeemer, is a weapon that makes you feel powerful and terrifying while at the same time keeping the struggle going for a while longer between prey and hunter.

The other side of it was a desire to create something in the very dark western fantasy. The imagery and the atmosphere of that very unique theme is something we’ve been wanting to visit for a while. The end result is one of the most moody and rich ambiances we’ve ever created."

Dead by Daylight's 15th chapter "Chains of Hate" revealed

Hate to break it to you

Behaviour has revealed full details on the 15th chapter of Dead by Daylight, which is called Chains of Hate. It brings a new killer and survivor with it, which you can read in full above below. Chains of Hate comes out March 10th, 2020, and is priced at $8.

Born in the dust-ridden badlands of the American Midwest, Caleb Quinn was son to struggling Irish immigrants. On the edge of the frontier, sickness, famine, and death were common sights, and pioneers contended for whatever scraps they could claim while tycoons feasted. Caleb's father, once an engineer, had few options to ply his trade as businesses posted a common sign: No Irish Need Apply. His antiquated tools laid untouched for years until Caleb uncovered them. Noticing his son’s interest in the trade, he gifted him his old wrench.

The devices Caleb made under his father’s guidance had quaint applications, but when his father was away, they took a grim turn. He hid plans for a mask that would gouge barbed needles into a human’s eyes and rip them from their sockets, complete with sketches of it fitted on boys who bullied him.

With age, Caleb's engineering abilities became marketable and employers put their discrimination aside. Henry Bayshore, the owner of United West Rail, hired him.

Caleb first invented a gun that shot railroad spikes into the ground. Next, he made a steam-powered tunneling drill. But as Bayshore feigned indifference, the devices began turning up at other companies, the patents stolen from Caleb and sold.

A familiar sensation coursed through Caleb's blood, feeding the sharp pain in his heart. Rage overwhelming him, he burst into Bayshore’s office and smashed his face into a bloody stew. As he was pulled away, he pushed his specialized gun to his boss’ gut and squeezed the trigger. A railroad spike plowed through skin and viscera, nailing Bayshore to his desk.

The only thing that saved Caleb from hanging was Bayshore's unlikely survival. For fifteen years, Caleb was confined to Hellshire Penitentiary, the nation’s first private prison. In a fortress of illiterate convicts, he found an unlikely friend in the educated prison warden. He designed torture devices for him and in return received extra meals. After a time, the warden offered to commute his sentence. He spoke of something greater than monetary wealth—political capital—and that his connections could have Bayshore framed and rotting behind bars for life. He had only one request: Make him rich. Fill the prison. Use ingenuity to bring outlaws in alive.

Caleb returned to his workshop, and with a few modifications emerged with something new—the speargun. The first trial occurred when a thief robbed a Chinese laundry. Seizing on the opportunity, Caleb unleashed his prototype. Metal joints screeched as the spike shot forward, gouging into the target's abdomen. But as the spear tugged it caught the thief's intestines and, with an ungodly sound, yanked them onto the dusty road. After several iterations the disembowelments dwindled, but Caleb had already earned his new nickname: The Deathslinger.

Looking to protect his asset, the prison warden pulled strings and released Irish inmates to form Caleb's posse. The Hellshire Gang was born. For six years they roamed the country collecting wanted outlaws for the prison, fulfilling their end of the bargain. After a bloody battle at Glenvale, Caleb caught notice of a newspaper headline: Henry Bayshore Purchases Hellshire Penitentiary. In the picture, a disfigured Bayshore proudly shook the warden’s hand. Caleb's heart pounded with rage, blood swelling as if it would burst from his veins. He’d been sold out, a pawn in a rich man's game.

The Hellshire Gang pledged their loyalty to Caleb and called for the warden’s head. In a thundering gallop, they smashed through the prison entrance, shrieking like bloodthirsty marauders. A guard raised his pistol but hesitated. A spear punctured his chest. Caleb grabbed the man's head and slammed it against a prison cell until it spilled through the bars.

Reaching the warden's office, Caleb kicked the door and was met with a fortunate sight—it wasn’t only the prison warden who cowered in a corner, but Henry Bayshore. Overpowered with rage, Caleb rushed Bayshore, beating, bludgeoning, tearing at his flesh. The man's blood dripped from his face, crimson pooling at his feet. The Hellshire Gang swarmed the warden, snapping bones with each kick.

With the two men broken and begging for death, the posse dragged them to the commons where they were left to the growing crowd of prisoners.

Soaked in blood and sweat, Caleb hobbled to his old cell, hardly paying notice to Bayshore’s screams. He sat on the bed’s edge as drops of blood ran from his fingertips. A thick, unnatural fog streamed through the barred window. He pulled out his old wrench, cracked and rusted, and ran a thumb along the metal, regarding it with faded eyes. He couldn’t remember when it came into his possession. He didn’t care to remember. At his feet he saw a dusty path, and, at its end, silhouettes of all who had done him wrong: the boys who bullied him, the executives who took advantage of him, and, again... Henry Bayshore. Emerging from a fog were the tools to dispose of them—unforgiving steel hooks, brilliant and beautiful in their simplicity. Pain tore through his leg as he stood but he endured, pushing onward, walking the dusty path, leaving a trail of blood flowing behind him.

See you in the fog.

Growing up in a Lebanese household in Brooklyn, Zarina struggled with two unique cultural identities. She felt this cultural difference painted a target on her back. To avoid ridicule and bullies, she observed what popular kids liked and learned to project the image they preferred. At school, she would go by the name "Karina," dye her hair lighter, and trash her “foreign” lunches.

At home, the news channel was always on. Urgent reports of injustice captivated Zarina, inspiring her to produce her own stories. When she was a teenager, she embraced her real name and roots and borrowed her father’s digital camera to interview members of her community in Bay Ridge. By posting her content online, she slowly built a loyal following. Each week, she picked a new issue and challenged people to speak their mind on camera.

When she heard a rumor that a fast-food restaurant owner was exploiting workers, she decided to go undercover and produce a hard-hitting film. She modified her look, faked an accent, and secured a waitress position at the restaurant. After three weeks of unpaid work, she was fired for demanding her paycheck. To retaliate, she posted clips of the restaurant owner’s abusive behavior and within hours the news had picked up her story, but somehow spun it to create sympathy for the restaurant owner.

Embittered by the experience, Zarina committed to become an independent producer and filmmaker. Her first feature film was for a competition at school inspired by an English class poem about Sacco and Vanzetti, two Italian migrants controversially executed for murder. Her film won first prize and launched her as an uncompromising documentary filmmaker.

Months later, her world turned upside down. A public video surveillance camera filmed her father carrying two coffees at a street corner a few blocks from home. A tall, hooded man stood behind him. The man shouted something at her father who took a step back, startled. Suddenly and unexpectedly, the man pushed him in the street as a car sped by.

His death sent a shockwave of anger and pain that left Zarina in pieces.

The perpetrator—Clark Stevenson—was soon arrested and incarcerated for manslaughter.

Zarina became obsessed with Clark--his gang “IR-28”, his short prison sentence, his apparent lack of remorse. A year went by and she had uncovered enough about Clark to shed more light on his crime. With the last of her inheritance she bought a new camera and a plane ticket to Nebraska and bribed the warden at Hellshire Penitentiary to let her interview Clark.

She filmed their first meeting and asked him about her father and his gang and his violent tendencies. Clark refused to talk; but, in the weeks that followed, she used her research to push his buttons and finally got a confession of a pre-meditated crime.

Zarina’s film became a tribute to her father and the trail of blood left by gang violence. When the news finally picked up the story, it was because the film had gained international acclaim.

Some inmates contacted her when they heard about her documentary. Most of them shared eccentric anecdotes in hopes of being filmed, but one story stood out from the rest: an entire wing in Hellshire Penitentiary was sealed off because of the “Mad Mick Massacre.” The official story was an Irish outlaw had heartlessly slaughtered the warden and his guards.

From working on her Sacco and Vanzetti film, Zarina knew that the ‘official’ story wasn’t always the ‘true’ story. She investigated Hellshire’s records and found an Irish born inmate sentenced to fifteen years for assault in 1860. According to the penitentiary’s blueprint, the sealed off wing was part of Hellshire’s original infrastructure. If she reached that sealed off section, she could shed some light on the Mad Mick story. All she needed was a way in.

Next morning, she was joining the Hellshire Penitentiary walking tour. She blended in the crowd of jet-lagged tourists and veered off when they headed toward the kitchen. She’d memorized the blueprint and knew exactly where to go and how to avoid surveillance cameras. An unexpected security detail nearly cut her investigation short, but she was able to hide under an old, dusty prison bed. When the guards disappeared, she continued her search and finally found Mick’s cell.

Entering the dark, dilapidated cell, Zarina ran her hand across the old brick wall. Her fingers felt a marking and traced the letters: DEATH TO BAYSHORE. A loose brick fell, revealing a gap.

She inserted her hand. Fingers landed on a piece of cold, cracked metal. She fished it out… an old, rusty wrench. A damp chill ran down her spine and she looked down; a man lay at her feet, bleeding, his limbs contorted and his eyes, dark and terrified—her father’s eyes. A pool of crimson blood on black pavement. Paralyzed, black fog filled the cell and she shut her eyes to push these nightmarish visions out of her mind.

Dead by Daylight "Chapter 15" teaser released

Chain gang

Behaviour Interactive has released a new teaser trailer for Dead by Daylight, which showcases our first look at Chapter 15. All we really have to go on here is a bloody chain. Hopefully we get something a bit more substantial in the near future.

Gecco Corp. reveals Dead by Daylight 1/6 scale Trapper statue

It's a trap!

The characters from the asymmetrical multiplayer (One Killer vs Four Survivors) horror game "Dead by Daylight" are recreated as 1/6 scale premium statues.

The savage killer "The Trapper," a key visual of this game, is the second release in the line.

The hand carved innumerable scars all over the muscular and massive body are a impressive and grisly sight. Underneath the skin’s surface layers of muscle and fat are clearly visible and expertly sculpted. The face inside the mask while unable to be seen in the game is elaborately recreated here in this statue.

We dare you to peek behind the tiny gaps. The eyes feature light-up LED glowing white in the darkness. And while just like in the game the areas he stares at are lighted in red, the LED on this statue can be switched to red to create the same atmosphere.

The "Bear Trap" weapon which the killer's name comes from, has open-close feature just like a real trap. The bloody weapon, "The Cleaver," used for chopping up survivors is also finely sculpted.

The platform is made in the image of his hunting ground the "MacMillan Estate." The rubbish scattered around his feet and the stain of coal and tar on the ground recreate the devastated landscape.

●Price: US$359.99 ●Prepainted statue ●Material: Polystone/Polyurethane/ABS ●Size: Approximately 345mm (1/6 scale)
●Release: July ~ August 2020 ●Sculpt: Shinya Akao (HEADLONG) ●Paint: Katsushige Akeyama (-accent-)

If you want to check out more pics of this Trapper statue, or drop down some cash for a preorder, you can do so right here.

Dead by Daylight Tome II Brings Reckoning Update

Do you dare open it?

Global leading game development studio Behaviour™ Interactive will today launch its Tome II update titled Reckoning, for the hit asymmetrical multiplayer horror game Dead by Daylight™. Alongside new types of challenges focusing on a wider variety of characters, the update includes background stories, new outfits, and charms for four characters: the Doctor, the Spirit, Jane Romero, and David King.

In addition, a new community-created collection will be revealed and will include outfits for the Clown and Feng Min. There will also be a Lunar New Year-themed outfit for Jake Park and new charms to collect. The Reckoning update also rolls out the all-new feature called the Compendium, providing players access to all past Tomes.

It's important to note that this update will eventually make its way to Switch, but we don't have info on a release date at this time.

Dead by Daylight dev would love to see Jason and Pennywise added into the game

Why not both?

Dead by Daylight has seen its fair share of original characters, but it has also played host to numerous famous horror icons. In a GameRevolution interview with Behaviour Interactive creative director Dave Richard, we learn about a pair of classic characters that the team would love to sneak into the game.

There are still a few candidates that we’d love to see in the Dead by Daylight roster. Personally, I would love to see Jason and Pennywise become part of the family!


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