LIGHT TRACER Launches on Switch

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May 16, 2019 – Alongside the step Nintendo takes to join in the selling market of Switch in China soon, Oasis Games Ltd, a leading global game publisher joining with a Chinese Developer Studio - Void Dimensions, welcomes players to take possession of celestial power and a magical staff and transport themselves to the grand adventure that waits in LIGHT TRACER, which will be available on May 16, 2019 for Switch players via Nintendo Game Store.

To celebrate the princess’ journey into an even broader world, Oasis Games and Void Dimensions have improved on the magical worlds and the experience that awaits LIGHT TRACER. Nintendo Switch release has updated with enhanced graphics and optimized visual, allowing players to experience the rocky, snowy, gravity – bending environments with fresh and smooth manipulation.

In LIGHT TRACER, players lead a princess to the top of an enigmatic tower to save her ailing people – using godlike hand power to interact with the clever puzzles with unique play mechanics so to aid the princess break down the obstacles and explore the right path all the ways leading to the top. Players will direct the Princess through action-platform stages using jumping skills, precise timing and strategic attacks using the Princess’s sword to get around enemies.

“Lots of players were pleased by the enchanting, cute princess design and artwork, who presumed LIGHT TRACER was a casual anime-designed title, however the real gameplay proved they are wrong”, Said Daniel Lin, Senior Marketing VP of Oasis Games, “in LIGHT TRACER, you are not only requested to have enough observation until finding the right solutions for each individual puzzles embedded in gameplay, but quick and precise responses to some QTEs and enemies attack. So never underestimate the challenges that you need to handle with.”

The princess’s Journey comprises 8 varied chapters where she will encounter rock throwing trolls, a world of snowy, slippery ice and monsters to fight; each ending with a challenging boss battle. Developed by Void Dimensions and published by Oasis Games, LIGHT TRACER is available for Switch via Nintendo Game Store as price $14.99 on May 16, 2019.

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Light Tracer coming to Switch

Everything the light traces is yours

Light Tracer, which was originally a VR game, is making its way to Switch. We don't have release date info yet, but we do know that it'll be demoed at Tokyo Sandbox 2019. You can check out info on the game below, which comes from the VR release on Steam.

If we need to describe this game in brief sentence, this game is like an evil soul living in a cute body. I'll tell you why:

--How long does it take to beat the game? Half an hour?

C'mon, what can you do within 30 minutes in this game, maybe clear the first chapter? That's only 1/8 of all the levels, and pretty much the easiest part!

--So you mean you'll keep doing the laser cat trick for 4 hours?

No kidding! Light Tracer has 8 chapters with TOTALLY DIFFERENT gameplay and machanics and puzzles!

--Hardcore??? Are you serious??? With this chibi character?

Don't be fooled by the visualization! It's cute, no problem, but it's not an "easy-come-and-go" thing! There are boss fights for each chapter and it feels like the battles in Legend of Zelda! It involves action, puzzle-solving and patience, which is just what a hardcore game means!

--OK, OK, I get it, it's Legend of Zelda in VR?

Sorry but you are wrong again! It's not ripping off Zelda, instead, everything here you will see is original. Just, the developers try to mix some classic feel of Mario, Legend of Zelda, and Monument Valley into VR, with their original control scheme. But you should soon see that this make the game feel even different from those classic games when you play it in VR! Honestly I don't know how to explain it well and that's the reason why there's so much misunderstanding to it. But from what everyone says after playing it, it's a game that any curious person shouldn't miss.


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