Dr. Mario World 'Now I Can Get ★★★ on Stage 14C' video feature

Nintendo continues to release gameplay videos for Dr. Mario World that showcase tips and tricks on how to tackle levels. Today's feature takes a look at some expert play for stage 14 C.

Dr. Mario World "Newly Added Doctors & Assistants" (Aug. 27, 2020) promo video

The new doctors are in!

Want to see what characters have just made their way to Dr. Mario World? The above video gives you a rundown of what's been added for Aug. 27th, 2020.

Dr. Blooper joining Dr. Mario World on Aug. 26th, 2020 along with new stages

Is it water on the knee?

In Dr. Mario World, anyone and anything can be a doctor. That includes underwater life! Dr. Blooper will be joining the game on Aug. 26th, 2020 at 11 PM ET.

Dr. Blooper will be bringing a set of stages with him as well. Just like Dr. Blooper himself, the new stages will have a nautical theme.

Dr. Mario World - content update for Aug. 20th, 2020

[Events] The 2nd Skill Summit is now live. It features Dr. Toad, Dr. Baby Peach, Dr. Ludwig, and Dr. Wendy. Collect all kudos to get Dr. Baby Peach as reward (available until September 3rd)

[Store] New Packs are now available in the Store: Dr. Baby Peach Pack, Dr. Ludwig Referral (available until August 27th)

[Staff] The appearance rate for the following Doctors is boosted for a limited time: Dr. Baby Peach, Dr. Toad (available until August 27th)

[Events] The latest Eliminate the Viruses event is now live (available until August 27th, with rewards available until August 30th)

[Store] A new sale on Hearts is now live (available until August 21st)

Dr. Mario World - content update for Aug. 18th, 2020

[Events] A new Event is now live: Faster Heart Recovery! While it’s running, hearts only take 15 minutes to replenish (instead of 30 usually) (available until ???)

Dr. Mario World - content update for Aug. 13th, 2020

[Stage Mode] A new Area has been added to World 18 in Stage Mode. It features 20 new levels (Stages 701 to 720). Clearing those allows you to get the following as reward: Dr. Dolphin, Numbered Brilliant Medal, Coin x1000, and Staff Ticket (Assistant) (no end date)

[Other] New Continue Options are available: Use diamonds x15 to add rainbow capsules x5 and resume playing (Normal Stages), and use diamonds x15 to add 30 seconds rand resume playing (Timed Stages) (no end date)

[Staff] A Doctor Appearance Rate Up! event is now live, with appearance rate increased by 1.5 for a limited time (available until August 20th)

Dr. Mario World - content update for Aug. 12th, 2020 (Version 2.0.1 available)

[Updates] The latest Software update for the game is Ver. 2.0.1, and it’s available now. This update includes bug fixes.

[Store] A sale on items is currently running for 24h, allowing you to get items that help you clear stages at a lower price than usual (available until August 13th)

Dr. Mario Drills - "Part 1: Half-Capsules" promo video

Nintendo has started a series of tutorial videos for Dr. Mario World, and you can see the first spot above. The debut feature gives tips and tricks on how to use half-capsules to your advantage.

Dr. Mario World "Meet the Doctors from launch to Aug 2020" promo video

Is there a doctor in the house?

Dr. Mario World has seen quite the slew of doctors since it launched. If you haven't been keeping up with the characters added, you can get a complete recap in the video above!

Latest Famitsu features a full-page advert for Dr. Mario World

Just what the doctor ordered!

The latest issue of the Japanese publication Famitsu features a full-page advertisement for the iOS and Android mobile title, Dr. Mario World. Showing off many of the doctors available in the game, it's interesting to see Nintendo continuing to push their library of previously released mobile apps!


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