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Shipped is an adorable party game where up to 8 players compete in sea skirmishes. Choose your favorite girl and navigate the sea. Your ship can’t break, so first learn how to maneuver. With simple controls, it’s easy to start but hard to master.

QubicGames announces Shipped and Puzzle Book for Switch, both due out Oct. 11th, 2019

Two surprise reveals both launching tomorrow!

We are excited to announce that two new games from QubicGames are coming to Nintendo Switch eShop!

First title is Shipped - an adorable party game for up to 8 players! You’re controlling a ship in sea skirmishes. Push your opponents to land or just shoot them with cannons. With simple mechanics and many different modes to play it’s a great addition to parties!

About Shipped:

Shipped is a cute party game where up to 8 players compete in battles on sea. Choose your favorite girl and start sailing. Navigation is easy, but a twist is that your ship can’t break, so manoeuvres can be tricky. It all makes Shipped easy to start but hard to master.

Your main goal is to defeat opponents and survive. Grab ammo, shot you enemies, deflect upcoming cannonballs back to them or push them to land. Remember to keep up with the movement of the camera - if your ship goes off-screen, it will instantly explode!

Thanks to the many various game modes, Shipped is enough for hours of fun with friends. For single-player, you can always add Ai-controlled players or the challenges in arcade mode.


- Local multiplayer for 2-8 players.
- Arcade single-player mode or AI-controlled players for solo play.
- Five different game modes: Cruise, Chase, Race, Yincana, Sumo.
- Fun and straightforward mechanics.
- Lovely characters, colorful graphics, and a pleasant soundtrack.
- Over 95% positive reviews from PC players!

You can get Shipped on Nintendo Switch. The game will be available tomorrow (October 11th).

Second is Puzzle Book - a set of beautiful jigsaw puzzles to solve. There’re 34 different puzzles, divided into themes, all created by talented artists. It’s fun for young players and also a relaxing way to spend time for adults. Game offers a co-op mode where two players can assemble pieces together!

Puzzle book offers 34 different puzzles to solve, divided into themes - from fantasy to dinosaurs. Arts for this game were made by artist specialized in various styles. They are beautiful paintings of creatures and landscapes or simpler drawings for kids. There is something for everyone!

Speaking of everyone, you can adjust the difficulty by selecting the number of fragments per puzzle - from 6 to as much as 60! It’s a great title for both children and adults. Add peaceful music that plays in the background and you’ve got a great, relaxing afternoon.

Hungry for some competition? Or you just want to assemble pieces with friends or family? Try co-op mode! Just share a Joy-Con with another person and start doing puzzles together.


- 34 different puzzles to solve, divided into themes.
- Each stage has 6 difficulties - from 6 pieces to 60.
- Beautiful arts created by various artists.
- Play solo or with a friend in co-op mode.
- Use the touchscreen or Joy-Con controller

You can get Puzzle Book on Nintendo Switch. The game will be available tomorrow (October 11th).

Shipped announced for Switch release

We ship it

QubicGames S.A. has acquired a worldwide license to publish Shipped exclusively on Nintendo Switch.

About Shipped

Challenge your friends in a naval battle of steering, pushing and shooting. Keep your ship on-screen and avoid crashing with land to survive.

Shipped is a simple local multiplayer naval game for up to 8 players. You can accelerate, but you can't break! Choose your favorite girl and navigate around the screen without losing control of your ship. Grab crates to get bullets or shoot air with your empty cannons to push enemies or deflect incoming fire. Keep up with the movement of the camera! If your ship goes off-screen it will instantly explode!

Not enough friends? Add AI-controlled players or try to clear the single-player arcade mode.

Local multiplayer for 2-8 players.
Challenging single player mode.
Play with friends or against the AI.
5 different game modes.
Simple controls, hard to master.
Lovely characters and soundtrack.


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