Hex Heroes gets an "Aug. 2019" progress update

Yes, it's still coming

Hex Heroes has been a very long time coming. At least we know the team is still hard at work on the project, and it looks like they've made some significant progress lately. Check out the Aug. 2019 recap video above, as well as a blurb from the team below.

Another month, another handful of things to show ya! (Sorry for the slight delay on this one - ran into a couple technical difficulties). As we noted a few updates back, a lot of the different components of the game are finished, they’re just in limbo, waiting to be implemented. On top of that, we explicitly did not want to show content that wasn’t functional in game. Since we’ve brought on more people to help, we’ve been able to finally start tightening all the screws that join everything together. That’s why we’re able to now show you monthly updates, and with every video, we’re that much closer to completion.

Hex Heroes Kickstarter update shares a new gameplay video, and confirms A Hat in Time cameo

Hex Heroes lives

The latest dev blog for Hex Heroes shares a new gameplay video that goes over the work the team has been going through over the last few months. This game has been in works for a long time now, but at least the project appears to be making progress.

The update also confirms that Hat Kid from A Hat in Time will be making her way to the game as well. That goes hand-in-hand with a Hex Heroes cameo in A Hat in Time as well.


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