Kaleidoscope of Phantom Prison intro video shared

Kaleidoscope of Phantom Prison was recently delayed from Nov. 28th, 2019 to an unspecified date. The team needs more time to bring together their game the way they want, so we'll just have to remain patient. At least we're still getting regular updates on the game, such as the intro video above.

Kaleidoscope of Phantom Prison delayed to an unspecified date

A delay to someday

Kaleidoscope of Phantom Prison was originally supposed to release on Nov. 28th, 2019, but that's no longer the case. Entergram has announced a delay for the game, and no new release date has been specified. It seems the team needs more time to work on the game in general, so they'll share a new release date once they have a better idea of how things are working out.

Kaleidoscope of Phantom Prison's Karin Tamaru profiled

A cheerful girl...most of the time

Entergram has updated the official website for Kaleidoscope of Phantom Prison with a character profile for Karin Tamaru. You can check out details on the character below from scenarist Ryukishi07, character designer Itaru Hinoue, and voice actor Minori Suzuki.

Ryukishi07’s comments on Karin

Karin is a cheerful girl who always loved to play with the boys. Like Fuuka, Karin follows a classic heroine pattern. Karin wishes to change how people perceive her but this isn’t an easy task. Seeing she’s attending her local high school, most students there already knew her since grade school. The way she tries her best in secret to be more perceived as a girl is very endearing. I love situations like these, when a girl turns out to be a shy, pure maiden who’s trying to be more feminine.

Itaru Hinoue’s comments on Karin

Just like Fuuka, Karin also has a standard heroine design, seeing she has twintails. However, the ends of her hairs are cut straight like bangs. This isn’t sometihng you often see with twintails. I included that to make Karin unique. And her thick eyebrows are also part of her charm!

Minori Suzuki’s comments

I’ve always been a fan of Ryukishi07’s works, so the first time I read the script I was so moved (laughs). Karin Tamaru is like a heroine with a righteous heart. At times she feels like an honorable old man, sometimes she feels like a pure maiden, and at times she becomes violent… Karin has many charming, different sides, and it was great discovering them as I voiced her. I really love her!

I pretty much got free reign on how to voice Karin in every scene of the game. It was tons of fun. And just like many other girls in Ryukishi07 sensei’s works, Karin also has a catchphrase. It’d be nice if she leaves a strong impression on you. I also got to scream as much as I wanted, as if I was ripping out my clothes (laughs).

Kaleidoscope of Phantom Prison's Fuuka Gojo profiled

Meet the star

Entergram is going to be releasing new details on the cast of Kaleidoscope of Phantom Prison every week. Today they're kicking things off with a ton of information on Fuuka Gojo, which is the character you see above. Check out a rundown of tidbits from developer commentary below.

Scenarist Ryukishi07

I’ve given Fuuka all the attributes of a perfect heroine. The most endearing part about her is how she always tries to be perfect. For example, Fuuka never joins Karin and co’s discussions on anime, etc. She acts as if she already graduated and as if she’s older than them, reading poetry while sitting next to the window. The truth is, she’s only pretending to read those books. Fuuka listens to Karin and co chatting, and wishes she could join them.

Character designer Itaru Hinoue

Fuuka’s hairstyle is a half-up, but if you look at her from behind, it becomes a half-twin! It’s super cute right (brags). Fuuka has a standard heroine design, so I included that to give her an unique feel.

Voice actor Himika Akaneya

I worked with Ryukishi07 sensei in the past on a stage play, so I was extremely happy to work with him again as a seiyuu. To say it bluntly, I really wish I could read his mind (laughs). I’m always surprised at how deep the messages in his works are. There are a lot of deep and thoughtful things in this one too, so my brain had a lot of fun (laughs).

I usually don’t get to do these kinds of roles and go all-out like that, so it was a really fulfilling experience. Of course there’s the fact that I voiced Fuuka in itself, but there’s also something broader I felt when working on the game. I spent a lot of time thinking about human emotions. Each one of us have prejudices, a foundation we base our thoughts and emotions on. These deep emotions are rarely displayed, but this game bares it all and allowed me to bring it all out in my acting.

New details on Kaleidoscope of Phantom Prison's gameplay, theme song, and characters

Learn a bit more about this unique game

The official Japanese website for Kaleidoscope of Phantom Prison is chock-full of content on the upcoming game. We've already talked about story tidbits at great length, but there's a lot more to cover. Check out all the tidbits below.


- the girls in the game play a death game using cards
- the game’s time limit is 5 minutes
- the girls each get a card defining their roles
- there are three different types of cards, and four cards to pick
- there are two “Judgment” cards (written as “executioner” in Japanese), one “Pierrot” card, and one “Prisoner” card (written as “condemned to death” in Japanese)
- the player decides which girl gets which card, and this is what decides the events that will occur in your play-through
- the girl you give the Prisoner card to will be the one meeting the cruelest fate
- each girl’s behavior will drastically change depending on the card you gave them at the beginning
- depending on the card you picked for them, a same character can either stay calm or become extremely violent
- the girls’ behavior will change when seeing which card another girl got
- as you keep restarting to try different card combinations, a certain incident hidden in the girls’ past will be revealed

Theme song

- titled “I’m a Great Pretender”
- sung by Naomi Tamura

Character profiles

Fuuka Gojo, voiced by Himika Akaneya

School Year: 2nd year of high school
Birthday: April 20, Taurus
Height: 158 cm
Blood Type: A
Three sizes: 83-58-82
Likes: Collecting perfumes
Dislikes: People who reject diversity

A gentle, well-mannered girl with a personality so bright she can melt your heart just by spending time with her. Fuuka is nice, great at studying, and is fully trusted by the teachers. She’s also caring, has an interest in fashion, and is trusted by everyone. She’s the perfect girl.

“Please tell me if anything is worrying you”.

Karin Tamaru, voiced by Minori Suzuki

School Year: 2nd year of high school
Birthday: August 13, Leo
Height: 163 cm
Blood Type: 0
Three sizes: 80-60-80
Likes: The Kamen Kendo series
Dislikes: Doing her homework

Karin seems like a perfect, beautiful, and cute girl, until she starts talking. Karin has a fiery and brave personality forged by her parents and is manlier than boys. She never forgives boys who bother girls. Karin has been a huge fan of a Sentai series called “Kamen Kendo V6 Arashi” Since grade school. She’s always imitating and practicing the show’s action scenes. Nowadays, besides the fighting scenes, she seems to be into the handsome actors playing Kamen Kendo before they transform.

“My heart forever belongs to Kamen Kendo”.

Mina Yuasa, voiced by Moe Toyota

School Year: 2nd year of high school
Birthday: November 3, Scorpius
Height: 148 cm
Blood Type: B
Three sizes: 79-54-79
Likes: Cute and fluffy things
Dislikes: Bugs, getting sunburnt

Mina is like a small animal. She’s absent-minded and quite clumsy, always missing her steps, tumbling and crying. Mina has zero physical skills. She also loves to be pampered, to get head pats, and gets attached very quickly to others. Since grade school, she always liked to dream about a life she never had. She used to imagine she’s a magical girl, always carrying her magical transformation toy wand. Now that she got into high school, she likes to imagine she’s a princess chosen by destiny.

“I wish we could all transform into small cats and become Kuu chan’s family”.

Doremi Hanabusa, voiced by Asami Seto

School Year: 2nd year of high school
Birthday: February 2, Aquarius
Height: 160 cm
Blood Type: AB
Three sizes: 90-63-85
Likes: Beni shoga, buying food put on discount because it’s close to its expiration date
Dislikes: Cleaning

Doremi is a silent girl who rarely displays her emotions. In turn, she’s very good at listening and has a high tolerance for listening to people complain. You shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, Doremi looks cool, but she’s an incredibly clumsy girl. This is why she gets along especially well with Mina, as they both have this problem. Doremi is also overly obsessed with gyudon.

“If it can help you, I’ll always be here to listen to your worries…”

Take a peek inside Kaleidoscope of Phantom Prison's Limited Edition

Art book, voice drama CD, cards, and an acrylic panel!

Earlier this week, we posted up the released ate information for Kaleidoscope of Phantom Prison in Japan, which launches on Nov. 28th, 2019. We also went over the contents of the Limited Edition, which is priced at 7,560 yen. Now you can actually see what those extra items look like! The Limited Edition packs in the “Phantasm Object” official art book, the “Behind Closed Doors Death Quiz Tournament” voice drama CD, a “Role of Fate” card, and an acrylic art panel.

Kaleidoscope of Phantom Prison hitting Switch in Japan on Nov. 28th, 2019

The "girls x mental x suspense" game gets dated

We covered the announcement of Kaleidoscope of Phantom Prison for Switch a few weeks back, and now we have word of a release date in Japan. The visual novel from Entergram and Ryukishi07 is set to launch on Nov. 28th, 2019, with the standard edition priced at 4,320 yen, and the limited edition at 7,560 yen. The limited edition includes the “Phantasm Object” official art book, the “Behind Closed Doors Death Quiz Tournament” voice drama CD, a “Role of Fate” card, and an acrylic art panel.

Check out a refresher on the game itself below.

A girls x mental x suspense game from Ryukishi07 and Itaru Hinoue debuts on Switch!

Although it depicts the limits of humans cornered by unimaginable cruelty, Ryukishi07 is overseeing the game in its entirety with a warm message full of human love, alongside Itaru Hinou, who has worked on numerous well-known titles featuring beautiful girls.

In this mismatch of a collaboration, the “Beauties of Itaru” will be depicted at the limits of which you have never seen before…


Planning and Script: Ryukishi07
Character Design and Drafting: Itaru Hinoue
SD Characters: Hisashi Senomoto
Vocal Music: Naomi Tamura and Emi Uema
Background Music: Higuumi Sound


Four girls, locked in an unfamiliar and ominous room.

When, how, by who, and to where were these close friends kidnapped? It was all unclear. None of the girls have any recollection of a place like this.

At some point, an iron collar was attached to each of the girls’ necks. Those collars were connected to chains, and each chain was connected to a chair at one of the room’s four corners. These were torture chairs that give off an ominous impression.

Four girls frightened in an ominous room with no exit. There, a large cage appeared from the ceiling. Inside, a boy was trapped. The white-robed boy is unable to communicate, and even his emotions show no variation. He, too, must likely be a “prisoner” such as the girls…

“In any case, we need to think of a way to get out of here…!”

“Let me tell you how to escape.”

An ominous voice echoed throughout the room.

I have prepared two fates for all of you. One where everyone in this room dies. The other where only three girls are saved. This is a trial to test the fate of you four.

When the time limit expires, everyone in this room will die.

A group of girls, suddenly attacked by a deadly premonition and hair-raising horror…

Kaleidoscope of Phantom Prison announced for Switch

Girls x mental x suspense

Publisher Entergram has announced Kaleidoscope of Phantom Prison for Switch, a “girls x mental x suspense” adventure game planned and written by Ryukishi07, and illustrated by Itaru Hinoue. The title will hit the Switch sometime this Winter. Check out a message from Ryukishi07 below.

Greetings, this is Ryukishi07.

The release of Kaleidoscope of Phantom Prison is right around the corner. Are you ready to dive into a bottomless pit, that I filled with my dark side?

Today, the character art from Itaru Hinoue was released. I adore how characters are distinctly cute, pure and innocent illustrated by Higami. The story will be a terrifying tale of how these innocent cute girls will have everything taken from them with no mercy. I hope you can look forward to the book.

The best part of stacking toy bricks is when you make them collapse. And the higher you stack the more sense of joy is to be had. Not to mention the sense of loss as well.

I wish you adore these girls for now, and wait a little more until the release.

More info on the game will be shared on August 16th, 2019. Until then, check out the game's official website here and check out more screens here.


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