Risk of Rain 2 aware of issues with the "Hidden Realms" update on Switch, working on a fix

Hidden bugs

Risk of Rain 2 got a "Hidden Realms" update on Switch this week, and unfortunately it seems there's some progression issues in the content. Players are finding that the log book doesn't show any content for the challenges, and they can't unlock Acrid even after completing the trials.

The official Risk of Rain 2 Twitter account has said that they're aware of the issues, and they're working on a fix right now. No word on how long the tweak will take, but we'll keep an eye on the situation for further updates.

Risk of Rain 2 getting a new survivor and more after the Artifacts 2.0 update

Even more to look forward to

Earlier today, we shared news of the Hidden Realms update for Risk of Rain 2 going live on Switch. We also learned all about the Artifacts 2.0 update that will come to Switch at some point down the road. Turns out there's even more content after that to look forward to.

Sometime in Summer 2020, Risk of Rain 2 will get another update after the Artifacts 2.0 content. This update will include a new survivor, stage, boss, items, equipment, and more. We'll have to hang tight for more specifics on this update, which most likely won't come around until the Artifacts 2.0 update launches.

Risk of Rain 2's "Hidden Realms" update now live on Switch, "Artifacts 2.0" update detailed

Out there for all to see

Hopoo Games and Gearbox Publishing today announced two new updates coming to the hit roguelike Risk of Rain 2. Hidden Realms Update is now available to download for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch. The Artifacts 2.0 Update for PC will be available on March 31, introducing Artifacts along with a returning stage, monsters, items, and Survivor-specific unlockables. More details on each of these updates can be found below.

In addition to content updates, Risk of Rain 2 will be free to download and play on Xbox One and Xbox One X for Xbox Live Gold and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members as a part of Microsoft’s Free Play Days on March 26, 12:01AM PT all the way until March 29, 11:59PM. Following Free Play Days, Risk of Rain 2 will be 40% off on the Microsoft store from March 31 to April 6. Also to celebrate Risk of Rain 2’s one year anniversary on Steam, the game will be on sale for 20% off from March 31 to April 6, and playable for free on Steam Free Weekends starting on April 2 through April 6. Nintendo Switch users can get Risk of Rain 2 for 50% off on the Nintendo Switch eShop until April 2.

Hidden Realms Update: Hidden Realms Update is now available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch which introduces the returning Survivor Acrid, new bosses, alternative layouts system and even more loot to the game.

Artifacts 2.0 Update:

Artifacts: Artifacts make their Risk of Rain 2 debut. These treasures can be unlocked by completing in-game challenges and then equipped at the start of a run to dramatically modify aspects of the game, adding variety and challenge. Some are new, some are returning, and range from “oh fun” to “who hurt you?”

New Stage, Monsters and Hidden Boss: Sky Meadow returns as a 5th stage, players will encounter new familiar monsters, and a new hidden boss awaits those clever enough to find them.

Skill Variants: Commando, Huntress, Engineer and Acrid receive more unlockable skill variants to shock and awe in new ways.
New Loot: New equipment, items, and a Lunar Item of dubious purpose enter the world for Survivors to discover.

Engineer Skin: Engineer enthusiasts can earn a skin for their Survivor by completing an in-game challenge.

Risk of Rain 2, developed by Hopoo Games and published by Gearbox Publishing, is a third-person roguelike shooter that earned over one million sales within its first month in Steam Early Access and Steam Awards nomination in 2019. Squad up with up to three friends in Risk of Rain 2 on Steam Early Access, Xbox One, PlayStation®4, and Nintendo Switch™ today.

Risk of Rain 2's upcoming 'Hidden Realms' update detailed

Not so hidden anymore

FRISCO, Texas – Dec. 17, 2019 – Hopoo Games and Gearbox Publishing today released the Hidden Realms Update for Risk of Rain 2 on Steam Early Access. Players can unlock and assume control of a new Survivor, Acrid, a melee-range hybrid who uses powerful poisons to melt tanky enemies. The Hidden Realms Update also introduces two new hidden realms, alternative layouts, more adversaries, and even more loot along with changes suggested by the community. The update is free for all owners of Risk of Rain 2 on Steam Early Access.

Acrid’s infectious skills focuses melee-range hybrid combat mixed with strong damage over time abilities:

Passive: POISON - Certain attacks apply poison, dealing damage over time but cannot kill.

Primary Fire: VICIOUS WOUNDS - Maul an enemy, where every third hit does double damage.

Secondary Fire: NEUROTOXIN - Spit toxic bile at a range that damages and poisons enemies.

Utility: CAUSTIC LEAP - Leap into the air, dealing damage, stunning, and poisoning enemies on impact. Leaves a pool of acid that deals damage.

Special: EPIDEMIC - Release a deadly poison that deals damage and poisons enemies. The disease continually spreads to up to 20 targets.

New game features:

New Bosses and Monster – The Scavenger boss, Void Reaver monster, and an additional secret boss join the fight.

New Hidden Realms - Two new hidden realms can be discovered.

Alternative Layouts - The new Alternate Layouts system allows for some maps to have entirely new layouts, starting with Titanic Plains and Distant Roost.

New Items, Equipment, Lunars and more - An arsenal of new items and equipment is now at players’ disposal. This includes two new Lunar items, Adaptive Chests, Overgrown 3D Printer, seven new items, and a new type of equipment called the Jade Elephant.

Community Suggested Changes - Quality-of-life improvements suggested by the community have been implemented.

Take a look at full patch notes here.

Risk of Rain 2 Local Switch Multiplayer + Skills 2.0 Update Now Available

Grab your umbrella

Risk of Rain 2 for Xbox One, PS4, and Nintendo Switch has rolled out the Skills 2.0 update, completely free for all owners of the game. The update introduces the Skills 2.0 system, Loader, Siren’s Call stage and boss, plus more loot.

This update also introduces local wireless multiplayer on Nintendo Switch and voice chat on PS4.

Scorched Acres update includes:

New Survivor - Loader: Players can unlock and assume control of the new Survivor, the Loader, who fits the role of a bruiser that excels at grappling and up-close combat.

Skills 2.0 – Each Survivor has a new set of Survivor-specific Challenges that, once completed, unlock new individual skills or skins. Mix and match skills and fine-tune a Survivor’s kit to perfection! More skills and skins will be added in future updates.

Siren’s Call – Dive into the mossy depths of Siren’s Call and challenge its unique boss.

New Items and Equipment – New dangerous additions made to the Survivors’ ever-growing library of tools of the trade.

Risk of Rain 2 "Skills 2.0" update coming to Switch on Dec. 10th, 2019

Enjoy the new Loadout system and more

The next major update for Risk of Rain 2 is right around the corner. The dev team has confirmed that the Skills 2.0 update is coming on Dec. 10th, 2019, and it has a ton of game-changing features to look forward to. Check out a short blurb on the update below, and then click over for full patch notes.

Skills 2.0 introduces a new way to play your favorite survivor! Our new “Loadout” system allows for swappable skills and skins at the beginning of each run. Each survivor will maintain their unique identity, but have some options to tinker with before jumping into a run. While some skill variants play off existing skills, some variants are entirely unique abilities available to a survivor. Each new skill and skin in your Loadout will be unlocked only with survivor-specific challenges - good luck! More skills and skins are planned to be added in future updates.

Full patch notes here

Risk of Rain 2 devs 'extremely happy' with how the game was received on Switch

No risk here

Risk of Rain 2 is yet another game that many thought would never come to Switch, yet here we are. The game has been available for a number of weeks, and players have been gobbling it up. How have things been going so far? Developer Hopoo Games shared their thoughts in a Nintendo Life interview.

We have been extremely happy with the reception to the Switch version of the game. Console players have always been hard for us to focus on being a small team but with all the help we have on Risk of Rain 2 we are finally able to support both PC and Console players at the same time. We have lots of new content, quality of life updates, and performance patches planned so we are excited for the future of the Switch version.

Risk of Rain 2 retail release includes the original Risk of Rain on the game card, no additional download needed

That's how it should be!

Here's something you might have been wondering about today's physical release of Risk of Rain 2 on Switch. We knew that the package also included the original Risk of Rain, but what we didn't know is that it was included on the game card itself. No need to download via extra code or anything. Both games on one card is definitely a nice surprise!

PR - Risk of Rain 2 physical edition now storming retailers across North America and Europe

Let the physical copies rain down

FRISCO, Texas - Nov. 15, 2019 - Hopoo Games and Gearbox Publishing today announced that Risk of Rain 2 physical edition for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation®4 and Xbox One is now available in select retailers across North America and Europe. The physical edition includes the original 2D roguelike hit Risk of Rain on the same cartridge and a reversible cover with original artwork.

On top of this bundle, Risk of Rain 2 will receive continued developer support with new stages, playable Survivors, challenging adversaries and other content added through next year. The next update for all console platforms drops this winter, with more in store for spring and summer of 2020. Pick up a copy at Walmart, GameStop, Target and other retailers in-store or online just in time for the Holiday season.

The sequel to the beloved indie hit, Risk of Rain 2 brings 3D graphics and third-person shooter mechanics to the franchise while holding true to its roguelike roots. Survivors can play solo or team up with up to three other friends to fight through hordes of monsters, unlock new loot, and find a way to escape the planet.

Risk of Rain 2 updated to Version 1.0.3

Risky business

Risk of Rain has been updated to Version 1.0.3. Check out details on this patch below.

- Fixed an issue where players were unable to start a game directly from a private match
- Fixed the ability to navigate the menu using touch-screen
- Gyroscopic aiming now works when you use a wireless controller while keeping the Joy-Cons attached to the system
- Fixed an issue where players would sometimes become invisible
- Further navigation improvements have been made when using the D-pad


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