Japanese fitness magazine shares tips and tricks for Ring Fit Adventure

Tips fit for print

Ring Fit Adventure has been a long-tail, slow-burn seller in much of the world, racking up millions of units sold as the months roll on. The game is still topping the charts in Japan...when it's in stock, that is! There's no doubt the hype remains strong for this one, and plenty of people are eager to get in on the exergaming fun.

Japanese Fitness magazine Tarzan is well aware of the attention that Ring Fit Adventure is getting, which is why they've put together a special feature on the game. The latest issue of Tarzan gives readers some tips and tricks to get the best use out of Ring Fit Adventure, which you can read below.

Tip One: Be humble
Tip Two: Don't force yourself to play every day
Tip Three: Equipment makes a difference in real life and in the game
Tip Four: Prepare well for battles
Tip Five: Don't be afraid to push yourself!

Obviously each point is fleshed out in the magazine, but they're all pretty straightforward. Most are good tips for any workout, not just one in Ring Fit Adventure. Either way, the tips should help be a motivator for picking up that Ring-Con and working up a sweat!

Nintendo snags Annie Murphy for a new series of Switch commercials

Nintendo's latest ambassador

Nintendo has been pulling in the celebrities left and right to promote the Switch. There was a big wave of celebrities promoting Switch to end 2020, but it seems Nintendo isn't done with the big-name pair-ups yet. Now they've teamed with
Schitt's Creek star Annie Murphy to spread the word on Switch, and you can see her spots above.

Nintendo UK Store offering multiple Ring Fit Adventure bundles

Holiday bundles up for grabs

Nintendo UK is offering up some custom bundles for Ring Fit Adventure. There's all sorts of Switch bundles, including options that pack in other big-name Switch games. The prices range from £329.99 to £429.99, and you can sift through all the different packages here.

Newest Switch commercial in Japan spotlights Animal Crossing: New Horizons and Ring Fit Adventure

The latest in holiday advertising

The holiday adverts from Nintendo have been rolling for a few weeks now, and more are being pumped out every week. Nintendo has yet another new commercial for the Switch in Japan, and this one features both Animal Crossing: New Horizons and Ring Fit Adventure. Two big games in the region that will surely bring in even more sales before the year ends.

Nintendo Switch 'Ring Fit Adventure' bundle releasing in Europe on Dec. 11th

A bundle that's fit for the holiday season!

Nintendo of Europe has announced a Nintendo Switch SKU bundled with a download code for Ring Fit Adventure + the Ring-Con & Leg Strap accessories. Unlike the strikingly similar bundle that was released in Japan a couple weeks ago, the game will not be pre-installed. Available from major retailers starting on Dec. 11th, 2020, you can check out our first look at the box art above.

Nintendo UK releases another Ring Fit Adventure commercial featuring Laura Whitmore

Nintendo UK's Ring Fit Adventure ambassador

As Nintendo UK revealed a few weeks back, TV presenter Laura Whitmore is an ambassador for Ring Fit Adventure, making her the star of Nintendo UK’s TV ad campaign. Laura has gotten another commercial where she shows Ring Fit Adventure in action, which you can check out above.

Nintendo reveals new controller bundles for Splatoon 2 and Super Mario Party in Japan, Ring Fit Adventure Switch bundle as well

Bundling up for the holidays

Nintendo has just announced a set of new bundles for the Switch in Japan. First up a new controller bundle for Super Mario Party. This bundle will include a Neon Pink and Neon Yellow Joy-Con.

Along with that, there will be a Splatoon 2 controller bundle that packs in the game with the special Splatoon-themed Switch Pro Controller.

Finally, there's a Ring Fit Adventure Switch bundle on the way as well. This bundle includes the Switch, a Ring-Con, and a copy of Ring Fit Adventure. The Switch itself does not have a special design.

All three of these items are set to launch in Japan on November 20th, 2020. The Ring Fit Adventure bundle is priced at 37,960 yen, 9,980 yen for the Super Mario Party bundle, and 12,960 yen for the Splatoon 2 bundle.

Mod allows you to play Zelda: Breath of the Wild using the Ring Fit Adventure Ring-Con

Hope you're ready for a workout

As the years roll on, people continue to find new ways to enjoy The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. The latest twist on the gameplay involves using a different controller altogether.

A new mod allows you to use Ring Fit Adventure's Ring-Con to play Zelda: Breath of the Wild, and as you might expect, it gives you one hell of a workout. From battling enemies to climbing towers, get ready to sweat your ass off!

Laura Whitmore gets a sweat on as she becomes Nintendo UK’s Ring Fit Adventure ambassador

Laura spreads the word

For a couple of weeks now, Nintendo has been releasing Ring Fit Adventure videos featuring actress/model/presenter Laura Whitmore. Today Nintendo gives us an official introduction to Laura, as well as a reveal of her Ring Fit Adventure ambassador status.

Ring Fit Adventure is an action adventure game that makes home workouts fun on Nintendo Switch!

Laura is a big fan of Ring Fit Adventure and said:

“I love the fact that I can roll out of bed in the morning and start my Ring Fit Adventure home workout straight away. I can customise a variety of full-body work outs which fit into my hectic schedule. The game helps keep me fit and motivated – and all from the comfort of my living room."

The game allows you to customise your own fitness routines tailored to your personal fitness goals and skill levels. Check your estimated pulse rate with the built-in IR Motion Sensor and stay fit and motivated from your own home when it suits you.

TV presenter Laura Whitmore is the ambassador for Ring Fit Adventure and the star of Nintendo UK’s TV ad campaign, which is currently airing across the UK. It shows Laura’s morning fitness routine with Ring Fit Adventure - striking yoga poses, before going into a full body workout, all before breakfast.

Want to get a full body workout from the comfort of your own home too? Ring Fit Adventure is available now from the Nintendo Official UK Store. Check out the full range of available bundles here.

French Ring Fit Adventure commercial features Andrea Decaudin and Denis Brogniart

Gotta keep singing the praises!

A new commercial for Ring Fit Adventure has released in France, and it features both Andrea Decaudin and Denis Brogniart. Brogniart is a former sports journalist and current TV host, and Andrea Decaudin is an actor. Two faces that French audiences should certainly recognize.


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