Check out the opening movie for Mary Skelter Finale

A group of prisoners, Jack and the Blood Maidens, were reincarnations of fairy tales who dared to escape.​ They climbed from the bottom of the tower up to the surface, filled with hope...​

But outside were thousands of corpses soaking in a sea of blood. There stood beings known as Massacre Pink, smiling. In that moment, hope was destroyed. The group was torn asunder, with Jack and the Blood Maidens scattered to their own paths.​

Separated, they are each drawn to the devouring Jail that floats in the sky...​

This is the finale to the tale of the Blood Maidens.​

Thanks to sligeach_eire for the heads-up!

Mary Skelter Finale gets another batch of screens

Mary Skelter Finale heads to Switch in Japan on November 5th, 2020, which is just a few days away. Before the big launch, a new batch of screens has been released to show off some more of the game. You can take a look at the new screens here.

Mary Skelter Finale story trailer released

Some story snippets to enjoy

Mary Skelter Finale heads to Switch in Japan on November 5th, 2020, which is just a few days away. Before the big launch, a new trailer has been released to show off some of the game's story. Give the spot a watch above.

Pre-purchasing now available for 6 more games on the Japanese eShop

Get to downloading, friends!

6 more upcoming Switch games are now available for pre-purchase on the Japanese eShop (including the pictured Mary Skelter: Finale). Check out all of the titles, their prices, release dates, file-sizes, and publishers below.

Isekai Sakaba no Sextet ~Vol.1 New World Days~
Price: ¥800 (¥680 until November 4th)
Release date: November 5th
File size: 642MB
Publisher: qureate

PICK ME UP! - Rescue Rangers
Price: ¥1,200 (¥960 until November 11th)
Release date: November 5th
File size: 248MB
Publisher: r-Force Entertainment

Price: ¥6,380
Release date: November 5th
File size: 1.0GB
Publisher: Nippon Columbia

Mary Skelter: Finale
Price: ¥8,030
Release date: November 5th
File size: 8.7GB
Publisher: Idea Factory

Construction Simulator 3
Price: ¥2,491 (¥2,366 until November 4th)
Release date: November 5th
File size: 2.5GB
Publisher: astragon

Price: ¥2,400 (¥2,032 until November 11th)
Release date: November 12th
File size: 740MB
Publisher: Sting

Mary Skelter Finale "Characters and Jobs" trailer released

Let's go to work

A new trailer for Mary Skelter Finale has been released. This one focuses on characters and jobs you'll find in the game. Mary Skelter Finale is set to launch in Japan on Nov. 5th, 2020.

Check out gameplay from Mary Skelter Finale's pre-order bonus visual novel, Love Prison Tower Mary Skelter: True End

Those who preorder Mary Skelter Finale will get a bonus visual novel, Love Prison Tower Mary Skelter: True End. You can check out gameplay from that visual novel above, and read up on details below.

A magical extra edition that will bewitch you with its “lovey-dovey swimsuit dates with the girls.”

The scorching heat of the summer rained down upon the young Jack.

Although somewhat exhausted from the heat he has never before experienced, Jack’s footsteps were light and somewhat cheerful.

“Today, I’m going to go to the beach with ‘the girl’ who’s now my girlfriend!”

The shining and radiant ocean. A story as bright as the sea is about to begin.

This is the story of Jack, who enjoys slapstick swimsuit dates where things don’t go exactly as expected, and a lot quite out of harmony themselves.

And after is the strange sequel story, that does not hold back with its tendencies, triggered by a certain event.

Mary Skelter Finale delayed to Nov. 5th, 2020 in Japan

Less than a month from the original plan

Compile Heart has announced a delay for Mary Skelter Finale in Japan. The game was originally slated to launch on October 8th, 2020, but it's now pushed back to November 5th, 2020. Compile Heart didn't offer specifics on why the game was delayed, instead stating that 'various reasons' caused the shift.

Mary Skelter Finale soundtrack preview released, plus Haru character profile

Check out some tunes

An official soundtrack preview for Mary Skelter Finale's 3-disc OST has been shared. You can check out some of the tunes above, and then read up on all the tracks below.

Disc 1

“Bohyou no Tame no Komiriuta”
“Distorted Reality”
“Otogi Sekai”
“Children’s Night”
“Nemureru Koori no Machi”
“Soko Koko ni Soko”
“Drive of Speeding”
“Soldier of the Wind”
“Soushu Yousei no Mai”
“Jiyuu he no Shoudou”
“Metallic Bow Fight”
“Seigi wo Kazasu Kamigami no Utage”
“Dead Zone”
“Swirling Mist”
“Sad Rain”
“Seishin no Jiyuu”
“Catharsis -High Speed Remix-“

Disc 2

“Labyrinth -Spectacle Ver.-“
“Soko Koko ni Soko -Agezoko Ver.-“
“Children’s Night -Spreaded Ver.-“
“Kyoumenkai -Floating Ver.-“
“Otogi Sekai -Industrial Ver.-“
“Chaos of Montparnasse”
“Distorted Reality -Heaviness Ver.-“
“Nemureru Koori no Machi -Extended Ver.-“
“Bohyou no Tame no Komiriuta -Emotional Ver.-“
“Tower in the Mist”
“Shougon Taru Sekai”
“Purple Fight”
“Utsukushiki Senshi-tachi”
“Hero of Prisoners”
“Quantum Mechanics”
“Rave of Nightmare”
“One More Red Nightmare”
“Bloodstained Soldiers”
“Conversation for Girls”
“Tears of Heaven”
“Tales of Hameln”
“Tabidachi no Toki”
“Green Butterfly”
“Sweet Dreams”

Disc 3

“Wondrous Stories”
“Chain Reverberation”
“The Guillotine”
“Dantoudai he no Koushin”
“Hangman’s Arm”
“Danger Line”
“Shippuu Jinrai”
“Ice Edge”
“Koukinaru Tatakai no Mai”
“Bowing Hero”
“Brave Men Road”
“Enigmatic Motion”
“Untouchable Grooving”
“Light of Strength”
“SKIP -Starchime Ver.-“
“Dead Zone -Mystic Ver.-“
“Talk to You Later”

Along with that, the official website for the game has shared a profile for Haru. You can get details on her below.

Haru (voiced by Yuuji Kameyama)

A Dawn craftsman with a bad mouth and a worse attitude. One of the very few who are able to craft the weapons the Blood Maidens use, the “Blood Weapons.”

Mary Skelter Finale's Reilly, Elie, and Rachel profiled, plus info on the 'Blood Farm' system

The latest wave of info on this RPG

The official website for Mary Skelter Finale has updated with new info. Check out the profiles for Reilly, Elie, and Rachel below, as well as info on the “Blood Farm” system.

Reilly (left in the picture above)

A girl living in the Rycard Island slums.

While it was just her and Elie at first, Rachel’s parents found and adopted them.

She loves Rachel’s parents dearly, and calls them mom and dad.

She also loves her real little sister Elie and her adoptive little sister Rachel.

Elie (middle in the picture above)

A girl living in the Rycard Island slums.

She is Reilly’s real little sister, but has recently been a bit jealous over Reilly’s affection for their adoptive little sister Rachel.

But she also loves Rachel, so in the end she forgives her.

Rachel (right in the picture above)

A girl living in the Rycard Island slums.

She is a little too young to assess the situation, but is well protected by her adopted sisters. She loves Reilly and Elie.

■ System: Blood Farm

Blood Farm

You can raise Blood Flowers inside dungeons using the Blood Farm system! All you need to do is plant Blood Crystals that you gain in battle inside the dungeon. Blood Flowers will grow from the planted crystals, and can be harvested once they go into full bloom to gain various equipment and items!

You can also splatter Marchen blood over the Blood Flowers, which will give them a golden shine. These flowers have an increased chance of getting rarer, stronger equipment when harvested!

The equipment you harvest can come with special effects, like those below…

Bonus points up to +99.
15 different equipment skills.
Four different ailment effects.
60 different nicknames.
Nine different elemental properties.
“Bloodshot” – Activates the Kagome-Kagome effect.
“Sharpness” – Increases the amount of bleeding.
“Strike” – Increases critical rate.

There are over one million combinations of additional effects, so keep harvesting to get the strongest weapons!

Update Chance

By using Hameln’s special ability, “Magnetic Piccolo,” you can harvest your Blood Flowers at once, which will trigger a special effect called “Update Chance.”
When in effect, the items you gain will gain additional bonuses!

Harvest the Blood Flowers at once to net rare items for your party!

7-minute trailer released for Mary Skelter Finale

Compile Heart has been keeping fans of Mary Skelter Finale very informed in recent weeks, releasing videos, character profiles, and more. Now the company has released a 7-minute trailer that's full of gameplay, character art, and music. Check out the spot above.


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