Pokemon Unite beta gameplay round-up

The Pokemon Unite beta we mentioned a couple of weeks back is now live in Canada. Players are diving into the game to see how it is, and they're sharing footage of the beta as well. Check out a round-up of various gameplay clips below.

Pokémon UNITE Regional Beta set to open up in Canada in March 2021

Canadian players will be able to register for a Regional Beta in Pokemon Unite in March 2021. Currently, the beta is only available for the Android version of the game despite the game also launching on iOS devices and the Nintendo Switch. Players will be able to register through the Google Play Store when the time comes.

RUMOR: Pokemon Unite leak reveals customizable skins

Playing dress up

Pokemon Unite is the upcoming MOBA for Switch and mobile devices, and it's currently in testing. Those testing the game have been leaking out details, and we have yet another rumored bit of information on the game to share.

As you can see in the screen above, it appears that Pokemon Unite is going to include a bunch of skins for your Pokemon. The screen also shows that each skin is going to cost a different amount of gems. Whether you'll be able to buy these using real money or through earnings in game remains to be seen.

China getting a Pokemon Unite closed beta in January 2021

Hands-on action

Pokemon Unite was announced quite some time ago, and we really haven't heard much official since the reveal. That said, it does seem the dev team is hard at work on the project, and soon they'll be showcasing it to select players.

We now know that Tencent is going to run a Pokemon Unite closed beta in China. The beta will kick off sometime in January 2021, but details on what it will include are yet to be revealed.

Nintendo says they have no plans for cross-platform play for their titles

Stay and play on Switch

Nintendo doesn't have many games that appear on multiple platforms these days. If that situation does crop up, you'll see a game on mobile and Switch. While the two games might be the same, Nintendo has made it clear they have no interest in allowing players on both platforms to sync up.

The following comes from Nintendo's Six-Month Financial Results Briefing Q&A...

New round of Pokemon Unite details leak

The info drip-feed continues

Another test has been run for Pokemon Unite, and a slew of details from that test has leaked. You can check out a complete round-up of the details below.

General Details

– There are 5 basic roles in this game: Strike/Power, Support, Standard/Balancer, Defense, Speed
– Each of the Pokemon characters is divided into 3 types of usability: Beginner, Medium, Advanced/Master
– There are 2 kinds of attack distance: Short-range Attacks & Long-range Attacks
– List of the Pokemon can be sorted by the order of release time or by the order of recruit time
– Pokemon evolves at level 5 and level 7 (if it can evolve twice)
– Pokemon learns new moves at level 1, level 3, level 5, or level 7
– You can only choose 1 move from the 2 alternative ones each time from the same move group (like basic moves group and powerful moves group, the higher the level is the move powerful moves you can learn)
– There is one basic move from the beginning, and when you learn the third move, the Pokemon will forget its basic move
– At level 9, Pokemon will learn the unite move as its third move
– At some point during the battle, powerful wild Pokemon will show up in the center of the map
– Legendary Pokemon like Zapdos and Pokemon from Gen 8 like Drednaw all debut in this section
– If you defeat these types of Pokemon you will get more points than other wild Pokemon
– Items like Rare Candy or Sitrus Berry will randomly drop on the map; they all have special effects on Pokemon

Basic info on available Pokemon currently

– Bulbasaur – Ivysaur – Venusaur line: Strike + Medium + Long-range
– Charmander – Charmeleon – Charizard line: Standard + Beginner + Short-range
– Squirtle – Wartortle – Blastoise line: Defense + Medium + Long-range
– Pikachu line: ? + Medium + Long-range
– Jigglypuff – Wigglytuff line: Support + Medium + Short-range
– Machop – Machoke – Machamp line: Standard + Medium + Short-range
– Slowpoke – Slowbro line: Defense + Medium + Long-range
– Snorlax line: ? + Beginner + Short-range
– Lucario line: ? + Advanced + Short-range
– Froakie – Frogadier – Greninja line: Strike + Advanced + Long-range
– Fletchling – Fletchinder – Talonflame line: Speed + Medium + Short-range
– Zeraora line: ? + Advanced + Short-range
– Pikachu: In the beginning, you can learn from Thunder Shock & Electroweb; at level 5 can learn from Electro Ball & Thunder; at level 7 can learn from Thunderbolt & Volt Tackle

RUMOR - New images of Pokemon Unite surface

Another peek at the upcoming MOBA

Pokemon Unite's reveal didn't exactly go over well, with fans disliking/downvoting the game into oblivion. That said, the project continues on, and today some rumored new screens have found their way online.

These new screens give us a better idea of how the various menus are set up, and also showcase some Pokemon that weren't in the official reveal trailer. There's also one more peek at what things look like during gameplay.

Whether these new screens are legit or not remain to be seen, but either way, it's quite unlikely fans will be happy with what they see.

Pokemon Unite producer discusses the game's direction, lack of release date, eSports potential, and more

Let's unite to learn more!

I think it's safe to say that the reveal of Pokemon Unite has been quite a rocky one. The Pokemon MOBA has rubbed people the wrong way since day one, and in a recent interview with Dime, Producer Masaaki Hoshino tried to set the record straight on some finer details. Check out a recap of that interview below.

- expanding the Pokémon IP to different genres is difficult, and Unite was realized in large part due to Tencent’s expertise
- it is a ‘strategic team battle game’ and not just another ‘MOBA’
- timing of launch is not yet decided, due to translation and development progress
- the game is aimed at all Pokémon fans and also new fans, both old and young
- the genre is already popular among young gamers in China / East on mobile
- the game is on Switch for the West / NA for those who prefer physical controls over touch
- there will be no eSports focus initially, but the game could become an established eSport if the player base pushes things
- there is interest in doing a world championships like with Pokken Tournament

Thanks to Dondom95 for the heads up!

The Pokemon Unite presentation bombarded with over 170k dislikes

Fans are united alright...

The reveal of Pokemon Unite yesterday didn't exactly go over well with fans. While the presentation itself was absolutely fine, the game isn't what fans were hoping for. Those angry viewers were more than ready to fire off their anger with a deluge of dislikes on the trailer.

Believe it or not, in less than 24 hours, the trailer has seen over 170k dislikes...and it's still growing. Just to put things in perspective, Nintendo's most disliked video on their YouTube channel is the Metroid Prime: Federation Force reveal, which has over 90k dislikes. Pokemon Unite managed to top that in less than a day!

Will this online negativity translate into a poor reception for the game at launch? You never really know in situations like these, but I'm sure plenty of people will be ready to slam the game on Metacritic day-and-date with launch.

The Switch is incorrectly mirrored in this promotional image for Pokemon Unite

Mirror, mirror on the Switch...

At first glance, this promotional image for the recently announced Pokemon MOBA game "Pokemon Unite" looks perfectly normal. The iconic red and blue Joy-con pop right at you, and the slim screen bezel for the Nintendo Switch is immediately recognizable. However, some eagle eye fans (such as Akfamilyhome) have noticed that an error was made somewhere during production, as the Switch is completely mirrored despite the game itself being in the proper direction. A small mistake, but interesting nonetheless.


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