Kirby's Epic Yarn Vs. Kirby's Extra Epic Yarn - visual comparison

An Epic comparison

Let's take another look at how this Wii classic fares during its transition to 3DS. Some of the overall fidelity might have been downgraded, but the important bits are certainly intact.

Kirby's Extra Epic Yarn producer explains why Kirby doesn't have his traditional inhale action in the game

Whip it good

Kirby's Epic Yarn made a lot of big changes to the Kirby series, with one of hte biggest relating to Kirby being unable to inhale enemies. Kirby's Extra Epic Yarn adds in some new tweaks to the 2010 Wii title, but retains the decision to remove Kirby's staple ability. Why did Nintendo decide to remove the inhale ability in the first place, and then replace it with a yarn whip? Kirby producer Etsunobu Ebisu explains in a Kotaku interview.

- making Kirby out of yarn “means outlining the character with yarn, so the stomach would be hollow"
- if Kirby inhaled enemies, this would mean the "enemies would just fall out after”

“When discussing designs for a new action game, we often start with the player’s abilities, but for this project we took a different direction and started to discuss and pitch ideas from the structural and environmental perspective. From there, we figured out how the world would play by going over things like what the world would be like if it was made of yarn, how that would differ from a normal world, and whether there’s anything that can be done only because of the yarn.

In response, we created the basic ‘pulling’ ability for the yarn characters. We thought that this would fit the game, so we consulted with HAL Laboratory about Kirby’s ability in this game being to pull, rather than inhaling. HAL Laboratory understood that the hollow stomach meant air would just leak out even if inhaled, and kindly accepted our proposal.”

Kirby's Epic Yarn Vs. Kirby's Extra Epic Yarn - graphics comparison

Both feel like pants, but which looks more like pants?

Kirby's no stranger to the 3DS, but his yarn adventure is being ported to it from the Wii! How close does the 3DS version of Kirby's Epic Yarn match up? Watch and find out in this comparison!

GoNintendo Review - Kirby's Extra Epic Yarn

Yes, it still feels like pants!

Want to feel old? It's been nearly 10 years since Kirby's Epic Yarn hit the Wii. I honestly couldn't believe it's been so long, as the Wii feels like it was living under my TV just a few years back.

While Kirby's Epic Yarn might be a bit long in the tooth by video game standards, it's not like it was the last time we saw Kirby. There have been countless other Kirby released in the past 10 years. The multitude of them have been fantastic, but even with that being the case, Kirby's Epic Yarn still stands out as something special in the Kirby pantheon.

There were just so many elements of the Kirby franchise that Epic Yarn kicked to the curb (Kirb?). While most Kirby games are seen as easy, Kirby's Epic Yarn pushed things even further towards the 'gameplay for anyone' category by removing character death. The visual side of Kirby's Epic Yarn was extremely unique as well, as it took on a craft-like approach to design. Even Kirby's infamous copy abilities were removed, instead letting Kirby tackle enemies and interact with the environment via a yarn whip. No doubt about it, Kirby's Epic Yarn set out to take the traditional Kirby platforming experience and make it feel fresh.

While some were extremely skeptical of Kirby's Epic Yarn prior to launch, the praise was heaped on heavily when the game released. The lion's share of outlets praised pretty much all areas of Kirby's Epic Yarn, noting its different approach to the character, all while still feeling like a mainline series entry. It was something new and different, and the experiment was deemed a success. To this day, Kirby's Epic Yarn is a shining example of Nintendo's ability to constantly reinvent their staple characters.

Now here we are 10 years later, and Kirby's Epic Yarn has come back. Instead of a sequel, we're getting an expanded version of the original game called Kirby's Extra Epic Yarn. This revamp gives you nearly everything the original included, while offering up new features that are exclusive to this version. The end result is a very welcome return to original game, while providing aspects which seem to have improved things overall.

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Nintendo details the changes/differences between Kirby's Extra Epic Yarn and Kirby's Epic Yarn

Are you trying to decide whether Kirby's Extra Epic Yarn is going to be worth a purchase if you've already played, or own Kirby's Epic Yarn? Nintendo has put together a handy chart to detail the differences, changes, and additions between the two versions. Check out the rundown of features below.


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