RUMOR - Punch-Out!! Wii's Sailor Moon Easter Egg cost Nintendo and Next Level Games millions, and got people fired

Well that's a crazy situation

If you follow along with the Boundary Break series, which is totally worth your time by the way, you'll have hopefully seen the episode on Punch-Out!! Wii. All kinds of fun things were discovered about the game, including a Sailor Moon Easter Egg that is near impossible to see when you're playing the game regularly.

Turns out there's a whole story in an of itself behind the Sailor Moon Easter Egg, and it's a crazy one. The Easter Egg would end up costing Nintendo and Next Level Games millions, and even got some Next Level Games' employees fired. That's the word from an unnamed source who was very close to the project.

Make sure to check out the video above for the full details on this insane behind-the-scenes story!

Check out the Blindfolded Punch-Out!! Wii run from SGDQ 2019

Ridiculously impressive

The blindfolded Punch-Out!! run returned at SGDQ 2019, and this time it featured Punch-Out!! on the Wii. Check out the entire run in the video above, which is just as impressive as the run from years ago.


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