Shovel Knight Treasure Trove Gold amiibo + 3-Pack unboxing

We unbox all the new Yacht Club Games Shovel Knight Treasure Trove amiibo, including Gold Shovel Knightt, and the 3 pack's Specter, Plague, & King Knight

Wedding Mario/Peach/Bowser amiibo sell out at launch in China

The wedding is on!

It seems that the launch of Switch in China is going quite well, and that includes extra accessories as well. The Super Mario Odyssey series of Wedding Mario/Peach/Bowser amiibo have completely sold out already, and there's no word on if there will be a restock. Looks like the only option for now is to find a third party reseller locally, or import from another region.

Shovel Knight amiibo works in Just Shapes & Beats, Yacht Club teases support for more games (UPDATE)

But what does it do?!

Just the other day, Just Shapes and Beats updated with the 'Just Shovels and Knights Mixtape' DLC, which gives you some Shovel Knight tunes to play for free. Turns out there's more to the collaboration than that though, as Yacht Club has confirmed that the Shovel Knight amiibo now works with Just Shapes and Beats.

You can now use the Shovel Knight amiibo in Just Shapes & Beats! Give it a look if you haven’t yet. As for more games… please look forward to future announcements.

With one answer from Yacht Club, we now have two more questions. What does the Shovel Knight amiibo do in Just Shapes and Beats? The company didn't offer up any information. What other games will the Shovel Knight amiibo work with? That remains a secret for the time being as well.

UPDATE - We have info on what the amiibo do, thanks to Kolma.

There are 4 shovel knight songs now in Just Shapes and Beats, and each of the 4 characters can unlock a song. You can either unlock them normally or use the amiibo to unlock them instantly. You can also scan any amiibo to get a certain number of beats a day.

Lucina and Robin seeing reprints in Japan

Now that's fire

Nintendo continues with their line of amiibo reprints in Japan with some good news for Fire Emblem fans. Both Lucina and Robin amiibo are going to see reprints, and they're due out on Dec. 26th, 2019.

Shovel Knight 3-Pack and Golden Shovel Knight amiibo unboxing

Dig into these amiibo

For so, so long, we weren't sure the Golden Shovel Knight amiibo was the real deal. It popped up plenty of times, but was shot down over and over again. It's so nice to know the amiibo was real all along, and now we can get a detailed look at it, as well as the Shovel Knight 3-pack!

Sonic and Mewtwo amiibo getting a reprint in Japan

Another chance to grab these two

It appears that the Sonic and Mewtwo amiibo are getting a reprint in Japan. Both of these amiibo are up for grabs on Amazon Japan, with orders being filled on Dec. 12th, 2019. No word on a similar situation in other locations, but we'll keep an eye out for details.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate - look at Dark Samus and Richter amiibo

We take a close-up look at the Dark Samus & Richter amiibo for Super Smash Bros. from Dutch Comic Con!

Fan makes a custom Gooigi amiibo

E. Gadds, that's impressive!

Gooigi is one of the newest additions to Nintendo's deep roster of characters, and he's garnered quite a few fans. One fan is so enamored with E. Gadd's creation that he's cooked up his own custom Gooigi amiibo! Check out how the whole things came together in the video above.

Incineraur, Simon, and Chrom amiibo unboxing

A triple threat

Time to take another look at some of the latest amiibo. Check out an unboxing for the Incineraur, Simon, and Chrom amiibo above.

Multiple 'Super Mario' series amiibo seeing reprints in Japan

A regular Mario party!

The amiibo reprints keep coming hard and fast. On Nov. 28th, 2019 in Japan, the Super Mario series Mario amiibo, Super Mario series Toad amiibo, Super Smash Bros. series Luigi amiibo, and Super Smash Bros. series Bowser amiibo will get a reprint and re-release. No word on a similar reprint in NA/EU.


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