Blaster Master Zero 2 "Empress" DLC screens and art

Another good look at the Empress

That’s right y’all! The worlds of Dragon Marked for Death and Blaster Master Zero 2 have come together, and the Empress is coming to BMZ2 as a brand new DLC playable character on April 21st!!

Destroy the mutant threat with your fiery arsenal of Dragon Skills as you traverse the galaxy abroad your Dragonblood Tank, the D-ATTACKER!

The Blaster Master Zero team has once again managed to take a character from another game and seamlessly transport them into the world of BMZ! If you’ve played as the Empress in her native game for even just 5 minutes, you will clearly be able to see how much attention to detail was put into this DLC.

Blaster Master Zero 2 "Empress" DLC Trailer

Bow down to the Empress

The second DLC playable character for Blaster Master Zero 2 is here! Hailing from Inti Creates' dark-fantasy style action RPG Dragon Marked for Death, the Empress of the Dragonblood Clan joins the fray!

Destroy the mutant threat with your arsenal of Dragon Skills as you traverse the galaxy abroad your Dragonblood Tank, the D-ATTACKER!

Dragon Marked for Death celebratory wallpaper released

A monster milestone

Inti Creates previously announced that Dragon Marked for Death has managed to sell 120k copies worldwide. To celebrate that milestone, the team said they were working on a special wallpaper. Well, that wallpaper is available now! You can see a sample of it above, and download different sizes here.

Inti Creates live-stream showcases more gameplay and info on the Empress DLC for Blaster Master Zero 2

The Empress waits for no one

As was announced yesterday, The Empress from Dragon Marked for Death is being added to Blaster Master Zero 2 as a DLC character. She'll be hitting the game on April 20th, 2020, which is the same day Version 3.0.0 is launching as well. You can check out more details on the Empress as well as the Version 3.0.0 in the Inti Creates video above.

Blaster Master Zero II hits 250k sold worldwide, Dragon Marked for Death's "Empress" to be added as DLC

Welcome, Empress...

During Inti Create's special live-stream, the company announced that Blaster Master Zero II has sold 250k copies worldwide. To celebrate the milestone, the company will be releasing Dragon Marked for Death "Empress" DLC on April 21st, 2020 for $2. Blaster Master Zero II director Satoru Nishizawa shared the following comments on the DLC.

“For the Empress, we took her abilities and gameplay elements from Dragon Marked for Death and remade them so they fit seamlessly into Blaster Master Zero II. We really did whatever we could to recreate her signature attacks. In the top-down segments, we gave her some new moves with the addition of her counterattacks… This really sort of brings it all together for the Empress’ Blaster Master Zero II gameplay.

Now, she doesn’t have quite as many abilities as the last EX character, Copen, so when she comes across a hurdle she can’t clear on her own, hop aboard her special Metal Attacker, the D-ATTACKER, and start exploring. Does the ‘D’ stand for ‘Dragon,’ or ‘Dragostea,’ or…? Anyway, this tank doesn’t just look different, things like aggro indicators, damage display, and more were added to really maximize the Dragon Marked for Death-ness of the whole experience, so I hope you have a great time with the new content.”

Inti Creates will be hosting an English live-stream tonight at 11 PM ET to showcase more footage of the Empress DLC. For now, you can check out the debut trailer for the DLC below (9:57 mark).

Dragon Marked for Death its 120k sold worldwide

Dragon marked for success

Inti Creates hosted the 11th episode of their live-stream series, and they shared a bit of information about Dragon Marked for Death. Since launch, the game has managed to sell 120k units worldwide. This figure includes both version of the game that are available. To celebrate, a special wallpaper for the game will be made on the official site in the near future.

Inti Creates Live broadcast set for April 7th, 2020

The series returns after 3+ years

Inti Creates has run 10 different 'Inti Creates Live' live-streams in their history, but that 10th episode was over 3 years ago. After all that time, Inti Creates has announced that the series is returning, and the 11th episode is set to air on April 7th, 2020 at 8 AM ET. You'll be able to watch the stream on YouTube, Twitch, and Niconico.

Want to know what to expect from this live-stream? Inti Creates shared the following message that gives an outlook on what's coming.

“We decided it was about high time bring back the show so that we can deliver not only the latest information, but special announcements, and more as we try find new ways to communicate with you while we are stuck indoors during this crazy time in the world. Even though this is technically episode #11, this time around, we’ve rebuilt the show from the ground up! We’re still delivering the content you expect from this show, but with a new group of MCs: Diana Garnet (singer of the Dragon Marked for Death theme song, English voice of Joule in the Gunvolt original video animation) and Kenta Tanaka (Bandit in Dragon Marked for Death)!”

The only thing officially confirmed for this 11th episode is a special video message from Dragon Marked for Death producer Yoshifumi Hashimoto of Hakama.

Check out another music video for Gunvolt Chronicles: Luminous Avenger iX

Inti Creates keeps cranking out music videos for Gunvolt Chronicles: Luminous Avenger iX. Check out the video above to hear yet another full track from the game.

Inti Creates has three new games to announce

Hopefully we hear about them soon!

Inti Creates CEO Takuya Aizu has announced that the company has three new games in the works. It appears an announcement of at least one was supposed to be made at BitSummit, but with that event's cancellation, the company held back news on the game.

While a final decision hasn't been made, Aizu is currently considering different methods of revealing these games. He even teases a Nintendo Direct-style presentation as one of the options.

Inti Creates releases another Gunvolt Chronicles: Luminous Avenger iX music video

Another toe-tapper

Inti Creates has put together another music video for the Gunvolt Chronicles: Luminous Avenger iX soundtrack. Check out the catchy tune above!


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