Yo-Kai Watch 4++ 'What is pura-pura?' video series released

I still don't know what it is

With Yo-Kai Watch 4++ launching later this week, Level-5 is out to spread the word in any way possible. Their latest efforts include a 'What is pura-pura?' video series, which you can see in this post.

Yo-Kai Watch 4++ gets another batch of screens

Yo-Kai Watch 4++ is coming out Dec. 4th, 2019, and it's packed with extra content over the original. Is it going to be a hit? We'll certainly find out soon enough! While we wait, a new batch of screens have been released, which you can check out right here.

Yo-Kai Watch 4++ gets another 15-second commercial

Yo-Kai Watch 4++ hits the Switch in Japan on Dec. 5th, 2019, which isn't far off at all. Level-5 is making sure to promote this new version of the game in multiple ways, including the new commercial seen above.

New screens and art for Yo-Kai Watch 4++ released, plus info on multiplayer, new Yo-Kai, quests, and more

A deluge of info

Level-5 has put out a huge wave of info on the upcoming Yo-kai Watch 4++. Check out more screens and art here, and details on new Yo-Kai, multiplayer components, new quests, and more below.

■ Human Characters Being “Possessed”!? The Protagonist of the Movie and New Anime Appears in “Purapura Blasters”!

In the newly added multiplayer mode “Purapura Blasters,” you start from the “Blasters Hell Base” in the new area “Cauldron-Boiled Hell” (Kamayude Jigoku) in the Yo-makai world. Only yo-kai that are playable in Blasters will appear. Choose your favorite yo-kai and take on a mission! Up to four players can play together cooperatively, whether through local correspondence or via the internet. You can also play on your own.

In Blasters, a great number of enemy yo-kai will appear. While fighting alongside friends to defeat them, aim for the boss yo-kai that lies ahead. You can exchange the Oni Orbs obtained on missions for level-ups and exclusive items.

Additionally, human characters including the Watchers will also appear in Blasters. You can control these characters by possessing them. When you spot a human character, possess them to borrow their strength! In the battle at the bath house in the new “Blossom Heights” area, Nate (Keita) and the others will be wearing their swimsuits.

Additionally, Jinpei Jiba—the protagonist of the December 13-due movie Yo-kai Watch Jam The Movie: Yo-kai Academy Y – Can a Cat be a Hero? and December 27-due anime Yo-kai Watch Jam: Yo-kai Academy Y – Encounter with N—will also appear as a character you can possess. How will the protagonist of the brand-new Yo-kai Watch series fair in battle?

*Local correspondence multiplayer is only supported on Switch.
*Online multiplayer requires PlayStation Plus on PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch Online on Switch.

■ New Quests Added: Befriend That One Yo-kai!

Multiple new quests have been added, and among them is are new stories surrounding Natsume and the Yo-kai Detective Agency, as well as Shin and company. By clearing each quest, you can befriend the yo-kai Shien and Fukurou, who appeared as bosses in Yo-kai Watch 4, as well as super powerful yo-kai like Shuka, Gentou, Hakushu, and Kuuten. Furthermore, there is a quest by which you can obtain special equipment that lets Enma transform into Yami Enma.





Yami Enma

■ Even More New Yo-kai

Strong-looking new yo-kai and returning yo-kai have been added. Here is a look at some of them.

Damona (Lightside / Shadowside)

Itashi Katanashi (Lighside) / Yomaoen (Shadowside)

Kenshin Amaterasu

Gesshin Tsukuyomi

Yo-kai Watch 4++

■ Physical Edition Purchase Bonus and Linking

The physical edition of Yo-kai Watch 4++ includes the “Jibanyan & Jinpei Yo-kai Y Medal.” By scanning this in the game, you can get a special weapon themed after Jibanyan and Jinpei called “Nekoken: Jibanyuckle” (Cat Fist). Additionally, you can scan it once a day to receive other useful items. Which will for sure be of use in Pura Pura Blasters. Quantities are limited, so be sure to pre-order it while you can.

—Jibanyan & Jinpei Yo-kai Y Medal.

—Nekoken: Jibanyuckle.

Yo-kai Watch 4++

*In order to obtain the “Nekoken: Jibanyuckle,” you must download a free update after purchasing the game.

Yo-Kai Watch 1 updated to Version 1.2

Yo-Kai Watch 1 on Switch has gotten yet another update. The game is now running Version 1.2, which brings in another host of bug fixes. Level-5 has dished out a 5-Star Coin alongside this update to thank fans for their patience.

Yo-kai Watch 4++ Japanese commercial

Level-5 has put out their first commercial in Japan for Yo-kai Watch 4++, which launches on Dec. 5th, 2019. The game is priced at 6,480 yen, and is an enhanced version of the original game including multiplayer, new areas, and new yo-kai.

Yo-Kai Watch 1 updated to Version 1.1

Player comfort

Yo-Kai Watch 1, which is now available on Switch in Japan, has been updated to Version 1.1. This update includes “improvements so you will be able to play more comfortably,” but specifics were not shared. A 5-Star Coin comes with the update as a way to thank fans for their patience.

Yo-Kai Watch 1 gets three more promo videos

Give them a Yo-Kai Watch

Yo-Kai Watch is making its way to Switch with some revamped visuals and a few tweaks. The official Yo-Kai Watch Twitter account in Japan is promoting the release with some new promo videos, which you can see in the tweets in this post.

Yo-Kai Watch 1 - more Switch gameplay

The Switch version of the 2013-released Yo-kai Watch features high-definition graphics and compatibility with the Yo-kai Art and DX Yo-Seiken toys.

Yo-Kai Watch 4's Version 1.4.0 update coming Oct. 8th, 2019

The chairman returns...

Level-5 have announced that Yo-kai Watch 4 is being updated to Version 1.4.0 on Oct. 8th, 2019. This update allows those who purchase Yo-kai Watch 1 to use a code to access Chairman McKraken in Yo-kai Watch 4. No other details on this update have been shared.


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