Fight Crab getting DEEEER Simulator DLC

Oh deer!

As if Fight Crab wasn't weird enough already, a new round of collaborative DLC is about to make things even stranger.

A collaboration between Fight Crab and DEEEER Simulator has been announced, which will see the titular Deer added to the game. You'll be able to use the Deer in campaign mode and in standard battles, which you can look forward to via an in-game update sometime in October. It does seem that this will be paid DLC, but that's not 100% certain.

French consumer organization looking to sue Nintendo over Switch Joy-Con drift, says it's part of a "planned obsolescence" scheme

Those are some big accusations

Nintendo is soon to face another lawsuit that stems from Joy-Con drift, but there's a lot more going on with this pending legal battle.

Over in France, the UFC-Que Choisir is a consumers group with 160 domestic local factions. UFC-Que Choisir defends the rights of consumers in litigation against corporations, and pushes for public policies reinforcing the rights of consumers. UFC has turned its focus to the Switch once again, and they've levied quite the allegation against Nintendo.

The UFC previously clashed with Nintendo over Joy-Con drift, and Nintendo responded by saying anyone experiencing the issue could get a replacement from Nintendo for free. Even after that decision was made, consumers kept reaching out to UFC with complaints on the Joy-Con, which caused the organization to look a bit deeper into what was causing the drift issue.

In their study, UFC found that a poor seal on the Joy-Con allowed in dirt and debris, which could clog up components. The UFC also found what they call "programmed obsolescence of the circuit board." It's this second part that's drawing all the attention, as UFC is basically saying that Joy-Con drift is part of Nintendo's plan for the Switch, and they've manufactured Joy-Con in such a way to force consumers to purchase multiple sets of replacement Joy-Con down the road.

While we all know there's an issue with Joy-Con drift, I don't think most consumers would believe that Nintendo is operating a nefarious scheme for planned obsolescence. Proving that in court is going to be near impossible. Whether this lawsuit even goes forward remains to be seen, but if it does, you can expect an extremely interesting legal battle to ensue.

IGN Video - 11 minutes of Tennis World Tour 2 gameplay

Take a look at some action on court between Roger Federer and Nick Kyrgios.

Developer Walkthrough video for Squad-Based RPG Battle Hunters

Squad up!

Independent developer Phase Two Games today revealed more about their squad-based fantasy adventure RPG Battle Hunters which launches on PC and Nintendo Switch on October 20th. Art Director Dan Tonkin provides more insight into the games characters, combat and character abilities with this short developer walkthrough video.

Battle Hunters lets players form an adventurer party of 3, chosen from a line-up of 28 unique hero characters who are met and recruited along the journey. Be it the Wizard, the Gunslinger, the Assassin, or any other hero, each has their own specialized fighting skills and unique abilities that players can level up and enhance along the way.

Polish retailer updates their website with multiple mentions of "Switch Pro"

The rumor persists

Nintendo has never said the term "Switch Pro," but fans have adopted it as the name of the rumored Switch revamp that will supposedly offer more power than the Switch or Switch Lite. We're still waiting to see if the device actually exists, but as far as one Polish retailer is concerned, the name is the real deal.

Retailer Media Markt, which is actually quite big throughout Europe, has updated the Polish version of their site. Now when you search for Switch items on the site, you can find multiple instances of the phrase Switch Pro. It pops up when you're looking for the Switch itself, Switch software, and even accessories. This mention is in the header for each section, reading as Switch/Switch Pro.

Seems awfully odd for the retailer to add in this mention out of nowhere. Are they preparing for an announcement, cashing in on the hype, or sharing a bit of inside info?

Thanks to Donat for the heads up!

Debut trailer for Dokapon UP! Mugen no Roulette released

Let's roll

Publisher Aquaplus and developer Sting have released the debut trailer for Dokapon UP! Mugen no Roulette. The title is set to launch in Japan on Dec. 10th, 2020. No word on a localization at this time. While we wait for that news, check out the digital board game action above!

Organize police documents and solve cases in Legal Dungeon, heading to Switch in 2021

Got you pushing too many pencils?

“Arresting Thieves Stealing from a Drunk in a Stakeout is Not Entrapment” (XX-XX-20XX)

The Supreme Court has ruled that it is not entrapment when police do not help a drunk pedestrian sleeping on the sidewalk during a stakeout, then arrest thieves who try to steal from the drunk victims. The court judged that “it is not illegal to indict a defendant who voluntarily premeditates and then carries out a crime.”

Legal Dungeon is a game about organizing police investigation documents.

The player must review and provide an investigation verdict on reports ranging from petty theft to murder, in eight different criminal cases. Legal Dungeon will teach players that apprehending and punishing criminals is the very essence of Public Safety. Players will quickly become experts in revealing true criminals.

The game comes complete with 14 endings and six Steam achievements for the players to unlock. Weigh the value of people’s lives to unlock all the collectables. The game is also home to a cute in-game Screen Mate shop!

Publisher Playism and developer Somi have confirmed Legal Dungeon for release on Switch sometime in 2021.

First-person photography game Umurangi Generation revealed for Switch

Say cheese!

What is Umurangi Generation?

Umurangi Generation is a first-person photography game in the shitty future. Set in Tauranga Aotearoa off the back of an impending crisis you are a courier for the Tauranga Express. Throughout the game you will unlock a variety of lenses and equipment.

Unique and Expressive Grading System – Each photo you take is judged on its color, content and composition. Taking a photo will net you a cash score which will go towards your final payout. Complete Photo Bounties any way you like. Once you’ve completed these bounties deliver the parcel to finish the level.
Exploration Bonuses on Each Level – New equipment for your camera is unlocked by finding film canisters, recreating postcards, fulfilling timed deliveries, and finding a way to fit all of your friends in one photo.

Full Creative Control

Edit your photos and develop your unique color grade. The tools in the game are flexible enough that you can touch up your photos to look better than when you took them. If you are an experienced photographer you’ll fit right in. If this is your first time, you’ll be on your journey in no time.

What the hell is an “Umurangi”? – Umurangi is the Te Reo word for Red Sky.

Publisher Playism and Origame Digital have confirmed Umurangi Generation for Switch. No word on release date, pricing, or file size at this time.

Interactive novel "Replica" heads to Switch in Fall 2020

Will you answer the call?

“This country needs more than a building right now. It needs hope.” – Evey Hammond

Replica is an interactive novel game played through a cellphone and social media.

You are given a cellphone of an unknown owner. You must look for evidence of terrorism by hacking into the cellphone owner’s account, under governmental coercion. Then inspecting the cellphone usage history and social media activity records.

The insane experience of peeping into someone’s private life through a cellphone will transform you into the state’s greatest patriot.

Key Features

12 endings.
Eight achievements.

Playism and developer Somi have confirmed that they're bringing Replica to Switch sometime in Fall 2020. No word on pricing or file size at this time.

Horror-adventure "Mad Father" getting a remake for Switch

Father knows best

On the eve of the anniversary of her mother’s death, Aya reflects on the past. Sad, lonely, and desperate for something to help her relive happier times, Aya asks her father if they can do something special in memory of her lost mother. Aya’s father agrees and puts her to bed, promising to make tomorrow a better day. But this fleeting glimpse of light is quickly extinguished when Aya is jolted from her slumber by the sound of her father screaming. She jumps out of bed and runs to find her father, only to find the once-peaceful and somber home now littered with corpses and other horrors. Will Aya end up reuniting with her mother in the most horrific way imaginable at the hands of the undead hordes? Will she manage to escape the manor together with her father’s assistant, Maria? Or will she somehow manage to save her father from the unknown terrors awaiting her around every turn?

Mad Father is an exploration-based horror-adventure game, created by Japanese developer sen. As Aya, the main character, explore your family’s sprawling manor while making use of the items you find along the way and doing whatever you can to survive the night.


The young heroine of the story. She consciously avoids getting too close to her father's "research", and does her best to remain blissfully unaware of what her father’s work may entail...


Aya's father. Night after night, he performs horrific experiments in the basement of the family mansion.


Aya's late mother. She passed away exactly a year before the story begins.


Assistant to Aya's father.


A mysterious salesman who suddenly appears before Aya, seemingly out of nowhere...

Blonde-haired Youth

A mysterious boy who guides Aya along.


Can be used to destroy objects made of wood, etc. 

Command-based action

Input the key/button commands displayed onscreen to perform various actions. 


Crucial items in the game which can be found hidden in various places. Finding all of them will be tough, but well worth the effort...
Multiple endings

There are three possible endings to the game. The ending you are shown will depend on your actions.


Undead spirits out to attack Aya. If caught, she will gradually lose stamina, and the game will end. Corpses armed with weapons can kill Aya with a single blow, so be careful.

The remake of Mad Father is coming to Switch sometime in Fall 2020. This version of the game will feature enhanced quality, reformed graphics, additional events, and a “BLOOD Mode” that acts as a second playthrough mode with multiple changes to the scenario.


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