HORI releasing Splatoon 2 Playstand for Switch in March 2019

Officially Licensed by Nintendo. Enjoy playing your Nintendo Switch at the perfect angle with the Compact PlayStand by HORI! Folds out to hold the Nintendo Switch at an adjustable angle. Includes space for the charging cable to connect so you can charge while playing! Folds up for easy portability.

- Play while charging in angled stand
- Folds up for portability
- Folds up for portability
- Adjustable angle
- Splatoon 2 artwork and design
- Officially Licensed by Nintendo

Preorder yours here

Japanese Splatoon 2 players pick their top 5 favorite weapons

Inside Games recently held a poll to find out which weapons Japanese Splatoon 2 players like the most. The results of that poll are now in, and the top 5 weapons have been chosen.

- N-ZAP85 (23.7%)
- Sploosh-o-matic (15.6%)
- Custom Splattershot Jr. (14.1%)
- Splattershot Jr. (13.3%)
- Tentatek Splattershot (11.9%)

Looks like Splatoon 2 fans have a soft spot for classic Nintendo! Either that, or they just really like what the N-ZAP 85 can do!

Splatoon 2 - Boke vs. Tsukkomi art

The next Splatfest for Splatoon 2 in Japan has a 'Boke vs. Tsukkomi' theme. Once again, this is a comedy duo term, referring to the straight man and funny man. This week's issue of CoroCoro offers up some more artwork for that Splatfest, which you can see in the gallery above.

New details on the Splatoon Koshien 2019 Fanbook shared, includes code for special gear

Famitsu has shared some new information on the upcoming release of the Splatoon Koshien 2019 Fanbook. Here's the various tidbits that were mentioned.

- due out in Japan on March 4th, 2019
- 1,500 Yen
- includes all the various Famitsu reports about the Splatoon Koshien 2019 tournaments around Japan
- book also includes a serial code for exclusive gear, a clear file, and a special seal
- exclusive gear includes:

Ouen Parka (Tako ver.) (Cheering Parka, Octoling Ver.)

Brand: SquidForce
Gear Ability: Main Power Up
Rarity: 3

Koshien Bandana

Brand: SquidForce
Gear Ability: Swim Speed Up
Rarity: 3

Sonic's sound director discusses the process of arranging Splatoon's Bomb Rush Blush for Smash Bros. Ultimate

Did you know that Sonic's sound director Tomoya Ohtani arranged Splatoon's Bomb Rush Blush for Smash Bros. Ultimate? Indeed he did, and Mr. Ohtani himself has shared a dev blog detailing the process. Here's the tidbits he discussed in his post.

- he was very happy to be given the opportunity to work on Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
- Ohtani calls Smash Bros. Ultimate “the biggest festival of collaborations in the video game industry”
- Ohtani chose Bomb Rush Blush because he wanted to try something that younger players are familiar with
- Ohtani was considering remixing several Splatoon tracks into one song
- Ohtani was provided the voice audio for the song once his request to do the arrangement was approved
- Ohtani increased the pace of the song, while Sakurai did some small retouches after the song was more or less complete
- the arrangement had many elements and it took lots of hard work to complete them

Famitsu print ad - Splatoon 2: Octo Expansion art book

Nintendo is pushing the Splatoon 2: Octo Expansion art book pretty damn hard! There's been a print ad for it in nearly every Famitsu for the last couple of months! I guess that Splatoon 2 is pretty big in Japan, huh?!

Splatoon 2 - Next Japanese Splatfest detailed

Time to move back to regional Splatfests after the recent worldwide affair. The next Splatfest has been announced for Japan, and it takes place on Feb. 3rd and 4th, 2019. The theme of this Splatfest is Boke vs. Tsukkomi, which in comedy duo terms, means straight man and funny man.

Introducing the new Splatoon 2 tournament website for newcomers and expert players alike

Attention, Inklings and Octolings! Whether you’re just starting to dip your tentacles into the world of Splatoon 2 for Nintendo Switch, or even if you’re a certified splatter, check out the brand new Splatoon 2 tournaments website.

With this new online community, you can easily assemble your own teams, recruit new members and join regular online tournaments* – for fun, or for glory! Don’t have any teammates in mind? Simply sign up, head to the “Find a Team” section and you’ll be matched up with similar solo splatters. The first tournament begins on Sunday, 13th January at 13:00 GMT and players can start signing up now. So, what are you waiting for? Get out there and claim your turf!

Splatoon 2 - Frosty Fest Splatfest results

If the Frosty Fest Splatfest results are to be believed, you guys and gals look forward to spending time with friends during the holidays moreso than family! I think that might actually be true, as a lot of people dread family time during the holidays. Just like Ike says, I fight for my friends!

Splatoon 2 - FrostyFest Splatfest gameplay

The 48 hour Frosty Fest event starts now! Is ink thicker than water with Team Family, or are you BFFs with Team Friends? Pick your preferred team and go get that clout until 1/6 at 2pm PT!