Resident Evil reboot movie set for Sept. 3rd, 2021 release

Let's hope this one's good!

The upcoming Resident Evil reboot movie has a launch date. The plan is to release it in theaters on Sept. 3rd, 2021, but obviously that could change between now and then. It all depends on how things go with the pandemic and the re-opening of theaters. We'll keep tabs on the situation and see if the date sticks.

New Resident Evil characters join the TUBBZ lineup

Some pretty quacky stuff

The TUBBZ line of rubber ducks is expanding with yet another tribute to gaming. This time around, some Resident Evil favorites are getting transformed. See the full lineup below.

Nemesis – Rocket launch your arsenal

The threat of Nemesis coming!

Complete with his carbon fibre styled body bag suit and specialised extra-large rocket launcher this Nemesis TUBBZ retains his appearance that makes him look so iconic in the first place.

A creation of the Umbrella Corporation to get rid of the S.T.A.R.S. team once and for all! This time it is down to our TUBBZ fans to hunt him down and add to the collection!

Ada Wong – The mysterious antihero

Whose side is Ada really on?

Ada is certainly no duckling in distress, instead rather the opposite, rocking her popular red dress she is ready to infiltrate and destroy when necessary!

Hunk – A legendary mercenary joins the fray

A true survivor and in cahoots with the Umbrella Corporation, Hunk is a cold, merciless killer on a mission to find his way to the duck pond, and now he has!

Merchant – “A wise choice… stranger!”

The man with all the upgrades and witty one-liners has joined the TUBBZ range. He is ready to help supply weapons, herbs and upgrades to all!

The real question is, what’re ya buying!

TOFU – A tasty survivor has been unlocked

Armed with a knife and herbs our favourite bean curd has avoided the hot pot so far! A fully-fledged member of the S.T.A.R.S. team, Tofu is here to serve and protect!

Capcom running a Resident Evil sale on the Switch and 3DS eShops

Resident eShop deals

Looking for a deal on a Resident Evil game? If you don't mind going the digital route, you can score numerous Switch and 3DS Resident Evil titles at a discount. Check out the rundown of games and discounts up for grabs below.

Resident Evil 5 - Current Price:$14.99 (Regular Price:$19.99)
Resident Evil 6 - Current Price:$14.99 (Regular Price:$19.99)
Resident Evil 0 - Current Price:$12.99 (Regular Price:$19.99)
Resident Evil 4 - Current Price:$14.99 (Regular Price:$19.99)
Resident Evil - Current Price:$12.99 (Regular Price:$19.99)
Resident Evil Revelations - Current Price:$7.99 (Regular Price:$19.99)
Resident Evil Revelations 2 - Current Price:$7.99 (Regular Price:$19.99)
Resident Evil Revelations (3DS) - Current Price:$7.99 (Regular Price:$19.99)
Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D - Current Price:$4.99 (Regular Price:$19.99)

Thanks to AwesomePlatterFan for the heads up!

Resident Evil reboot movie finishes filming

That's a wrap!

Looks like things couldn't have gone better for the Resident Evil reboot film. Sony Pictures has confirmed that filming is now complete! There's sure to be a few pickup shops, along with a massive amount of editing to do, but that's all normal. As we previously said, the film was aiming to launch on Sept. 9th, 2021, so Sony should have no trouble at all hitting that mark.

Milla Jovovich is down to return for another Resident Evil movie

One more, for old time's sake

As far as we know, Milla Jovovich's run in the Resident Evil film series is over. She was the lead in every single live-action adaptation so far, but the next silver screen release is rebooting the entire franchise. Jovovich doesn't have any involvement in the next iteration of Resident Evil for theaters, but in an interview with Comicbook.com, she says she's willing to hop back into the universe again.

Oh, listen, Resident Evil is such a huge part of my life, on so many different levels. I was such a big fan of the game, that's what made me want to be in the movie to begin with. So I would always love to go back to the Resident Evil universe. I think it's such a fun place to be in and it's such a great reality. And, listen, I spent half of my career in that world, I would love to be a part of it again. I know whoever is doing it is going to have an amazing time on it, because it's a really fun world to be a part of.

Resident Evil 4 director Shinji Mikami discusses why he wanted the game to be a GameCube exclusive

In a recent interview with Variety, the director of Resident Evil 4, Shinji Mikami, shed some light on Capcom's deal with Nintendo about making the game a GameCube exclusive. He stated the following information:

At the time, I was thinking, ‘Well, Nintendo might be the only one left in the future that would have games for people – not just children, but also adults.’ That was the thinking at that time. And so I was wrong completely. That was the thinking at that time.

I do remember the chairman of Capcom, Tsujimoto Kenzo-san, called me in and asked me, ‘Are we really not going to release on other platforms?'” he says. “And I had to say, ‘Well, if you want to do that, you can do that, but you have to fire me first.'

Resident Evil film reboot set to launch on Sept. 9th, 2021

Let the countdown begin

We've seen plenty of set pics from the upcoming Resident Evil movie reboot, all of which have shown a film that looks much closer to the game franchise than previous installments. Unfortunately, we'll have to wait quite a bit longer to see how the film turns out.

A listing on the German version of the Constantin Film site shows that the film isn't going to release until Sept. 9th, 2021. The site also confirms a theatrical release for the movie, as hopefully all pandemic-related issues for cinemas will be taken care of by then. Let's hope the wait is worth it!

Resident Evil movie reboot pics showcase the inside of Spencer Mansion

Home, sweet home

Everything we see about the upcoming Resident Evil movie reboot makes it look extremely faithful to the games. That trend continues with today's batch of pics, which show us the inside of Spencer Mansion. This is the iconic setting from the first Resident Evil game, and the shots above certainly seem pretty spot-on!

RUMOR: Resident Evil Revelations 3 is in the works for Switch

Natalia, the sluice!

Resident Evil Revelations debuted on the 3DS, and it was a real show-stopper for the portable. The game was successful enough to make its way to multiple other platforms, and get a sequel as well. Now we're hearing that a third entry is on the way, and Capcom's focus is on bringing it to Switch.

Capcom suffered a leak recently, and it revealed a ton of different projects. Included in that leak was Resident Evil Outrage, which is apparently considered internally to be a continuation of the Revelations series. Whether it retains the name remains to be seen, but for all intents and purposes, Outrage will be very much in the style of the Revelations games.

According to an industry insider, Capcom is focusing on Switch as the main platform for Resident Evil Outrage. The game will make its way to other consoles as well, but first and foremost, this will be a Switch title. We've seen this happen before with the 3DS, and thanks to the success Switch has seen, seeing Capcom give Switch the focus for another Resident Evil spin-off makes a lot of sense.

Thanks to Sligeach_eire for the heads up!

Another set of pics from the Resident Evil reboot film surface

Seeing S.T.A.R.S.

If there's one thing we can say about the upcoming Resident Evil film reboot, it's that it's going for authenticity. We've seen a number of pictures that show off set pieces that accurately represent in-game items and locations from the franchise, and that's what we get once again in the pictures above. Let's hope all that attention to detail translates into a movie that's just as good as the games.


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