Street Fighter 2 developer looks back on how adding the mechanic of blocking was a controversial one

"So you basically never die?"

Akira Nishitani is one of the developers who worked on the original Street Fighter 2, which is still used as a blueprint for the series today. It birthed many of the mainstay mechanics, including that of blocking. Believe it or not, Nishitani says the idea of blocking caused quite the controversy back in the day, even if nowadays it seems like an essential inclusion.

"So what I was told by others was, 'So... if you block, you never die.' You know the shooting game R-Type. It has something called 'Force,' which basically makes it invincible to attacks. So people told me, 'Oh, it's like that? So, you basically never die?' And I did think it was dangerous too.

Those who win are those who are good at blocking. Ever since the mechanic was incorporated in 1992... It's profound. Because if you only block, you're just weak. But here and there, with block, you can deal with things without losing health. My impression of fighting games is that if you're good at blocking, you're strong."

Mega Man: Robot Master Field Guide "Updated Edition" due out March 2020

Now with Mega Man 11 content

Updated with new profiles and information from Mega Man 11! The MEGA MAN: ROBOT MASTER FIELD GUIDE is your ultimate handbook to the classic Mega Man universe. Inside you’ll find profiles of every major Mega Man character, including all the Robot Masters, plus profiles for other important robots like Proto Man, Rush, Roll, Bass, Duo, and more. Each profile features classic CAPCOM artwork, and includes quotes, weapons info, and of course each Robot Master’s secret weakness!

The real draw of this updated Field Guide is the inclusion of Mega Man 11 content. If you'd like to grab one of these for yourself, you can plop down cash on a preorder right here. The Mega Man: Robot Master Field Guide "Updated Edition" launches March 24th, 2020.

Devil May Cry 2 Japanese launch trailer, and more screens

The devil's in the Switch...again

Devil May Cry 2 launches for the Switch today, and the game is priced at $20. Those who want to snatch up the title will have to make sure they have 1.8 GB of space on their Switch. To celebrate the launch, Capcom has released the new promo video above, as well as another batch of screens, which you can find here.

Capcom explains the inclusion of a 'Casual Scenario Mode' in Mega Man Zero/ZX Legacy Collection

Enjoy the story without the punishment

Mega Man Zero/ZX Legacy Collection has a number of tweaks over the original games, including some quality of life features. One example is Casual Scenario Mode, which offers the same core gameplay experience, but powers up your character, gives you extra lives, and reduces the penalty of spikes and pits from instant death to taking damage instead. Wondering why Capcom is included this mode? Series producer Kazuhiro Tsuchiya explained in an interview with Gamer.

“As you said, it’s been 18 years since the release of Zero 1, and even primary schoolers back then are now adults. There are some people who might want to ‘just go fight that boss’ or ‘see classic scenes’, so this is a way we’re providing for those users. Also, the Zero and ZX series are popular for its solid story, and so Casual Scenario Mode is also for those players.”

Capcom shares new gameplay of Resident Evil 5, 6, and Captive Palm

All from Capcom's TGS stage show

Capcom held another 7-hour live-stream from TGS 2019, in which they showcased a lot of games. Among the lineup were Resident Evil 5, 6, and Captive Palm. If you'd like to check out gameplay for all of those titles, you can skip ahead to the 4:46:18 mark in the video above.

Capcom reconfirms that the next Mega Man game is in development

Mainline or spin-off?

Good news, Mega Man fans. Capcom has once again confirmed that a new Mega Man title is in development. Unfortunately, they stopped short of detailing what the project is. Mega Man series producer Kazuhiro Tsuchyia confirmed the game's development in a 4Gamer interview. Check out the question and answer below.

4Gamer: "What can you tell us about the next game to be developed? The most recent game - Mega Man 11 - was amazing, and we [4Gamer] are expecting the revival of the Star Force series. Personally I would like to see the Command Mission saga to be brought back. (laughs)"

Tsuchiya: "I see (laughs). There are a lot of titles I personally want to work on, but to tell the truth the next game to be developed has already been decided on, I'd just like to keep the specific details hidden for the moment. Please wait until we make an announcement. Still, I think that the there's no such thing as a spin-off in the Mega Man series, every saga is a main series on its own. When speaking of "Mega Man", there will always be people who think of "X", as well as people who think of "EXE", and I think that's why each one's concept of what Mega Man is changes depending on the generation. For that reason, we don't want to deny any series of its future."

Capcom confirms that Mega Man Zero/ZX Legacy Collection will not need an extra download

The way it should be

Are you worried that Capcom is, for the lack of a better term, "pull a Capcom" with Mega Man Zero/ZX Legacy Collection? You see yourself going to pick up the retail version of the game, only to find that a download is required to get all the games? Happily that's not the case, as Capcom has confirmed that all 6 games in the Mega Man Zero/ZX Legacy Collection are included on the game card. Your Switch internal storage can rest easy...for now.

Mega Man Live 2020 concert series announced for Japan

I am extremely jealous right now

A must-attend event for Mega Man fans has been announced for Japan. Yomiuri Telecasting Corporation and Capcom have revealed Mega Man Live 2020, a series of four concerts set for January 2020. The concert series will feature music from Mega Man 2, Mega Man Battle Network, and even tracks from the upcoming Mega Man Zero/ZX Legacy Collection. Check out details on each concert below.

Concert Dates and Locations

Tokyo (Shinagawa Intercity Hall & Conference)
- January, 4th 17:30
- January, 5th 12:30

Osaka (Cool Japan Park Osaka TT Hall)
- January, 18th 12:00
- January, 18th 17:00


Super VIP Ticket: 25,000 Yen (210€ – $231). Concert ticket + an original wireless speaker + meet-and-greet with some band members
VIP Ticket: 15,000 Yen (126€ – $139). Concert ticket + an original wireless speaker
S Ticket: 7,500 Yen (63€ – $69). Concert ticket only

Tickets will be available for sale at the following locations

- Ticket Pia
- Lawson Ticket
- ePlus
- CN Play
- 7-11 Ticket

Capcom offering up Mega Man Zero/ZX Legacy Collection goodies at their TGS 2019 booth

Stickers and can badges!

Capcom isn't forgetting Mega Man fans at this year's TGS. If you head over to their booth, you can scoop up two different sets of goodies for Mega Man Zero/ZX Legacy Collection. Capcom has cooked up a sticker sheet with all kinds of fancy artwork for the game, as well as a series of character can badges. These are in pretty limited supply, so hopefully those who want to snatch them get to the booth quick enough!

Mega Man Zero/ZX Legacy Collection "Z-Chaser" intro video released

Six games, five heroes, and two series megamerge into one giant collection! Taking legendary Reploids into the far future, join Zero as he battles against the forces of Neo Arcadia, then witness the rise of a new generation looking to carve out their own story. Mega Man Zero / ZX Legacy Collection brings the intense action of Mega Man Zero through Mega Man Zero 4 as well as Mega Man ZX and Mega Man ZX Advent to Switch January 21, 2020!


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