The current voice of Tails says she's not done with the role yet

More Tails to tell

We learned recently that Colleen O’Shaughnessey, the voice of Tails, wouldn't be lending her talents to the upcoming animated series, Sonic Prime. Many worried it was the end of the road for O’Shaughnessey as the character, but it appears that's not the case.

Colleen took to Twitter to reply to a fan who said they were sad to see her leave the role. She replied by saying that she's not done with the Tails character just yet, but didn't mention what else she'd be involved with. You'd have to imagine Colleen is voicing the character for another game, but only time will tell.

SEGA says they aren't involved with Taxi Chaos in any way

If Offspring isn't involved, SEGA is staying away

Taxi Chaos is very clearly inspired by SEGA's Crazy Taxi franchise, but at one point in time, we heard that SEGA was actually involved with the title.

In the original press release for Taxi Chaos, SEGA was listed as the distributor for the Asian versions of the game. In a statement to Nintendo Life, SEGA says that information is flat-out false.

A game resembling SEGA’s Crazy Taxi is currently being promoted by an external company. As inaccurately reported in some news, this title and its publisher and developer have no official or unofficial support from SEGA CORPORATION and its international divisions. We are currently investigating this situation. SEGA places great value on our heritage and will ceaselessly protect our intellectual property. We are also continuously assessing all opportunities to remake/reimagine our universes and bring them to the public as innovative and high-quality experiences.

In the latest press release for Taxi Chaos, SEGA is no longer mentioned as a distributor. Were they actually involved at one time, or was it all just a mistake? If it was a mistake, how on earth did that happen in the first place?!

Roger Craig Smith says it was his decision to leave the role of Sonic the Hedgehog

Roger that

Many fans have been wondering why Roger Craig Smith stopped voicing Sonic the Hedgehog. It seems like a dream job to voice one of gaming's most iconic characters, so why leave? Plenty of people thought that SEGA gave Smith the axe, paving the way for a newcomer. In an interview with the Voices from Krypton podcast, Smith says it was his own decision to step away.

“I think my response would be “it’s just one of those things.” It’s a time in looking at the way things are being handled and the way that you are, where you’re at, and what you kind of want to deal with, and do. And I found myself going, ‘I think it’s time. I think it’s time to be done.'”

"I know people are sort of surprised and shocked by it, and it was like “yeah”, and I’ve seen all the speculation that were like, “voice actors don’t walk away, he was fired!

It’s interesting the perception that people have, and we get this all the time; like, it’s amazing how all the experts that are out there that have nothing to do with this industry that make all of these assumptions, you know, ‘this is how this works and this is what this does’…

You know, after a while you do things and start going ‘I think I’m very pleased and I’m very proud and I’m very happy with what has happened there,’ and I think it’s time to say, ‘I don’t want to keep doing this.’

Some people would be like, “why?” and it’s like, “it doesn’t have to make sense to you.” It’s perfectly good sense to me and it was the right thing to do, and I’m happy to have done it.’"

Yuji Naka shares his excitement for the Sonic the Hedgehog 2 movie

Too fast, two tails

Earlier yesterday, we got our first look at the official logo for Sonic the Hedgehog 2, the movie sequel to Sonic the Hedgehog. The film is set to launch on April 8th, 2022, so we've got over a year's worth of time until we see how this sequel comes together.

While the movie is a ways off, people are already sharing their excitement. That includes Yuji Naka, one of the men who helped bring Sonic the Hedgehog to life. Sharing his thoughts on Twitter, Naka appears to be quite eager to check the film out.

“I’m looking forward to the Sonic 2 movie. And as expected Tails is going to appear now. The release date has been confirmed too, so I’m really excited.”

RUMOR: Jason Momoa offered the role of Knuckles in Sonic the Hedgehog movie sequel

Good or bad pick?

While fans are trying to figure out who'll voice Sonic in upcoming games following Roger Craig Smith's departure, a new rumor about the voice for another character has popped up.

Online scuttlebutt popped up today about Knuckles, who'll apparently have a sizable role in the Sonic the Hedgehog movie sequel. While there's nothing official out there right now, rumor has it that Aquaman's Jason Momoa has been offered the role. Whether he'll take it or not remains to be seen.

Thanks to Andreslop24 for the heads up!

Sonic fans use AI-tech to clean up Sonic CD's animated intro for an HD facelift

Looking great, Sonic!

Few things match the level of nostalgia I feel when I see the Sonic CD intro. Even in its original windowed form, I was blown away by a Sonic game starting with an animated feature. It was choppy, blocky, and tiny, but it was damn awesome.

While I'm still more than happy to watch the original CD intro, I can now enjoy a revamped version that matches my rose-tinted glasses memories. Users Tanks and Quazza on the Sonic Retro forums used AI-technology to upscale and clean up the original intro, giving us a crystal-clear 720 version to enjoy. The intro certainly looks better than ever, so I'd say the work was well worth it!

Mike Pollock confirms he's still voicing Dr. Eggman for upcoming Sonic games

Get a load of THIS, Sonic!

Numerous Sonic-related voice actors have taken to social media in the last week to mention that they're not returning to their roles in upcoming Sonic games, or the Sonic Prime show coming to Netflix. Many have been wondering if Mike Pollock, the voice of Dr. Eggman, was going to meet the same fate. Turns out that's not the case.

Pollock took to Twitter to confirm that he will indeed be voicing Eggman in upcoming games, but stopped short of revealing anymore details. You can see his full statement on the matter below.

Thanks to Andreslop24 for the heads up!

Special art released to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Puyo Puyo

Happy 30th, Puyo Puyo!

Believe it or not, it's been 30 years since the Puyo Puyo franchise came onto the scene. It took a bit for the series to release outside of Japan, but nowadays it seems Puyo Puyo is bigger than ever. To celebrate those 30 years, the official Puyo Puyo Twitter account shared a piece of custom art from artist Mark Hughes.

Tails' current voice actress will not voice the character in Sonic Prime

Tails as old as time

Colleen O'Shaughnessey has been providing the voice for Tails since 2014. She's voiced the character in numerous games over the years, but unfortunately, she won't be a part of Netflix's upcoming animated project.

Netflix announced Sonic Prime yesterday, a new animated series starring Sonic the Hedgehog. We have no idea who's going to voice Sonic in that project, but now we know for a fact that Colleen O'Shaughnessey is not behind the voice of Tails. Colleen confirmed as much on her personal Twitter account.

Fans are now worried that O'Shaughnessey is going to disappear from the role completely, just like Roger Craig Smith and Sonic. There's no official indication of that just yet, so hopefully the worry is for nothing.

Thanks to Lars and Andreslop24 for the heads up!

Six SEGA AGES titles get updates

Downloading these updates takes AGES

SEGA has released updates for six of their SEGA AGES titles. The updates are available for Thunder Force IV, Phantasy Star, Out Run, Gain Ground, Puyo Puyo and Virtua Racing, and you can see what each update includes below.

Lightning Force - Fixed a bug that vertical scrolling was not reproduced at the opening

Phantasy Star - Fixed a bug that rarely makes noise when not using FM sound source-Fixed other minor bugs

OutRun - Fixed a bug that ranking data disappears when displaying an attract demo without playing after startup-Fixed other minor bugs

Gain Ground - Fixed a bug that the time advances faster-Fixed a bug that the character used changes when rewinding-Fixed so that BEEP who cooperated is displayed correctly in the staff credit

PuyoPuyo - Improvement of network play

Virtua Racing - Fixed a bug that the course record was not recorded when the game was over without opening a pause after starting the race in "Single Play" -Improved network play

Then, in response to some hot requests (including our representative), we have added a screen brightness (gamma) adjustment function! During the demonstration, you can adjust it up and down with ZL or ZR, so please give it a try!


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