Brie Larson threw her boyfriend out of the house for saying she took Super Mario Galaxy too seriously

The only acceptable way to handle things

At this point, you shouldn't need anymore evidence that Brie Larson is a Nintendo super-fan. Her love of Nintendo has popped up time and time again, and we have yet another example from a video Brie posted to her YouTube channel.

In a discussion about her gaming habits, Larson reveals that she actually got into a tiff with her boyfriend over Super Mario Galaxy. She was trying to beat the final level in the game, which was getting her a bit worked up. Her boyfriend told her that she was taking the game too seriously, so she did what any Nintendo fan would do...she kicked him out of the house!

You can hear Brie talk about this story in the video above at the 11:18 mark.

Retro City Rampage DX getting physical Wii release, Retro City DX+ update available for Switch and 3DS today

Big news for Retro City fans!

Vblank recently revealed that Shakedown Hawaii was coming to the Wii, but now we see that Retro City Rampage DX is getting a physical Wii release as well. The physical option is set to go live on July 9th, 2020 at 1 PM ET, and is priced at $30. There will be just 3,000 copies to go around, so don't wait long to snag yours!

This version of the game is actually going to include a new content update that Vblank is calling Retro City Rampage+. That same content is available today for the Switch and 3DS versions of the game. It includes a host of changes to the visuals, HUD, user interface, camera, screen resolution, and more. You can get full details about the update here.

Thanks to Rockyeahh for the heads up!

SuperGroupies reveals a new line of Okami-themed merch

Okami lives on

SuperGroupies, a fashion brand offering products inspired by anime and games, has opened pre-orders for 3 new items based on the popular action-adventure video game, Okami!

The lineup consists of three items: outer, shoes and umbrella. These items are designed with motifs inspired by Amaterasu, Issun and more! Just wearing these items will bring back memories from the game.

【Product Information】

■Amaterasu Model Fur Blouson

A fur blouson with a color scheme of Amaterasu. There is a pocket on the left side with Amaterasu’s name embroidered on it, and the flames and sun in the back symbolize Amaterasu, the Japanese sun goddess.

■Amaterasu Model Sneakers

Ivory-based sneakers inspired by Amaterasu. You can find Amaterasu’s forehead mark on the shoe tongue. On the side you can find a leather tag of Issun, Amaterasu’s companion. Two types of shoelaces, basic flat laces and fluffy laces representing Amaterasu’s fur are included.

■Amaterasu Model Umbrella

An umbrella with Amaterasu’s color scheme. With a design that combines Amaterasu and Issun’s art interpretation of Amaterasu, in-game clouds, and the effects when Amaterasu runs, this umbrella has a subtle camouflage design that's easy to use in all occasions.

Pre-order Period :

Available from July 1 until July 20 at 12:00 PM, 2020 (Japan Standard Time)

Release Month :

Fur blouson and sneakers in Oct. 2020

Umbrella in Nov. 2020

Price :

Fur blouson available for 22,800 yen before tax

Sneakers available for 10,800 yen before tax

Umbrella available for 6,800 yen before tax

Check out more pics of each item here

First 4 Figures shares multiple video features for their Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask PVC Statue

Is it your fate to own this?

First 4 Figures has put together multiple video features for their Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask PVC Statue. In the spots above, you can get an overview of the statue, a closer look at the features, and see a special live-stream event for the product. If you like what you see, you can preorder yours here.

First 4 Figures hosting a Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask PVC statue live-stream on June 30th, 2020

Just don't wear it!

First 4 Figures is almost ready to give fans a really good look at their Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask PVC statue. The company has announced a special launch live-stream for the statue on June 30th, 2020 at 12 PM EDT. If you wanted another up-close-and-personal look at this statue, this event will be your chance!

Shakedown: Hawaii getting physical Wii release on July 9th, Wii U in August

The Wii ain't dead yet!

Yes, this article was written in 2020. No, you're not dreaming.

Vblank Entertainment has announced that their 16-bit open world action-adventure game "Shakedown: Hawaii" will be coming to the Wii and Wii U platforms to allow for a 4:3 experience on your old CRT television. Both ports will include all of the updates, content, and optimizations that have been previously released for modern consoles.

The Wii version is limited to only 3000 copies with an MSRP of $29.99 and July 9th release date. Due to the Wii not being region-free (Shakedown: Hawaii will only work on European consoles), the developers decided the next best thing would be to launch the game for Wii U (planned for release in August).

Check out an overview of the new/old ports below, as well as the reasoning for the game coming to the dated platforms.

The Wii and Wii U versions include all of the currently released content and feature updates, including the Mogul Update, the Full Tank Update, and the many other little tweaks, improvements and optimizations that went into the game post-launch.

Both versions will also allow you to experience the game in the most retro way possible… in 4:3 on your old CRT televisions… and in my opinion, it looks glorious!

The Wii version supports both 50 hertz and 60 hertz, and both NTSC and PAL output. It supports the Wii Remote (with shake!), Wii Classic Controller, Wii Classic Controller Pro, and GameCube Controller. I took special care to ensure it parallels the experience of the more powerful platforms, and further optimized it to fit entirely into the Wii system memory. This means that you won’t experience any disc load times during gameplay. Once the game boots, you’re in!

The Wii U version supports both SD and HD, 4:3 and 16:9. You can play it with the Wii U GamePad, Wii U Pro Controller, Wii Remote, Wii Classic Controller, or Wii Classic Controller Pro. It can be played entirely on the GamePad (with touch!), or on the TV from the comfort of your couch.

Like most of my ports, Shakedown: Hawaii on Wii began one Friday night on a whim of curiosity. Perhaps a jolt of Wii nostalgia rushed through me that evening, but I suddenly wondered… how long would it actually take to port? How would it feel to play with a Wii Remote? How would it look in 4:3? Would it hit 60 frames per second right off the bat, or need optimization? I had many questions, but as soon as I held that Wii Remote and started playing, I knew I wanted to take it to the finish line.

Now, for some ports, that’s where it begins and ends. I’m no stranger to porting games to discontinued platforms, even when I know they won’t see the light of day. It’s just something I enjoy. The older the platform, the more fun it is! The cleverer I need to be! The more ways I’ll need to figure out how to optimize things! However, for fun or not, if there’s even a small chance that a port can be released, I’ll do all the legwork I can to try and make that happen.

While it still feels like yesterday, it’s been nearly 14 years since the Wii launched. Although we’ve still seen some Wii releases over the past few years, seeing one more wasn’t a given. Indeed, despite my best efforts, it just wasn’t in cards anymore, at least, not for North America. However, as luck would have it, the doors hadn’t quite closed yet with Nintendo of Europe, so it was still able see a release! Words truly can’t express how appreciative I am, and I can’t thank them enough for all the heavy lifting they did on their end to make it a reality. It’s meant the world to me, and these Wii discs specifically hold an immense place in my heart.

As incredibly as it all worked out, unfortunately, Wii discs aren’t region-free, and I didn’t want North American players to be left out. Although I continued talks with Nintendo of America, floating around a Plan B, Plan C… Plan Z, sadly, every idea hit a wall. The clock was ticking, and after exhausting all other options, I decided to pivot to the next best thing: the Wii U. After all, the Wii U still supported Wii Remotes, Wii Classic Controllers, and even 4:3! So, I rushed against time to port Shakedown: Hawaii to Wii U as well, and get it through certification before that door could close too!

I want to thank everyone at Nintendo for all the support, and everyone there who helped make these possible. To the lotcheck teams, thank you, thank you!

So, here we are and it’s almost July! You might’ve seen the Wii teases on Twitter and Instagram late last year, then scratched your head as to why the radio silence. In the past, I often announced things too early, resulting in years of waiting and “when it’s done” release dates. These days, I prefer to take a different approach and have all the ducks in a row before making announcements. Ideally, to wait until a release date (or month) is locked in. Of course, in this case it looked like it was! Both the Wii and Wii U games had gone gold and everything was on track. I excitedly began posting teasers… the Wii Remote pixel art, the 4:3 footage… all to lead up to this big announcement. But, then COVID-19 happened, and the world went to a standstill. I decided to wait until everything began to reopen and new release dates could be set in stone before posting any more teasers. Of course, I never would’ve imagined that would’ve taken this long, but better late than never!

Mod brings The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword's Sandship Dungeon to Zelda: Breath Of The Wild

Yo dawg, we put Zelda in your Zelda

What do you do when you're waiting for Nintendo to share new details on The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2? You fiddle around with Breath of the Wild, of course!

Players have been performing all kinds of neat tricks and insane glitches in Breath of the Wild for years now, but today's content is quite a bit different. A new mod takes Breath of the Wild and marries it with a bit of Skyward Sword. As you'll see in the video above, the Sandship Dungeon from Skyward Sword has been plopped down into Breath of the Wild. It's not exactly the same as it was in Skyward Sword, but it's still pretty fun to see traveling around!

Nintendo stock hits its highest point since 2008

A level of success not seen since the Wii days

Earlier in the week, we noted that Nintendo's stock hit its highest point in 2 years, and there was potential for it to climb to another level that hasn't been seen in over a decade. Well today's the day, and Nintendo stock has hit that mark.

As of today, Nintendo stock hit 50,180 yen per share, which is the highest its been since 2008, back during the Wii days. As we mentioned earlier in the week, some analysts said Nintendo stock could hit this high due to concerns of a second wave of the pandemic, which would push even more people to purchase the Switch. Analysts are now saying that the reveal of new Pokemon content and a tease of more to come has also helped stock.

The Wii continues to provide fun for seniors at assisted living facilities

Fun is fun, no matter the age!

Can you believe that the Wii is 13 years old already?! Nintendo's biggest console hit may have come and gone in the eyes of most gamers, but the platform still provides countless hours of fun for those who aren't familiar with the latest and greatest games.

Residents at the Wetherby care home in Windsor Court are just some of the people out there still having fun with the Wii. The assisted living facility just came into possession of a Wii and Wii Sports, and residents are getting a real kick out of it. 85-year-old resident Brian Green had this to say about his time with the Wii.

‘I have been really enjoying playing our new games, I wouldn’t have thought I would have ever be able to play video games, but the Wii is brilliant and so easy to use! I have been loving our tennis and golf matches.’

It's pretty great to see that Nintendo's expanded audience console is still providing fun all these years later. Makes me want to take my Wii out of retirement and fire it up again!

Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition devs explain why they think the series continues to resonate with fans

The quintessential JRPG experience

Xenoblade Chronicles may have come out on the Wii, but the game is still highly-respected and often talked about nowadays. The series in general continues to woo gamers, and fans are eager to see what comes next.

In an interview conducted by Nintendo, a number of Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition devs spoke about why the game resonates with players today. The interview included comments from producer Shigekazu Yamada, director Yuki Sakamoto, executive director Tetsuya Takahashi, and co-producer Genki Yokoto.

Mr. Tetsuya Takahashi (Executive Director): Simply put, I think it matched up with what fans are looking for when it comes to Japanese RPGs. To unpack that a little bit, I’m talking about the setting and story, plus game systems and all kinds of other elements. I think the fact that we took each and every one of these points seriously really resonated with fans.

Mr. Genki Yokoto (Co-Producer): I think a big factor was how much people loved Shulk and the rest of the cast, and how everyone empathized with how the characters were “fighting back.”

In that regard, the story of Xenoblade Chronicles develops from start to finish in a way that really resonates with people. But what’s most appealing about Xenoblade Chronicles isn’t any specific part of the story, it’s the act of going on an adventure in an open-world to experience the story and characters, to fight with others against powerful foes and to enjoy the daily lives of the townsfolk, all combined with a great soundtrack that helps keep you immersed in the world.

The full interview can be found on the Switch News channel.


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