Japan - Nintendo shutting down DSi shop starting Sept. 30th, 2016

- Nintendo will end all services related to the DSi shop in two phases
- the first phase is in September 2016, and a second one in March 2017.
- after Sept. 2016, you will no longer be able to add Nintendo DSi points to your account
- after March 31st, 2017, you will no longer be able to access the Nintendo DSi Shop at all
- DSiWare will still be available for purchase from the Nintendo eShop even after the Nintendo DSi Shop has been shut down
- this applies to DSiWare titles that are currently available on the Nintendo eShop
- Nintendo will have a refund program for unused Nintendo DSi Points cards

AfterZoom coming to 3DS eShop

Here in Abylight Studios we want to turn 2016 into one of the best years since the creation of the team, and not only because of our released games, but also for the beautiful collaborations we are working on. After the 'Musicverse: Electronic Keyboard' success on the Nintendo eShop, and almost with no time for us to recover from the celebration, we want to share more good news!

Because of the interest and love that you showed us about bringing 'AfterZoom' to Nintendo 3DS™, it is finally heading to the portable console. However, as you may imagine already, we can't reveal further details, but we hope to start releasing more information in the coming weeks.

Prepare your Nintendo 3DS™ system because we will turn it into a lab from another planet! On this new installment of the franchise, 'AfterZoom' unveils the origins of such a weird microorganism collection, which consists of more than 150 species. These organisms are feisty and there will be lots of training to calm them down…

F84 Games launches Crazy Train for 3DS

Crazy Train

Los Angeles, CA - January 28th, 2016 - From the makers of “Survival Run with Bear Grylls” and “Stan Lee’s Hero Command,” F84 Games (www.f84games.com ) is pleased to announce its latest title – “Crazy Train” – for the Nintendo 3DS family of systems. Perfect for on-the-go players or those looking for a quick burst of gaming… “Crazy Train” is an easy-to-learn and hard-to-master puzzle game that tests your wit, reaction and coordination. “Crazy Train” is available from today at $1.99 in the Nintendo eShop and the Nintendo DSi Shop.

Originally developed as a passion project at F84 Games, the team wanted to create a retro handheld game that was easy to grasp but was equally as fun and frantic. Ever wondered what it’s like to be the master of travel and direct your own fleet of trains? Well now you can get onboard as “Crazy Train” invites you to put your thinking cap on as you guide hopeless train conductor, Lionel Steeltrack, to navigate the busy railroads like a maestro. The goal is to help Lionel guide passenger and cargo trains to their correct stations throughout the day without any accidents or wrong stops. As your skills pick up, so will the pace of coordination, frequency, and speed of trains as they filter through the stations.

There are 4 unique track layouts for gamers to complete, and fans can also take part in a challenge mode where the difficulty and speed is ever increasing. With the proper concentration and practice players will become a fast-and-furious master engineer as well as the king-of-the-railroads!

“Crazy Train” is available now in the Nintendo eShop and the Nintendo DSi Shop at $1.99 or 200 Points.

Japan - DSiWare charts for Jan. 9th, 2016

01. Itsudemo Bomberman
02. Photo Fighter X
03. 10 Second Run
04. Micro Organisms
05. Kuuki Yomi DS
06. Touch to Memorize Hyakunin Isshu: A Little DSi Shigureden
07. Las Vegas no Bouken: Slot Machine
08. Publisher Dream
09. Sleep Recording Alarm Clock™
10. Nintendo DSi Clock: Famicom Mario Type
11. Handy Hockey
12. at Chess Challenge Spirits
13. Card Hero Speed Battle Custom
14. Anata no Rakuraku Electronic Keyboard
15. G.G Series Score Attacker
16. Nintendo DSi Calculator: Famicom Mario Type
17. Mario vs. Donkey Kong: Minis March Again!
18. Himitsu no Oooku
19. at Enta! Taisen Shogi 2
20. Dragon Quest Wars

Japan - Gameloft titles being removed from 3DS eShop, DSi Shop

The following Gameloft titles will be removed from both the 3DS eShop and DSi Shop in Japan on Oct. 21st.

- Let’s Golf 3D (¥1,000)
- Earthworm Jim (¥500)
- Idol ★ Knights (¥800)
- UNO (¥500)
- Legends of Exidia (¥800)
- Gangstar 2: Kings of L.A. (¥800)
- Soul of Darkness (¥800)
- Chibi Joonen no Mahoo Daibooken (¥800)
- Zoo Frenzy (¥800), Hero of Sparta (¥800)
- Ferrari GT: Evolution (¥800)
- Brain Challenge (¥500)
- Miami Nights ★ Life in the Spotlight (¥800)
- Monster Chronicle (¥800)
- Let’s Golf (¥800)
- Renai Hensachi ★ Navi (¥500)
- Wanko to Issho ♪ (¥800)

Shantae: Risky's Revenge getting a Wii U port

I am an idiot. This was announced not that long ago and I completely forgot! My apologies for that.

Shantae: Risky's Revenge may have originally released as DSiWare, but it seems that the title could be heading to Wii U in the future. In a Famitsu interview, it seems that WayForward's Matt Bozon confirms a port of the game to Wii U. Taking things a step further, Japan never saw release of Risky's Revenge, making a Wii U port the first time the title saw life in that region. Let's hope the port also sees release worldwide!

We've reached out to Mr. Bozon to get confirmation on this information. We'll update the post as soon as we have those details.

G.G Series ALL BREAKER - review

This is part of a NLife review for G.G Series ALL BREAKER...

G.G Series ALL BREAKER is a good example of how to execute an original concept in an impactful way. It introduces an interesting concept for an action platformer, provides a series of levels that properly explore the potential of that concept, and supports it all with excellent visuals and decent sound design. We'd suggest you go and pick this one up; it may not hold your attention for an extremely long period of time, but you'll likely be satisfied with the time you spend with it.

G.G. Series Great Whip Adventure - review

This is part of a NintendoLife review for G.G. Series Great Whip Adventure...

Overall, G.G Series GREAT WHIP ADVENTURE manages to provide a surprisingly solid action platformer that continues to deliver new thrills and challenges long after you'd expect it to have run out of ideas. An excellent art direction, tight controls and well designed levels contribute further to this, making it one of the most well rounded entries in the G.G series to date. Do yourself a favour and go download G.G Series GREAT WHIP ADVENTURE, you likely won't regret picking this one up.

G.G. Series Conveyor Toy Packing - review

This is part of a NintendoLife review...

If one can look past its missteps, G.G Series CONVEYOR TOY PACKING is an addictive, though somewhat barebones puzzler. While there are certainly better alternatives out there on the eShop, it's better than the G.G series' other block puzzler, G.G Series HERO PUZZLE, though not by much. The unique, fun gameplay ultimately saves this one from being entirely un-enjoyable, and anybody looking for a puzzler on the go at this price point should give it some consideration.

G.G. Assault Buster - review

This is part of a G.G. Series Assault Buster review...

G.G Series ASSAULT BUSTER could be argued as being the finest entry in this arcade focused series yet. The nature of the gameplay lends itself well to score chasing and the dynamic combat, upbeat soundtrack and excellent spritework all mix well into a satisfying whole. If you're going to pick up only one of the dozens of G.G games out yet, we'd recommend that this is the one you buy.


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