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I've been meaning to write about this since the game's reveal, and today seems as good a day as any
Hopefully some of you out there have the fond memories I do, or are at least looking forward to Clubhouse Games: 51 Worldwide Classics. As always, thanks for reading.


The DS had an outstanding lineup of titles throughout its lifespan. Updates to traditional titles, games that put the touchscreen to great use, and experiences that were experimental and unlike anything seen before. So many wonderful titles to look back on, but there are a select few that will forever stick out in my mind. Without a doubt, the original Clubhouse Games is one of those titles for me.

Clubhouse Games was a compilation of various card and board games, as well as a few other experiences. It was meant to be something a large amount of people could play regardless of their experience with video games. A newcomer to the DS might not have any clue of how to play Metroid Prime Hunters, but they can certainly handle Checkers. Throw in the easy-to-use touchscreen controls, and players of any age/skill level can enjoy things like Solitaire, Pool, Chess, and so on.

I loved the idea of having a collection of timeless traditional games to play virtually, and being able to easily do so with others who owned a DS was even better. I knew I would love the collection, and indeed I did. I played hours upon hours of Clubhouse Games with friends locally. We gathered around, decided what we wanted to play, and just had fun enjoying some simple games together. It was such a social experience for me, and that was only heightened by a special feature the game included.

Clubhouse Games included a much-improved version of Pictochat, an app that was included on every DS unit. Pictochat let you doodle or type out messages to share with friends, which ended up being a pretty fun way to chat with your buds. Clubhouse Games took that aspect to a whole new level by implementing an expanded version of Pictochat in the game itself. You had colors to choose from, a set of stamps to use, player icons to showcase who you were chatting with, and so on. Just click a button during gameplay and you were brought right into a chat with friends.

I cannot tell you how much fun I had using Clubhouse Games' chat feature while playing. Half the game was playing whatever board game we had picked, and the other half was us doodling stupid stuff for one another. Even though we were all in speaking with one another while sitting in the same room, we were still sharing messages through the game's chat service. Inside jokes, private chats with another player, amazing drawings, and so much more. With so many of the games in Clubhouse Games having downtime between your turn and everyone else, including the chat feature made a ridiculous amount of sense.

Being such a huge fan of Clubhouse Games, I nearly jumped out of my seat when I saw Nintendo reveal Clubhouse Games: 51 Worldwide Classics for Switch. I honestly couldn't believe they were doing a follow-up. I've thought for years now that Clubhouse Games would be a perfect game to bring back for Switch. The focus on multiplayer, the touchscreen, the wide variety of Switch owners out there, and the portable nature of the platform. It has everything the DS had going for, and so much more. Apparently Nintendo feels the same way, and I couldn't be happier.

That said, I'm a bit worried about my favorite feature of the game. From all the press releases I've read and screenshots I've seen, there doesn't seem to be a single shred of evidence for a Pictochat-like service. I've really done my best to scrutinize everything that's been released, and I haven't picked up on a single tidbit pointing to the chat service's return. While I'm still unbelievably excited for Clubhouse Games: 51 Worldwide Classics, seeing the feature skipped over is a huge bummer for me.

Nintendo has pulled fast ones before. They've shown trailers for titles and kept aspects secret until the game launched. We've seen it time and time again for Nintendo's biggest franchises, but that's a bit more understandable. Nintendo wants to surprise people with features in their big-name games and keep stuff from being spoiled prior to launch. I can't imagine Nintendo would think a chat feature in Clubhouse Games: 51 Worldwide Classics would be so widely praised that they're keeping it hidden for a special reveal. I'd like to be wrong here, but I don't think that'll be the case.

Perhaps Nintendo is working on some sort of unique follow-up to chat, and that's why we haven't seen it. Maybe they'll move chat off the Switch and onto the Switch Online app. Use the Switch to play the board games, and use your phone to text and doodle friends. It wouldn't be ideal, but I could see it happening. I'd certainly take that over no chat feature at all. Perhaps they'll throw in voice chat as well through those means, making the push to use the app that much stronger. Again, I'd like to see it all contained on the Switch itself, but I'll take what I can get.

I know my interest in Clubhouse Games' chat is far beyond what most fans are looking forward to. I'm sure it was a niche feature for most, but it really did create a whole new way for my group of friends to have fun. I remember crying from laughing while using that chat feature. It really enhanced the community vibe and feelings of togetherness with the game, which is obviously crucial for any virtual board game experience looking to capture some of the magic of the source material. I really hope Nintendo remembers that for this sequel. They recognized it as something important to include in the original, and leaving it out of the follow-up would be quite a detriment to players, and the game itself.

Sanrio coloring book games to be removed from the 3DS eShop in Japan

Goodbye, Kitty

Collavier has announced plans to remove 8 (5x 3DS and 3x DSiWare) Sanrio Coloring Book games from the 3DS eShop in Japan. The titles will be removed on March 25th, 2020, and while a reason for the removal wasn't given, it's likely due to licensing. The titles set for removal are as follows.

- Hello Kitty no Minna no Nurie (DSiWare)
- Little Twin Stars to Minna no Nurie (DSiWare)
- My Melody to Minna no Nurie (DSiWare)
- Shin Minna no Nurie Hello Kitty (3DS)
- Shin Minna no Nurie Little Twin Stars (3DS)
- Shin Minna no Nurie My Melody (3DS)
- Shin Minna no Nurie Cinnamoroll (3DS)
- Shin Minna no Nurie Pompompurin (3DS)

Mega Man ZX manga gets a special updated re-release in Japan, complete with new content

Japan always gets the best Mega Man stuff!

The Mega Man Zero/ZX Legacy Collection recently hit the Switch worldwide, and series fans are gobbling up this latest compilation. As usual, Japan tends to get even more Mega Man bonus items than the rest of the world, and that trend continues with a special re-release of a 2007 Mega Man ZX manga.

The Mega Man ZX manga went out of print years ago, but now it's coming back as two different volumes, complete with new cover art from the original artist, Hitoshi Ogino. Volume 1 is up for grabs now, and Volume 2 will be out sometime later this month.

This special re-release will also include the Mega Man ZX Advent manga that was included as a bonus booklet alongside Famitsu. Furthermore, both Mega Man Zero character designer Toru Nakayama and Mega Man ZX character designer Makoto Yabe have drawn illustrations in each volume as a way to celebrate the re-release. Finally, a completely new ‘Mega Man ZX Advent Bangaihen’ chapter will be included for people who purchase both volumes via Fukkan.com.

Hideki Kamiya says he got a little carried away when he claimed "Okami is going to be back," says nothing is set in stone

Oh come on!

Remember that video that Hideki Kamiya shared on Twitter back in Oct. 2019? The one where he said, “Okami is going to be back”? The one that got fans of Okami all riled up? Turns out Kamiya got just a tad carried away with that video.

Thanks to an interview with GameXplain, we now know that Kamiya took things a bit too far in that video. Apparently Kamiya was putting the video out there as a way to show his interest in creating a sequel to Okami. Kamiya says nothing is set in stone right now, but also doesn't want to say that a sequel will never happen. Finally, Kamiya says that if enough people request a sequel, perhaps Capcom will actually make it happen.

Fangamer releases new round of Okami merch

That shirt is unbelievable!

Fangamer continues their run of absolutely amazing gaming merch with a couple of tributes to Okami. Fans of the franchise can now pick up a special teacup set, alongside an absolutely gorgeous shirt. Hit up the link above to check out each item, and make sure to lock down your order today!

Mega Man Battle Network devs discuss the potential for a new entry

An uphill battle

For a number of years, the Mega Man Battle Network games were doing big numbers, and were releasing quite frequently. Then, after a flurry of success, it seemed the series died off. There are still many fans out there who would love to see a sequel, but could it happen? Tokyo TV talked to devs Kazuhiro Tsuchiya and Masakazu Eguchi to find out.

Tsuchiya: Each series has its own fans, and I’ve heard a lot of voices asking for sequels. There’s no rule that says “we’re not going to make any sequels of this game”. However, were are proud of Rockman EXE being top contents back in the day, and shallow ideas aren’t the answer to the avid voices. To make a sequel, we’d need careful ideas and preparations, the trends of the age, and whether the market is ripe for it… We need all of these factors to be perfectly on our side

Eguchi: There are some parts that were due to coincidences, but since we’re being told that “you predicted the future”, these games did satisfy expectations. Overcoming those components is no easy task. We must overcome our imagination as we meet up with the expectations. If conditions for us to be so confident happen, then there might be a chance

Sam's Club accidentally labels Switch Lite bundle as a DS Lite bundle

Just a little behind the times on that one

Well here's one that's a blast from the past. I don't know what happened in Sam's Club's computer systems to make this happen, but some sort of snafu has given a Switch Lite bundle a completely wrong name. As you can see in the image above, one of their Switch Lite bundles is listed as a DS Lite bundle! I know the Wii U was confused for the Wii, but I didn't think we'd ever see a mix-up as bad as this!

Pokemon News Round-Up: Pokemon transfer infographic, store closing, Japanese preorders, Pikachu EZ-Charms, Surfing Pikachu website, #GOGO!YELL!! merch

There's never a slow day in the world of Pokemon

Pokemon transfer infographic

- shows how to take Pokemon from the Game Boy Advance games to Switch

Pokemon Store Outlet at Mitsui Outlet Park closing down

- set to close on March 1st, 2020

Japanese retailers announce Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team DX preorder bonus

- preorder the game or purchase 900 yen or more of Pokemon TCG products to get an exclusive “Rescue Team DX Pikachu” Pokemon TCG promo card
- preorder at Bic Camera to get a digital wallpaper

Pikachu Wearable EZ-Charms

- available in Singapore
- charms can be attached to a watch strap
- designs include Smiling Pikachu, Angry Pikachu, and Sleepy Pikachu
- each are priced at SGD19.90

Huge! Surfing Pikachu Is Coming website

- opened by Lalaport Tokyo Bay
- site features Japanese, English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Korean, Chinese, and Thai
- campaign kicks off January 25th, 2020
- check out the site here

#GOGO!YELL!! merchandise

- new line of merch heading to Pokemon Center stores and Amazon Japan
- all merch is Zigzagoon and Marnie-themed
- lineup launches Jan. 18th, 2020
- full rundown of merch is as follows (★ merch available at Amazon Japan):

Team Yell towel 1,760 yen (★)
Mini bath towel 2,200 yen (★)
T-shirt collection (Free size) 2,200 yen
5 types in total. The pattern cannot be selected.
Parka (M / L) 6,160 yen (★)
Mascot keychain (Galarian Zigzagoon) 1,540 yen (★)
Plush tissue box cover (Galarian Zigzagoon) 3,630 yen (★)
Mug ¥ 1,430 (★)
ID pass case 1,650 yen (★)
key chain (Galarian Zigzagoon) 1,320 yen (★)
key chain (Team Yell Towel) 1,320 yen (★)
Rubber strap collection #GOGO! YELL !! 660 yen
6 types in total. The pattern cannot be selected.
Pouch 1,650 yen (★)
Mini flat pouch 1,100 yen (★)
Acrylic stand 1,650 yen (★)
Tote bag 2,200 yen (★)
Smartphone cover with ring for iPhone 8/7 3,300 yen (★)
A4 clear file 264 yen
A4 clear Set of 3 files 715 yen (★)
Stickers (Galarian Zigzagoon) 330 yen
Stickers (Marnie and Morpeko) 330 yen
Sticker (Team Yell grunts) 330 yen
YOJO TAPE 715 yen (★)
Ballpoint pen (Galarian Zigzagoon) 660 yen (★)
Ballpoint pen (Morpeko) 660 yen (★)
Croquis Book SQ 583 yen (★)
Pins (Galarian Zigzagoon) 660 yen (★)
Pins (Marnie and Morpeko) 660 yen (★)

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Red/Blue Rescue Team Vs. Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Rescue Team DX - graphics comparison

Just a bit of an upgrade

The original Pokémon Mystery Dungeon is being remade for Nintendo Switch! Join us as we put it head to head with the original to see just how close the two really are. Which do you prefer?

Did You Know Gaming - Nintendo DS Games Facts

Did you know?

In this video, Did You Know Gaming takes a look at some Nintendo DS game facts, including games such as Super Mario 64 DS and Dragon Ball Origins.


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