Next Shovel Knight update to include video recording on Switch

It's update after update for Shovel Knight, and now we know video recording on Switch will be part of the next patch. No specific date on the update, but as you can see from the Tweet above, it seems like we'll be waiting until 2018.

San-ei releasing Croquis book for Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Here's yet another perfect coffee table book for any self-respecting Zelda fan. The Croquis book from San-ei is jam-packed with all sorts of sketches from Breath of the Wild. You can grab an import preorder through Play-Asia here.

Zelda: Breath of the Wild - A look at the Explorer's Edition map

I know a lot of people have been curious to see the Explorer's Edition map, and we finally have a pick of it. The Pokemon card was thrown into the picture to give you a sense of scale. Looks like a pretty awesome map to me. Would be great to frame this and hang it up!

Wii U's YouTube app seems set for an update

Looks like YouTube on the Wii U is getting an update to bring it in-line with what other versions offer. The app icon has been updated, and the Nintendo.com listing for the app shows some new screens. Not sure when the update is going live, but it seems like it'll be soon.

Japanese Nintendo eShop charts for November 16-22, 2017

Nintendo eShop – Nintendo Switch
(+1) 01. Minecraft: Nintendo Switch Edition (Mojang) [12.5.2017]
(+2) 02. Dragon Quest X: All-in-One Package (Square-Enix) [21.9.2017]
(-2) 03. Super Mario Odyssey (Nintendo) [27.10.2017]
(+1) 04. Rocket League (Psyonix) [14.11.2017]
(+1) 05. Splatoon 2 (Nintendo) [21.7.2017]
(-3) 06. Cat Quest (Flyhigh Works) [09.11.2017]
(+2) 07. Issho ni Chokki to Snippers Plus / Snipperclips Plus: Cut it out, together! (Nintendo) [10.11.2017]
(+2) 08. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe (Nintendo) [28.4.2017]
(B) 09. Overcooked: Special Edition (Team17) [12.10.2017]
(-3) 10. Xenoblade 2 + Expansion Pass Set / Xenoblade Chronicles 2 + Expansion Pass Set (Nintendo) [01.12.2017]

Nintendo eShop – Nintendo 3DS

(+1) 01. Pocket Monsters Ultra Moon / Pokémon Ultra Moon (The Pokémon Company) [17.11.2017]
(-1) 02. Pocket Monster Ultra Sun / Pokémon Ultra Sun (The Pokémon Company) [17.11.2017]
(=) 03. Pocket Monsters Kin / Pokémon Silver (The Pokémon Company) [22.9.2017]
(=) 04. Pocket Monsters Gin / Pokémon Gold (The Pokémon Company) [22.9.2017]
(=) 05. Minecraft: New Nintendo 3DS Edition (Microsoft Japan) [14.9.2017]
(=) 06. Tobidasu! Nyanko Dai Sensou / The Battle Cats POP (Ponos) [31.5.2015]
(=) 07. Dragon Quest Ⅲ: Soshite Densetsu e… / Dragon Quest Ⅲ (Square-Enix) [24.8.2017]
(+2) 08. Tobidase! Doubtsu no Mori amiibo+ / Animal Crossing: New Leaf – Welcome amiibo (Nintendo) [23.11.2017]
(-1) 09. Dragon Quest Ⅱ: Akuryou no Kamigami / Dragon Quest Ⅱ (Square-Enix) [10.8.2017]
(-1) 10. Kirby no Suikomi Dai Saikusen / Kirby’s Blowout Blast (Nintendo) [04.7.2017]

Nintendo eShop – Wii U

(B) 01. Dragon Quest Ⅹ Mezameshi Itsutsu no Shuzoku Online / Dragon Quest X (Square-Enix) [30.3.2013]
(-1) 02. Cube Life: Pixel Action Heroes (Teyon Japan) [09.8.2017]
(-1) 03. Minecraft: Wii U Edition (Microsoft) [17.12.2015]
(-1) 04. Super Mario 64 (Nintendo, Virtual Console) [08.4.2015]
(-1) 05. Touhouku Daigaku Mirai Kagakugijutsu Kyoudoukenkyuu Center Kawashima Ryuuta Kyouju Kanshuu: Nou o Kitaeru Otona no DS Training / Brain Age: Train Your Brain in Minutes a Day / Dr. Kawashima’s Brain Training: How Old Is Your Brain? (Nintendo, Virtual Console) [05.8.2015]
(+1) 06. Xenoblade / Xenoblade Chronicles (Nintendo) [27.7.2016]
(-2) 07. Super Mario World (Nintendo, Virtual Console) [27.4.2013]
(-2) 08. Hoshi no Kirby Super Deluxe / Kirby Super Star (Nintendo, Virtual Console) [01.5.2013]
(B) 09. Zelda no Densetsu: Breath of the Wild / The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (Nintendo) [03.3.2017]
(B) 10. Super Mario Bros. (Nintendo, Virtual Console) [05.6.2013]

Bomberman Panic Bomber - Wii U VC footage

Thanks to TheDreamingHawk for the heads up!

My Nintendo North America - Update for Nov. 23rd, 2017

[3DS] 50% Discount on Tokyo Crash Mobs (Nintendo eShop): 180 (available until February 23rd)
[3DS] 20% Discount on Style Savvy: Fashion Forward (Nintendo eShop): 300 (available until December 16th)
[3DS] 50% Discount on Sparkle Snapshots 3D (Nintendo eShop): 30 (available until February 23rd)
[Wii U] 30% Discount on Nintendo Land (Nintendo eShop): 50 (available until February 23rd)

Nintendo UK eShop sale: Cyber Deals 2017

You can download new games, applications and other content from Nintendo eShop on your Nintendo Switch, Nintendo 3DS family system or Wii U, and also via this website*.

A number of games for Nintendo 3DS family systems and Wii U are now on sale for My Nintendo users as part of our Cyber Deals 2017 promotion. What’s more, with My Nintendo you can receive Gold Points for all purchases made in Nintendo eShop on your system or via this website.

To get access to all deals, make sure that your Nintendo Network ID is linked with a Nintendo Account. If you do not yet qualify, simply link your Nintendo Network ID with your Nintendo Account**. If you don’t yet have a Nintendo Account, visit the Nintendo Account creation page and create one for free.

Check out just some of the highlights below, and head to Nintendo eShop on your console to see the full list before the sale comes to an end on November 30th.

Highlights here

This week's European downloads - November 23 (New Style Boutique 3, Battle Chef Brigade, many deals and more)

Nintendo eShop (3DS)

Nintendo Presents: New Style Boutique 3 (Nintendo, available November 24) - €39.99/£34.99

As an aspiring fashionista with big dreams, take charge of a struggling boutique, transform its fortunes and become the hottest, most influential stylist on the scene.

Customers will swing by your stylish store to get advice on the hottest new fashions. Listen to their requests, then share your trendiest tips to help them find the perfect look. Whether it’s a dress for a date or a coat for a crucial job interview, you’ll need to pick out the right outfit for the right situation!

Before you know it, you’ll be styling the stars of tomorrow! Work with Ethan, the founder of a top talent agency, to pioneer brave new looks for the rising stars of the music industry.

Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney (CAPCOM Europe) - €24.99/£19.99
Experience the popular Ace Attorney series as a rookie lawyer in Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney now on eShop! Step into the shoes of a young and passionate Apollo Justice in his early law career as he takes on his first case. With the help of Trucy Wright, a talented magician who is also his assistant, and his level-headed mentor, Kristoph Gavin, the team will seek to reveal the truth in criminal trials. Apollo’s undeniable skills in uncovering lies by analysing witness' body language and years of invaluable advice from his mentor will be put to test when he faces a dashing rival prosecutor named Klavier Gavin. With special appearances from well-known characters such as Phoenix Wright and Ema Skye, players will have an adventure filled with dramatic cases, jaw-dropping events, and a chance to defend their clients at all costs!

River City: Rival Showdown (Natsume Inc.) - €29.99/£26.99
Mystery is afoot once again for Kunio and his River City pals! One night, Kunio is attacked by two mysterious individuals. On top of that, Riki's girlfriend has disappeared, and it's up to Kunio to find out the truth! Kunio has just 3 days to unravel the mystery, and he'll need your help to take down all who stand in his way!

Culdcept Revolt - Ink Fish (NIS America, Add-on Content) - Free

Special offers

THEATRHYTHM Final Fantasy Curtain Call (Square Enix) - €19.99/£14.99 (Ends December 11, normally €39.99/£29.99)
FINAL FANTASY EXPLORERS (Square Enix) - €19.99/£14.99 (Ends December 11, normally €39.99/£29.99)
7th Dragon III Code: VFD (Deep Silver) - €9.99/£8.75 (Ends November 30, normally €39.99/£34.99)
Shin Megami Tensei IV: Apocalypse (Deep Silver) - €9.99/£8.74 (Ends November 30, normally €39.99/£34.99)
Farming Simulator 14 (Focus Home Interactive) - €7.99/£5.99 (Ends November 30, normally €19.99/£14.99)
Farming Simulator 18 (Focus Home Interactive) - €20.09/£16.74 (Ends November 30, normally €29.99/£24.99)
Life with Horses 3D (Treva Entertainment) - €9.99/£8.99 (Ends November 30, normally €19.99/£17.99)
Pets Resort 3D (Treva Entertainment) - €7.49/£4.49 (Ends November 30, normally €29.99/£17.99)
Top Model 3D (Treva Entertainment) - €9.99/£8.99 (Ends November 30, normally €19.99/£17.99)
Carps & Dragons (Abylight) - €1.99/£1.75 (Ends November 30, normally €4.99/£4.49)
Cursed Castilla (Abylight) - €8.99/£8.84 Ends November 30, normally €11.99/£11.79)
Music on: Electric Guitar (Abylight) - €1.49/£1.41 (Ends November 30, normally €1.99/£1.89)
Musicverse: Electronic Keyboard (Abylight) - €2.99/£2.75 (Ends November 30, normally €7.99/£7.19)
European Conqueror 3D (CIRCLE Ent.) - €0.99/£0.99 (Ends November 30, normally €3.99/£3.99)
Brunch Panic (CIRCLE Ent.) - €0.99/£0.99 (Ends November 30, normally €3.99/£3.99)
Quell Memento (CIRCLE Ent.) - €0.99/£0.99 (Ends November 30, normally €3.99/£3.99)
Quell Reflect (CIRCLE Ent.) - €0.99/£0.99 (Ends November 30, normally €3.99/£3.99)
Sweet Memories Blackjack (CIRCLE Ent.) - €0.99/£0.99 (Ends November 30, normally €3.99/£3.99)
SubaraCity (CIRCLE Ent.) - €0.99/£0.97 (Ends November 30, normally €3.99/£3.89)
The Legend of Dark Witch - Chronicle 2D ACT (CIRCLE Ent.) - €0.99/£0.99 (Ends November 30, normally €3.99/£3.99)
Witch & Hero (CIRCLE Ent.) - €0.99/£0.99 (Ends November 30, normally €3.99/£3.99)
Witch & Hero 2 (CIRCLE Ent.) - €0.99/£0.79 (Ends November 30, normally €3.99/£3.19)
Infinite Dunamis (KEMCO) - €4.99/£4.49 (Ends December 7, normally €9.99/£8.99)
Journey to Kreisia (KEMCO) - €4.99/£4.49 (Ends December 7, normally €9.99/£8.99)
Legna Tactica (KEMCO) - €4.99/£4.49 (Ends December 7, normally €9.99/£8.99)
Mighty Switch Force! (WayForward) - €2.99/£2.69 (Ends November 30, normally €5.99/£5.39)
Mighty Switch Force! 2 (WayForward) - €2.50/£2.50 (Ends November 30, normally €5.00/£5.00)
Nano Assault EX (Shin'en Multimedia) - €4.99/£4.24 (Ends November 30, normally €9.99/£8.49)
PixelMaker (Nostatic Software) - €3.35/£2.99 (Ends November 30, normally €3.35/£2.99)
Retro City Rampage: DX (Vblank Entertainment) - €4.94/£4.39 (Ends November 30, normally €8.99/£7.99)
Snow Moto Racing 3D (Zordix AB) - €3.99/£3.59 (Ends November 30, normally €7.99/£7.19)
Breakout Defense (nuGAME, New 3DS only) - €4.90/£4.20 (Ends November 30, normally €7.00/£6.00)

Cyber Deals – J4U Offers (My Nintendo members only)
Bravely Default (Nintendo) - €22.49/£19.99 (Ends November 30, normally €44.99/£39.99)
Bravely Second: End Layer (Nintendo) - €22.49/£19.99 (Ends November 30, normally €44.99/£39.99)
Ever Oasis (Nintendo) - €27.99/£24.99 (Ends November 30, normally €39.99/£34.99)
Mario Sports Superstars (Nintendo) - €19.99/£17.49 (Ends November 30, normally €39.99/£34.99)
Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate (Nintendo) - €22.49/£19.99 (Ends November 30, normally €44.99/£39.99)
Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate (Nintendo) - €22.49/£19.99 (Ends November 30, normally €44.99/£39.99)
Monster Hunter Generations (Nintendo) - €22.49/£19.99 (Ends November 30, normally €44.99/£39.99)
Nintendo Selects: Paper Mario: Sticker Star (Nintendo) - €13.99/£11.19 (Ends November 30, normally €19.99/£15.99)
Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney (Nintendo) - €22.49/£19.99 (Ends November 30, normally €44.99/£39.99)
Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy (Nintendo) - €22.49/£19.99 (Ends November 30, normally €44.99/£39.99)
Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask (Nintendo) - €22.49/£19.99 (Ends November 30, normally €44.99/£39.99)
Rhythm Paradise Megamix (Nintendo) - €14.99/£12.49 (Ends November 30, normally €29.99/£24.99)
The Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes (Nintendo) - €19.99/£17.49 (Ends November 30, normally €39.99/£34.99)
Ultimate NES Remix (Nintendo) - €19.99/£17.49 (Ends November 30, normally €39.99/£34.99)
Dillon's Rolling Western (Nintendo) - €4.99/£4.49 (Ends November 30, normally €9.99/£8.99)
Dr. Mario: Miracle Cure (Nintendo) - €4.99/£4.49 (Ends November 30, normally €9.99/£8.99)
Mario and Donkey Kong: Minis on the Move (Nintendo) - €4.99/£4.49 (Ends November 30, normally €9.99/£8.99)
Nintendo Pocket Football Club (Nintendo) - €7.49/£6.74 (Ends November 30, normally €14.99/£13.49)
The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages (Nintendo, GBC VC) - €2.99/£2.69 (Ends November 30, normally €5.99/£5.39)
The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons (Nintendo, GBC VC) - €2.99/£2.69 (Ends November 30, normally €5.99/£5.39)
Super Street FighterⅡ: The New Challengers (CAPCOM, New 3DS SNES VC) - €3.99/£3.59 (Ends November 30, normally €7.99/£7.19)
Super Mario World (Nintendo, New 3DS SNES VC) - €3.99/£3.59 (Ends November 30, normally €7.99/£7.19)
The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past (Nintendo, New 3DS SNES VC) - €3.99/£3.59 (Ends November 30, normally €7.99/£7.19)

Nintendo 3DS Theme Shop

The following themes will be available November 24.

Hello Kitty and red flowers (Sanrio) - €0.99/£0.89
Hello Kitty holds red flowers

Elegant and baroque Kitty (Sanrio) - €0.99/£0.89

Hello Kitty is in an elegant and baroque frame

Neon Kitty on black (Sanrio) - €0.99/£0.89
Hello Kitty with neon colours on black

Kitty with Mimmy (Sanrio) - €0.99/£0.89
Hello Kitty with her sister in pop style

Culdcept Revolt Theme (NIS America) - Free
Immerse yourself in the world of Culdcept Revolt by decorating your Nintendo 3DS with this theme!

Nintendo eShop (Switch)

Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle - Gold Edition (Ubisoft) - €74.99/£61.99 (€59.99/£49.59 until November 30)

Mario teams up with the Rabbids to save the Mushroom Kingdom. Explore four iconic lands filled with chests, secrets, and puzzles. For the first time, Mario uses weapons to outwit enemies in crazy turn-based combat & co-op challenges. Meet eight heroes with personalities and abilities of their own. Discover the Mushroom Kingdom like you’ve never seen it—twisted by the mischievous Rabbids but full of nods to classic Mario games.

MXGP3 - The Official Motocross Videogame (Milestone) - €49.99/£39.99
Experience all the adrenaline of Motocross with the official Championship’s only videogame! MXGP3 - The Official Motocross Videogame offers the most involving game experience ever, with completely new gameplay. Race on 18 official tracks and in the MXoN with all riders and bikes from the 2016 MXGP and MX2 seasons and be the first to experience the thrill of riding one of the 10  2-strokes available! Render your rider and your bike unique, with more than 300 official components for a complete customisation!

Portal Knights (505 Games) - €29.99/£24.99

Leave the familiar world behind and step into the fantastic unknown with Portal Knights, a cooperative 3D sandbox action-RPG! Level up your character and craft powerful gear to defeat your enemies in real-time tactical combat. Explore dozens of randomly-generated islands and restore peace to a world torn apart by The Fracture.

Aqua Moto Racing Utopia (Bigben Interactive, available November 24) - €34.99/£31.49
Fun and competitive, with Aqua Moto Racing Utopia have a blast in dozens of races, performing stunts in gorgeous environments and playing against up to 7 opponents.

Snow Moto Racing Freedom (Bigben Interactive, available November 24) - €34.99/£31.49
Fun and competitive, with Snow Moto Racing Freedom have a blast in 40 races, performing awesome stunts and playing against up to 7 opponents.

Let's Sing 2018 (Koch Media) - €39.99/£26.99 (€35.99/£26.99 until December 24)

Warm up those vocal chords, enter the virtual stage and experience the best Let’s Sing ever made!
• Exclusively chosen playlist: 30 top tracks including chart hits from Lady Gaga, Dua Lipa, The Chainsmokers and many more.
• New rewarding gameplay elements: Climb up the leaderboards, collect avatars and unlock music certification records!
• Four challenging game modes: Compete against your friends in diverse modes including the brand new mode - Mix Tape!

Battle Chef Brigade (Adult Swim Games) - €19.99/£17.99
In the fantasy realm of Victusia, the members of the elite Battle Chef Brigade are revered for their ability to skilfully take down monsters and transform their kills into delicious cuisine! But getting in isn’t easy; chefs from across Victusia must vie for their spot in a high stakes competition. Follow two contestants, Mina and Thrash, as their journeys through the tournament unfold. In order to become a Brigadier you’ll need to hunt monsters with combo-based attacks and prepare your freshly caught ingredients in puzzle-based cooking challenges to serve up winning dishes to the judges – all while the round clock ticks down.

Dead Synchronicity: Tomorrow Comes Today (Badland Games) - €14.99/£13.49
”Dead Synchronicity: Tomorrow Comes Today” tells the story of Michael, a man with no past, who must recover his identity and decode the two events that brought the world to the edge of collapse. The first one is the so-called “Great Wave,” an inexplicable chain of natural disasters. The second is a pandemic that has turned humans into “the Dissolved,” infected beings with special cognitive powers whose sick bodies will eventually dissolve into blood. If Michael doesn’t hurry, he won’t be able to avoid the impending moment of “dead synchronicity” when Time itself starts to dissolve.

As players, you’re going to find space-time distortions, concentration camps, supernatural phenomena, gruesome deaths, hard-to-solve puzzles and, all in all, a bloodstained challenge!

Red Game Without a Great Name (iFun4all, available November 24) - €2.99/£2.69

Teleport yourself into the most hardcore game this fall. Try to imagine a game simple in its basics, but demanding from the very first level, where everything might kill you. Even the camera and the main protagonist are against you as both of them constantly move forward. Add some barbed wire, spikes, and sawblades and you'll get Red Game Without a Great Name. And in this game you will die a lot.

Uurnog Uurnlimited (Raw Fury) - €14.99/£13.49
Enter the wacky & whimsical world of Uurnog Uurnlimited, where you have only one goal: find your way around the world, and steal all the animals! Why? Because they’re adorable, and because video games.

Uurnog Uurnlimited is a delightfully silly 2D platformer. Play single-player or co-op, explore the world through its many mysterious doors, solve puzzles and gather the items and animals needed in your Save Room. Careful though — the Save Room also saves your mistakes (urr nurr!)

What else does it have, you ask? Chaotic neutral NPCs that can mess with your game! Algorithmic music that adapts to the gameplay!

It's uurnbelievable! It's uurnexplainable! It's Uurnog Uurnlimited!


"SOCCER BRAWL" is a soccer game released by SNK in 1992. Sparks fly as teams representing 8 different countries battle for the championship. Staged in the near future, teams feature 7 robot player instead of the normal 11 players, allowing the defence to also go on the attack and for a variety of arrangements.

Kid Tripp (Four Horses) - €3.99/£3.59
Kid Tripp has crashed on a mysterious island and now the local wildlife is out to ruin his day. Run and jump your way through 20 levels of intense platforming madness in this tough-as-nails platformer! Have you got what it takes to help Kid Tripp escape?

Letter Quest Remastered (Digerati) - €12.99/£11.69
The grim reapers Grimm and Rose need your help to defeat a legion of monsters, ghosts, and evil bunnies using the power of words!

Spell words to battle monsters and earn gems that can be used to purchase upgrades, books, special items, potions, and much more! Letter Quest is a turn-based RPG featuring high-res artwork, clever wordplay, and two great soundtracks. Use your linguistic skills to survive!

Stick It to The Man (Zoink Games) - €11.99/£10.99
Hard hat tester Ray has a bizarre accident and wakes up with a giant pink spaghetti arm sticking out of his brain! With his awesome new powers he can read minds and change the world with stickers but he’s on the run for a crime he didn’t commit. Can you help Ray out of this sticky situation?

Transcripted (Plug In Digital) - €7.99/£6.99
Transcripted is a mixture of two incredibly addictive and vastly popular casual gaming styles: the dual-stick shooter and the match three puzzle game.

In Transcripted players take control of the Nano Probe, a microscopic apparatus used to combat disease. Many weapon and ship upgrades allow players almost limitless customization options for their Nano Probe.

Successfully navigate through hordes of deadly pathogens to destroy the disease’s pseudo-DNA and defeat gigantic boss.

Worms W.M.D (Team17) - €29.99/£19.99

The Worms are back in their most destructive game yet. With a gorgeous, hand-drawn 2D look, a full arsenal of  weapons, crafting, vehicles and buildings, Worms W.M.D is the best Worms experience ever!

In Worms W.M.D for Nintendo Switch, players will be able to feel the full power of all the game’s campaign missions, levels, customisations and updates, including Liberation and the fan favourite Forts Mode whether at home or on the go. And coming first to Nintendo Switch, a whole megaton more!

Crimsonland (10tons) - €13.99/£11.99 (€12.59/£10.79 until November 30)
Thousands of aliens, mutant lizards, and more are on the attack - can you survive the onslaught? Unlock dozens of weapons and perks in sixty missions, then show your skill in five survival modes in this intense dual stick shooter.

Crimsonland is an intense top-down dual stick shooter where your screen is filled with literally hundreds of aliens, giant spiders, mutant lizards, and more. Complete sixty quests to unlock an array of weapons and abilities, then unleash your arsenal in five survival modes with leaderboards.

All Crimsonland game modes feature local co-op for up to four players. There are also dedicated leaderboards for co-op games, so gather your friends and show everyone who wields the gauss shotgun like a pro!

Mantis Burn Racing (VooFoo Studios) - €15.99/£14.99
Mantis Burn Racing is a modern top-down style racing game that combines physics-based gameplay with intuitive arcade racing in highly competitive, fast and addictive races. Prove your skills in 5 unique classes of vehicles over an epic 11-season single-player career with more than 150 events and 13 event types in frenetic, bumper-to-bumper races where winning is everything! Fine tune your vehicles with a RPG-style upgrade system and compete in split-screen races for up to 4-players or play online against opponents on other platforms.

Poi: Explorer Edition (PolyKid, available November 24) - €39.99/£29.99
- Explore magical worlds in search of 100+ Explorer Medallions
- Unlock special items and costumes fit for any explorer
- Master classic platforming moves like wall jumps, triple jumps, and long jumps
- Collect fossils; take photos, fly through the air, and much more!

"Explorer Edition" Exclusives:
- Unlockable Soundtrack and Digital Art Book
- New costumes and hats only available within the "Explorer Edition"
- Joy-Con motion control and HD rumble support

Nine Parchments Demo (Frozenbyte) - Free
Nine Parchments is a co-operative blast'em up game of magical mayhem from Frozenbyte, creators of the Trine series!

Runaway apprentice wizards seize the opportunity to complete their spell books by going after the lost Nine Parchments.

As the would-be wizards rapidly acquire powerful new spells without learning proper safety measures, it's natural their hasty progress results in plenty of deadly accidents...

Robonauts Demo (QubicGames) - Demo
The action combines familiar arcade shooting gameplay with a unique possibility to switch gravity. Colourful graphics appeal to both younger and adult players while first-class music by Simon Viklund makes the adventure feel even more epic.

Gear.Club Unlimited (Anuman Interactive, pre-order) - €49.99/£44.99
For the first time on Nintendo Switch, drive through an authentic world of cars with Gear.Club Unlimited. Get behind the wheel of the most incredible cars from the most prestigious manufacturers.

Rocket League - Fast & Furious DLC Bundle (Psyonix, DLC) - €4.22/£3.75

Special offers

RAYMAN LEGENDS: DEFINITIVE EDITION (Ubisoft) - €29.99/£22.49 (Ends November 30, normally €39.99/£29.99)
Spelunker Party! (SQUARE ENIX) - €19.49/£16.24 (Ends December 11, normally €29.99/£24.99)
I am Setsuna (Square Enix Europe LTD) - €23.99/£17.99 (Ends December 11, normally €39.99/£29.99)
Syberia (Microids) - €19.99/£17.99 (Ends November 30, normally €29.99/£26.99)
The Jackbox Party Pack 4 (Jackbox Games) - €17.59/£15.99 (Ends November 30, normally €21.99/£19.99)
INVERSUS Deluxe (Hypersect) - €10.19/£9.34 (Ends November 30, normally €11.99/£10.99)
Neon Chrome (10tons) - €11.99/£10.39 (Ends November 30, normally €14.99/£12.99)
Qbics Paint (Abylight) - €3.49/£3.14 (Ends November 30, normally €4.99/£4.49)
R.B.I. Baseball 17  (Nighthawk Interactive) - €20.09/£18.08 (Ends November 30, normally €29.99/£26.99)
Retro City Rampage DX (Vblank) - €9.89/£8.57 (Ends November 30, normally €14.99/£12.99)
Tower Of Babel (EnjoyUp Games) - €4.99/£4.49 (Ends November 30, normally €9.99/£8.99)
Tumblestone (QuantumAstroGuild) - €9.74/£8.99 (Ends November 30, normally €12.99/£11.99)
Semipheres (Vivid Helix) - €8.99/£8.09 (Ends November 30, normally €9.99/£8.99)
Sparkle 2 Evo (Forever Entertainment) - €3.34/£3.00 (Ends November 30, normally €4.99/£4.49)
Violett (Forever Entertainment) - €8.99/£8.09 (Ends November 30, normally €9.99/£8.99)
Volgarr the Viking (Crazy Viking) - €7.49/£6.74 (Ends November 30, normally €9.99/£8.99)

Nintendo eShop (Wii U)

Special offers

Annihilation (TreeFall Studios) - €1.39/£1.25 (Ends November 30, normally €1.99/£1.79)
The Gem Collector (TreeFall Studios) - €2.09/£1.88 (Ends November 30, normally €2.99/£2.69)
Block Zombies! (Nostatic Software) - €4.39/£3.65 (Ends November 30, normally €5.49/£4.59)
PixelMaker (Nostatic Software) - €3.35/£2.99 (Ends November 30, normally €4.49/£3.99)
STEEL RIVALS (nuGAME) - €4.89/£4.19 (Ends November 30, normally €6.99/£5.99)
Double Breakout (nuGAME) - €4.90/£4.20 (Ends November 30, normally €7.00/£6.00)
Pinball Breakout (nuGame) - €4.90/£4.20 (Ends November 30, normally €7.00/£6.00)
FAST Racing NEO (Shin'en Multimedia) - €7.49/£5.49 (Ends November 30, normally €14.99/£10.99)
Grand Prix Rock 'N Racing (EnjoyUp Games) - €2.95/£2.66 (Ends November 30, normally €7.99/£7.19)
Koi DX (CIRCLE Ent.) - €0.99/£0.97 (Ends November 30, normally €3.99/£3.89)
Mighty Switch Force! Hyper Drive Edition (WayForward) - €4.99/£4.49 (Ends November 30, normally €9.99/£8.99)
Mighty Switch Force! 2 (WayForward) - €2.50/£2.50 (Ends November 30, normally €5.00/£5.00)
Infinity Runner (Wales Interactive) - €2.59/£2.35 (Ends December 21, normally €6.49/£5.89)
Tumblestone (QuantumAstroGuild) - €18.74/£14.99 (Ends November 30, normally €24.99/£19.99)
Völgarr the Viking (Crazy Viking) - €7.49/£6.74 (Ends November 30, normally €9.99/£8.99)

Cyber Deals – J4U Offers (My Nintendo members only)
Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze (Nintendo) - €17.49/£13.99 (Ends November 30, normally €24.99/£19.99)
Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate (CAPCOM) - €29.99/£24.99 (Ends November 30, normally €59.99/£49.99)
Paper Mario: Color Splash  (Nintendo) - €24.99 / £19.99 (Ends November 30, normally €49.99/£39.99)
Pikmin 3 (Nintendo) - €17.49/£13.99 (Ends November 30, normally €24.99/£19.99)
Splatoon (Nintendo) - €19.99/£17.49 (Ends November 30, normally €39.99/£34.99)
Star Fox Zero (Nintendo) - €34.99/£27.99 (Ends November 30, normally €49.99/£39.99)
Star Fox Guard (Nintendo) - €7.49/£6.49 (Ends November 30, normally €14.99/£12.99)
The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD (Nintendo) - €24.99/£19.99 (Ends November 30, normally €49.99/£39.99)
Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE (Nintendo) - €29.99/£24.99 (Ends November 30, normally €59.99/£49.99)
Yoshi's Woolly World (Nintendo) - €34.99/£27.99 (Ends November 30, normally €49.99/£39.99)
Dr. Luigi (Nintendo) - €7.49/£6.49 (Ends November 30, normally €14.99/£12.99)
NES Remix (Nintendo) - €4.99/£4.49 (Ends November 30, normally €9.99/£8.99)
NES Remix 2 (Nintendo) - €4.99/£4.49 (Ends November 30, normally €9.99/£8.99)
The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past (Nintendo) - €5.59/£3.84 (Ends November 30, normally €7.99/£5.49)
Super Mario World (Nintendo, SNES VC) - €3.99/£2.74 (Ends November 30, normally €7.99/£5.49)
Super Metroid (Nintendo, SNES VC) - €3.99/£2.74 (Ends November 30, normally €7.99/£5.49)
Super Street FighterⅡ: The New Challengers (CAPCOM, SNES VC) - €3.99/£2.74 (Ends November 30, normally €7.99/£5.49)

This week's North American downloads - November 23 (Worms W.M.D, Apollo Justice, Resident Evil and more)

REDMOND, Wash.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--This week’s Nintendo Download includes the following featured content:

Nintendo Mobile
Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp – You can get back to nature in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, the new Animal Crossing mobile game where you can take on the role of campsite manager! Step away from your busy life and into your dream campsite where you’re surrounded by animal friends and the splendor of nature. In Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, every day offers something new! Have fun customizing your camper, visiting animal friends' campsites, or exploring the area for new animals to meet. Available now on App Store and Google Play, Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is free to start and offers optional in-app purchases.

Nintendo eShop on Nintendo Switch
Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle Gold Edition – Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle Gold Edition includes the full game and the season pass. The season pass is composed of eight new solo challenges, five co-op maps and 16 new weapons – all available now. An exclusive world featuring a new hero will arrive early next year. Developed exclusively for the Nintendo Switch system, Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle Gold Edition is available now.

Resident Evil Revelations – The critically acclaimed survival horror game takes players back to the events between the Resident Evil 4 and Resident Evil 5 games, revealing the truth about the T-Abyss virus. The action begins on board a supposedly abandoned cruise ship, the Queen Zenobia, where horrors lurk around every corner, before players head for the mainland and the devastated city of Terragrigia. The Resident Evil Revelations game launches on Nov. 28.

Resident Evil Revelations 2 – The beginning of the Resident Evil Revelations 2 game sees fan-favorite Claire Redfield make a dramatic return. Survivor of the Raccoon City incident depicted in previous Resident Evil games, Claire now works for the anti-bioterrorism organization, Terra Save, to solve a series of twists that will have players guessing the next step at every turn. Resident Evil Revelations 2 launches on Nov. 28.

Worms W.M.D – With a gorgeous, hand-drawn 2D look, new weapons and more fun features, the Worms W.M.D game is the definitive Worms experience – now with the HD Rumble feature and playable anywhere, thanks to the Nintendo Switch system. Engage in local multiplayer across a variety of different controller options for up to four players. Worms W.M.D is available now.

Nintendo eShop on Nintendo 3DS
Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney – Experience the popular Ace Attorney series as a rookie lawyer in the Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney game. Step into the shoes of a young and passionate Apollo Justice in his early law career as he takes on his first cases. Use the touch screen to maneuver your way through crime scenes, interview witnesses and collect vital evidence using forensic science.
Nintendo eShop sales:

Nintendo eShop on Wii U and Nintendo 3DS
Up to 75 Percent off Select Games with Nintendo eShop Cyber Deals – Nintendo is making it easy to save this season with big savings on select digital games. Fans can purchase and download games to play over winter break (or right away) on Nintendo.com or in Nintendo eShop. My Nintendo members also earn Gold Points on qualifying digital purchases, so it’s a win-win. The sale runs through 8:59 a.m. PT on Dec. 11.

My Nintendo Activities:

Games We’re Thankful for this Thanksgiving – The start of the holiday season is here! We’ve rounded up some fun and festive rewards to help you kick off the long Thanksgiving weekend. Here’s a peek at the rewards My Nintendo has in store for you. Redeem your My Nintendo points to receive these rewards:

A warm and woolly platformer:
20 percent discount on Poochy & Yoshi’s Woolly World (Nintendo 3DS)

Get ready to unleash ninja-tossing pandemonium:
50 percent discount on Tokyo Crash Mobs (Nintendo 3DS)

Create, decorate and share fun holiday photos with your friends:
50 percent discount on Sparkle Snapshots 3D (Nintendo 3DS)

Fan Faves – My Nintendo members voted on their favorite gifts this year, so be sure to check them out! Don’t forget to redeem your points and get these seasonal rewards. We’re offering holiday-themed wallpaper and a Nintendo 3DS HOME Menu theme that’s perfect for this time of the year. You can even share the holiday wallpaper with your friends!

Happy Holiday wallpaper
Mario’s Happy Holiday Nintendo 3DS HOME Menu theme

Pokémon Ultra Sun and Pokémon Ultra Moon – the Pokémon Ultra Sun and Pokémon Ultra Moon games are now available on the Nintendo 3DS family of systems, and My Nintendo is celebrating with Pokémon themed rewards.

Pikachu & Poké Ball Nintendo 3DS Home HOME Menu Theme
Pokémon Ultra Sun and Pokémon Ultra Moon Wallpaper
30 percent discount on Pokémon Art Academy (Nintendo 3DS)

Style Savvy: Fashion Forward – The Style Savvy: Styling Star game launches on Dec. 25 for the Nintendo 3DS family of systems, and My Nintendo is celebrating in style with a 20 percent discount on the Style Savvy: Fashion Forward game. You can sharpen up your fashion sense before hitting the mall for Black Friday deals! In Style Savvy: Fashion Forward, you get to manage your own boutique, design clothes fit for a fashionista or try your hand at styling hair and makeup. This fabulous offer is only available until 11:59 p.m. PT on Dec. 15.

Don’t forget to try the free demo for the newest game in the series, Style Savvy: Styling Star, now available for download in Nintendo eShop. Style clients from head to toe and make over up-and-coming singers, actresses and models to inspire them to stardom and awaken their inner fashionistas.

Also new this week:
Crimsonland (Nintendo eShop on Nintendo Switch) – Available Nov. 24
Kid Tripp (Nintendo eShop on Nintendo Switch)
Letter Quest Remastered (Nintendo eShop on Nintendo Switch)
Nine Parchments – Demo Version (Nintendo eShop on Nintendo Switch)
Mantis Burn Racing (Nintendo eShop on Nintendo Switch)
Stick it to the Man (Nintendo eShop on Nintendo Switch)
Transcripted (Nintendo eShop on Nintendo Switch)
Portal Knights (Nintendo eShop on Nintendo Switch)
Aces of the Luftwaffe – Squadron (Nintendo eShop on Nintendo Switch)
ACA NEOGEO Soccer Brawl (Nintendo eShop on Nintendo Switch)
Uurnog Uurnlimited (Nintendo eShop on Nintendo Switch)
Slime-san – Demo Version (Nintendo eShop on Nintendo Switch)
Breakout Defense 2 (Nintendo eShop on Nintendo 3DS)
Physical Contact: Picture Place (Nintendo eShop on Nintendo 3DS)
Breakout Defense 2 (Nintendo eShop on Wii U)
Bomberman Panic Bomber (Virtual Console for Wii U)