82-year-old grandmother finally completes The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess after 755 hours

Zelda was probably pissed

How long did it take you to finish The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess the first time? Probably somewhere around the 30 hour mark, right? Well that's a drop in the bucket compared to how much time Reddit user MillerisChris' grandmother put into the game. This 82-year-old has been playing the Wii version for years now, and she finally completed the game after 755 hours! Now that's some serious dedication!

Sakurai reveals the process of how Smash Bros. Ultimate's character reveal trailers are made

As you might suspect, it's a lot of work

Smash Bros' fighter reveal trailers are some of the most exciting trailers the game industry has. It's always fun seeing which character is going to join the roster next, and Smash Bros. Ultimate's fighter reveal trailers have been some of the best yet. Wondering how those trailers come together? Masahiro Sakurai shares some insight on the process in his latest Famitsu feature. Check out a summary of details below, courtesy of PushDustin.

- the reason behind these trailers is to first provide something that fans will enjoy, and to create some buzz
- all of the fighter reveal trailers have both CG animation and gameplay
- Sakurai himself writes the script for the trailers
- Sakurai writes each scene and where it'll be cut, and he includes a lot of details in his scripts
- he also writes what music will be used, and what will be said
- when the trailer cuts to gameplay, Sakurai simply notes that 'there will be game play here'
- since the Wii U/3DS days, Sakurai has been working with a company called Digital Frontier to put together these trailers
- Yohei Shimozawa of Digital Frontier has directed many of trailers
- Digital Frontier hears a detailed explanation of how the CG parts of the trailer should be made
- from there, they make a storyboard
- if the storyboard is approved, then they create a 'video storyboard' to get the timing/tempo down
- after adjusting things like music/sound, work is done on updating the character models and the scenery
- if character models were just imported into the CG movie, they wouldn't feel right
- after that, work is done on the animation, camera, etc.
- blur and post effects are added as well
- Sakurai checks in at every step
- Sakurai says he's very thankful for the work that Digital Frontier has done, as Sakurai is very busy working on the game itself
- Shimozawa expresses gratitude for being chosen to work on the trailers, as well as all the love the trailers get

Making all 78 Zelda: Breath of the Wild recipes in one day

Hope you're hungry

Link needs to eat in order to gain hearts, but are his recipes any good? Brian David Gilbert teams up with Eater's Adam Moussa to discover which of Breath of the Wild's 78 recipes are tasty and how many hearts they should actually restore.

Minecraft: The Lost Journals, the third official Minecraft novel, is now available

There's THREE novels?!

Are you up to date on your Minecraft lore? Do you follow all things Minecraft? Then you most likely know that Minecraft's third novel, Minecraft: The Lost Journals, is available now! To celebrate the launch of the book, the official Minecraft blog sat down for an interview with Mur Lafferty, the author on the project. You can check out that full interview here.

'Infinite Jump' glitch discovered in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

A new way to explore

Yes, new glitches are still being discovered in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. The latest glitch, seen in the tweet above, is the 'Infinity Jump' glitch, and it's pretty self explanatory. This glitch lets Link jump up into the sky for as long as you feel like climbing. Obviously this glitch will let you reach all sorts of areas you otherwise wouldn't be able to.

In order to to perform the Infinite Jump glitch, you'll have to do two other glitches first. Players will have to perform the “Hold Smuggling” glitch, followed by the “Walk on Horse” glitch. If you'd like to attempt all this, you can check out step-by-step instructions here.

Check out a Super Mario Maker tribute using over 127k dominoes

I would line up about 10 before ruining it

The Domino King is back in action, and he's got a new Super Mario Maker tribute. All it took was over 127k dominoes to bring it together! I can't even imagine the steady hand it would take to do this.

Dragon Quest IX live-stream special set to air on July 11th, 2019

10 years!

GameTV has announced a Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels of the Starry Skies 10th anniversary special live stream, which takes place on July 11th, 2019 at 21:00 JST. The stream will feature Dragon Quest IX producer Ryuutarou Ichimura from Square Enix, director Jin Fujisawa from Story Note, director Akihiro Hino from Level-5, and MC Reiko Mihashi. The stream will include segments on memories and behind the scenes stories from development, multiplayer, a Q&A, and more. It seems this live-stream is meant as a celebration, and there won't be any specific announcements made throughout the course of the event.

Modder turns The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker into The Legend of Ashley

She knows the darkest spells and she brews the meanest potions

Have you ever wished that Ashley from WarioWare had a bigger role, or perhaps a game of her own? Well look no further than this mod, which removes Link from The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker, and puts Ashley in his place! This mod is more than a simple character swap though. The entire look of the game has been given a dark makeover, and there's even tweaks to the items and story as well! The end result is pretty damn impressive!

Thanks to cm30 for the heads up!

Prince of Persia creator praises Zelda: Breath of the Wild, says the art style was 'just right'

We tend to agree!

Prince of Persia creator Jordan Mechner has been a part of the game industry for over 30 years now. He certainly knows a thing or two about games, which means he knows what he likes as well. One game that he really happens to like is The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Mr. Mechner shares praise for the game during a recent GamesBeat interview.

I loved the new Zelda. When you were talking about the GDC talk the designers gave — they showed all the different visual styles they tried for Zelda before they arrived on what they used. They had more photorealistic ones, but they ended up coming back to this cartoony, cel-shaded look. In their words, it’s an art style that lets you lie. You can shoot a deer with an arrow and it turns into a snake. That’s pretty different from the Red Dead Redemption experience, where you have to skin the animal...

Finding the right visual style, the right language, is key. When it’s just right, as in Zelda, so many other things become easier.

Just Dance Unlimited - "Jump by Major Lazer Ft. Busy Signal" Official Track Gameplay

Welcome the start of summer by grooving to Jump by Major Lazer Ft. Busy Signal now available on Just Dance 2019 with Just Dance Unlimited.


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