My Nintendo Europe - content update for Nov. 15th, 2018

Another wave of classic game deals for My Nintendo in Europe this week. Check out the full list of updates below.

[Wii U / New 3DS] 30% off Super Mario World (Virtual Console SNES): 80 Platinum Points
[Wii U / New 3DS] 40% off The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past (Virtual Console SNES): 30 Gold Points
[3DS] 40% off Bionic Commando: Elite Forces (Virtual Console GBC): 20 Gold Points
[3DS] 30% off Disney Magical World: 110 Gold Points
[Wii U] 40% off F-Zero X (Virtual Console N64): 40 Gold Points
[Wii U] 30% off Star Fox Zero: 150 Gold Points
[3DS THEME] NES Fire-Breathing Bowser (Theme): 20 Gold Points
[3DS THEME] NES Donkey Kong (Theme): 20 Gold Points

GameSpot Video - Let's Play Resident Evil Revelations: Part 1

On the debut episode of Resident Kinevil: Revelations, Mary Kish (@merrykish) and Mike Mahardy (@mmahardy) do a live broadcast for a charity marathon.

Battle Princess Madelyn Releases December 6th 2018 on Switch, Wii U version due in 2019

13th November 2018 - Causal Bit Games and Hound Picked Games are delighted to announce the release date for the much anticipated, long awaited, Battle Princess Madelyn, that has already achieved phenomenal coverage throughout its development cycle delivering star studded previews and articles. Battle Princess Madelyn is to be released on Playstation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC (Steam) on December 6th 2018, with the Wii U and Vita versions to follow later in the new year.

"It's been an exciting, exhaustive, stressful, enjoyable, frustrating, etc. period over the last two years developing Battle Princess Madelyn and I would do it all over again. The feedback that has been given in the creation of the game, the positive remarks, the way social media, the specialist gaming press, etc. have supported the game throughout this long period has been nothing short of remarkable. The end result is a game the team are all proud of and went beyond what was envisioned. Within a very short time gamers will be able to play Battle Princess Madelyn. I hope it will give them as much enjoyment as it has to the team that created it!.", Christopher Obritsch - Causal Bit Games.

Six more classic amiibo should be seeing reprints soon

Nintendo has yet another wave of update CPSIA certificates for amiibo, which means you should be seeing restocks on store shelves soon. Here's the next wave of amiibo to get reprints.

- Greninja
- Mewtwo
- Ike
- Sonic
- Robin
- Lucina

Child of Light TV series - official announcement video

Script deals have been announced to adapt Child of Light and Werewolves Within into a live-action TV series and a live-action feature film, respectively. Meet the Women’s Film and Television Fellowship awardees transforming these titles and their mentors, and learn more about the titles being adapted.

Nintendo files new Twilight Princess and Wii Sports Resort trademarks, both apply to traditional game platforms and smartphones

If you've been keeping up with trademark filings by Nintendo, you know they've been scooping up new filings left and right for months know. It's hard to know what's being done for protection purposes, and what's being filed for something new. Your guess as good as ours with today's filings, which include Twilight Princess and Wii Sports Resort. Both filings pertain to ‘program for home video game machine’, ‘downloadable video game program’ and ‘program for smartphone’.

Nintendo closing down official Wii U Facebook page on Nov. 9th, 2018

Another sad milestone for the Wii U is about to take place. On Nov. 9th, 2018, Nintendo is shutting down the official Wii U Facebook page. As you've guessed, most fans have long since moved over to the Switch, and Nintendo doesn't see the need to keep their Wii U Facebook page active.

Nintendo repackaging Wii U microphone for Switch in Japan

Nintendo is re-releasing their Wii U USB Wireless Microphone for Switch. The package includes a wireless microphone, wireless microphone receiver, and two AAA batteries. The microphone costs 5,378 yen, and is due out this December.

Ubisoft vows to fix issue with Just Dance 2019 that inundates kids with messages to buy songs

Just Dance 2019 offers a Kids Mode that keeps songs safe, and makes menus easier to navigate. In the North American version of the game, Kids Mode also bombards kids with messages to buy songs that they don't have in their collection. This lead to one fed-up mother complaining about the issue on Reddit, and the complaint has made it all the way back to Ubisoft. The company pledges to fix the issue in the near future.

"We realized that the labeling of the content in-game and more especially the difference between what's included on the cartridge/disc and what's available in the Just Dance Unlimited streaming service in the Just Dance Kids mode could be confusing for our players. We never intended to create an uncomfortable situation for parents".

Just Dance 2019 users experiencing issues with Ubisoft account logins

Just Dance 2019 seems to have some sort of connection issue with Ubisoft accounts, at least on the Switch. Multiple owners are reporting that they cannot link or log into their Ubisoft accounts. Every time they try, they're greeted with an error about the account not being found, or not existing. Some people have gone so far as to create multiple new accounts just to test if the login works that way, and it does not. Ubisoft is yet to comment on this issue.