Famicom game 'Gunhed: The New Battle' gets a fan translation

An untranslated movie game gets its day in the sun

Gunhed: The New Battle launched for the Famicom back in 1989, but never saw an official localization. 30 years later, fan translation team 'filler' has taken on the the task of making the game playable in English, and they've just wrapped up work on the project. Perhaps now the game can find a whole new life with English-speaking audiences.

Gunhed: The New Battle is based on the 1989 film of the same name. The year is 2040, and a battle on 8-JO is about to begin, waged by a new set of people out to get the Texmexium that was previously found on the island. In this game, you'll be taking on the island's defense forces by building mechs with parts scavenged parts.

The Wizard getting a 30th anniversary Blu-ray release

One of the best bad movies

Believe it or not, The Wizard is celebrating its 30th anniversary, and it's going to do so in a really special way. The Wizard director Todd Holland has announced that a 30th anniversary Blu-ray is on the way, and it's set to launch in Feb. 2020. We don't have full details on what this special package will include, but we do know there will be an interview and commentary track featuring Mr. Holland.

GDC 2019 full panel - Tetris World Championship: Building Explosive Esports on 8-bit Nintendo

Where it all started for consoles

In this 2019 GDC talk, Hitsparks Games' Chris Tang explores how the Classic Tetris World Championship format makes the most of NES Tetris' quirky killscreens, OCR technology, a passionate community low in toxicity and high in intellect, attachment to growing gaming events, explosive memes, and having an amazing role model for a champion.

Dragon Quest I/II/III official Japanese site open

Square-Enix has opened the official Japanese website for Dragon Quest I/II/III, which gives a quick look at each game. Remember, there's going to be an Asian physical release for these titles, and it includes English translations! Check out the official site here.

Jeremy Parish's NES Works #51 - Spelunker & Sqoon retrospective

Japanese arcade giant Irem makes its NES debut—or at least its debut as a publisher under its own steam. Spelunker and Sqoon make for interesting companion pieces to Lode Runner and Bungeling Bay, one being an Irem PC port published by Brøderbund and the other being a game published by Irem itself. Anyway, both are hilariously difficult.

Switch Online NES & SNES games will no longer be released monthly, will instead be added randomly

This is fine...

Nintendo has confirmed a big change to how Switch Online NES games will be distributed, and the same goes for the newly-released Switch Online SNES games. Instead of distributing a batch of games each month on a single date, Nintendo is going to add in new titles whenever they feel like. Nintendo shared a comment with Vooks specifically stating that games “will be added after launch, but those releases will not adhere to a regular schedule.” Depending on how often Nintendo adds games, this could be a very good or very bad thing!

Switch Online NES Collection updated to Version 4.0.0, includes more sorting options

Sort it out!

While all the talk today might be about the Switch Online SNES Collection, Nintendo is also showing some love to the NES side of things. The NES Collection app has been updated to Version 4.0.0, which includes the same suite of options for sorting games that you have in the SNES Collection. Choose to sort by title, most played, and a number of other options.

The update also allows you to turn off the on-screen controls. This is also a feature found in the Switch Online SNES Collection.

Thanks to Robotface for the heads up!

The Meating developer goes through the process of debugging an NES game

A fascinating look at retro game development

Creating a videogame nowadays is both easier and harder than ever. There are so many user-friendly tools out there to create games, but there are infinitely more ways for things to go wrong. That includes troubles when you're making a brand-new NES game.

Developer James Deighan has put together a feature breaking down the various issues he ran into while developing The Meating, a modern NES game that can actually be played on an NES. Even though the NES is rudimentary compared to today's platforms, there's still plenty of problems to deal with!

Check out the feature here

“Espitenen und Herr Pimponen” brings extra-enjoyable fun to the NES

The NES lives on

Mojonia, 05.09.2019. Veteran developers The Mojon Twins (www.mojontwins.com), with more than a decade of experience developing dozens of games, present their latest creation: “Espitenen und Herr Pimponen”. It´s a new classic platformer game with pixelated graphics and very high levels of enjoyability.

Taking classic game mechanics to the next level, in “Espitenen und Herr Pimponen” we have to “go up without going down”, or in other words, we must reach the top of each of the ten levels before we are killed by the screen scroll. But it won't be that easy! Not only do we need to avoid -or even better, kill!- the enemies we will find in our way, we also must take our inertia under control when jumping to a different platform.

“Espitenen und Herr Pimponen” is carefully designed for one or two players, being possible to collaborate or compete against a friend. “Espitenen und Herr Pimponen” bring back the good old times of local multiplayer with the neck of a friend at the reach of our hand.

Every single detail of the game is designed with the biggest of love for video games, from the score system -a system that allows us to compete against ourselves or friends to get the highest score- to carefully crafted graphics along with wonderful melodies that evoke the memories of the good old 8-bit times.

“Espitenen und Herr Pimponen” is available right now as a free download for our preferred emulator, being also fully compatible with NES machines and Famiclones using Everdrives or your preferred side-loading system. A physical release with cardboard box and printed manual will be announced very soon, so keep an eye to our social media to be the very first to know about it!

The Gaming Historian: The time when a 9-year-old sued Nintendo

Taking games seriously

In 1989, Clark Thiemann was excited to play his brand new NES game, LJN's Major League Baseball. But when he started playing, his favorite MLB superstars weren't in the game. So what did he do? He sued Nintendo, LJN, & Major League Baseball.


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