Limited Run Games opening Star Wars NES/Game Boy preorders on June 28th, 2019

During E3 2019, Limited Run Games teased re-releases of classic Star Wars games on the NES and Game Boy. Today they shared full details of those releases, including the packaging. You'll be able to grab preorders for both of these titles on June 28th, 2019, at both 10 AM and 6 PM. I would imagine these are going to get scooped up really quickly, so get ready to lock in your preorder!

Famicom game Pizza Pop! gets a fan translation

Did you ladies order a pizza?

Let no Famicom game go untranslated! That's how fan translators feel, anyway! They're out to translate any/all titles that never left Japan, and the latest to get the fan translation treatment is Pizza Pop! from Jaleco. The game follows a pizza delivery guy who's looking to earn some dough to buy a diamond ring for his girlfriend. This delivery guy will have to run, jump, and ride vehicles to reach his delivery goals.

Gaming Historian takes a look at the NES Hotstik

The not-so-hot seat

Remember the video on the NES Hot Seat? I thought it was the only product Power to the 10th Inc put out. Turns out I was wrong. This is the NES Hot Stik, a motion-controlled joystick! Does it work? Will it poison you with mercury? Find out more!

Switch Online NES Collection - City Connect, Double Dragon II, Twinbee SP & Volleyball footage

Did you check out the latest Switch Online NES Collection games? If not, you can have a look at them above. Check out City Connect, Double Dragon II, Twinbee SP & Volleyball in action.

Retro-Bit showcases their Metal Storm re-release, and Collector's Edition

Storm's a brewin'

Retro-Bit announced a physical re-release for the NES game Metal Storm awhile ago, and they brought the finished version to showcase at E3, alongside a Collector's Edition.

The Collector’s Edition includes a cover, a cartridge box and instruction manual, a hard box, art prints, a pin, and a figure of the game’s main character, the mecha M-308 Gunner. Both the standard and Collector’s Edition will be available to order via Castlemania and Limited Run Games’ site, with the standard edition priced at $44.99 and the Collector’s Edition at $69.99. The shipping date will be sometime in Oct. 2019.

IGN Video - My Arcade Retro Champ: The Nintendo Switch of NES Games

The My Arcade Retro Champ is like the Game Gear for Nintendo that never happened. Play all your old-school Nintendo and Famicom cartridges with this portable console.

Take another look at the My Arcade Retro Champ

A new way to play old games

The Retro Champ™ console breathes new life into retro gamers’ NES™ and Famicom™ cartridges without the need for a legacy console. My Arcade’s new console includes a built-in 7" screen that allows for portable play with 35 hours of playtime via the built-in rechargeable battery. Retro gamers looking to play from the comfort of their couches can connect the Retro Champ™ to their TV via the console’s HDMI® output and pair with My Arcade wireless controllers (sold separately). Also included is a built-in cartridge cleaning kit - no more blowing on cartridges!

We haven't heard a thing about the My Arcade Retro Champ since January, but the good news is that everything has been going well since then. The device is actually launching later this month for $80! If you want to check out more pics of the Retro Champ, have a look at IGN's feature here.

Nintendo Treehouse Live's error screen is fantastic

The hall that Nintendo is holding their Treehouse Live stream in at E3 2019 just suffered a momentary power outage. During that issue, the Treehouse Live stream went down. It was quickly replaced with an error screen that Nintendo had prepared in advance, and it's absolutely fantastic. Nintendo certainly knows their Zelda history!

Thanks to Nurio for the heads up!

Switch Online NES Collection - Version 2.6.0 now live (City Connection, Double Dragon II, Volleyball, TwinBee SP)

Grab your new NES games today!

The Switch Online NES Collection has been updated to Version 2.6.0. As was revealed a couple weeks back, this update includes City Connection, Dboule Dragon II, and Volleyball. The bonus game this time around is TwinBee SP, which starts of at stage 6 and on the highest difficulty.

Fan makes an acrylic NES shell

Not seeing is believing

Fans are still showing the NES love all these years later, constantly coming up with new ideas and tweaks for the hardware. The latest creation takes the original shell of the NES and recreates it out of acrylic! The end result is really damn cool, and it gets even better with the special lighting!

Thanks to Stalepie for the heads up!


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