LEGO Super Mario turned into a motion controller for Super Mario Bros.

Here we LEGO!

LEGO Super Mario provides a lot of fun in and of itself, but you just knew hackers were going to tinker with the toy and make it do all sorts of interesting stuff. That's exactly what hacker R1ckp on Twitter did, by turning LEGO Super Mario into a motion controller.

R1ckp messed around with LEGO Super Mario to get it to use its motion-sensing capabilities as an input method for a traditional video game. You can see the fruits of his labor above, where he uses LEGO Super Mario to play a bit of Super Mario Bros.!

Limited Edition Battletoads NES Legacy Cartridge Collection and Vinyl Soundtrack Now Available for Pre-Order

Yes, we DO have Battletoads!

iam8bit, Rare, and Xbox Game Studios are tickled pimple-pink to announce their partnership on two toadally rad collectibles sets to honor Battletoads, the most beloved of ‘90s beat-em-up brawlers: the Battletoads NES Legacy Cartridge Collection and Battletoads: Smash Hits Vinyl Soundtrack. Both of these newfangled-meets-nostalgic creations are now available for pre-order on iam8bit.com. The limited edition NES Legacy Cartridge Collection, priced at $99.99, will ship in late Q3 of 2020, while the 2-disc vinyl soundtrack, priced at $42.99, will follow in Q4, by year’s end.

Battletoads’ long-awaited induction into iam8bit’s estimable Legacy Cartridge Collection goes well beyond the average re-release, a choice most appropriate for the ‘90s classic that hopped, kicked, and jumped past any opponent that attempted to box it in. Each cartridge – either colored Translucent Zitz Green or a rarer Pimple Brown (1-in-8 odds of getting that ultra-limited shade) – comes in a premium fold-out box sporting painstakingly restored full-color archival artwork, and comes with exclusive pack-ins, as well as (in the collector’s tradition) a foil-stamped dust cover.

The time-warping Battletoads: Smash Hits Vinyl Soundtrack, meanwhile, packs in all the legendary David Wise tunes you remember from the ‘Toads’ first rollicking collision-course adventure, before the second disc turns the dial forward to 2020 to afford David Housden’s heavier, metal-drenched score the immaculate pressing it so heartily deserves. Watch out for artist Alex Pardee’s pop-up jacket design, exclusive to iam8bit.com; this 3-D pop-up gatefold does Zitz, Rash and Pimple proud, “Kiss My Fist” style. As a collector’s bonus, 500 randomly selected buyers will be gifted with the surprise of Rash’s Toadally Rad Adventure Cassette in their order. This full-on sonic journey charts the fan-favorite Battletoads’ tumultuous arc throughout the games, incorporating tracks from the original Battletoads, Battletoads in Battlemaniacs, Battletoads Arcade and the newly-launched Battletoads for Xbox One, Windows 10, Xbox Game Pass and Steam.

Limited Edition Battletoads NES Legacy Cartridge Collection

Limited Edition of 2,000 (iam8bit Exclusive)
Brand-New Playable Cartridge
Translucent Zitz Green and Ultra Limited Pimple Brown Cartridges (Randomized)
Specialty Fold-Out Foil Box with Gloss and Embellishments
Full-Color, Premium Instruction Booklet w/ Restored Artwork + Foreword by Jirard “The Completionist” Khalil
Custom Dust Cover
Retro Pack-In Surprises
Custom Package Design & Restoration by Jango Snow Art & Design
Manufactured by Retrotainment Games + Infinite NES Lives
Battletoads: Smash Hits (2xLP Vinyl Soundtrack)

2xLP on Pimple Pink Vinyl

“Kiss My Fist” 3D Pop-Up Gatefold Jacket (iam8bit exclusive)
Disc One feat. music by David Wise (Battletoads, 1991)
Disc Two feat. music by David Housden (Battletoads, 2020)
Album Art by Alex Pardee
Mastered for Vinyl by Townsend Mastering
Digital Download Included
As a special bonus, 500 randomly selected orders will receive Rash's Toadally Rad Adventure Cassette

Investment platform pays $140k for a sealed copy of Super Mario Bros.

A new new record

Just a few weeks back, we saw a mint, sealed copy of Super Mario Bros. go for $114k in auction, setting a new record. Turns out that record didn't last long, and wasn't actually a record at the time!

Just a couple weeks before that public auction, a private sale was held for another perfect copy of Super Mario Bros.. Investment platform Rally managed to snag a copy for themselves in a private sale, and they paid $140k for it. As you might expect, Rally is looking to turn a profit on the game, so they're planning to sell $150,000 worth of shares in the game (3,000 individual shares at $50 a pop) starting at 12pm EDT on Friday, August 21. The $10,000 difference will cover Rally's $6,775 "sourcing fee" as well as other miscellaneous costs.

New line of Hobonichi MOTHER Project merch revealed

More irresistible items for fans

The Hobonichi MOTHER Project has already given us a ton of great MOTHER/Earthbound merch, and now a whole new wave is on the way. Check out a breakdown of the newly-revealed items below.

- MOTHER Earth silver necklace (¥19,800)
- Franklin badge (¥3,850)
- brass key ring (¥7,700)
- Starman brass pin (¥4,400)
- glass bead pixel art charms (¥2,530)
- towels (¥3,300)

Switch officially surpasses total worldwide sales of the NES

Job well done, Switch!

Back on August 6th, 2020, we posted up a note saying that the Switch had almost certainly surpassed total sales of the NES. Nintendo's quarterly results showed the Switch as moving 61.45 million units. The NES managed to sell 61.91 million units in its lifetime. Extremely close to tackling the NES, but not officially at the mark. The thing is, Nintendo's quarterly report didn't account for Switch units sold in July or the first week of August. That's what made us confident in saying that the Switch had surpassed the NES.

There's no need to speculate anymore, though. Thanks to the weekly sales data from Japan, we now know that the Switch has officially surpassed the NES' total install base. As it stands, just measuring the Japanese sales since the quarterly report, the Switch has sold 62,035,250 units. It's likely the figure is way past that number, as we don't have weekly Switch sales info for any other region.

Long story short, the NES has been surpassed, and the Switch is now Nintendo's second best-selling home console. Now just the Wii stands in the way.

Check out another timelaspe build of the LEGO NES

2,600+ pieces put together in a matter of minutes

Don't have the time to build the LEGO NES yourself, or perhaps you couldn't track one down before it sold out? Why not enjoy the next best thing by watching the timelaspe video above!

Check out a timelapse build for the LEGO NES

LEGO a go-go

The LEGO NES consists of over 2,600 LEGO bricks, so it's not exactly something you can put together in just a few minutes! If you don't have the patience to build a LEGO NES on your own, or you simply haven't had the time to do so, you can check out the video above for a timelapse of the entire project!

Basse Def Adventures seeing Famicom release in Japan as Pico Pico Grand Adventure

May the Famicom live on forever!

Basse Def Adventures is an 8-bit adaptation of the Basse Def comic book by Jibé (Jean-Baptiste Pollien). The game, developed by Broke Studio, is a 2D platformer with 7 different worlds and 21 levels to explore. Basse Def Adventures features two heroes, Ludo and Simon, who have been sucked into a retro video game console. The two characters have unique abilities, and you can switch between them on the fly.

In Japan, the game will be renamed Pico Pico Grand Adventure. Publishing will be handled by Columbus Circle, and the game is slated to launch sometime late in November, 2020. The title is priced at ¥5,378, and you can see the game cartridge and cover art above. You can also see the Japanese announcement trailer below.

Final Fantasy: Memory of Heroes, novelizations of the first 3 games, seeing an English release

You played the games, now read the books!

Light and darkness hold the world in balance-and should that equilibrium ever break, only the four warriors chosen by the Crystals can prevent inevitable ruin. This is the story of three times the balance shifted-and the three bands of friends who came together to save the world.

See where it all began with the novel adaptation of the first three stories from the classic FINAL FANTASY series, penned in celebration of its 25th anniversary!

Believe it or not, Square-Enix released Final Fantasy: Memory of Heroes in Japan back in 2012. Its taken 8 years for a localization to happen, but at least we're getting one! The book features novelized versions of the first three Final Fantasy games, and is set for release on August 18th, 2020. You can preorder from Amazon here.

LEGO NES video review

This system is bricked

Is the LEGO NES worth the time and effort, or should you pass? Join Steve as he explores the pros and cons of Nintendo and LEGO's latest in our full review!


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