Jeremy Parish's NES Works #59 - Spy Hunter & Alpha Mission

Two more NES classics revisited

SunSoft returns to NES with their first internally developed game for the U.S., though like this episode's back-up feature (Alpha Mission) the game in question (Spy Hunter) actually hails from the arcades. Neither of these vertical shooters offer much in the way of a compelling reason to play them, aside from a pretty good take on the Peter Gunn theme in Spy Hunter. Don't worry, though. SunSoft will get a lot better. And SNK.. will get a little better, at least on NES.

Jim Power in Lost Dimension Kickstarter aiming to bring the game to NES and more

You've got the power!

Jim Power is a shoot'em up game similar to Mega Man, Turrican, Contra and the like. There is a bit of a split story of the game, as two different versions were made that share the same enemies, bosses, level designs, and soundtrack. In Jim Power Mutant Planet, Jim Power is sort of John MClane type detective, which is called in to rescue the president's daughter who has been captured by an evil monster and taken to Mutant Planet. In Jim Power in Lost Dimension, which portrays Jim Power as an Intergalactic Soldier, Jim travels to a 5th dimension to stop an evil monster called Vaprak from invading and destroying earth.

This Kickstarter campaign will offer 5 different physical versions of Jim Power, they all will be available on day one!

Jim Power In The Lost Dimension for NES - Developed from scratch port by our team.

Jim Power in The Lost Dimension for Sega Genesis - Unreleased game fully playable.

Jim Power in The Lost Dimension for SNES - A reworked version of the original SNES version. This version has a lot of improvements and polishing. For example, the dizzy inverted parallax scroll is removed. Also, the game features a hit system, which balances the difficulty of the game. Other additions, like level screens, and different endings have been included on this version.

Jim Power Mutant Planet for Amiga CD32 - A Conversion of the Amiga version for the Amiga CD32 console. This version will feature the TurboGrafx Soundtrack (as it is CD quality music). It will also include the DOS version for you to plan on your Windows computer.

Jim Power Mutant Planet for TurboGrafx CD - A Japan Exclusive PC Engine game, finally available worldwide.

Check out the Kickstarter here

Cyber Shadow dev discusses the game's Shadow of the Ninja and Shatterhand inspirations

Taking from the greats

There's no doubt Cyber Shadow is inspired by platforming games of the past, but there's a couple in particular that creator Aarne “MekaSkull” Hunziker wanted to point out. In an interview with NintendoEnthusiast, Hunziker goes into detail on how two NES classics paved the way for Cyber Shadow.

“Shadow of the Ninja and Shatterhand both have a pleasant pace to the gameplay where you might take a moment to think about the pattern of moving and stationary hazards combined. On top of this, Shatterhand is a very late NES game and really shows how far you can go with the limited palettes to achieve really intricate and detailed levels.”

NES finds a second life as a retro Switch dock

Switch, meet your great, great, great, great grandfather

via Gfycat

I have three old NES systems in my basement. One of them is hooked up to a TV, another is sitting in standby incase something happens to the first unit, and the third is the most finicky by far. It really doesn't work all that well anymore, but I haven't had the heart to get rid of it. Looks like I know what to do with it now!

While we couldn't find who the original creator is, we still want to show off their amazing creation. For whatever reason, they decided to take an old NES and thrown in some Switch dock guts, and then cut a hole in the top to turn it into a retro Switch dock! I'd love to know if this thing still functions as an NES, because then it's the best of both worlds!

Thanks to Deux for the heads up!

11 speedrunners set a record by beating Home Alone on the NES at the exact same time

Kevin's not here

Home Alone on the NES isn't exactly the most exciting game there is, but there's a community of speedrunners out there dedicated to the game. They've managed to perfect runs through the title through use of a glitch, and 11 of them have showed off their mastering of the game at AGDQ 2020.

All 11 speedrunners started their games at the same moment, and they were gunning for a specific glitch that would let them lock in the earliest possible completion time, which sits at 19:58. If a speedrunner missed out on the glitch, everyone would reset and start the clock again. When every single speedrunner nailed the glitch, everyone sat back and waited for the timer to hit 19:58 to earn their record!

GoNintendo Video - NES Rematch: Battletoads

How badly does Battletoads beat me up?

Time for the start of a new series! Our 'Rematch' series of videos will have me revisiting classic games from the NES/SNES days in order to see how much worse I've gotten in games throughout my 38+ years on this earth. Let's start with a real shellshock and see just how much Battletoads kicks my ass.

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AGDQ 2020 features a two-player, one controller blindfolded speedrun for Punch-Out!!

Take that, Mike!

Punch-Out!! has been a staple of Awesome Games Done Quick for years now, but people keep finding interesting ways to run through the game. We've seen players tackle the game blindfolded before, but what you two players with blindfolds, and they're working together on one controller?! Watch the magic play out in the full segment above.

Jeremy Parish's NES Works #58 - Double Dribble & Ring King retrospective

Jump ball!

NES Works continues (properly back in the year 1987 once again) with another pair of sports games. One is quite good, and the other... is not only kinda bad, but it also means lots of people are going to leave tired jokes about blowjobs here, because there's no 20-year-old Seanbaby joke that isn't made even better by being left as a drive-by YouTube comment.

I will say this for Ring King, though: At least it has an exhibition mode, which means I didn't actually have to play it while recording footage. Quite considerate of Data East, really.

Duck Hunt fan makes a version of the game you can play on your Christmas tree

A new way to play Duck Hunt

Who says you need an NES to play Duck Hunt? If you have a Christmas tree, a 3D printer, and the right tech, you can build yourself a version to play on your Christmas tree! That's what Wermy has done, which you can see in the video above. A one-of-a-kind Duck Hunt experience that everyone can gather around the Christmas tree to play!

Check out more pics of the Mother Original Soundtrack

The motherload of pics

The Mother Original Soundtrack saw release in Japan on Dec. 25th, 2019, and a number of people have already snatched theirs up. If you want to get a better look at what the albums look like, and see what's included in the liner notes, you can see all sorts of pictures in the gallery above.


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