The initial pitch for Donkey Kong Country included Mario, a time machine, and Wario as the main villain

Donkey Kong Country started off COMPLETELY different

Games change a lot from their first idea to final release. A ton of different options are discussed, elements are tweaked or cut altogether, and some content never makes it past the initial pitch. Turns out Donkey Kong Country is a great example of that.

Believe it or not, the original pitch for Donkey Kong Country included Mario and a time machine. Wario ends up stealing that time machine, uses it to get some sort of crazy gun that turns Mario to stone, and Donkey Kong sets out to save the day when he hears about the trouble. It sounds like some sort of off-the-wall fan fiction, but it's all how Donkey Kong Country got started!

You can learn a lot more about that initial pitch, complete with more artwork, in the video above. Thanks to ibbsters for the heads up!

The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past's overworld map recreated with LEGOs

That takes a bit of patience

When I used to play with LEGO's, I would make tiny rocket ships and cars that looked nothing like what they were supposed to be. I never really graduated beyond that, but clearly some people have! Case in point, the amazing LEGO recreation of The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past's map above. I can't even imagine how much time this took!

My Nintendo Europe restocks Switch Online SNES Controllers


If you're in Europe and you missed out on the Switch Online SNES Controllers, you now have a second chance to grab one. Nintendo Europe has added in another batch to their online store, which they say is in very limited quantities. Those in the UK can lock in their order here, and the rest of Europe can order here.

Hideki Kamiya says the Resident Evil dev team played Tetris Attack so much during work that director Shinji Mikami had to ban the game

Well...it is a great game!

Platinum has up a massive blog featuring an interview with Hideki Kamiya. The blog takes a look at Hideki's career, as well as all the different games he enjoyed while growing up. In part of the interview, Kamiya discusses his affinity for Tetris Attack.

Turns out Kamiya and a lot of other devs played Tetris Attack a great deal back during his Capcom days. Kamiya was involved with development of the original Resident Evil, but it seems sometimes Tetris Attack would get in the way of dev team's work!

When I was working on Resident Evil, Tetris Attack was really popular at the office. We’d play against each other every day, to the point where work got ignored and Shinji Mikami had to put out an order banning Tetris Attack.

I'm sure there had to be a delay or two for Resident Evil. If there ever was, now we can blame some of that on Tetris Attack!

IGN Video - Top 5 Obscure SNES Games We Want on Switch

It's been a few weeks since we got 20 of the all-time best SNES games dropped on Nintendo Switch Online, so of course I'm already thinking about what the next 20 games are because I'm a greedy little freak for SNES games, buddy.

Dragon Quest XI S' entire 2D mode can be played with the Switch SNES Controller

A neat way to play!

The Switch SNES Controller can be used with Switch Online SNES games, but it also works with some other titles. Believe it or not, it functions absolutely perfectly with Dragon Quest XI S in 2D mode. As long as you stick in that mode, you can play the full game start to finish with the SNES controller!

IGN Video - Switch SNES controller unboxing

Checkout the official updated wireless Super Nintendo controller made exclusively for those who subscribe to Nintendo Switch Online.

Trials of Mana creator and artist share special tributes on the game's 24th anniversary

24 years in the making!

Trials of Mana, which originally released as Seiksen Densetsu 3 for the Super Famicom in 1995, is celebrating its 24th anniversary today. To mark the occasion, creator Koichi Ishii shared some kind words, and series artist Haccan shared a special drawing. You can see the art from Haccan above, as well as the words from Ishii below.

“When designing the six main characters, the very first one to have their image take shape was Lise. She moves forward without averting her eyes from the harsh trials. She’s a character who is the embodiment of such strong will. I believe growth comes from having such strong wills. And to you all, please do enjoy this ‘adventure of growing’ together with Lise.”

SNES Switch Controller unboxing, plus tests with Super Mario Maker 2, Smash Bros. Ultimate, and more

We unbox the classic Super Nintendo controller for Nintendo Switch and test them out in the Nintendo Switch Online SNES games app, including Super Mario World, as well as check if they work with games like Super Mario Maker 2 and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate! Check out how well the wireless works, as well as how it compares to the controller to the SNES Classic Controller as well as the ORIGINAL Super Nintendo controller!

The Switch Online SNES Collection menu features Super Mario World sound effects when using a Switch SNES Controller

It's the little touches that matter

Here's a neat little Easter egg for you SNES fans out there. If you have the Switch Online SNES Collection, as well as the new Switch SNES controller, you'll be treated to something special when you go to play some SNES games. The Switch Online SNES Collection menu will replace the standard sound effects with some from Super Mario World! Not mind-blowing by any means, but certainly a nice touch.

Thanks to ibbsters for the heads up!


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