The Switch Online SNES Controller is now back in stock via Nintendo's online store

Take control today!

Nintendo said that they were going to share news of the Switch Online SNES Controller sometime in February, and they've made good on their word. The controller is currently back in stock on the Nintendo online store, and it's sure to go quickly. Grab yours for $30 here.

Get a Blast from the past with Nintendo Switch Online

A reminder of the retro fun waiting

When you are a Nintendo Switch Online member, you can play your favorite multiplayer games online with your friends, but did you know you also get access to over 70 classic games?

Here are just a few of the great titles you can play with your membership:

Super Mario World™

Bowser and his minions have kidnapped Princess Peach. Now it’s up to Mario and his pal Yoshi to save the day!

Super Mario World™ 2: Yoshi's Island™

Play as Yoshi and romp through a crayon-colored world, tossing eggs to protect young Mario from the evil Magikoopa, Kamek.

The Legend of Zelda™: A Link to the Past™

Link must venture into twisting mazes, dungeons, and shadowy forests as he searches for the missing Princess Zelda.

Kirby's Dream Course™

Zip across checkerboard fairways high above the earth and try to sink shots against King Dedede!

Super Mario Kart™

Get-in, sit-down, and buckle-up to experience some frantic in-game kart racing with the game that started it all.

Super Metroid™

Samus Aran must don her awesome array of high-tech weaponry to retrieve the deadly Metroid hidden deep within the cave-riddled planet Zebes.

Free 7-day trial

Haven’t tried Nintendo Switch Online before? Sign up now for a free 7-day trial to see what you’ve been missing!

The SNES Playstation is officially up for auction

Own a part of history!

A few weeks back, we noted that the SNES Playstation prototype was going up for auction. That auction is now live, which means you could make the system yours! At the time of writing this post, the auction sits at $4,300. Be prepared for it to go much, much higher. This is an insane bit of Nintendo and Playstation history! Check out the auction here.

Switch Online NES/SNES Collection update coming Feb. 19th, 2020 (Pop'n TwinBee, Smash Tennis, Shadow of the Ninja, Eliminator Boat Duel)

Retro action heading your way

On Feb. 19, four more games will be added to the Super Nintendo Entertainment System™ - Nintendo Switch Online and Nintendo Entertainment System™ - Nintendo Switch Online collections.

Super NES™

Pop'n TwinBee - The sixth game in the TwinBee series, this vertically scrolling shooter takes place in a cute, poppy setting. This shooting game was released for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System™ in 1993. TwinBee and WinBee hear from a girl named Madoka that her great-grandfather, Dr. Mardock, has lost his wits, so they set off to return him to his normal self. This game doesn't offer multiple "lives," but the ship will not be destroyed when hit by enemies or their attacks until the life gauge reaches 0. Shoot bells found in the clouds to change their colors and receive various effects.

Smash Tennis - In Smash Tennis for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System™, the controls may be simple, but there's plenty of room for skill! Perform a strong shot with the A Button, a weak shot with the B Button, or a lob with the X Button. Easy, right? Well, with only those moves, you can develop all sorts of approaches, unlocking the deep strategies of tennis! See how you fair on the court in Exhibition mode, where you can select your character and court type freely, or in Tournament mode, where you must win set after set to progress through the tournament. All on one of eight court types—three basic and five special!


Shadow of the Ninja - Infiltrate Emperor Garuda's stronghold as you prowl through the shadows. It is the year AD 2029, and America is ruled under the dictatorship of Emperor Garuda. In the midst of disorder and oppression, two shadow warriors rise to the people’s cry for help. Choose to play as one of two ninja masters from the Iga clan—Hayate and Kaede—as they infiltrate enemy front lines in these action-packed stages. Master tactics of stealth as you acquire additional weapons and power-ups, defeating numerous foes until you reach the emperor himself. Overthrow the emperor and destroy his wicked empire from within, solo or with a friend!

Eliminator Boat Duel - In this powerboat racing game, get behind the wheel of one of the fastest machines on the water, and get ready to earn boatloads of in-game cash! Drivers earn thousands of dollars for competing, and you'll use your winnings to repair and upgrade your boat to really push your competitive edge to its maximum. Money is what keeps you afloat, and a little aggression can go a long way: sink an opponent to earn a cool $50,000 in-game reward to spend souping up your powerboat. Just try not to get sunk yourself, or you'll be swimming back to dry land. And try to keep the false starts to a minimum. Each time you jump the gun, you'll be slapped with a $2,000 in-game penalty, which is almost worse than going for a swim!

Blazing Chrome dev would love the chance to make Ninja Gaiden 4 in a 16-bit style

Let him do it, you cowards!

Man, do I love the classic Ninja Gaiden series. I love the newer ones as well, but there's something so special about the original trilogy. The visuals, the storytelling, the music, and the hard-as-nails gameplay. It's quite a memorable experience, and I've always wanted to see a new installment in that style. While Koei Tecmo might not be interested in that idea, an indie dev would love the chance.

JoyMasher co-founder Danilo Dias, the man who helped created Blazing Chrome, has taken to Twitter to share his interest in working with the Ninja Gaiden franchise. Dias says he'd really like the chance to work with the IP to create Ninja Gaiden 4 in a 16-bit style. Apparently Dias has had the story laid out for this idea since he was a kid, and he'd take the original trilogy into account when creating it. As Dias considers Ninja Gaiden 2 to be the reason he got into video games, he'd love the chance to pay his respects by creating a 4th entry.

Ganbare Goemon 3: Shishi Jurokube no Manjigatame fan translation released

Here we Goemon again

Just yesterday we posted about Ganbare Goemon 2, which now has a fan translation. The same team behind that translation has also provided one for Ganbare Goemon 3: Shishi Jurokube no Manjigatame, which is yet another Super Famicom entry in the Goemon franchise that went unlocalized.

Ganbare Goemon 3 adds in a fourth playable character, Yae, alongside the returning Goemon, Ebisumaru, and Sasuke. Ganbare Goemon 3 takes things back to the style of the first SNES outing by featuring a top-down overworld that transitions into side-scrolling platforming stages. There's also a few stages that let you pilot a giant Goemon mech.

ASDA brick-and-mortar locations offering new SNES Classic Edition stock

Nice to see you again!

If you missed out on an SNES Classic Edition back when they first launched, your second chance has just arrived. If you're living anywhere near an ASDA location, you might want to head in store and see what they have to offer. Numerous locations are just now restocking the console, and we have no idea how many units they have. Best to snatch one up now before they disappear again!

Ganbare Goemon 2 gets a fan translation

You go, Goemon!

SNES owners in the states got a chance to enjoy The Legend of the Mystical Ninja, which I still believe to be one of the platform's best games. What we didn't get to enjoy was the sequel, Ganbare Goemon 2. That game never got localized, but 27 years after its original release, a fan translation is now available.

Ganbare Goemon 2 plays a lot like the title before it, but removes a good portion of the quarter-view sections and focuses on the side-scrolling platformer aspect. Konami doesn't seem to care much about the Goemon franchise anymore, which makes it that much nicer to see fans out there giving it some love.

Nintendo originally considered multiple parallel worlds for The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past

What could have been

The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past features link going back and forth between the Light and Dark worlds. The mechanic was pretty surprising back in the day, but in an interview with Kotaku, we learn Nintendo originally had greater plans.

According to Nintendo's Kensuke Tanabe, the first idea was to include multiple parallel worlds to explore. Check out Tanabe's comment on the mechanic below.

“When that happens, I try not to cling to that initial idea too much. For example, this is when I was working on The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past. At first, we were thinking about structuring the game with numerous parallel worlds. However, in order to establish the gameplay in the end, we decided that it would be better to narrow it down to two worlds: Light and Dark. I think game development involves much work where you never know unless you actually test it out.”

Mega Man X novel gets fan translation

You played the game, now read the book!

Did you know that an official Mega Man X novel released in Japan back in Jan. 2017? The novel was called Mega Man X The Novel -Irregulars Report-, and it's based on the manga adaptation of the game. The book was written by Tsubasa Todoroki and published by PHP Institute, and includes artwork from manga artist Yoshihiro Iwamoto.

That novel never saw release outside of Japan, which didn't sit too well with fans. Thankfully, a group of dedicated fan translators have come together to translate the entire novel. The work was handled by well-known translator Sidier. You can check out the fruits of his labor right here.


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