Arwings spawned in the vanilla version of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time for the first time

Aim for the Link!

First up, a little backstory for those who don't know. During the development of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Nintendo used Arwing models to test the flight patterns of Volvagia, alongside the Z-targeting system. This was left in the game's code, and discovered a number of years later by modders.

Since then, we've seen countless videos of people using cheats and mods to make the Arwings spawn in-game. That's what makes today's video that much more impressive. It marks the very first time that someone has gotten the Arwings to spawn in-game without using cheat codes or mods.

This player in particular got the Arwings to spawn via "arbitrary code execution." This method is used by speedrunners to force the game to load and run the save file name as if it's game code. The end result in this instance is some attacking Arwings!

Competitive Smash Bros. tournament GENESIS 7 teams with Nintendo

Genesis does what Nintendoes

Nintendo doesn't do too much in the way of eSports content outside of their own events, but they're stepping out of their comfort zone once again with a new collab. The gang behind the GENESIS 7 Smash Bros. tournament have revealed that Nintendo will be collaborating with them for their next tournament. No word on what the collaboration means for the tournament, but there's sure to be exciting things ahead!

GENESIS 7 runs January 24th to January 26th, 2020 at the Oakland Convention Center in Oakland, California. There will be tournaments for Super Smash Bros 64, Melee, and Ultimate in singles and doubles. There will also be tournaments for Splatoon 2, Rivals of Aether, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, and more.

Sakurai comments on Super Smash Bros' 21st anniversary

The birth of a mega-franchise

Believe it or not, its been 21 years since the original Super Smash Bros. launched for the N64. Who knew it would turn out to be one of Nintendo's biggest franchises, and lead to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate becoming the best-selling fighting game of all-time?! I doubt Sakurai had any idea, or any time to think about it, considering how busy he still is with the franchise!

Sakurai did take a moment to recognize the original game's anniversary on Twitter, sharing surprise at 21 years having already passed. He then went on to say that he didn't feel all that nostalgic for the game, considering how he's worked on revamped stages of the original for Smash Bros. Ultimate. For him, the classic stages are still fresh in his mind!

New Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time any% speedrun record sits at 12:59

How long will this record last?

Somehow, speedrunners continue to chip away at the any% speedrun time for The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. A new record has been set by Lozoots, who managed to wrap the game up in just 12:59. This absolutely shattered the previous record, which clocked in at 16 minutes 58 second, 366 milliseconds. This new record was set by using a trick that allows players to warp directly into the game’s credits.

Merchoid reveals 8-inch Banjo-Kazooie phone/controller holder

A duo you can count on

Looking for a unique way to hold your Switch Pro Controller or smartphone? Perhaps Banjo and Kazooie are the perfect solution. Merchoid has revealed a Banjo-Kazooie 8-inch "Cable Guy" Phone and Controller Holder, which will be sold for $41. The officially-licensed product also includes a 6-foot micro USB charging cable. Grab your preorder here!

Check out the N64 'Secret Screen' prototype that never saw release

I've got a secret!

Dane Galden came up with a number of gaming creations throughout the years, but he had some ideas that never made it into production. One of those ideas was the N64 'Secret Screen,' which he got the idea for when his brother kept cheating by screen-peeking while playing football. Galden's idea took that option for cheating away by hiding plays on the 'Secret Screen,' which attached to the N64 controller.

The 'Secret Screen' was featured in an issue of EGM, and apparently it caught the interest of another developer. SEGA saw the idea and apparently took quite a liking to it. According to Galden, it was his idea that inspired the Dreamcast VMU!

Super Mario Odyssey's Wooded Kingdom recreated in Super Mario 64

Something old, something new

Super Mario Odyssey has gotten a ton of love from Switch owners, but there's still millions of fans who can't put down Mario's original 3D platformer, Super Mario 64. Why pick between two great games when you can enjoy them both at the same time? One skilled modder has taken Super Mario Odyssey's Wooded Kingdom and recreated it in Super Mario 64 to great effect. Check out the impressive mod in the video above.

Thanks to ibbsters for the heads up!

Fan shows off his complete N64 North American collection

Get N or Get Out!

The N64 may not have had the biggest library in terms of quantity, but it certainly played host to a number of hugely important, influential, and successful games. Collecting all those super-hits and stinkers in one collection is no easy task, but one N64 fanatic has managed to do just that.

No need to wonder what a complete collection of N64 North American software looks like. Superfan Amiibo Jason has finally amassed a every N64 game released here in North America, alongside the various hardware options as well. This definitely took some time and dedication, but the end result shows the collecting was more than worth it!

Fans working to decompile The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

Time to see what secrets await

It seems that Nintendo's first party efforts on the N64 continue to interest and intrigue nearly 25 years after the console's launch. Fans of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time continue to dig through the game to see how it works, and find out what secrets remain in the game's code. The next step in those efforts is now underway, and it'll give us all an even better look at what's behind the curtain.

A team of GitHub coders are working now to decompile the entirety of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. Decompiling the game's code will give us something that we can easily read, rather than something an emulator turns to to run a game. Once decompiled, any comments the devs left while working on the game will be on display, and the broken-down details of the code itself can be used to create further mods, hacks, and more.

It's going to be a long road to get everything decompiled, but seeing what fans have done with the game so far means we should be in for quite a treat when the project wraps.

Get a close look at the Nintendo 'Ultra 64' prototype controller


Before we got the Nintendo 64, there was the Ultra 64. Nintendo was really close to releasing the Nintendo 64 as the Ultra 64, going so far as having images published in magazines and talking about the name left and right. Then, shortly before launch, Nintendo got gold feet and changed the name from Ultra to Nintendo.

Back when Nintendo was running with the Ultra 64, they were also working with a slightly different controller. While most of the features are the same as what we got in the Nintendo 64, there are a couple notable differences. Check out the video above to see what unique features the Ultra 64 controller had, and how close we came to getting something different.


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