Using classic Nintendo hardware to create experimental audio/visual experiences

You're looking at the Atchafalaya Arcade in action. It's a mish-mash of old Nintendo hardware, chained together to create some trippy audio/visual works. I love this kind of experimental stuff. I honestly could sit/watch/listen to this for hours on end. You never know where it's going or what you'll see/hear next.

There's a look at what's gone into the video you see above. A bunch of old tech and unique cartridges thrown together to make a one-of-a-kind experience.

Dylan Cuthbert talks X's lack of release in the states, StarFox team size, and StarFox 2's ROM leak

Coming from an ArsTechnica interview with Dylan Cuthbert...

On why X (Game Boy title) wasn't released stateside

I think the problem was that the retailers in America didn’t really want to pick it up—it was an advanced 3D game, and they wanted simple puzzle-like games, which of course were selling like hot cakes. The Game Boy wasn’t really an experimental market, and the user base didn’t really need 3D to enjoy the machine. So our game was just a little too nerdy for the market climate at the time.

On the size of the StarFox team

The team was pretty small, with just three programmers, so no single one of us was "lead" as such; we just led different aspects of the programming as needed, switching roles on the fly.

On if he has any insight into how StarFox 2's ROM leaked

No idea. I’ve only ever had my hands on the final QA’d ROM, which we had a good play with before making Star Fox Command. I seem to remember an even older ROM being leaked from CES—back in those days, security wasn’t the tightest!

Metroid II - main theme cover

Thanks to gbev213 for the heads up!

Nintendo grabs Game Boy image trademark for use with merchandise and as a "storage medium"

The image above was submitted by Nintendo for a trademark. The first use is for merchandising purposes, which is no big deal. The second trademark application is for use as a "storage medium." Anyone want to take a stab at what in the world that could mean?!

Blast from the Past - Mega Man promo video from 1992

Man, what a different time it was. There wasn't an internet to promote your games with. All you had was game magazines and promo tapes like this! Talk about time capsules from a bygone era.

Metroid: Samus Returns amiibo box uses the wrong game title

Metroid amiibo box error

Might be a little hard to use these amiibo with that game, Nintendo. I don't think there's an amiibo adapter for the Game Boy yet! Thanks to Mock Turtle for the heads up!

Nintendo grabs Game Boy trademark for clothing and merch

Nintendo continues their push for more merchandising opportunities with their latest trademark. The company just secured a Game Boy trademark, which pertains to both clothing and merchandise in general. Can't wait to see what goodies Nintendo gets out there!