Pokemon Co. says "trust us" with Pokemon: Let's Go Pikachu/Eevee, explains why they picked Pokemon Yellow for inspiration

Pokemon Company CEO and President Tsunekazu Ishihara wants you to know that they're taking Pokemon: Let's Go Pikachu/Eevee seriously. They recognize that the games are slightly different from what the company has done in the past, but there are reasons for approaching things this way. In an interview with Famitsu, Ishihara explained why the game is in good hands, and also how they decided to use Pokemon Yellow as the base for creating this experience.

Among those who have tried the game, some may feel that it has changed. However, we have been continuously changing the formula of the games since our inception, and in the end the players have accepted those changes. In that sense, this time we are doing the same, but that is part of the long tradition of Game Freak and the Pokémon series. We will not go wrong with the basics, so please, trust us.

In Pokemon GO, you can take with you an associated Pokémon and walk with it, but if we return to its origin, we get to Yellow Pokémon. In Pokémon: Let’s Go, Pikachu! and Pokémon: Let’s Go, Eevee! We wanted to expand this feature even more. Pikachu always follows Ash in the anime, while Eevee has become very popular because it can evolve in many different ways. And as I mentioned before, we want this to be the game that people go to play after Pokémon GO, since Pokémon Pokémon Red, Blue, Green and Yellow appear in Pokémon GO, so it seemed like a good decision. Based on these things, we decided that Yellow Pokémon would be the perfect choice.

Oculus Go headset gets a Game Boy emulator

Here's a bit of a weird one for you. The GearBoy is an emulator for the Game Boy that's been around for quite some time. It originally allowed users to play Game Boy and Game Boy Color games on their smartphones. Now that emulator has been modded to work with the Oculus Go. The emulator projects a Game Boy game onto a giant virtual black wall. Using some of the newest tech to play some of the oldest games. There's something that tickles me about that.

Pokemon Gold Spaceworld ‘97 demo gets a fan translation

A few weeks back we covered the news of the Pokemon Gold Spaceworld ‘97 demo leaking onto the internet. The demo was quite a bit different from what we got in the final version of Pokemon Gold, but that info was gleaned just from visuals and gameplay. What we didn't know was how the text differs. Now we do, thanks to a fan translation! If you want to see what everyone is saying in the demo, hit up the link below to see a translation of the overworld text.

Translation here (thanks MarioCheated!)

Game Boy Camera gets a fan-made Canon EF Mount

Now this is how I love my hardware mods. Things that are absolutely ridiculous and are fueled by nothing but passion. Looks like the lens actually results in some impressive pictures too! Impressive for the Game Boy Camera, that is. It might be a bit of a cumbersome setup, but the results look like they paid off!

Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu/Eevee Vs. Pokemon Yellow - visual comparison

Obviously the two games are going to look pretty different from one another, but there are definitely spots where you can see the direct inspiration from Pokemon Yellow. I'm sure it'll be a lot of fun for fans of Yellow to go through Let's Go Pikachu/Eevee tos ee how much has changed, and now much remains the same.

Japanese Game Boy game Noobow gets fan translation

Never heard of Noobow, the Japanese chocolate mascot? Seems like hardly anyone has, even over in Japan. Still, that didn't stop Noobow from getting a Game Boy game back in the day, and now that game has received a fan translation! It's a quick puzzle platformer if you're interested in those, and there's almost no chance anyone ever involved with the game would be upset if you grabbed the fan translation. Most likely everyone involved with the game has long forgotten it!

Special manga shows off early Pokemon designs that never made it into the games

This week in Japan, a special manga based on the life of Pokémon creator Satoshi Tajiri went on sale. The manga includes a few pages that feature early images of various Pokémon that never made it past the prototype stages. Who knows, maybe these guys will pop up in a Pokemon game somewhere down the line!

Nintendo NY selling retro Game Boy cartridge and SNES-themed notebooks

I am so embarrassed when I write something down nowadays. My handwriting was never good, but after so many years of working on a computer, it's almost like I forgot how to write. I've written in cursive since the second grade, and it used to be passable. Now it looks like I fell asleep after writing the first letter! ...maybe I'll just pick up these notebooks to display, rather than use. I don't wan to ugly them up!

Capturing Formula 1 action with a Game Boy Camera

The large majority of us carry a camera around in our pocket everywhere we go, and the quality is astounding. Why on earth would you use something like a Game Boy Camera to snap photos of anything? Well, some people find the old tech charming and endlessly interesting. Case in point, Tim Binnion, a man who brought his Game Boy Camera to the Shanghai Grand Prix. Considering the camera's abilities, I'd say he took some pretty amazing pics of the action! Check out a few more here.

Did You Know Gaming - The Queen's Gold Wii

This time on Did You Know Gaming extra, we take a look at the Queen's gold Nintendo Wii which may be the most expensive console ever made. Or if you play more PC games, we show a PC gaming rig which is the most expensive hardware in gaming. Then we take a look at a Gold Game Boy.