Diving into the rumor of the Super Game Boy 2

The internet is loaded with all kinds of rumors and mysteries, and today, one of those mysteries reappeared in regards to a long lost American version of Nintendo's Super Game Boy 2 that no one has ever seen. The question stands about whether or not this item actually exists, but today you can join me on my six month adventure to discover for yourself whether or not such a peripheral exists.

Thanks to MarioCheated for the heads up!

Espionage Cosmetics releasing compact kits that look like Game Boy cartridges

Power up your Nerd Makeup with the latest from Espionage Cosmetics! These fun Cartridge Compacts easily fit in your pocket, conveniently hold our exclusive pressed eyeshadows, and most importantly, look rad as heck! Cartridge shadows are replaceable, so you can customize and swap at will! This listing is for one Cartridge Compact "Kit".

Kit includes:

1x Cartridge Compact (Nerd Makeup Legend Variant)
1x Eyeshadow of of your choice (Select options come w/ BONUS Exclusive Nerd Manicure...only available during this PRESALE!)

There are Tetris, Zelda, and Pac-Man themed carts. Check them out here!

Tobu Tobu Girl physical copies now available to order

Your cat is floating into the atmosphere and you are the only one who can save it. Jump, dash, and flap your arms to maneuver around perilous obstacles racing against the clock to retrieve your pet friend before it is too late!

Tobu Tobu Girl is a fun and challenging arcade platformer developed by Tangram Games featuring an original soundtrack by potato-tan.

Grab yours here

Save me Mr. Tako dev discusses the game's Game Boy aesthetic, bringing it to Switch

A portion of a NintendoChitChat interview with Save me Mr. Tako dev, Christophe Galati...

NCC: We’ve seen a lot of retro-style games in recent years, but not many choose a Game Boy aesthetic. Why did you decide to make this game an homage to the Game Boy?

CG: I started to work on the game back in 2014, the year of the Game Boy’s 25th anniversary. It resonated as a call for me, it was the time to create a Game Boy tribute game. I love this console and think that it’s important to make this aesthetic live today.

NCC: Is the Game Boy tribute part of the reason you picked the Switch as a console, because of its portability?

CG: I’m a huge Nintendo fan, it always was my goal to release the game on a Nintendo platform. When I started to work on Tako, the “NX” was not announced yet. As it’s my first game, I only had access to the Wii U developer program, even if the game would have suited the 3DS better. Right after the Switch announcement I instantly knew that it was the system I wanted my game to be on. I’m glad that this dream has come true thanks to Nicalis.

New Game Boy game Guns & Riders now available

Shipping is flat rate $5 in the US. International shipping should be around $8. I’ll send a PayPal request after you order for the extra cost.

“Guns & Riders” is a fast-paced arcade style game for the Nintendo Gameboy. You’re the sheriff and the town has been overrun by outlaws! Take out as many as you can, but don’t let any slip past you or you’ll lose a life. Also, keep track of your ammo because you can only reload so fast!

Order yours here

Pokémon Red and Blue Piano Collections Available Now from Materia Collective

SEATTLE - November 10, 2017 - Materia Collective is thrilled to unveil the latest installment in their Piano Collections album series dedicated to the original Pokémon titles that started it all. Arranger and performer Trevor Alan Gomes returns to bring to life 38 tracks from Pokémon Red/Blue/Green/Yellow, and in the spirit of those classic Game Boy variants, is releasing Piano Collections Pokémon in four different album cover variants, each featuring a unique interpretation of fan-favorite Pokémon charmander, squirtle, bulbasaur, and pikachu. Piano Collections Pokémon is licensed and available today:

"There are piano albums like this for many games, but the vision that drove this one was unique: it's comprehensive and narrative-driven, spanning the entire soundtrack of the game in chronological order to tell the entire story that millions have loved since 1996," notes Trevor Alan Gomes. "Together with an amazing team, I've had the joy of taking the simple, charming 8-bit music of Pokémon Red and Blue and turning it into lush, expansive piano arrangements."

With 38 tracks covering almost all of the music from the game and spanning over 100 minutes of classic Pokémon music that is beautiful and lively, fans will relive all of their favorite moments from the original Pokémon games.

Fan-Art: Custom Game Boy-themed Joy-Con shells

With this set you can customize your Joy-Cons to look like a Game Boy.

Buttons are casted from scratch, matching perfectly the color of an original Game Boy.
Housing is painted with best quality paint and a protective coat.

Button set includes A, B, X, Y
Housing set includes two shells for each Joy-Con. (You will have to use the battery cover housing of your original Joy-Con).

These are not easy to make so quantities will be fairly limited. Grab them while you can!

Grab yours here

Pokemon Red/Blue/Yellow - Lavender Town non-spooky remix

Well that's certainly an interesting take on the Lavender Town theme! Nice to hear a version that's not creepy as all hell!

Sheep It Up! released for Game Boy

“Sheep it up!” is a one-button arcade game where a sheep has to climb up by hanging himself to flying velcro straps. The concept is simple, but the game rapidly gets quite challenging! How high can you climb without falling down?

No, you're not seeing things. This really is a new Game Boy game in the year 2017. If you want to grab a copy, you can do so right here!

Random Time! - Mario's junk was proudly on display in an officially-licensed manga

Here we were going crazy over Mario's nipples, and now we have something like this! Apparently during 1988-89, Nintendo had partnered up with manga publisher Kodansha for a series of comics. Each one focused on a particular game in the Mario series at that point, and the one we're looking at here tackles Super Mario Land.

In this particular issue, a Fish Bone jumps out of the water and bites Mario's butt. This causes Mario to yelp in pain and launch right out of his overalls, leaving his twig and berries for all to see. You can bet we're never going to see an officially-licensed bit of merch that shows this kind of thing again! You can see the uncensored version after the jump.

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