Fan-made Mario and Donkey Kong display created for Fallas Week

Fallas Week an event held in the city of Valencia. For the event, locals come together to build displays of prominent and historical figures. The displays are then given awards by a committee, and then the festivities end when everyone gathers to burn all their creations to the ground. No, that's not a joke!

I'm just showing a very small snippet of the Mario-related display, as this one in particular is super political. If you're okay with strong political opinions any any/all sides, you can click over and check out the full piece here.

Japanese flyer for Super Mario Maker 2 showcases Super Luigi 8-bit sprite

More hints at co-op?

This flyer for Super Mario Maker 2 might not look like anything special at first glance, but there's one particular portion of the image that's intriguing. Down on the bottom-right corner, we get a look at a Super Luigi 8-bit sprite. That sprite actually comes from Super Mario Bros. Deluxe, where Nintendo updated the Luigi's look from Super Mario Bros..

In the original game, Mario and Luigi looked identical when they grabbed a Fire Flower. In Super Mario Bros. Deluxe, Luigi was given a color change so that he looked different from Mario when grabbing the Fire Flower. Check out the image below to see Super Luigi and Fire Flower Luigi from Super Mario Bros. Deluxe below.

Why would Nintendo include the Super Mario Bros. Deluxe 8-bit Super Luigi sprite in Super Mario Maker 2? While there's no official reason yet, it would certainly play into the discussion of 2-player and co-op. Many believe Super Mario Maker 2 will feature some sort of two-player mode. If that's the case, the inclusion of Super Luigi's coloring from Super Mario Bros. Deluxe makes sense. This would be an easy way to differentiate between Mario and Luigi when they both pick up the Fire Flower power-up. If Nintendo stuck with how things were in the original Super Mario Bros., both characters would look exactly the same!

Super Mario Rally Tennis toy set releasing in Japan

Tennis, anyone?

A brand-new Super Mario toy is seeing release in Japan, courtesy of Epoch. This Super Mario Rally Tennis toy set will launch on April 20th, 2019. Imagine it as a much smaller, much less sophisticated version of air hockey!

Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker's DLC Ending Features An Interesting Mario Connection

Best of friends

The Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker DLC has arrived and features a bit of a surprise in its ending! We give our quick thoughts on it and what this "Super" connection to another Mario game could mean for the future of Captain Toad!

Son of a Glitch - Super Mario 3D World glitches

A bit glitchy, dog

This latest video from the Son of a Glitch gang dives into Super Mario 3D World. They've dug up an insane amount of glitches to showcase to you. Check out the full list below!

1. No Face Glitch - 0:19
2. 1-1 Invisible Out of Bounds Water Pool - 1:05
3. World Map Glitches - 1:28
4. Shell Floating Glitches - 1:58
5. 1-Up Exploit - 2:29
6. Shell Duplication Glitch - 2:45
7. Shell Duplication Crash - 3:22
8. Item/Power-up Duplication Glitch - 4:13
9. Baddie Box Sound Glitch - 4:39
10. Invisible Bomb's Glitch - 5:00
11. Inactive Fire Bro Glitch - 5:34
12. Madpole Glitch - 6:01
13. Snow Pokey Glitch - 6:28
14. Small Toad Snowball Glitch - 6:51
15. Ice Speed Glitch - 7:07
16. No Wall Collision in Trick Trap Tower - 8:39
17. Captain Toad in a Block Glitch - 8:58
18. Wind Sound Glitch - 9:23
19. No Head on Cat Toad Glitch - 9:43
20. World Bowser Out of Bounds - 10:50
21. Cat Momentum - 11:48
22. Mount Beanpole Visual Breakdown Glitch - 12:41
23. Meowser Skip - 14:00
24. Social Media Plug - 15:12
25. Credits - 15:44

Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story + Bowser Jr's Journey's most recent update causes a Sound Test glitch

Speak up, please

Not too long ago, Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story + Bowser Jr's Journey got an update to fix an issue with game progression. Unfortunately it seems that update has caused another issue, albeit a lesser one. The game's Sound Test feature now only works up to a specific song, and then it goes completely silent after. Hopefully another patch is coming soon to fix this up.

Thanks to cm30 for the heads up!

Check out Uniqlo's lineup of Mario, Splatoon, Monster Hunter, and Street Fighter t-shirts

Time for a wardrobe upgrade!

We've been covering all the game-related clothing that Uniqlo is offering, but now you can actually purchase these items in the states! Hit up the links below for a refresher on the various gaming-related lineups that Uniqlo is offering, including Mario, Splatoon, Monster Hunter, and Street Fighter.

Shirt collections here, here, here, and here

Super Mario Run getting Android update sometime in April/May 2019

Paranoid Android

Nintendo has announced that another Super Mario Run update is coming, and it's specific to Android users. The update is due out sometime in April/May 2019, and it will change support for Android devices. Android devices with an operating system lower than 4.4 will be unable to download or update the game, and previous versions of the game will become unplayable.

The Art of Super Mario Odyssey to be released in America this October

The Art of Super Mario Odyssey is a 368-page hardcover art book full of “concept art, preliminary sketches, and notes from the development team, plus insight into some early ideas that didn’t make it into the game itself.” The book has been previously released in Japan, and the publisher company, Dark Horse, now has plans to release it in North America. The book will be available on October 22 for $49.99. 

Survey shows that Mario and Pokemon remain popular with children in Japan

Time for that Mario x Pokemon crossover game!

VideoR recently conducted a survey to see which characters were most popular in Japan with children. Nintendo had some pretty strong representation in the results, which included characters from across all media. Check out the Nintendo-related results below.

3 – 12 years old Male and Female

3. Pikachu (no change)
5. Eevee (new to 2018)
7. Super Mario (no change)

3 – 12 years old Male

2. Pikachu (moved up by one)
4. Super Mario (no change)
7. Eevee (new to 2018)
8. Pokemon Sun & Moon (no change)
9. Splatoon (moved up by one)

3 – 12 years old Female

10. Pikachu (moved up by four)