Super Mario Party hits 100k sold in Germany alone

As Nintendo has said, Super Mario Party is beating sales expectations all over the world, and that includes Germany. We now know the game has hit 100k sold in Germany alone. That number will likely double before the year closes out!

Super Mario Party - Accolades trailer

Super Mario Party is out now, only on the Nintendo Switch! See what the critics have been saying about the latest Mario Party.

Nintendo shares a new piece of concept art for Super Mario Odyssey's New Donk City

Oh man, that's a nice bit of art. The kind you want to get a huge print for and put it up on your wall! The amount of concept art that Nintendo cooks up for their games is absolutely staggering. It helps you understand why these games take years to release!

ThinkGeek selling Super Mario Light-Up Wreath

One of our favorite craft projects as wee geeks was the candy wreath. We took a metal clothes hanger, bent it into a circle, and then used curling ribbons to tie hard candies and bull's eye caramels to the frame. Then our mom used the scissors to curl all the ribbons because we totally sucked at that part. But that's okay, because while she did that we ate the leftover candies.

But we can't all be crafty. Who has the time? We have video games to play! This Nintendo Super Mario Light-Up Wreath is the perfect solution for the old school gamer who wants to be festive and honor the old gods of 8-bit gaming. Crafted of durable EVA foam, this wreath features coins with blinking green LEDs, mushrooms, a star, and a question block, amongst other goodies. But please remember: eating this will not grant you an extra life!

Product Specifications

Nintendo Super Mario Light-Up Wreath
Officially-licensed Super Mario Bros. 3 merchandise
A ThinkGeek / GameStop exclusive
A little wreath with Super Mario coins, mushrooms, and more
5 green LEDs blink on and off intermittently
Keyhole slot on the back for easy wall hanging
Will also stand on its own (a little precariously, but it does)
Materials: Craft foam
Batteries: 2 AA (not included)
On/off switch preserves battery
Dimensions: 9 1/2" across x 10" tall x 1 1/2" thick
Weight: 6 oz. (with batteries)

Grab yours here

A look inside San-ei Boeki's pop-up Nintendo merch shops in Japan

A few days back, we detailed the pop-up Nintendo merch shops that San-ei Boeki was opening in Japan. We also showcased all the merch they were going to stock, including some exclusive items. Now those stores are open, and we have pictures from the setup! Check out the full gallery here.

Super Mario Odyssey - "Jump Up, Super Star!" Japanese recording session footage

Nintendo has shared some footage from the Japanese recording session for "Jump Up, Super Star!" from Super Mario Odyssey. I know it's a fun song to listen to, and it seems like it's just as fun to perform!

Super Mario Odyssey Journal: Check out the winners of the ‘Your favourite Captures’ theme!

Over the past five months, we've been asking you to share your amazing adventures in Super Mario Odyssey for Nintendo Switch, and we've loved seeing every single one! The next theme, 'Don't try this at home', will be the final round, so read on to see how you can get involved.

Check out the winners of the previous round, where the theme was ‘Your favourite Captures’!

1st: @damien5d (Twitter)
2nd: @Geeky_Luigi (Twitter)
3rd: @toast_f (Twitter)

Check out the full feature here

New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe includes a host of new features (play as Mario in New Super Luigi U, and more)

New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe may be a port of a Wii U game, but Nintendo has added in some new features to go along with the rehashed content. We already know about things like the Super Crown, but it turns out there's more going on with the collection.

- any character can be used in single player
- Mario can be played in New Super Luigi U Levels
- New Super Luigi U levels start at 200 sec instead of 100
- Buttons can be remapped at the pause menu

Nintendo the second most-seen gaming industry brand on TV for Oct. 2018

Time to track TV commercials here in the states once again. Nintendo was third for September, but they've bumped things up to second place for October. Full details on the month can be found below.

- estimated spend of $7.2 million on 17 ads that aired over 2,900 times and generated 517.3 million impressions
- ad with the biggest monetary push (est. $2 million) was “Super Mario Party” p
- budgets across networks such as Nick, Teen Nick and Adult Swim
- ads during shows including SpongeBob SquarePants, The Loud House, and The Amazing World of Gumball

Nintendo possibly hints as future DLC for Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, Super Mario Odyssey, and other evergreen titles

Coming from Nintendo president Shuntaro Furukawa during an investor Q&A...

Titles like The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, and Super Mario Odyssey are what we call “hardware drivers” in that consumers are very often interested in buying these titles when making a new hardware purchase. Titles released already in the previous fiscal years remain capable of driving hardware sales. The key is to figure out what makes these titles appealing, and how we can get consumers to understand that appeal. Going forward, we plan to incorporate add-on content and other factors that will keep these titles in the spotlight, so they will continue to sell alongside the hardware.

We take the value of software very seriously. What we want with our evergreen titles is to maintain their values as long as possible without lowering the prices.