ESPN Makes a Mario Reference on Monday Night Football

I'm not even going to try to explain what's going on, since I know nothing about Football. I'll leave that to helpful tipsters Blade_Master and Thisboywillbreak, who both sent this tidbit in.

On Monday Night Football, ESPN showed off a graphic of Titan's quarterback Marcus Mariota, who they have dubbed "Super Mario."

Super Mario Odyssey - Twitter update for Oct. 17th, 2017

Here we see Caveman Mario discovering a prehistoric drawing. Either that, or he made the drawing himself! No matter who's behind it, we know Mario is quite familiar with the foe depicted.

Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle - DLC Pack 1 details

'Special Challenges'

- more challenging maps available in the 'Secret Area' in each of the four world

'Cataclysm Kerfuffle'

- co-op campaign, which consists of five maps (and the unlockable 'hard mode' versions)

Once again, DLC Pack 1 is now available for Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle

Japanese retailer plans to raffle off a chance to purchase the Super Mario Odyssey Switch bundle

As you know, it's quite hard to find the Switch in Japan. That's going to continue for quite some time, even with new bundles coming out. One retailer is trying to get a jump on the situation by offering up a new raffle. The raffle will give customers the chance to purchase a Super Mario Odyssey Switch bundle. That's right, you win a chance to spend money. Not exactly the most exciting raffle!

Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle - DLC Pack 1 & 2 release dates

Pack 1 - New Challenges

- Oct. 17th, 2017

Pack 2 - Story Pack

- Jan. 16th, 2018

These dates come straight from Nintendo. They appear in the digital receipt you get for purchasing the Season Pass for Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle.

Super Mario Odyssey - Twitter update for Oct. 15th, 2017

Good to see Dorrie back in action, strutting her stuff in Super Mario Odyssey. Looks like she's going to have her biggest role ever this time around! Let's hope she's carrying some waterproof outfits!

Super Mario Bros. speedrun record ruined by evil Cheep Cheep

King Koopa was paying that Cheep Cheep some extra scratch, it seems. The video above is a snippet of a Super Mario Bros. speedrun attempt by Darbian, who was on-pace to grab a new World Record. Unfortunately the tiny bump from a random Cheep Cheep came in at exactly the right time to throw the record off-pace. Now that's a tough pill to swallow.