LEGO NES video tour featuring LEGO Super Mario interactions

After 2,600 + bricks and many, many hours, we've finally finished building the LEGO NES kit! Join Steve as he shows off everything it can do, as well as how it interacts with LEGO Mario in this showcase!

Charles Martinet recorded new Mario lines for LEGO Super Mario

It's LEGO time!

Charles Martinet, the voice of Mario, did a bit of special work for the gang at LEGO recently. In an interview with Nintendo Life, LEGO's Jonathan Bennink revealed that Mr. Martinet was asked to record some new Mario dialog for inclusion in LEGO Super Mario.

"We had Charles Martinet record a few special lines. It was a cool moment when we received a sound file from the voice of Mario, specifically made for us! But I think Nintendo strikes a really nice balance between making sure that it's IP approved, but also they care about the end-user and the fun in it a lot."

Nice to know that both LEGO and Nintendo went the extra step here to ensure that LEGO Super Mario really does feel like part of the Mario universe.

Mario Tennis Aces August 2020 content update now available (rerun)

Another chance to take a swing at things

The August Participation Bonus in the Mario Tennis Aces "August Online Tournament" is now available. The bonus includes colored Koopa Troopas. Along with that, the Co-op Challenge: Yoshi’s Ring Shot with the Goal-Clear Bonus being Blue Shy Guy, Red Shy Guy, and Yellow Shy Guy.

Take a look inside LEGO Super Mario

A LEGO teardown

LEGO Super Mario is a very interesting piece of kit. There's a lot of special tech going on inside the little guy. Want a closer look at what makes him tick? The above video gives you a complete teardown of LEGO Super Mario in order to give an up-close-and-personal look at what's going on behind the scenes!

Thanks to Sephazon for the heads up!

Nintendo dropped LEGO Super Mario 6,000 times to ensure quality

See you next time!

LEGO and Nintendo finally teaming up on projects is a dream come true for Nintendo fans. The companies have paired to create some truly unique products, especially with LEGO Super Mario. It's a project that took over 4 years, and Nintendo really put LEGO through the ringer to make sure everything was in tip-top shape.

In an interview with Nintendo Life, LEGO's Jonathan Bennink talked about the lengths Nintendo went to make sure LEGO Super Mario wasn't going to fall apart the second kids got their hands on it.

We never had a partner challenge us in safety and quality, and this was the first time! Every time we shipped a Mario to them, they dropped it 6,000 times. That is Nintendo quality – that was new for us!

Paper Mario: The Origami King Complete Guidebook announced for Japan

288 pages of step-by-step info

Paper Mario: The Origami King has been out for a few weeks now. Those in Japan who are having trouble with the game or want some help tracking down every last collectible will soon have a new book to help them out.

Nintendo Dream's editorial team is releasing a complete guidebook for Paper Mario: The Origami King, and it's due out on Aug. 28th, 2020. The book contains 288 pages of info on the game, and will give you every last detail you could need. The book is priced at 1,980 yen.

LEGO opening 5 LEGO pop-up shops in Japan to promote LEGO Super Mario

The LEGO Super Mario road show!

LEGO is spreading the word on LEGO Super Mario, and they're cooking up something special for Japan. LEGO has confirmed that they'll be opening 5 LEGO pop-up shops in the region to promote LEGO Super Mario, and they're even bringing the giant LEGO Super Mario with them! Check out details on where the stores will be and when they're opening below.

・JR Kyoto Isetan
Location:7th floor, Children’s Clothing event space
Duration:August 1 to September 1, 2020

・Tokyo Solamachi
Location:Īsutoyādo 2nd floor 9th unit Special Event Space
Duration:August 2 to September 22, 2020

・LAZONA Kawasaki Plaza
Location:2F Plaza West 211 LAZONA POPUP STORE
Duration:August 5 to September 22, 2020

・DiverCity Tokyo Plaza
Location:2F 2110 Limited Time Shop DiverCity+
Duration:August 13 to September 22, 2020

・Emio Ikebukuro
Location:B1 outside West Ikebukuro Station Ticket Gates
Duration:September 2, 2020 to January 30, 2021

Yoiko spends a bit more time with LEGO Super Mario

A live-stream event

The comedy duo Yoiko has already done a feature on LEGO Super Mario, but it looks like they couldn't resist another go. This time around, the duo hosted a live-stream to show off the building process, answer some questions, and more. You can check out the entire live-stream above.

LEGO makes a giant LEGO Super Mario out of nearly 23k LEGO bricks

LEGO SUPER Super Mario!

LEGO Super Mario is right around the corner, and LEGO is doing their best to promote the release. They've actually gone above and beyond the call by creating an absolutely massive LEGO Super Mario!

This LEGO Super Mario uses nearly 23k bricks, and it has some of the same functionality as the real LEGO Super Mario! Obviously you can't pick this one up and carry it around the board you've created, but you can still have some fun with LEGO Super Mario's reaction to different colors by pressing special buttons.

Perhaps craziest of all, this LEGO Super Mario took over 110 hours to create, and required the input of 6 LEGO master builders!

Nintendo shows off some real-life origami skills with Paper Mario: The Origami King promo videos

Working out the kinks with Toad

Those who are playing Paper Mario: The Origami King know that Toads are hidden all over the place. You'll find Toads in all sorts of locations you wouldn't expect, thanks to the unique origami shapes they've been folded into.

In a series of new videos from Nintendo, real-life paper Toads are being given the Paper Mario: The Origami King treatment. Nintendo shows off how the shapes that Toads are folded into in the game are 100% possible in real-life! It's some pretty impressive origami action, which you can check out in the spots below.


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