Mega Man X Legacy Collection 1 + 2 and Mega Man Legacy Collection 1 + 2 are million-sellers

Mega Man's still got it!

Mega Man 11 is an official million seller as was announced last week. Now we have even more sales data about the Blue Bomber, and it's equally as good. According to the latest report, the Mega Man X Legacy Collection 1 + 2 (released July 2018) just hit 1.4 million units, and the Mega Man [Classic] Legacy Collection 1 + 2 (released August 2015) hit 2 million units. Looks like classic Mega Man and new Mega Man are in hot demand!

Capcom updates sales totals for multiple titles, Mega Man 11 hits a million sold

Way to go, blue bomber!

Capcom has updated their million-sellers list with some new data. Check out where various titles now stand below.

Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate - 3.3 million
Okami HD - 1 million
Mega Man 11 - 1 million
Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection - 1 million

"This Month in Dragalia Lost" feature shares new details on the upcoming Mega Man collaboration

The Blue Bomber heads to Dragalia Lost

The official website for Dragalia Lost has been updated with the usual monthly look ahead for the game. This time around, we get to hear some new details on the Mega Man collaboration that's right around the corner. Check out a snippet from the blog below, and then click over for the full piece.

The first thing I'd like to share is that Mega Man is the only adventurer you'll be able to add to your team during this event. There won't be a summon showcase where you can get adventurers other than Mega Man, but the good news is that all players who participate in the event and fulfill certain conditions will be able to get him!

Mega Man's skills allow him to switch to weapons with special functions and use those weapons a certain number of times. The way he controls is also unique. In terms of his Dragalia Lost weapon type, he'll be a wand user, but he moves differently from other wand users and he can fire off shots in rapid succession.

Full blog here

Capcom's Mega Man movie appears to still be in the works

The super fighting robot lives on

Back when Disney acquired 21st Century Fox, they shelved/cancelled a ton of movies in the works. The Mega Man movie adaptation was one of those projects at Fox, so many thought the film was over and done with. That might not be the case, though. Capcom's most recent financial report includes the following line.

"... to generate synergy with its popular games via greater global brand awareness and value, the Company has been producing world-leading content, with brands such as Street Fighter and Resident Evil being made into Hollywood movies, now followed by Monster Hunter and Mega Man, which are also scheduled for live-action film adaptation."

What we don't get is info on where the movie is now. Does Disney still have plans for it, or was it shopped to someone else?

Mega Man Battle Network 4.5: Real Operation gets a fan translation

Translation start

Another Mega Man game that was never localized has gotten a bit of love from the fan translation scene. Mega Man Battle Network 4.5: Real Operation only released in Japan due to the game's special BattleChip Gate peripheral, but that hasn't stopped fan translators from giving the game an English patch. Capcom is usually pretty good about letting fan translators do their thing, so this project should be able to find its audience without worry.

Dragalia Lost - Mega Man adventurer earned by playing upcoming event, no showcase

Bonus Cards, Link Mode, and more features coming to Mega Man Zero/ZX Legacy Collection

More special features reavealed

The Mega Man Zero/ZX Legacy Collection includes more than just classic games. Capcom is adding in multiple new features to enhance the experience. Learn about some more of those new elements in the blog below.

When Mega Man Zero/ZX Legacy Collection comes to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and Steam on January 21, 2020, it will be bringing a few extra features in tow. Aside from bringing together all four Mega Man Zero games, both Mega Man ZX games, and the brand new Z Chaser mode, a couple of features unique to each game’s original hardware will be making a return alongside the debut of ZZ Cards!

Let’s start with a feature that serves a dual purpose: ZZ Cards! Tracking your activities throughout the collection, ZZ Cards are perfect for completionists and a great way to check your accomplishments as you play through the Zero and ZX games or Z Chaser. They serve a unique purpose in Mega Man Zero 3, too. A little back story, first: The Game Boy Advance had a unique attachment, the e-Reader, which Mega Man Zero 3 could use to scan in cards and unlock various modifications that changed the game in distinct ways. Some of them were cosmetic, like modifying the game’s title screen, changing the weather at the resistance base, or modifying the look of buster shots, while others could add unique NPC dialogues or new rooms to explore. There were even a few that powered up weapons in Zero’s arsenal!

These modifications were also included as an unlockable feature in the Western release of Mega Man Zero Collection on the Nintendo DS. With Mega Man Zero/ZX Legacy Collection, we’re re-introducing them as Bonus Cards, tied to the ZZ Cards that unlock as you play. It would spoil the fun to tell you exactly which ZZ Cards are tied to which Bonus Cards, so we’ll leave that for you to discover. No matter the platform you play on, you’ll be able to check your ZZ Cards to see what you’ve accomplished along the way.

There’s another feature we’re bringing back that used to require original hardware, as well. For old-school players who remember playing Mega Man ZX on the Nintendo DS, you might remember that inserting Mega Man Zero 3 or Mega Man Zero 4 into the Game Boy Advance slot before powering on the console would unlock optional boss battles against Mutos Reploids hailing from each game. I’m happy to confirm that this functionality returns via Link Mode, allowing you to “Link” either Zero 3 or Zero 4 when you start Mega Man ZX to access these throwback throwdowns!

When you set Link Mode to Mega Man Zero 3, you’ll be able to take on:

Blazin’ Flizard
Childre Inarabitta
Deathtanz Mantisk
Devilbat Schilt

And if you set it to Mega Man Zero 4, prepare to square off against:

Popla Cocapetri
Pegasolta Eclair
Fenri Lunaedge
Sol Titanion

We hope you’re looking forward to these original features making their return! Mega Man Zero/ZX Legacy Collection dashes onto digital platforms worldwide and into retail stores in North America beginning January 21, 2020.

Capcom TV checks out Mega Man Zero/ZX Legacy Collection

The gang at Capcom have put together another episode of Capcom TV, and this one features gameplay from Mega Man Zero/ZX Legacy Collection. Take a look at the gameplay above!

Mega Man Zero/ZX Legacy Collection will be playable at Jump Festa 20

The lineup of games is far from zero

Jump Festa '20 is coming up quick, with the event taking place from December 21st-22nd in Chiba, Japan at the Makuhari Messe. The lineup of playable games that developers will be featuring continues to grow, with the newest announced title being Mega Man Zero/ZX Legacy Collection from Capcom.

Mega Man Zero/ZX Legacy Collection launches for Nintendo Switch on January 21st, 2020.

Full episodes of Mega Man: Fully Charged are now available to stream

Looking for something to watch?

Mega Man: Fully Charged seems like it flew under the radar for both fans and newcomers alike, and it never really found a big audience. The first season of the show had 52 episodes, and for all we know, that's all there will ever be. While we wait on word of season 2, you can now stream multiple episodes for free on the official Mega Man: Fully Charged YouTube channel. They're not all available yet, but there's more being added each week. Check out what's up to watch here.


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