Mega Man X novel gets fan translation

You played the game, now read the book!

Did you know that an official Mega Man X novel released in Japan back in Jan. 2017? The novel was called Mega Man X The Novel -Irregulars Report-, and it's based on the manga adaptation of the game. The book was written by Tsubasa Todoroki and published by PHP Institute, and includes artwork from manga artist Yoshihiro Iwamoto.

That novel never saw release outside of Japan, which didn't sit too well with fans. Thankfully, a group of dedicated fan translators have come together to translate the entire novel. The work was handled by well-known translator Sidier. You can check out the fruits of his labor right here.

National Videogame Museum shows off a new statue featuring Mario, Sonic, Donkey Kong, Mega Man, Pac-Man, and Pikachu

The Mount Rushmore of gaming icons

The National Videogame Museum has just put up a brand-new statue on display, and it's pretty epic. The statue features Mario, Sonic, Donkey Kong, Mega Man, Pac-Man, and Pikachu all hanging out together. It's like a little bit of Smash Bros., but in real life! If you want to check out the statue in person, you can visit the National Videogame Museum, which is located in Friso, Texas.

Mega Man Zero/ZX Legacy Collection dev discusses the game's delay and subsequent reaction

Delay of game

The original plan for Mega Man Zero/ZX Legacy Collection would have seen the game in our hands already, but Capcom ended up delaying the title by a few months. In an interview with Siliconera, dev Kazuhiro Tsuchiya talked about why the title got delayed, and how the public reaction to it impacted the team.

At first, I was worried that fans would be disappointed by or make harsh comments about the news of the delay. However, the Mega Man Zero/ZX Legacy Collection team is deeply grateful for the warm words of support we received in response to the announcement.

Postponing the game’s release was a difficult decision to make, but we decided to do so to ensure that we could release the most satisfying game possible. The fans’ kind messages are truly heartwarming. We hope that Mega Man Zero/ZX Legacy Collection becomes a game that you hold on to for years to come.

Regarding the YouTube video announcement, this was a request from the Mega Man team at Capcom USA. We don’t typically take this kind of approach in Japan, so we were a bit skeptical about the idea. However, it seems our sentiments reached the Mega Man community through this video, and we’re glad that we agreed to create it. For this reason, we would also like to express our appreciation to the Mega Man team at Capcom USA for their suggestion.

We’d love for you to continue to share your thoughts on Capcom Unity and Capcom USA’s official Mega Man social media accounts. Thank you again for your kindness and support, everyone.

Mega Man Zero/ZX Sound Box announced for Japan

A sound investment for Mega Man fans

To coincide with the Mega Man Zero/ZX Legacy Collection, Capcom has also announced a soundtrack collection for Japan. The Mega Man Zero/ZX Sound Box is set to release on March 25th, 2020, and it includes the soundtracks from Mega Man Zero and Mega Man ZX games. This makes for 208 tracks on 6 discs.

The Mega Man Zero/ZX Sound Box is priced at 8,000 yen, and includes a cover designed by Tooru Nakayama, a 16-page booklet, and more to be revealed later.

First 4 Figures releases multiple Mega Man 11 statue promo videos, preorders open

You're my boy, Blue!

As First 4 Figures promised, their first statue in the Mega Man 11 series has gone up for preorder. They're starting off with the Blue Bomber himself, and there are standard, exclusive, and definitive versions to pick from. Check out the differences in the following trailers, and then click over to plop down some cash on the one you want!

The Batman screenwriter picks up writing duties on the Mega Man movie

The Mega Man

Many were worried that the Mega Man movie was dead after Disney scooped up Fox's film division, but Capcom was quick to reconfirm the movie's status. That said, something have been shifted around behind the scenes, and that has lead to the announcement of a new writer.

Mattson Tomlin is going to be writing the script for the film, and he's certainly got the chops to do so. Tomlin has penned the script for The Batman, which is hitting theaters in 2021. He's also been involved with films like Planet of the Apes, Ford v Ferrari, Hidden Figures, Oblivion, Exodus: Gods and Kings, The Drop, Underwater, and more. Seems like a very high-caliber get for Mega Man!

Mega Man Zero/ZX Legacy Collection "Chosen Ones" trailer

...you were the chosen one!

A new 'Chosen Ones' trailer has been released for Mega Man Zero/ZX Legacy Collection, which focuses on living relics that work in tandem with a few special individuals, known as Biometals.

Mega Man Zero/ZX Legacy Collection releases on Feb. 25th, 2020. The package includes Mega Man Zero, Mega Man Zero 2, Mega Man Zero 3, Mega Man Zero 4, Mega Man ZX, and Mega Man ZX Advent, as well as a new “Z Chaser” mode.

First 4 Figures' Mega Man statue preorders go live on Jan. 24th, 2020

The blue bomber's looking beautiful

First 4 Figures has revealed that they're working on a line of Mega Man 11 statues, and it all starts with the Blue Bomber himself. Preorders for their Mega Man statue are set to go live on Jan. 24th, 2020, and we can expect more details on the various versions to come out then as well. When those details are shared, we'll be sure to bring them to you.

Mega Man Battle Network devs discuss the potential for a new entry

An uphill battle

For a number of years, the Mega Man Battle Network games were doing big numbers, and were releasing quite frequently. Then, after a flurry of success, it seemed the series died off. There are still many fans out there who would love to see a sequel, but could it happen? Tokyo TV talked to devs Kazuhiro Tsuchiya and Masakazu Eguchi to find out.

Tsuchiya: Each series has its own fans, and I’ve heard a lot of voices asking for sequels. There’s no rule that says “we’re not going to make any sequels of this game”. However, were are proud of Rockman EXE being top contents back in the day, and shallow ideas aren’t the answer to the avid voices. To make a sequel, we’d need careful ideas and preparations, the trends of the age, and whether the market is ripe for it… We need all of these factors to be perfectly on our side

Eguchi: There are some parts that were due to coincidences, but since we’re being told that “you predicted the future”, these games did satisfy expectations. Overcoming those components is no easy task. We must overcome our imagination as we meet up with the expectations. If conditions for us to be so confident happen, then there might be a chance

Check out the Mega Man Live 2020 concert in full

Mega music!

Were you upset that you couldn't attend the Mega Man Live 2020 concert in Japan? I know I was! Well we're all in luck, as the concert's final performance has been recorded and shared online for all to enjoy. Check out the 2 hour concert in all of its glory above!


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