Billy Mitchell's Donkey Kong world record saga continues with further evidence of tampering

Oh boy, now things are getting dirty. First we heard accusations of Billy Mitchell achieving his world record Donkey Kong scores through MAME rather than real hardware, and Billy fired back by saying Twin Galaxies has the footage to vindicate him, and he doesn't know where the MAME footage came from. Now we have score-verifier Jeremy Young, the man who made the accusations in the first place, responding to Mr. Mitchell's defense.

“Claiming the video footage in the evidence is not real does not make sense to me. In regards to video sources and their potential fabrication, I would label that so unlikely as to be impossible. The amount of foresight, patience, and technical knowledge required would be staggering.

Dwayne Richard claims [the Mitchell tapes] were given to him directly by [disgraced competitive gamer Todd Rogers], by request of Billy Mitchell. Dwayne uploaded a copy of [the 1.047 million run] to YouTube a couple of years ago …. All of this uploaded footage directly matches segments shown in both the theatrical release of King of Kong and a screener version that has circulated over the years."

I mean, as far as evidence goes, I'm siding with Young here. Billy didn't really have any evidence or proof to say his scores were legit, outside of a video tape that no one can locate. It'll be interesting to see if Billy responds to this latest claim.

Billy Mitchell fires back, claims his scores are legit

The King of Kong star Billy Mitchell has finally broken his silence concerning claims that his Donkey Kong record scores were recorded off of MAME, rather than a legitimate arcade machine. Billy is sticking to his guns and saying that his scores are legit, and there's a video out there to prove it.

“I’ve never even played MAME. I don’t have MAME loaded in my home. The film footage that he has, that Donkey Kong Forum moderator Jeremy Young has, shows MAME play. Now, I contend that if he gets the original tape, or he gets the original room shot, he will see that what I say is true. I’m not disputing what he says. What I’m disputing is the fact that I want him to have the original tape. And the fact of the matter is that that original footage was given to Twin Galaxies, Twin Galaxies has it or should have it, and if it’s anywhere other than Twin Galaxies, that’s a real problem.”

Long story short, Billy says his scores are real, and Twin Galaxies has the tape to prove it. As you can probably guess, Twin Galaxies says they have heard of the tape, but have no idea where it is.

Robbie Lakeman grabs new Donkey Kong world record

Watch Lit from lakeman421 on www.twitch.tv

While the competitive Donkey Kong scene has been rocked by accusations of Billy Mitchell cheating, the show must go on. Thankfully a bit of positive news has come out as well, which may crown Robbie Lakeman as the new world record holder.

In a nearly 4-hour live stream, Robbie managed to secure a score of 1,247,700, which would be the new world record. The funny part is, Robbie will be beating himself, as he held the previous world record as well. The new score is yet to be verified, but it seems to be nothing more than a formality at this point.

If you have the time, you can check out the entire length of Robbie's run in the video above. To say that he's mastered the game is a huge understatement.

King of Kong star Billy Mitchell accused of lying about Donkey Kong scores, playing on emulator rather than real hardware

Billy Mitchell, everyone's favorite villain in The King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters documentary, may have just outed as a real-life villain. There's a bit of a purge running through the official world records for various video games, and it appears Billy is next on the chopping block.

A Donkey Kong fansite has removed three high score submissions from Billy Mitchell after analyzing his gameplay. They now seem to think Mr. Mitchell was playing on an emulator, rather than real arcade hardware, which is a huge no-no in the world of competitive high scores. As such, the highest submission on the scoreboard from Mitchell now is one that was verified in person with another eye witness.

If you want a detailed breakdown on the analysis that lead to this conclusion, you can check out the full feature here.

Full list of Donkey Kong Country Returns boss names revealed after data mining

For whatever reason, Donkey Kong Country Returns didn't feature names for the bosses you tackle in the game. A few of the names were found out due to Smash Bros. Wii U trophies, but we still didn't have full info on the boss lineup. Now, thanks to some recent data-mining, we have the complete list of names for the boss baddies.

Tiki Tong (leader)
Maraca Gang
Banjo Bottom
Wacky Pipes

I wonder why they didn't bother to make mention of these boss names in the game. I guess they figured people would be more focused on the lack of King K. Rool! Thanks to TheBooDestroyer for the heads up!

GameStop lists The World Ends with You -Final Remix- and Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze at $60 each

While these might be placeholder prices, GameStop has already added some pricing to two games revealed in today's Nintendo Direct Mini. Both The World Ends with You -Final Remix- and Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze are priced at $60. Considering the previous releases of these games were never priced this high, some people feel the pricing here is unfair. Do you think the higher price is warranted in this case?

Guinness World Records video feature - How to be better at Donkey Kong

I wonder if I have it in me to become a Guinness World Record holder for a video game. I know I don't have a chance of grabbing the record for Donkey Kong. It's too popular of a game to gun for. I need to find a game no one plays and secure a record early on!

Donkey Kong Comes to Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle DLC

Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle introduces a new playable hero, Donkey Kong, in upcoming downloadable content. Donkey Kong will be featured in an original story, taking place in a new world. Donkey Kong will be exclusive to this brand new adventure, planned for release in Spring 2018.

The DLC will available as part of the Season Pass or can be purchased as stand-alone content.

Diddy Kong Racing gets fan-made Unreal Engine 4 update

This is a bit of a unique update. It aims to retain the same style of the N64 game, but also update it through Unreal Engine 4. Not sure if I like the results, but they are certainly interesting! If anything, it makes me want an all-out update to Diddy Kong Racing on the Switch!