Billy Mitchell still hasn't seen The King of Kong, accuses documentary creators of manufacturing moments

Coming from a Kotaku interview with Billy Mitchell...

K: So, it’s been 10 years since The King of Kong. I’ve seen you say that you never watch anything you’re in. I’m just curious if you’ve still never watched The King of Kong.

BM: I have not watched King of Kong, I have not watched Chasing Ghosts. I mostly don’t watch anything that I’m in. I mostly don’t read anything [about myself] either. On a very regular basis, people that I know flip their lid because somebody says something negative. And they say I gotta see it. Click. Delete. Why do I have to see it? Why? I know it, I lived it, I was there, and without the creativity of Hollywood. It was far greater to live it and enjoy it.

When [King of Kong] first came out, I got some emails that were so vile, I wouldn’t read ‘em to anybody. As time went on, they’ve certainly come full circle and I get very little of that now. Most everything’s extremely positive.

I’ll tell you another thing. Not to make you feel special. I don’t do interviews. Sorry. I’m here with you now because, I don’t know, you called at the right time, and you were courteous, and I like Kotaku. They talk bad about me all the time. I get a lot of mileage out of them.

K: It sounds to me like what you’re saying is that while aspects of the movie may not be 100% literally what they appear to be, that the movie has an emotional truth to it.

BM: Correct. Do you really think that blond-haired, blue-eyed Steve Wiebe could play a bad guy? He’s a nice, mellow kinda guy, and that’s the way he is, and I think if you tried to ask him to do something that he doesn’t have in his personality, then it would have just looked foolish.

I’ve actually never, ever, ever, not once, ever had a negative encounter face to face. EV-ER. And I’ve had people say they’re gonna show up at a convention because they wanted to punch me. But then when they get there, after a little conversation, I guess they sort of catch themselves a little bit. I said to a guy, “Do you really think Charles Bronson makes a movie that they show in a theater, and when he’s all done he goes on the street and starts shooting people? Is that what you really think happens?” If you think about it, that’s the comparison.

RUMOR - Another round of details on Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios Orlando

The following comes from WFTV Channel 9 news, who says their info comes from sources familiar with the project.

- a significant part of the kid zone will be closed
- E.T. will stay, but Woody Woodpecker and Barney will be torn down
- the Mario Kart ride will be a moving track where guests wear augmented reality glasses

“It will not be a basic car ride. Whether it's augmented reality or some kind of scoring thing in the real world. There will be a score element, race element to it and that is what's going to make the ride re-rideable.”

- Donkey Kong roller coaster on the way
- a number of interactive areas with plans for floating coins in mid-air that will spin on a kind of magnetic system

Nintendo won't say if Donkey Kong will appear in Super Mario Odyssey, Pauline is the mayor of New Donk City

The following info comes from Kenta Motokura, director of Super Mario Odyssey....

- Pauline is the New Donk City mayor
- when asked if Pauline wrestled power away from Donkey Kong to become mayor, Motokura said “[Laughs] Well, that’s not the setting that we’ve come up with.”
- when asked about Donkey Kong appearing, Nintendo's Yoshiaki Koizumi said “Well I can’t say exactly right now., but Pauline is there and you know… some interesting things might happen.”

RUMOR - Universal Studios Orlando concept art for Super Nintendo World shows multiple rides/attractions (UPDATE)

Man, I hope this is real. It looks like there's a lot of fantastic stuff going on there. It certainly seems like the real deal...and I NEED to get on that Donkey Kong mine cart ride right now! Thanks to Bob for the heads up!

UPDATE - A mod over at the InsideUniversal fan site has confirmed the legitimacy of these documents, but says they're quite old. He also says that Zelda, Kirby and Pokemon are no longer part of the plans. Seems like maybe they were part of the initial pitch.

Chicago arcade bar Replay decorates with Mario/Donkey Kong outdoor display

Now that's a pretty sweet setup. I can't imagine Nintendo will be too happy when they hear a business is using their imagery, so let's enjoy it while it lasts!

Donkey Kong Country 2 - Hot Head Bop one-man band cover

Man, this guy's covers are so fantastic. He puts a ridiculous amount of work into them, and the results show it!

David Wise playing DK Swing on stage at Retrospillmessen 2017

All these years later, still gives me goosebumps hearing that song. Awesome to see Wise himself performing it live!

The King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters being adapted into a musical

- being adapted into stage musical by original director Seth Gordon

"Yeah, some scripts have been written - we're actually working on a musical right now, which is pretty great. I think it lends itself to that - there's such a melodrama, and so many of the characters are actually musicians, and the music of the games, too, is a thing."

- one of the songs is Walter Day's own song, 'Museum of Your Heart'
- there will be 15 or more songs
- still hope for a traditional movie as well

"If we were going to do the movie, I'd be open to it, but I always thought it'd be cool to flip the point of view and do it from Billy's perspective, sort of see the whole thing from his point of view. Because at least he believed in his version, very much, so try to see what that'd be like."

Random Time! - DonkeyKong.exe gives Donkey Kong Country the Vaporwave treatment

Indie Games Gothenburg recently held a game jam, where all kinds of unique and interesting game ideas were created. One of those projects was was DonkeyKong.exe, which aims to twist Donkey Kong Country with the vaporwave scene. The end result is something so 90s it hurts, and that's meant as a compliment. The game is only a few minutes long, but does a great job of nailing the current vaporwave trend and turning it into something playable.

Just incase you're wondering what vaporwave is...

Vaporwave is a microgenre of electronic music that emerged in the early 2010s. The style typically features a fascination with music from the 1980s and 1990s such as lounge music, smooth jazz, R&B, and elevator music, that is sampled or manipulated via chopped and screwed techniques and other effects.


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