First look at Risky Boots' CharaGumin figurine

Risky Boots incoming!

Risky Boots was revealed as the winner of the CharaGumin figurine poll awhile back, and the company has been hard at work bringing that figurine to life. While we still don't have a release date for the figurine, we have finally gotten our first look at how things are coming alone. I think the figurine is looking pretty fantastic so far!

River City Girls rated for release on Switch

Hopefully we get a first look soon

The other day, a title called River City Girls was announced. The title is a collab between Arc System Works and WayForward, and aims to provide a unique take on the River City / Kunio-kun franchise. Now we know that game is going to head to Switch, as a new rating from the Game Rating and Administration Committee of Korea confirms it. I guess we'll be seeing this one launch sooner than we thought!

Shantae and the Pirate's Curse - Limited Run Games Collector's Edition unboxing

Wish granted

Included inside each Collector's Edition is:

- sealed in a standard Nintendo Switch case with interior art and full-color manual
- Reversible 18" X 24" Poster
- Single disc physical CD soundtrack
-Commemorative retro cartridge (non-functioning) packaged in a retro style box (with requisite foil spine)
- Special edition Shantae cartridge display stand
- A set of three beautiful high-gloss art cards

If you didn't get this package when it first became available, the only option left is to go through third party resellers. Limited Run is completely sold out, and has been for quite some time.

Wayforward rating for "River City Girls" appears

What could this be?

What in the world is River City Girls? We don't know, but WayForward is working on it! The game was rated by the Aussie Classification Board, which always shows games as multiplatform, even if they're not. WayForward's track record with Nintendo platforms is extremely good, so hopefully whatever this is, it'll come the Switch's way.

GoNintendo Video - Great Musical Moments in Games: Shantae's Bait-and-Switch

Shantae magic

That's right, damnit. Great Musical Moments is back! Today we take a look at a moment from Shantae and the Pirate's Curse that gives a nod to longtime fans.

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WayForward reveals Shantae 5 for Switch


WayForward has confirmed a new Shantae title! Shantae 5 is in development for the Switch right now, and WayForward says it'll release later this year. The announcement came from Apple's Apple TV+ announcement earlier today, and their games trailer featured the tiniest snippet of gameplay. We can't even be sure it's from Shantae 5 at this point!

That's honestly all the info we have for right now, but that's all I need to get excited!

Thanks to Kolma for the heads up!

Shantae and the Pirate's Curse - Limited Run Games physical release unboxing

Your wish is granted

Shantae and the Pirate's Curse on physical cartridge for the Nintendo Switch. Region free. This is an open pre-order for a limited time! Features beautiful interior art and a full-color manual. This game will not be carried at Best Buy.

The Shantae series laid dormant for so many years, and then met with an explosion of new games and fans. I couldn't be more happy to see that happen. It all paved the way for great content like the package above!

Thanks to TheDreamingHawk for the heads up!

Limited Run Games' Shantae and the Pirate's Curse Classic Edition GBC throwback box is gorgeous

I missed out on getting a retail copy of the original Shantae on GBC because I was a STUPID, STUPID KID...but that's a different story altogether. At least some people will be able to relive those glory days with a throwback GBC box from the gang at Limited Run Games. Hell, this is worth another purchase of Shantae and the Pirate's Curse alone!

Fan-Art: Custom Shantae-themed Switch dock

Now here's a fan that's truly dedicated to Shantae! Patrick Braga is obviously a huge fan of Shantae, so much so that he gave his entire Switch a Shantae makeover! Just looking at this design is making me super jealous!

Chrissy Teigen is loving Shantae: Half-Genie Hero on Switch

Chrissy Teigen, time and time again, has shown herself to be a big fan of the Switch. Now she's been introduced to everyone's favorite game genie, Shantae! Hopefully Chrissy keeps the Shantae tweets coming. I'd love to see what she thinks when she wraps the game up!