Totaku working on a Shantae figurine


Toy manufacturer Totaku has announced that they've got a Shantae figurine in the works. The company originally gauged interest in a Shantae figurine on Twitter, and it looks like the response was more than enough to convince Totaku to move ahead. All we know right now is that the figurine will release sometime in 2020.

WayForward shares a Happy Halloween message with the River City Girls

It's a River City Halloween

Halloween may be over, but that doesn't mean we can't enjoy some more Halloween-themed art! WayForward put together a special piece of art to celebrate the holiday, and if featured the fantastic beat'em-up, River City Girls. Too bad these costumes aren't available in game!

WayForward shares more insight into the amazing team that put together River City Girls' soundtrack

One of the best soundtracks of the year

WayForward games are known for looking gorgeous, playing great, and sounding amazing. River City Girls certainly nails the first two elements, but it absolutely kills it in the music department. How in the world did WayForward once again piece together an amazing soundtrack for their latest game? Check out what WayForward's Adam Tierney had to say in a Gamasutra interview.

There are 62 incredible music tracks in River City Girls, and a whopping 50-ish of them are by Megan McDuffee. I’d never worked with Megan prior to this game, and she blew us away with her very charismatic ‘80s-style synthpop compositions and her silky smooth vocals. Megan really went all out on the game’s soundtrack, and we knew that would be critical for a game like this, which relies so heavily on its own unique style and personality.

In addition to Megan, industry vet Chipzel composes our boss battle songs; I wanted those to have a rougher, chunkier feel compared to Megan’s stage compositions, and Chipzel nailed that goal. Dale North, a good friend of mine and celebrated composer, crafted the retro game tunes for our arcade stage. And finally Nathan Sharp (aka NateWantsToBattle) and Cristina Vee, who also cast and directed our game’s VO, contributed RCG’s intro and end credits songs.

My advice to other studios would be to try out new talent. I’ve never had a soundtrack to one of my games get accolades like this one, and it’s essentially the first time I’m working with Megan, Chipzel, Dale, and Nathan. There’s nothing wrong with sticking with the artists you know and love, but if you know you want a very different sound (like we did on RCG), try out some very different musicians.

Vitamin Connection - more footage

Prepare for a big dose of excitement delivered in a microscopic package with Vitamin Connection for Nintendo Switch! Developed by WayForward and published physically by Limited Run Games, this Switch-exclusive one- or two-player action title will deliver thrills, laughs, and varied gameplay unlike anything else on the system.

Double Dragon's Marian gets a major makeover in River City Girls

Damsel in distress no more

River City Girls is all about putting the woman front-and-center, and making them badass, instead of once again being fodder for the big bad guys. That even goes for some of the supplemental characters, including a cameo you might not have noticed your first time through.

The girl in the artwork above is Marian, who comes from the Double Dragon series. There are some notable Double Dragon cameos in River City Girls, but Marian's might be the best. Fans of Double Dragon know that Marian has, time and time again, been kidnapped by henchmen and held hostage. In the artwork above, you can see Marian has gotten a major makeover. Rem, the artist behind Marian's redesign, took to Twitter to discuss the changes.

“It seemed like her whole character was just ‘gets punched in the stomach and kidnapped. Needless to say, Marian’s not taking that shit any more.”

Looks like Marian is more than ready for a starring role in the next Double Dragon game. Perhaps she can save Billy and Jimmy this time!

Shantae and the Seven Sirens - Apple Arcade beta footage

Shantae and the Seven Sirens is playable right now on the Apple Arcade beta. It appears this is 'Part 1' of the game, so it's just a sampling of what will be available in the final title. Check out the 30 minutes of action above!

GoNintendo Video Review - River City Girls

Girls, girls, girls!

WayForward and Arc System Works have teamed up to breathe new life into the River City franchise with River City Girls. Is this just a gender-bent take on the franchise, or does it provide its own unique flair?

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Check out footage from WayForward's Switch exclusive, Vitamin Connection

In Vitamin Connection, players assume the roles of Vita-Boy and Mina-Girl and take control of the minuscule Capsule Ship to battle evil bacteria from within living organisms. By blasting subatomic foes with your Vitamin Beam, utilizing a special claw tool, and navigating maze-like stages, you’ll save the members of the Sable family — including the dog! — from a variety of hazardous and increasingly wacky predicaments. Each level also includes sub-games featuring rhythm challenges, Pong-like reflex tests, and more.

Watching the above footage, I think it's pretty easy to see what Vitamin Connection is a Switch exclusive. The game is completely built around the Switch Joy-Con, so much so that it's featured in gameplay!

WayForward and Arc System Works might team up on more River City titles in the future

More River City fun coming?

River City Girls is out now on Switch, and the marriage between WayForward and Arc System Works seems like a match made in heaven. The two teamed up to revamp the River City franchise in a big way, all while staying true to its roots. The end result is something that should leave newcomers and longtime fans dazzled.

Since the first outing was such a success, can we expect more River City collabs between the two in the future? According to WayForward's Adam Tierney, the two companies have an amazing relationship, and they're already talking about teaming up on something else. Apparently the two sides have all sorts ideas for what they'd like to do. It's just about pegging one idea down and running with it.

GameSpot Video - River City Girls: You Don't Want To Miss Out

There's a lot of games coming out right now, which makes it easy to miss some of the smaller but excellent ones like River City Girls on Switch.


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