Team Sonic Racing - 'Market Street' music sample

Hyper Potions and Jun Senoue are teaming up again for the Team Sonic Racing soundtrack! Here's a sample of their remix of "Market Street", from Sonic Unleashed.

Sonic Forces soundtrack now available on Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play and more

Looking to enjoy some of the Sonic Forces tunes outside of the game? As of today, you're able to give the soundtracks a listen on Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play and more. This includes both the original soundtrack and the 'Vocal Traxx' albums.

Sonic Forces & Sonic Mania Double Pack - EU cover art

Two great Sonic games in one

Join the Uprising
Fight Back as Modern and Classic Sonic
Create Your Custom Hero and Fight with Powerful Gadgets
Uncover Secrets Playing as Shadow

The Ultimate celebration of past and future
5 Playable Characters with Unique Abilities
Vibrant New Stages & Classic Zones
Join a Friend in Co-Op or 4 Player Competition Mode

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Team Sonic Racing - 'Boo's House' OST sample

Happy almost-Halloween! Get in the spooky spirit with a brand new music reveal from Team Sonic Racing! Explore Boo's House, a brand new area featuring a special remix of Sandopolis Zone from Sonic & Knuckles - but watch your step! Rumor has it you might see a ghost...

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SEGA gets in the Halloween spirit with a 10-hour version of Sonic Adventure 2's 'Pumpkin Hill'

Welcome to 10 Hours of the world's spookiest rap song. "A Ghost's Pumpkin Soup ... for Pumpkin Hill" Composed and Arranged by Jun Senoue, Kenichi Tokoi, Fumie Kumatani, Tomoya Ohtani. Thank you to SA2 Title Prompts for the awesome custom intro, and to Hyper Potions and Skruzo for their help with the mix! You can get the official SA2 soundtrack on iTunes at: https://apple.co/2OVHg79

When it comes to Sonic, SEGA always seems to be in on the memes. They know what's going on and how to joke around with fans. Case in point, this 10-hour version of Sonic Adventure 2's Pumpkin Hill theme. We all know the song is absolutely cheesy, but that's what makes it great. Plus, it's the perfect song to play for Halloween!

Team Sonic Racing - off-screen footage

Team Sonic Racing combines the best elements of arcade and fast‐paced competitive style racing as you face‐off with friends in intense multiplayer racing. Race together and work together as a team by sharing power‐ups and speed boosts. Take control of your racing style ‐ Choose from 3 distinct character types and unlock game changing vehicle customization options to suit your racing style. Gear Up. Speed Up. – Team Racing at Sonic Speed!

Team Sonic Racing delayed to May 21st, 2019

Looks like the rumors of Team Sonic Racing being delayed were spot-on. SEGA has confirmed a delay, which states that the game won't be out until May 21st, 2019. That's a pretty sizable delay, but it looks like the dev team wants to make sure they create an experience that's top-notch. Let's hope the extra dev time does the game well.

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Did You Know Gaming - Sonic Advance games

Did You Know Gaming takes a look at some facts, secrets and Easter eggs from the Sonic Advance games! These Sonic The Hedgehog GBA games were made by Sonic Team and Dimps, and published by SEGA for the Nintendo Game Boy Advance.

Super Mario Odyssey wasn't the first game to show off Mario's nipples

Looks like we've been living a lie, gang. Turns out there was another game to show off Mario's nipples prior to Super Mario Odyssey. The honor now goes to Mario & Sonic at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games, which featured a Miiverse stamp showcasing Mario sans shirt. They may just be two tiny pixels, but it still counts!

Sonic Double Pack - cover art

Well that solves that mystery. Amazon Italy has updated their Sonic Double Pack listing with cover art, and now we know for sure that Sonic Forces is the game being bundled up with Sonic Mania Plus. Still no word on this retail double pack seeing release in North America.