Funko reveals info on where to buy their Flocked Vulpix/Mewtwo and Tails/Super Silver 2-pack POP! figurines

Better snag these early!

We recently shared Funko's reveals of Flocked Vulpix/Mewtwo and Tails/Super Silver 2-pack POP! figurines, which are part of their Funko Virtual Con 3.0 lineup. Now we have details on where customers will be able to buy those items.

You can check out the breakdown for both the United States and Canada below. Sales will open up on July 19th, 2020.

United States

Gamestop: Flocked Vulpix and Super Tails & Super Silver 2-pack
Funko Shop: Flocked Mewtwo


EB Games: Flocked Vulpix and Super Tails & Super Silver 2-pack
Toys”R”Us Canada: Flocked Mewtwo

Sonic Adventure and Sonic Adventure 2 soundtracks seeing vinyl re-releases

Fire up the turntables

Brave Wave has announced that they'll be releasing vinyl reprints of the Sonic Adventure and Sonic Adventure 2 soundtracks. These will be new 180g black vinyl reprints, according to Brave Wave's statement. What we don't know is the release date or pricing for these albums. We'll share that info with you when it becomes available.

Funko releasing Super Tails and Super Silver POP! figurines

These figures really POP!

Earlier today, Funko revealed flocked Mewtwo and Vulpix Funko POP! figurines. Looks like that's not all they have in the works.

The company has also revealed two more POP! figurines that were part of their Comic-Con plans. Super Tails and Super Silver are in the works, and they're going to be sold as a two-pack. No word on pricing or release date yet, but they should be coming in very soon.

SEGA's online store celebrates Sonic's 29th birthday with a new 'Graffiti' line and 15% off select items

Happy bday, Blue Blur!

As we mentioned earlier today, Sonic is currently celebrating his 29th birthday. To honor the special occasion, SEGA has two new offers going on at their official online store.

First up is a new 'Graffiti' line of merch that you see above. There's shirts, mugs, a notebook, and a cell phone case to snag. You can check them out here. Along with that, the online store is offering 15% off select Sonic items. Just use the code SONICBDAY when you check out.

G FUEL and SEGA Team Up To Create a Sonic the Hedgehog Energy Drink

Does it taste like chili dogs?

Get ready for supersonic energy! G FUEL — The Official Energy Drink of Esports® — today announced it is teaming up with SEGA® of America, Inc. to launch a new kind of power-up for Sonic fans. Introducing the new SEGA and G FUEL crossover flavor: Sonic’s Peach Rings — available to purchase for U.S. customers in 16 oz G FUEL Cans at gfuel.com on August 12, 2020.

Inspired by iconic elements from across the Sonic the Hedgehog universe, G FUEL Sonic’s Peach Rings was developed in partnership with SEGA and is bursting with peach gummy flavor. The new G FUEL flavor will give gamers everywhere the extreme energy and focus that they need to catapult past perilous platforms, defeat Dr. Eggman, and save the world.

“We’re ecstatic to partner with such an established energy drink company in the gaming community to bring Sonic’s Peach Rings to market,” said Michael Cisneros, Manager of Licensing for SEGA of America. “Sonic the Hedgehog has always been a character that embodies perseverance and endurance, which are qualities that are central to G FUEL’s product. We can’t wait for Sonic fans to enjoy it!”

G FUEL Sonic’s Peach Rings gives Sonic fans an extra boost to take on the competition, giving players the endurance to go faster and game longer. For collectors, G FUEL Sonic’s Peach Rings energy drink will also be for sale to customers in the U.S. and Canada in powdered form in 40-serving tubs and limited-edition collectors boxes, which include one 40-serving tub and one 16 oz shaker cup, at gfuel.com on August 19, 2020.

"When I think about some of the classic icons in gaming, nothing comes to mind faster than Sonic the Hedgehog," commented G FUEL Founder and CEO, Cliff Morgan. "That’s why we’re thrilled to team up with SEGA and introduce our fans to the winning combination of the world’s fastest hedgehog and the world’s best energy drink for gamers."

Are you ready to join an epic high-energy fight to save a world decimated by Dr. Eggman? Sign up for early access to G FUEL Sonic’s Peach Rings at gfuel.com/pages/launch-calendar.

First 4 Figures teams with GNF TOYZ for a Sonic the Hedgehog Boom8 series of figurines

Exciting news for Sonic fans

F4F PARTNERSHIPS X GNF TOYZ SONIC THE HEDGEHOG BOOM8 SERIES - COMBO PACK 4 reservations are now LIVE! Bring home some Sonic bad guys and reserve your own Boom8 Metal Sonic and Dr. Eggman PVC figures!

Today is Sonic the Hedgehog's 29th birthday, creator Yuji Naka shares his thoughts

The following translation comes courtesy of PushDustIn:

Looking back I'm filled with memories as I was the one who originally decided that his birthday would be June 23rd. By pure coincidence today Sonic Nanoblocks arrived at my house.

This week the Sonic Movie will come out in Japan. Thank you to all the fans who have loved the Sonic series for such a long time.

No, the Sonic the Hedgehog ice cream bar is not discontinued

Treat yourself!

In recent months, it appears there's been a shortage of Sonic the Hedgehog ice cream bars. They've been quite hard to find, which lead to a rumor of the item being discontinued. Thankfully that's not the case.

Blue Bunny, the company behind the ice cream bars, has taken to Twitter to assuage fears. The company says that the product is still part of their lineup, and any shortages out there stem from manufacturing issues that popped up during the pandemic.

Sonic the Hedgehog series of Nanoblock figures on the way (UPDATE)

Wow, the spitting image!

Looking for your next bit of Sonic merch? You might want to look towards importing the series of Sonic the Hedgehog Nanoblock kits, which will release in Japan on June 23rd, 2020.

The kits, which are 1,200 yen each, will feature Sonic, Tails, and Eggman. Each figure is about 66mm tall, and the Sonic and Tails kits are 150 pieces, while Eggman is 160 pieces. All three kits are rated a 2 out of 5 difficulty when it comes to construction.

UPDATE - Looks like there's even more on the way than we first reported. Thanks to Nintendalerts for the heads up!

Sonic the Hedgehog DJ Style Party album available to stream

Who's ready to party?!

Sonic composer Tomoya Ohtani has a birthday coming up, and SEGA is celebrating with some streaming music fun. The Sonic the Hedgehog DJ Style Party album is now available to stream on multiple services, and includes 33 different tracks from the Sonic series. Click here to see where the album can be streamed.


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