SEGA teasing new Sonic game announcement

This might look like nothing more than a joke about the Privacy Policy update emails being sent out recently, but there's more to it than that. If you actually read the text in the third image, it's clear that a new game is being teased. Since this features Sonic and was shown on the Sonic Twitter account, it looks like we have a new Sonic announcement to look forward to!

Amazon Japan offering multiple Sonic Mania Plus bundles

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Amazon Japan has revealed 4 different bundles for Sonic Mania Plus. While all versions of the bundle include the game, each one has a different bonus item. The options include a smartphone case, logo keychain, bandana, and chopsticks.

SEGA teases more news on their Sonic racing title

Remember that teaser trailer for some Sonic-related racing project? Wondering when SEGA is going to share some more informtaion on that? Seems like we might be getting some tidbits soon. The following comes from SEGA PR and social media head, Aaron Webber.

A lot of you have been waiting for news and information, and you’re very curious about what that title was that we teased back at South by Southwest, and at least in the near future, you might be hearing some more news and information about that. So hey, that’s coming up. Get ready. It’s on the horizon.

PUMA & SEGA Announce Sonic Sneaker Collaboration Arrives In Stores June 5

Global players PUMA and SEGA® today officially announce the worldwide release date of the PUMA x SEGA RS-0 Sonic and Dr. Eggman sneakers. Keeping the gaming and sneaker fans in suspense for quite some time since the partnership announcement in March, the milestone sneaker pack is dropping on June 5th worldwide.

The RS-0 Sonic takes cues from Sonic the Hedgehog and the areas he protects, including the iconic Green Hill Zone. The upper is made from a textured suede reminiscent of Sonic’s trademark blue fur while the striking red outsole stands for his shoes. Take a closer look and you’ll see more familiar color hints from the beloved game – from classic gold rings, to the lush green grass that he speeds on. The upper also features micro ventilation perforations, embroidered PUMA Formstrip, deboss of Sonic’s head and gold rings. Metallic gold rings once again appear on lace ends relating to the classic gold rings collected in the video game. The story continues on the mid and insole with checkered print nostalgic to the retro video game. 16-bit grass print on heel is a nod to the Green Hill Zone. Outsole features translucent red rubber and a Sonic logo under print. Finally, the tongue label features the collaboration logo and RS-0 binary number branding.

The PUMA x SEGA RS-0 Dr. Eggman take cues from Sonic the Hedgehog’s archnemesis, from his flashy outfit to the black and yellow caution stripes from his Eggmobile represented by the sneaker’s all-over red upper and footbed. The upper is decked in a pebbled patent leather with micro ventilation perforations, a debossed PUMA Formstrip, and a debossed Dr. Eggman head that shoots fireballs from his Eggmobile. His conniving face and fireballs are debossed on the medial heel, while gold rings, have been inserted on the lace. The footbed features black and yellow caution stripes - nod to the graphics on Eggman’s Eggmobile. Metallic outsole and caution stripes take design cues from his scientific machinery. Outsole features translucent blue rubber and Sonic logo under print, the exact color referenced from Dr. Eggman’s glasses. Tongue label features the collaboration logo and RS-0 binary number branding. Both sneakers are packaged a special box that inspired by the iconic Green Hill Zone.

This year marked PUMA’s reboot of their 80’s Running System range with the all-new RS-0 model. The global brand has partnered with influential and creative brands, individuals, and institutions that push culture forward through innovation in design, style, technology, and more. Expect to see more exciting drops that celebrate the pillars of gaming, music, photography and more.

For SEGA, this exciting collaboration underlines their continued efforts to align key franchises within the SEGA portfolio with high-end and highly visible brands from the worlds of fashion, lifestyle and art.

The PUMA x SEGA RS-0 Sonic and Dr. Eggman sneakers will be available at puma.com, PUMA Stores and select sneaker retailers globally on June 5th. Follow @PUMASportstyle and @sonic_hedgehog on social for release information.

Sonic Mania Plus - Japanese 2-disc soundtrack track listing

Disc 1 (Re-imagined Tracks)

1.Flying Battery Zone Act 1
2.Flying Battery Zone Act 2
3.Stardust Speedway Zone Act 1
4.Stardust Speedway Zone Act 2
5.Hydro City Zone Act 1
6.Hydro City Zone Act 2
7.Lava Reef Zone Act 1
8.Lava Reef Zone Act 2
9.Metallic Madness Zone Act 1
10.Metallic Madness Zone Act 2
11.Vs. Metal Sonic
12.Eggman Mean Bean
13.Blue Spheres
14.Stage Clear
15.Angel Island Cutscene
18.Game Over

Sonic Mania Plus Additional Tracks

19.Double Take – Encore Save Select Cutscene
20.Trap Tower – Pinball Bonus Stage
21.Back In Action – Mighty&Ray
22.Angel Island Zone

Bonus Tracks

23.Time Trials
25.Time Trials Plus(feat. Jun Senoue)

Disc 2 (Original Tracks)

1.Discovery – Title Screen
2.Lights, Camera, Action!- Studiopolis Zone Act 1
3.Prime Time – Studiopolis Zone Act 2
4.Tabloid Jargon – Press Garden Zone Act 1
5.Blossom Haze – Press Garden Zone Act 2
6.Skyway Octane – Mirage Saloon Zone Act 1 ST Mix
7.Wildstyle Pistolero – Mirage Saloon Zone Act 1 K Mix
8.Rogues Gallery – Mirage Saloon Zone Act 2
9.Built to Rule – Titanic Monarch Zone Act 1
10.Steel Cortex – Titanic Monarch Zone Act 2
11.Danger on the Dance Floor – Mid-Boss 26 Head 2 Head – Versus Mode
12.Ruby Delusions – Eggman Boss 1 27 The Winner!- Competition Results
13.Havoc Prognosis – Eggman Boss 2 28 Countdown to Continue
14.Hi-Spec Robo Go!- Hard Boiled Heavy Boss
15.Ruby Illusions – Final Boss
16.Egg Reverie – Egg Reverie Zone
17.Egg Panicky – Egg Reverie Zone Pinch Mode(soundtest only)
18.Dimension Heist – UFOSpecial Stage
19.Rise of the Icon – Sonic Mania Alternate Intro
20.Comfort Zone – Main Menu
21.Sunshine Cassette – Save Select
22.Who’s the boss?- Hard Boiled Heavies Mischief Scene
23.Undefeated – Invincibility
24.The Blur – Speed Shoes
25.Glimmering Gift – Super Transformation
29.Guided Tour – Credits

Sonic Mania Plus - more screens and art

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Sonic Mania Plus is the definitive retail enhanced version of the original Sonic Mania digital release, presented in pristine collectable packaging. Building off its momentum and critical acclaim as one of the best platform games of 2017, the nostalgic pixel-perfect visuals and fresh gameplay will deliver a classic experience to gamers across the world! See why Sonic Mania was declared as the "Best Sonic game ever!" by Gamespot, and a blazing example of why Sonic the Hedgehog continues to break barriers over the course of 25+ years as one of gaming's most iconic characters of all time!

Classic Sonic the Hedgehog interview reveals Sonic was originally a rabbit, discusses how Mario influenced Sonic's gameplay

The following snippets come from a classic interview with Yuji Naka, in which he discusses the creation of Sonic the Hedgehog. First up, he talks about how Sonic's original design was a rabbit.

I wrote up a memo that was basically a “next game I want to make” list, and showed it to my boss. But the one that caught his attention was the very last entry on the list, which said “an action game to challenge Mario”. (laughs) I tried to object, saying “Actually, I wrote them in order of which ones I want to do…” but he didn’t listen to me at all. (laughs) So we got started on the Sonic the Hedgehog development, with 3 or 4 members. In the beginning it was just a program where you moved a ball-like object around, then at some point it was a rabbit...but something felt very off about it. And ultimately we decided to give the character a somersault attack.

That idea actually came from a notebook I had in high school, scribbled there on the very last page. I figured I would use it when I quit Sega and went independent, but as we were making Sonic it was like, “well, I’ve got no choice, I guess I’ll have to use it now.” However, if a rabbit does a somersault attack, it’s just going to hurt itself, right? We thought it would be better to have some animal with a hard shell or spines. Two possibilities came up: an armadillo or a hedgehog, but the hedgehog won out because it was faster.

Naka also went on to discuss how the Super Mario Bros. series was a jumping point for what Sonic games would focus on.

I think Super Mario Bros. is a wonderful game, but if you play it everyday, you always have to start from stage 1-1, right? Once you get good and memorize the levels, you can just hold down the B button and run through the stage. But even then it just takes too long. With Sonic, I wanted to shorten that time if I could. My idea was that you’d progress slowly and carefully through the stages on your first playthroughs as you learned the enemy locations, but after you got used to it, you could really zoom straight through the levels. Unfortunately, everyone who playtested it just went full-speed from the very beginning. (laughs)

Sonic's creator, Yuji Naka, wanted to work at Nintendo after leaving SEGA

Yuji Naka departed SEGA shortly after bringing Sonic the Hedgehog into the world. What did he envision for his future? Believe it or not, he was really hoping he could land a job at Nintendo. In the interview snippet below, Naka details what he did after leaving SEGA.

When I was returning from Tokyo to my home in Osaka, I decided to go through the Nintendo headquarters in Kyoto. In fact, I wanted to see how long it would take to travel from Osaka to the Nintendo offices. (Laughter) However, when I stopped my car in the parking lot, a security guard came out and started to look at me suspiciously. I got scared and decided to go home. (Laughter) If that security guard had not been there, who knows how different my future could have been …! (Laughter)

While I was reading those books, I received a call from a third developer asking me if I could work for them. But the truth is that I was waiting for a call from Nintendo.

The reason I thought that was because a few months before I left Sega, I heard a story about another programmer from a great gaming company who had given up his job, and then Nintendo called him. I was like: “Wow, that could also happen to me!” (Laughter). Then, when I left Sega, I had the faint hope of receiving a call … but it never came. (Laughter) It was sad.

IGN Video - Sonic Adventure 2 Battle: Dark Story World Record Speedrun

Watch as speedrunner Ethmar gets the world record in the Dark Story category in Sonic Adventure 2 Battle. Note: Hosting of this video was allowed by its original owner.