Fan takes Sonic Mania's animated intro, removes the music, and adds in classic sound effects and more

I love the Sonic Mania animated intro. The way the music and animation gets you pumped really sets the fun tone for the game. With that said, this fan-made edit is really interesting as well! You have to love those classic Sonic sound effects.

SEGA of America and Paramount Pictures Finalize Agreement to Co-produce Sonic the Hedgehog Feature Film (official PR)

SEGA Holdings Co., Ltd. today announced that SEGA of America, Inc., has reached a final agreement with Paramount Pictures to co-produce a Sonic the Hedgehog feature film, set for theatrical release beginning in the United States on November 15, 2019, then rolling out internationally to markets around the world.

This move represents an important next-step in the expansion of the Sonic the Hedgehog IP, bringing the character to new audiences globally. As part of the IP strategy for Sonic the Hedgehog, SEGA Group has been working to expand this character beyond the video game market to become an entertainment franchise. Recently, Sonic has appeared as an animated character on television, consumer products, console and mobile games, and more.

“I am very honored that our companies, SEGA and MARZA, have this incredible opportunity to partner with Paramount Pictures for this production, which will bring Sonic to the big screen for the first time. Since he was first introduced to the world 26 years ago, Sonic has continued to grow in popularity as part of our core strategy to focus on video games. In addition to video games, this provides SEGA with a fantastic opportunity to share Sonic with everyone and we can’t wait to reveal more to eager audiences in the future,” said SEGA Holdings Chairman and Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Haruki Satomi.

Paramount Pictures will work closely with SEGA of America to bring Sonic to the big screen, said Jim Gianopulos, Chairman and CEO, Paramount Pictures.

“We are incredibly excited to work with SEGA to bring this iconic property and character to audiences around the world,” said Gianopulos. “We look forward to our partnership on this great venture.”

Planned for a worldwide release showcasing both live-action and CG animation elements, the feature film will be the first time Sonic has been adapted for the big screen. Developing the project since its inception as a producer as well as a production house, MARZA Animation Planet Co., Ltd., owned by SEGA Group, will be joined by an assembly of high-profile talent.

The film has signed on notable industry veterans including:

Producer Neal H. Moritz from Original Film Inc. (“Fast and Furious” series)

Director Jeff Fowler (Blur Studio, Academy Award® nominee for 2005 Best Animated Short Film “Gopher Broke.”)

Executive producer Tim Miller (director of the Marvel/Fox feature “Deadpool” and owner of animation and CG production company Blur Studio)

“I’m thrilled to be partnered with SEGA and to have such an incredible and supportive home for Sonic with Jim and Paramount,” said Moritz.

Sonic creator Naoto Ohshima says Michael Jackson submitted a series of acapella tracks for use in Sonic the Hedgehog 3

The mystery of Michael Jackson's involvement in Sonic the Hedgehog 3 continues on. Now we know that Jackson did submit a recording of music ideas for Sonic 3, and it featured nothing but Michael's own voice. He performed all aspects of the songs, from trumpets to drums, and everything else. If SEGA has that recording in their offices somewhere, I think it's time to let it loose!

Sonic the Hedgehog film set for release on Nov. 15, 2019

Mario isn't the only big-name gaming icon to have a feature film in the works. We've known about the Sonic the Hedgehog movie for quite some time now, but had no idea when it would launch. Now we have confirmation that the live-action/CG movie is set to premiere on Nov. 15, 2019. I cannot wait to see what happens with this project.

A second toy maker points to another Sonic racing game in the works

Not that long ago, toy maker Zappies claimed they were working on toys for an upcoming Sonic racing game. This was after a rumor of a Sonic racing game came out, but SEGA specifically said another Sonic and All-Stars Racing Transformed wasn't in the works. SEGA's comment leaves room for them be working on another Sonic racing title, but something outside of the Sonic and All-Stars universe.

Today the rumor grows, with comment from Diamond Select Toys at the New York Toy Fair. A representative for the company revealed some details on an upcoming line of Sonic merch, and had this to say when asked for more info.

“There are some minifigures […] some come with diorama pieces you’re going to build a race track from the game…“

There you go, yet another mention of a Sonic racing game. Now this could be related to an older Sonic game, but it seems more likely that Diamond Select Toys is working on toys for a new game, just as Zappies claimed.

Sonic comic universe gets two new villains, Rough and Tumble

The IDW-helmed Sonic comic series kicks off in April, and it's going to include two more villains for Sonic to tackle. Above are Rough and Tumble, with Rough being the smaller guy and Tumble being the bigger one. We don't have much info on the characters, other than the quick blurb Associate editor David Mariotte shared.

“They’re independent agents, and more bullies than masterminds, but they’re tough enough to maybe become someone’s henchmen down the line.”

Writer Ian Flynn says IDW's Sonic comic series is a fresh start

A portion of a Game Informer interview with IDW comic writer, Ian Flynn...

GI: You had some issues in the works before Sonic went to IDW. Will old fans get a sense of closure with the upcoming relaunch? Is it, in any way, going to continue or be based on some of the lore you established over the years?

IF: IDW is brand new. There's no connection from before aside from the creators that are involved. All of us are approaching this as a blank slate. This is fresh, new, just-off-the-vine Sonic. You don't even have to be super familiar with the games to get into it. If you know that Sonic is fast, he fights robots, and Dr. Eggman is a villain? Boom. You're set. I'm going to jump in and treat this series how Sonic adventures should be. Fast-paced and fun. Takes itself seriously enough so that you're engaged, but not so serious that you're rolling your eyes and saying, "Come on, this is a blue hedgehog. Chill out." I would love for there to be an opportunity down the line to at least cover the notes of what I would've done with the old series, but we are in uncharted waters at this point. The IDW book hasn't even launched yet. It's brand new and so is our relationship with Sega. We're feeling out what everyone's comfortable with and what we can do with the future. So right now, I'm not focused so much on resolving the past as I am setting up a successful future. Whatever comes from that down the line should be interesting.

Sonic the Hedgehog: Battle Racers Board Game Kickstarter Now Live

Ready, Set...Sonic! Burst into action with Sonic the Hedgehog: Battle Racers! Select your racer, choose your route, and fight your way to the finish while avoiding opposing racers and a variety of dangerous obstacles. Control your speed, use your abilities, and activate your special powers to collect as many rings as you can in an amazing race.

Check out the Kickstarter here

SEGA says Sonic Forces "performed strongly"

While we don't have specific figures on the sales of Sonic Forces, it does seem that SEGA is happy with the game's reception at retail. In their latest financial results report, SEGA states that Sonic Forces has "performed strongly" in the sales department. Hopefully SEGA gives more concrete details on sales soon.

Thanks to Lars for the heads up!

Toy maker says another Sonic racing game is coming out this year

Oh boy, here we go. Now we've got a really interesting back-and-forth happening. Here's a quick refresher for everyone who hasn't been keeping up.

A couple weeks back, rumors of Sumo Digital working on another racing game popped up. The info came from a supposed presentation Sumo Digital gave, and included slides that referenced the "unannounced karting game." People started speculation that Sumo Digital was returning for another spin with Sonic and the gang soon after. On the very same day the rumor broke, SEGA's Aaron Webber stepped in and flat-out said another Sonic & All-Stars Racing game wasn't happening.

I thought the convo was dead in the water after that, but now we have something new that makes the situation even more confusing. Zappies is a company which has made multiple Sonic & All Stars Racing Transformed toys back in the day. The Zappies gang was at the Spielwarenmesse toy fair, and they had their previous Sonic & All Stars Racing products on shelves for display. Why is that, you ask? The company flat out said that another Sonic racing game is coming this year, and they're making toys of it, but can't show them yet.

Now I honestly don't know what to believe. Is SEGA the one lying about this? Were the Sumo Digital slides faked? Is the Zappies story bogus? Someone is fibbing here, and in due time, we'll find out who!