NCSX import - Dragon Quest Slime slippers

Retire your bunny slippers and slide your feet into a pair of Slime Slippers instead which are available in blue or silver slime variations. The slippers are "free size" and should fit most adult human feet outside the courts of the National Basketball Association.

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Dragon Quest X: 5000 Year Journey to a Faraway Hometown - commercials

Hey Square-Enix, perhaps with your newfound appreciation for the Switch, you could see it fit to bring Dragon Quest X stateside! There are plenty of fans here who want to give the game a go. I mean, why not put a poll out there and gauge interest?

Square-Enix to aggressively make games for Switch, no IPs ruled out

As we just mentioned a few minutes ago, Square-Enix is big on Switch. They're ready to really start pouring some support out for the system. Here's the latest tidbits from the company themselves.

- Project Octopath Traveler and Dragon Quest XI Switch seem on-track for next fiscal year
- Switch’s momentum is strong and Nintendo doing great is good for Square-Enix.
- Switch is ideal for middle-range games, which Square-Enix is good at making, so they will work on these aggressively
- when considering games for Switch, Square-Enix won’t rule out any IPs
- this includes new ones, currently active ones and not-active ones
- new Switch games may become multi-platform, but Square Enix promise to “aggressively make games for Switch”

Dragon Quest X: Version 4.0 - another round of screens

Check out more here

Wouldn't it be nice to play Dragon Quest X? It's gotten support for so long, yet we never saw it release outside of Japan. Seems like such a shame.

Dragon Quest XI Switch to use Unreal Engine 4

Dragon Quest head honcho Yuji Horii has confirmed that the Switch version of Dragon Quest XI is going to utilize Unreal Engine 4. The Switch version is using Unreal Engine 4.15, while the PS4 version was running on Unreal Engine 4.13. Now we just sit back and wait for the game to actually get finished!

Famitsu survey asks Dragon Quest XI players what platform they play on, favorite characters, and more

The following survey comes from Famitsu, which includes data from 2,238 people.

Which hardware did you play on?

PS4 – 990 people
3DS – 854 people
Both – 375 people

Who is your favorite main character? (Up to three choices)

Veronica – 1,316 votes
Camus – 1,078 votes
Silvia – 988 votes

Who is your favorite non-main character?

Homeros – 361 votes
Emma – 340 votes
Diego – 274 votes

Which camera mode did you use on PS4?

Free Camera – 365 people
Auto-Camera – 714 people
Switched between both – 227 people

Did you play on 2D or 3D Mode for 3DS?

2D – 196 people
3D – 618 people
Switched between both – 227 people

What was the best element about Dragon Quest XI?

1. Characters
2. Story
3. World
4. Graphics
5. Music

What was your favorite new element?

1. Zone and Co-op Attacks
2. Forge
3. Skill Panel
4. Camp
5. Monster Mounting

How enjoyable was the game?

Very Enjoyable – 1,573 people
Pretty Enjoyable – 340 people
Enjoyable – 89 people
Not Enjoyable/Uncertain – 80 people