Dragon Quest XI - Staff acknowledges the demand for a Switch version, requests that fans stop asking

Over the past few months, fans have been clamoring for a Nintendo Switch version of Dragon Quest XI. Seeing as the game is releasing on other consoles, including the 3DS, fans have continued to beg for a Switch release. The game's director, Takeshi Uchikawa, made this official response in a Polygon interview:

When we first announced [Dragon Quest 11], the Switch hadn’t come out yet, and the development kit also wasn’t finalized. The hardware specs weren’t out yet, but we were like, "We can manage this. We can put this out on the Switch." 

Producers Hokuto Okamoto and Hikari Kubota also stepped in, and they claimed that the crew was still "taking care of many things." They then asked that fans stop requesting the game and that they have nothing to announce at the moment. 

Dragon Quest X - Version 4.2 screens

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I can't believe Square-Enix talked about potentially localizing Dragon Quest X. I thought that ship had long sailed, but I'm very happy to see there's a tiny sliver of hope. What a lovely surprise announcement that would make!

Square-Enix still has an interest in releasing Dragon Quest X outside of Japan

Turns out Square-Enix still has a desire to release Dragon Quest X outside of Japan. This little tidbit was shared by producer Yuu Miyake in a Game Informer interview.

"We wanted to release it in [North America; I still want to release it]. However, with the MMO, it was based on a five-year plan of service, so if we were going to release it in North America, there's the question of how we would rearrange that."

Let's hope Square-Enix can figure out these issues and make a release happen. I'm sure tons of Dragon Quest fans would still be eager to hop in.

Square-Enix talks about how kids used to skip school to buy Dragon Quest games on their launch days

For a long time now, we've heard a story about people skipping school and work to play the latest Dragon Quest game on its launch day. Dragon Quest games are launched on Saturdays now, but was this move made to avoid people skipping their responsibilities? According to Dragon Quest producer Yuu Miyake, that's the case.

"In short, yes, that's true. When Dragon Quest III came out, tons and tons of kids skipped school to go buy the game. The police actually said, 'You guys need to do something about this. This is not okay.' [This was] back in the era of Enix, and so Dragon Quest started being sold only on Saturdays. Actually, it's the only [series] sold on Saturday."

Dragon Quest X - More screens for Version 4.2

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If Dragon Quest X was announced for localization, would you give the game a shot, or is it simply so far after launch that you've lost interest? I think I'd still have to dive in and give it a shot, but my interest is certainly waning with Dragon Quest XI on the horizon for Switch.

Dragon Quest XI - English footage (PS4)

DRAGON QUEST® XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age™ follows the perilous journey of a hunted Hero who must uncover the mystery of his fate with the aid of a charismatic cast of loyal companions. They embark on a quest taking them across continents and over vast oceans as they learn of an ominous threat facing the world.

Dragon Quest X “All In One Package” - overview trailer

The Dragon Quest X "All In One Package" includes Versions 1 to 4 of Dragon Quest X, and is set to release in Japan on July 26th, 2018. The game will be available on both Wii U and Switch.

Dragon Quest Builders "Builders 100 Landscapes Contest: The Road to Builders 2" winners revealed

Back in February, Square Enix ran a Dragon Quest Builders “Builders 100 Landscapes Contest: The Road to Builders 2” contest where participants had to submit their best creations from the original Dragon Quest Builders. The contest came to a close awhile back, and today Square-Enix has revealed the 100 winners. Those 100 winners should be quite happy, because every one of them is going to have their winning creations in Dragon Quest Builders 2. Check out all the winners here.

Japan Anniversary Association recognizes May 27th as "Dragon Quest Day"

On this day 32 years ago, Dragon Quest launched for the Famicom. It was the start of something absolutely huge for Enix, and is now one of the most popular game franchises in Japan. That's probably why the Japan Anniversary Association has now certified May 27th as Dragon Quest Day.

The Japan Anniversary Association aims to increase awareness for Japanese culture, and they feel that Dragon Quest is well worth recognizing. The association isn't run by the government though, so the holiday falls short of being truly official. Still, it's enough for Dragon Quest fans to be excited about and celebrate!

Dragon Quest X - Version 4.2 trailer

Version 4.2 of Dragon Quest X will be made available on May 30th, 2018.