Update available for Dragon Quest XI S

Bug fixes as usual

Square-Enix has released an update for Dragon Quest XI S. This update fixes an issue with the Trodain Set where players are unable to change the field music in 3D mode. We don't know if this patch includes any other changes, but we'll bring you patch notes if they become available.

Dragon Quest XI S - English overview trailer

Set out on a legendary adventure with the Luminary across Erdrea in DRAGON QUEST XI S: Echoes of an Elusive Age – Definitive Edition, out now on Nintendo Switch!

Dragon Quest XI S Hero prototype Nendoroid pics released

Looking good, Hero

Square Enix has shared another look at the prototype Dragon Quest XI S Hero Nendoroid that's in the works. Preorders for the Nendoroid are going to open up soon in Japan, but Square-Enix wasn't ready to commit to a date just yet.

More information on Dragon Quest XI S' launch sales in Japan

Just how well did it sell?

We know that Dragon Quest XI S took the top spot in the Japanese sales chart last week, selling 311k units at retail. Want a better breakdown of how the game did? Check out some new tidbits on launch week sales below.

- sell-through rate of 65%
- this means Square-Enix shipped around 450k units at launch
- Dragon Quest on 3DS and PlayStation 4 have sold 1.83 million units and 1.4 million units respectively since launch

Nintendo uploads an unlisted Dragon Quest XI S commercial that lacks music, but still has sound effects


Looks like Nintendo made a bit of a goof with one of their uploads. The Big N currently has an unlisted commercial on their YouTube channel for Dragon Quest XI S. While the commercial looks just fine, the sound is definitely off. For whatever reason, the commercial doesn't feature any music or announcer voiceover. All you get is some sound effects and screaming, making for an interesting experience!

Dragon Quest I/II/III launching in Asia on Oct. 24th, 2019

English support included

We've known for awhile now that Dragon Quest I/II/III were seeing a physical release as one set in Asia, but we didn't know when. Today the release date was confirmed, and fans can expect to pick up the collection on Oct. 24th, 2019. If you're going for a physical release, it seems this will be the only option that supports English.

Dragon Quest XI S "Slime Buns" available at multiple convenience stores in Japan

Nothing more appetizing than slime!

Square-Enix promoted the launch of Dragon Quest XI S in Japan with all kinds of goodies. One of the items you can find is Dragon Quest "Slime Buns," which come in three different flavors. Check out footage and a taste test of each version in the video above!

Thanks to Chris for the heads up!

Dragon Quest XI S' entire 2D mode can be played with the Switch SNES Controller

A neat way to play!

The Switch SNES Controller can be used with Switch Online SNES games, but it also works with some other titles. Believe it or not, it functions absolutely perfectly with Dragon Quest XI S in 2D mode. As long as you stick in that mode, you can play the full game start to finish with the SNES controller!

Dragon Quest X gets another batch of screens

Check out more screens here

The first massively-multiplayer online (MMO) game in the series, Dragon Quest X features user-created characters and has a job system akin to previous series titles, with initial job choices being Warrior, Priest, Mage, Martial Artist, Thief, and Minstrel. Additionally, unlike previous games, it is possible to change jobs in any of the game's towns.

Check out some unboxing videos for the Dragon Quest XI S Slime Controller for Switch

Well, it's certainly unique

The Dragon Quest Slime Controller for Switch might not be the most ergonomic controller out there, but it's definitely something that Dragon Quest fans will find hard to resist. Want to get a better look at the controller and all of its features? Check out the unboxing videos in this post to get up close and personal.


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