Famicom game 'Gunhed: The New Battle' gets a fan translation

An untranslated movie game gets its day in the sun

Gunhed: The New Battle launched for the Famicom back in 1989, but never saw an official localization. 30 years later, fan translation team 'filler' has taken on the the task of making the game playable in English, and they've just wrapped up work on the project. Perhaps now the game can find a whole new life with English-speaking audiences.

Gunhed: The New Battle is based on the 1989 film of the same name. The year is 2040, and a battle on 8-JO is about to begin, waged by a new set of people out to get the Texmexium that was previously found on the island. In this game, you'll be taking on the island's defense forces by building mechs with parts scavenged parts.

Dragon Quest I/II/III official Japanese site open

Square-Enix has opened the official Japanese website for Dragon Quest I/II/III, which gives a quick look at each game. Remember, there's going to be an Asian physical release for these titles, and it includes English translations! Check out the official site here.

Famicom Tantei Club: Kieta Koukeisha and Famicom Tantei Club Part II: Ushiro ni Tatsu Shoujo remakes announced for Switch

Two Famicom classics remade

Nintendo and Mages are teaming up on remakes of Famicom Tantei Club: Kieta Koukeisha and Famicom Tantei Club Part II: Ushiro ni Tatsu Shoujo for Switch. Both titles are set for release on Switch in 2020. No word on a localization at this time.

Famitsu reader survey shows Mother 2 as the series' most popular, players reveal the order in which they played the games

Ness does it best

As was covered a few weeks back, Famitsu held a survey about the Earthbound/Mother series. All in all, Famitsu got 2,528 responses to the survey, with 1,679 males and 690 females, with the split being 1,314 Japanese, and 1,176 from overseas. Check out the results of the survey below.

- 562 played 2→1→3
- 472 played 2→3→1
- 402 played 1→2→3
- 271 played 2→3
- 239 have only played 2
- 136 played 3→2→1
- favorite game in the series is MOTHER2 with 1,361, followed by MOTHER3 with 827, and MOTHER with 273
- 67 people were undecided on their favorite installment

Take a detailed look at the Konami QTa adapter, a very obscure piece of Famicom history

What the hell is this thing?!

Here's a piece of hardware about the Famicom you've most likely never heard of. Way back in the day, Konami made something called a QTa adapter, which was an accessory for the Famicom to play carts made by Konami and Japanese media giant NHK. There weren't many games made for the accessory, outside of some educational games.

If you're curious to learn more about this odd accessory, the video above is an absolute goldmine of details. Not only does it show off the QTa adapter, but a handful of games as well! The video might be in Russian, but just click over to English subs and you're good to go!

Gaming hardware artist gives the Famicom a classic computer redesign

Games as art

We've featured the work of Swedish designer and craftsman Love Hultén in the past, and today he's back with a rework of the Famicom. He calls this piece the FC-PVM, which combines a Famicom with a Sony Trinitron monitor. The result is something that lets you enjoy the Famicom as an all-in-one, and it also hearkens back to classic computer designs.

Switch Online Famicom Collection's Version 3.1.0 now live in Japan

Scheduled games and an SP bonus title

The Switch Online Famicom Collection in Japan has been updated to Version 3.1.0. This update adds in the previously-announced games Super Chinese, Downtown Nekketsu Koushinkyoku Soreyuke Daiundoukai, and an SP version of Gradius. The NA/EU NES Collection updates should hit later today.

Infamous Famicom game Takeshi’s Challenge getting a stage adaptation

Oh no!

Now here's a weird one for you. Japanese stage troupe Europe Project have announced Takeshi’s Challenge Beyond, a stage play adaptation of the infamous Famicom game, Takeshi’s Challenge.

For those who don't know, Takeshi’s Challenge is a game created by comedian/filmmaker Beat Takeshi, who purposefully set out to create one of the most frustrating Famicom games he possibly could. The game constantly misleads and misdirects the player, which lead to it gaining a huge amount of notoriety in Japan. The downright cruel nature of the game is why it has remained a part of discussion with gamers to this day.

Takeshi's Challenge Beyond is scheduled to be performed in April 2020, but we don't have any info on just what the adaptation aims to do. Let's hope at the very least, it confuses the hell out of everyone!

Digital Foundry - A look back at the Famicom Disk System

DF Direct goes retro! John Linneman sits down Sekai Games' boss - and game historian - Audi Sorlie to talk about the Famicom Disk System, a Japan-only 1986 release that aimed to make gaming cheaper... and better. It's a fascinating insight into a little-known area of Famicom gaming.

Famitsu wants to hear what Earthbound fans want from the franchise

Probably more games

To celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Earthbound franchise, Famitsu is running a special anniversary survey. They're looking to hear about your favorite characters, memories, music, and more. There's also a question about what fans want to see from the Earthbound series. It's not clear as to whether Famitsu plans to simply publish the survey results, or present it to Earthbound's creator Shigesato Itoi for comment.

With Google Translate, you can make sense of most of the questions. Feel free to check out the survey here.


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