Oninaki - Aisha Japanese trailer

The new Action-RPG, ONINAKI tells the story of one Watcher on a journey to protect Life, after Death. ONINAKI features exciting hack and slash style battles, with deep customization of your daemons and weapons. Experience unique action gameplay combined with a deep and satisfying story.

Dragon Quest Rivals Masters Cup finals to be held at TGS 2019

The final stage is set

Square-Enix will be hosting the finals of the Dragon Quest Rivals Masters Cup at the Tokyo Game Show on Sept. 15th, 2019, and they're offering up a price of $9,500, a Dragon Quest X All In One Package (with 100 million G), and Switch Dragon Quest XI S Set Loto Edition to the winner. It's sure to be a fierce competition, and the one who comes out on top is going to have plenty to be proud of!

Square-Enix releases the seventh Dragon Quest XI S DLC ‘Voice Drama’ promo video

So much drama

Square-Enix continues to roll out the Voice Drama DLC promos for Dragon Quest XI S. Again, we have no word no whether this content will release outside of Japan, but it seems a tad unlikely.

Another round of screens for Version 5 of Dragon Quest X

Dragon Quest X is getting updated to Version 5 in the near future, which is going to pack in a ton of new content. If you want to check out some more screens from the big update, you can take a look at an entire gallery's worth of content right here.

Oninaki devs talk about the game's goals, focus on dark story, and more

An RPG of old

Oninaki is exactly one week away from launching for Switch, and the dev team behind the project is eager to tell people why they should be excited. In an interview with Dengeki Online, Oninaki‘s Creative Producer Takashi Tokita, Producer Ryutaro Sasaki, and Director Atsushi Hashimoto shared all sorts of insight into the game itself, as well as the development process. Check out a summary of info below.

- the team decided to launch a demo to make players realize Oninaki isn’t a “high-speed action game”, but an “action RPG”
- Oninaki is similar to Final Fantasy V in how you can have fun and choose which jobs to level
- you’ll be able to clear Oninaki even if you don’t level and use all your jobs, just use the ones you like the most
- Oninaki was balanced so that you can clear the game even if you stick to a single job your whole playthrough
- Oninaki is different from Final Fantasy III, which is reputed to have very difficult boss fights depending on which jobs you use
- Oninaki doesn't have any boss fights like that of Hein in Final Fantasy III
- Hashimoto mentioned that while he likes writing dark stories, Tokita pushed the staff into making Oninaki‘s story dark
- Oninaki‘s scenarist Hirotaka Inaba was initially holding back, but he went all out after a while
- the team couldn’t make Oninaki‘s story too dark either, as that would make the game’s rating too high, losing potential players
- the devs ended up self-censoring things to make the game get a rating of Cero B/12 and older
- Tokita said old games didn’t have the technology to be more expressive, so nearly everything was told through story and text
- games needed stories strong enough to fight by themselves, hence why a single good story could make or break a game
- this created an environment when devs would focus on story, and write stories that couldn’t be portrayed in anime or movies
- Tokita added how he believes we’re in an era where ethics and regulations for content are becoming harsher
- Tokita decided to make a story that tries to push the limits and does as much as it can
- he wanted to show just how far you can go with an RPG
- Tokita believes that he achieved that with Oninaki, and that it’s the biggest point showing his involvement with the game

Learn more about the Daemon "Lucica" in a new gameplay video for Oninaki

Meet Lucica

Square-Enix has released a new gameplay video for Oninaki, which this one focusing on the Daemon character Lucica, voiced by Houko Kuwashima. This follows previous coverage of Daemons Izana, Treize, Zaav, Wil, Dia and Rigan.

Dragon Quest Builders 2 "Accolades" trailer released

Building up big praise

Dragon Quest Builders 2 released a few weeks back to all sorts of praise. It seems consumers believed in the hype, as Square-Enix has moved over a million copies already! Let's celebrate the event with the special accolades trailer seen above.

Romancing SaGa 3 gets an Aussie classification

Romance is in the air

Just the other day we heard that Square-Enix was putting the finishing touches on Romancing SaGa 3, and that more info was coming at TGS 2019. I'm thinking that info might be a release date, as the game has just received its Aussie classification. That's usually a good sign that things really are wrapping, and we should get final launch details in the near future.

Square-Enix shares a quick clip of Final Fantasy VIII Remastered

I'm the best, man

Square-Enix has shared a very straightforward clip of Final Fantasy VIII Remastered on Twitter, which gives fans a look at the fresh coat of paint the game has gotten. It's safe to say that a lot more detail is now visible on character models, giving things a much-needed revamp as compared to the original.

Learn more about the Daemon "Izana" in a new gameplay video for Oninaki

Meet Izana

The latest gameplay trailer for Oninaki gives us a look at Izana, another Daemon in the game. Check out a synopsis of the character below.

Able to maintain her composure in most any situation, Izana knows how to stand her ground. She is an aloof Daemon who observes the words and emotions of the living with great interest. Izana still holds distant memories of the cold tears of the dead and the twisted smiles of the living. She wields scythes that cut through large swathes of the battlefield with devastating power. She can also move in the blink of an eye, enabling her to strike from the blind spots of her foes.

You can also check out another batch of screens and art here


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