Dragon Quest executive producer discusses the future of the franchise

During Square Enix’s 38th annual meeting of stockholders, a question about the future of the Dragon Quest came out. Yu Miyake, Dragon Quest series executive producer, answered the question with the following.

“Both Horii-san and Sugiyama-sensei are doing great [laughs]. We recently hit the 30th anniversary, but they’re doing fine and working as usual. Sugiyama-sensei has been saying ‘So the next one will be the last one, huh,’ while at it. The most important thing for the Dragon Quest series is having Horii-san, Sugiyama-sensei, Akira Toriyama-san work together.

I have thought about what’s next, but I try not to think about it [laughs]. All the fans say they want to see Horii-san and Sugiyama-san continue making it, but I’ve been thinking about all kinds of things like what to do when they’re not longer able to do so, but I’ll just say that I haven’t given it some thought for now [laughs].”

Square-Enix on Octopath Traveler's "heaviest" stories, use of old-school graphics in a new way, and unique features

Octopath Traveler is right around the corner, and it's one of the biggest games hitting Switch this Summer. Demo impressions certainly make it seem like the title is worth the wait, but those demos only scratched the surface. Octopath Traveler producer Masashi Takahashi discussed just how deep the game gets, and also explains why an old-school visual approach was used.

"We're creating a medieval world, and we wanted to think of the realities within that medieval world. What would be a kind of inevitability that would happen as a result of this world existing? What kind of dramas would play out? I think, out of the eight people, that Primrose has the story that deals with the heaviest themes, but that's not to say that the other themes are light in any way. There are also characters that deal with other heavy elements of this world, as well, like Cyrus, the scholar. His story deals with the darkness that exists within this world.

This is the art style that was used for the games that we played when we were growing up. Even though it has a simple character design, the simplicity of the character design allows the user to use their imagination to kind of create their own story of the characters in their own minds, versus how you would respond to, for example, a realistic art style."

Director Keisuke Miyauchi chimed in with some other tidbits that show just how different Octopath Traveler is when compared to other RPGs.

"In addition to that, we've added in things like the additional strategic dimensions of what you can accomplish during battle. And also, things like path actions--where, in other RPGs, if you're talking about NPCs around a town, the only action that you could accomplish with them was to talk to them. We've added in considerably more dimensions of being able to talk with them so that you're able to role-play now in more different ways than you ever were. So that you could feel like you're a scholar, for example, like you're really playing this role of this character in this game."

Square-Enix still trying to make Final Fantasy XIV happen on Switch, hoping to announcing something soon

We've heard about the idea of Final Fantasy XIV coming to Switch plenty of times now. Square-Enix wants to do it, but there are some hurdles in the way. While there's really not too much in the way of new info to share, the topic came up yet again at E3. Here's what Producer Naoki Yoshida had to say.

- Yoshida wants people to have “as many ways to play as possible”
- discussions are still “ongoing” with all three publishers
- this includes talk of cross-platform play
- Yoshida noted he “hopes to announce something as soon as we can”

Dragon Quest X - Version 4.2 screens

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I can't believe Square-Enix talked about potentially localizing Dragon Quest X. I thought that ship had long sailed, but I'm very happy to see there's a tiny sliver of hope. What a lovely surprise announcement that would make!

Square-Enix not releasing DLC for Octopath Traveler

Depending on what type of person you are, this could be very good or very bad news. Octopath Traveler Producer Masashi Takahashi has stated that the game will not be receiving any DLC. Everything you'll ever get from the game is going to come through the retail/eShop launch. Not too often you see a game come out nowadays without DLC being peddled.

Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus, Shining Force Refrain, Octopath Traveler - Switch icons

Three more icons for you to review, my friends. Between Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus, Shining Force Refrain, and Octopath Traveler, which one is your favorite?

GameSpot Video - Octopath Traveler Live Gameplay Demo

Octopath Traveler is Square Enix's next big JRPG coming to the Nintendo Switch, and the company gave us an extended look at gameplay in a live E3 2018 demo.

Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker and Octopath Traveler cover art for Hong Kong revealed

I really have high hopes for both of these titles. I definitely think Captain Toad deserves a ton of love. One of my favorite titles on the Wii U. I think bringing the game to 3DS/Switch will help it reach a whole new audience. As for Octopath Traveler, it seems both demos have gone over well, so fingers crossed that translates into some strong sales for the game's launch.

IGN Video - Octopath Traveler Gameplay Demo

Eight travelers. Eight adventures. Eight roles to play in a new world brought to life by Square Enix. And now, you can enjoy all of them in the new demo. Step into the shoes and live the stories of each of the eight travelers and freely explore the world of Orsterra. Then, carry your choices and adventure into the main game with save data transfer.

NieR: Automata director, producer, and designer talk about the potential for a Switch port, offer hope

Could we see NieR: Automata come to the Switch? I know I'd love to see that happen. The more places that game goes, the better! Could it actually happen though? Here's NieR: Automata director Yoko Taro, producer Yosuke Saito, and designer Takahisa Taura discussing the idea.

Yoko Taro: Well, um, when are we getting the Switch version, Saito-san?

Yosuke Saito: Well it’s not all on me to decide because PlatinumGames do take painstaking time to develop for each console.

Takahisa Taura: Well, I don’t think it’s a good idea to ask me about something as big as this.

Yoko Taro: I want a Switch version, Taura-san! give it to me!

Takahisa Taura: Well, I’d like to have one too if it’s about what we want.

Yosuke Saito: Well, Taura-kun’s Twitter account is shown on the screen here and if everyone asks him for it, then there may be a possibility that it would become a reality. But even if it does, it might be about two years from now again. See we keep our jobs alive by releasing a little by little.

Takahisa Taura: Yes, we try to stretch it out as much as possible...please contact Saito-san about Switch and not me.