Atooi on Dementium Remastered, Mutant Mudds SC sales, Chicken Wiggle/Treasurenauts status, Switch interest

Coming from Atooi's Jools Watsham...

Sales of Dementium Remastered ended up being only OK. Not great. Not terrible. Well, maybe a little terrible. We had hoped to sell a lot more units, but I think the fact that it was largely considered a port of an old game didn't capture people's attention like a new game would have. It is a game that I am very proud of, though. We poured a lot of work into the game to enhance the experience for new and returning players and took advantage of the increased power the 3DS offers over the DS to good effect.

We managed to pull off a simultaneous March 2016 release of Mutant Mudds Super Challenge on 3DS and Wii U in North America and Europe, which was a very tricky thing to accomplish. Matthew pulled off an impressive feat with this and deserves much credit for making it possible. The overall exposure the game received due to the simultaneous release was great, and the game scored very well with reviewers. But, we made new mistakes that ultimately contributed to the games' less-than-stellar sales.

Sadly, the low sales of Mutant Mudds Super Challenge were the catalyst for Renegade Kid's closure. Soon after the games' release, when the sales numbers were in, Gregg and I discussed the future of Renegade Kid. We had both been spread extremely thin in terms of our work load for the past few years, and the extra effort we were putting in wasn't paying off in terms of sales. We were hoping that either Dementium Remastered or Mutant Mudds Super Challenge would bring in some much-needed money to propel us to doing new titles in the future. ATV Renegades was a nice opportunity to bring one of our titles to consoles, but financially it relied heavily on receiving monies from sales on the back-end.

Treasurenauts was a bit more complicated… I had started the development of Chicken Wiggle for Atooi. The intention was to develop a very small and quick title to release and hopefully bring in a little cash while I finish up Treasurenauts with Nighthawk. But, as usual, the scope of Chicken Wiggle blew up and inadvertently required more time to complete the game. The good news is that Chicken Wiggle is nearly completed and it is pretty darn great. I'll be dedicating 100% of my efforts towards Treasurenauts after the Christmas break, when we submit Chicken Wiggle to Nintendo for their approval. Nighthawk have been very patient and gracious partners, which I am extremely appreciative and thankful for.

I can't talk about 2016 without mentioning the Nintendo Switch, can I? No way! The reveal trailer that Nintendo released on October 20th was awesome! I was very impressed with the 3-minute trailer that showed off a cool-looking home console / handheld hybrid platform, as well as a handful of great-looking new games. Even though my current focus with Atooi is the 3DS, rest assured that we will embark on Switch development in the near future and will have something exciting to reveal in 2017.

Dementium Remastered sale coming up soon

If you missed out on Dementium Remastered so far, it looks like you'll have a chance to grab it at a discounted price soon. We'll give you full details once they become available.

Renegade Kid running 'Summer Blowout' sale on 3DS eShop in North America

There are some seriously great games in there. Now is the perfect time to scoop some of them up. For just $7 you can get Mutant Mudds Super Challenge and unlock ME as a playable character! No joke!

Renegade Kid - Treasurenauts development continues, Dementium Remastered 2 may not happen

Coming from a VGNewsWire interview with Renegade Kid's Jools Watsham...

“We are still actively developing Treasurenauts. We partnered with Nighthawk to ensure the game gets finished and released. We’ll have more information on that project in the future.”

“The sales for Dementium Remastered were only “OK”, so we’re still debating whether or not we’ll finish development of Dementium II Remastered for 3DS. We are currently developing a smaller-scale title with Nighthawk for XB1/PS4 retail/digital release, which we’ll have news on soon, and will circle back to the potential of D2R once development is complete.”

Treasurenauts - new animation comparison

Treasurenauts getting revamped sprites

Treasurenauts has been a long time coming, but it's good to see that work is continuing on. I was wowed by what I played awhile back and have been dying for more ever since!

Mutant Mudds Super Challenge - video guide series

Thanks to Twinworld for the heads up!


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