Nintendo the fourth most-seen gaming industry brand on TV for Sept. 2019

Racing into 4th

The TV commercial data for Sept. 2019 has come in, and Nintendo wound up coming in fourth place overall when it came to their promotional efforts. Check out full details on how things played out below.

- estimated outlay of $3.4 million on seven commercials that ran over 1,300 times
- 210.1 million TV ad impressions
- spot with the biggest airing budget (est. $1.1 million) was “How We Play: Mario Kart 8” for the Switch
- high levels of spend on networks including Nick, Cartoon Network, and Teen Nick
- appeared during programs such as SpongeBob SquarePants, The Loud House, and Teen Titans Go!.

It looks like Luigi and will be showing up in Mario Kart Tour this month

Luigi time?

Mario Kart Tour seems to have accidentally revealed some track plans for the month of October. As you can see in the image above, both Luigi's Mansion and Mario Circuit classic tracks are on the way. With Luigi's Mansion coming, there's no doubt that Luigi will be included as a playable character as well. Tie it in with the upcoming release of Luigi's Mansion 3, and it makes perfect sense.

Mario Kart Tour hits 90 million downloads in its first week, fastest mobile game launch for Nintendo ever

A major success

Mario Kart is one of Nintendo's biggest franchises, if not the biggest in terms of expanded audience potential. That is really proving true with the release of Mario Kart Tour on mobile. Sensor Tower has a report from the game's first week, and the results are nothing short of stellar.

- 90 million unique downloads in its first week
- Nintendo’s fastest mobile game launch in its history
- six times greater than the company’s second best launch, Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp
- Mario Kart Tour has taken third place in terms of spending with $12.7 million
- Android has proven the most popular platform for Mario Kart Tour, picking 53.5 million downloads, or 59.5 percent
- the game generated 36.5 million downloads on iOS
- App Store players represented the majority of gross revenue spending $9.6 million, or 75.5 percent
- this is compared to Google Play users’ $3.1 million, or 24.5 percent
- this gives Mario Kart Tour a revenue per download of $0.26 on iOS, compared to $0.06 on Android
- United States accounted for 13.2 million downloads, or 14.7 percent
- this was followed by Brazil with 10.7 million, or 11.8 percent, and Mexico with 5.8 million, or 6.4 percent
- United States lead the way in revenue, accounting for $5.8 million or 45.4 percent of the total
- Japan finished the week just behind with $4 million in player spend, or 31.3 percent
- France came third with $752k, or 6.4 percen

Mario Kart Tour - content update for Oct. 2nd, 2019 (Version 1.0.2 now available)

[Pipe] The 2nd New York Pipe is now available. It features the following: Mario (Musician – Driver), Blue Bandwagon (Kart), and Bullet Bill Parachute (Glider) (available until October 9th)

[Tours] Part 2 of the 1st Tour, New York Tour, is now live. This one features several new cups, a new set of ranking-eligible cups, and new Challenges (available until October 9th)

[Data Update] A Data Update is now live. This one adds a Shop button to the main screen, and revamps the Shop screen (no end date)

Version 1.0.2

- Information in detailed notifications in News may not be displayed correctly on certain devices running Android 4.4

- If the date changes while the player is viewing the screen showing the badge they received for completing a challenge, an error will be displayed and the game will become unplayable

- On certain devices, the game may become unplayable when the race-results screen is displayed after the player has changed their control method to Drift

- The game may become unplayable if a nickname is not entered when linking a Nintendo Account

- The game may become unplayable when players transition to the main screen after the game starts up

- Certain players may encounter error code 805-9314 after linking a Nintendo Account and become unable to play the game
The conditions for obtaining Grand Stars shown on the results screen of certain Bonus Challenges are incorrectly listed if the game is set to Simplified Chinese

GoNintendo Review - Mario Kart Tour (written by NintendoJam)

"Glitches, reused assets, and bad business practices overtake the genuinely fun gameplay experience."

NintendoJam is the newest member of GoNintendo's team. You may have noticed that he's been taking on some news duties Wednesday mornings, and doing a bang-up job at that. As for today, NintendoJam takes Mario Kart Tour for a spin to share his thoughts in the following review. - RMC

Mario Kart Tour is an addictive mobile title clearly intended for the casual market. While the gameplay itself is good, certain elements make the title a frustrating mess overall.

I downloaded the free-to-play mobile game about an hour after launch, and haven't been able to stop playing it since. Many users experienced unexpected errors when first booting up the game, but I was one of the lucky ones. The game ran smoothly for me, and I had no issues in that regard. When first starting my engines in Mario Kart Tour, I felt like Nintendo had created something truly special; a quality Mario Kart title for mobile devices. While the new simplified controls took a bit of getting used to, the experience felt like the product of a legitimate entry in the Mario Kart franchise. All the core mechanics were there, but after just a few hours of gameplay, the tracks became frustratingly difficult when I refused to spend money on microtransactions or subscription services.

Click here to read the rest of the story...

IGN Video Review - Mario Kart Tour

Mario Kart Tour launched on Sept. 25th, 2019, and IGN has just put together their final thoughts on the game. Check out what they had to say in the video review above.

Mario Kart Tour's upcoming Version 1.0.2 update detailed

Some big changes already planned

We don't have an exact date for the patch, but we do know that Mario Kart Tour will be updated to Version 1.0.2 in the near future. You can check out full details on what the update entails via the gallery below.

Thanks to TAW for the heads up!

Mario Kart Tour hits 20+ million downloads in the first 24 hours

Biggest day one ever!

The good news for Mario Kart Tour just keeps coming in. Sensor Tower has come in with their report on the game, and they say it managed to pull in 20 million downloads worldwide. Check out full details from their report below.

- 20+ million within 24 hours of its debut
- player spending already topping $1 million globally
- first-day installs of Mario Kart Tour nearly triple those of Nintendo’s previous best launch in terms of downloads
- Mario Kart Tour has seen nearly 31 times more installs than Dr. Mario World
- third best mobile launch in terms of day one player spending

Mario Kart Tour - launch trailer

Start your engines and get ready to take a world tour with Mario and friends! The Mario Kart™ Tour game is now available for mobile devices.

Mario Kart Tour hits #1 in 58 different markets

That's quite the debut!

Sensor Tower, the kings of tracking mobile data, have a rundown of details on Mario Kart Tour's first day. We've already had a small look at how well things are going, but the hard data shows that it's been a major launch for Nintendo. Check out the summary of info below.

- No. 1 free iPhone app in 58 markets, including the U.S. and Japan
- No. 19 for iPhone app revenue in the U.S.
- better debut than Dr. Mario World (503 in revenue), but worse than Fire Emblem Heroes (17 in revenue)


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