Legendary Fighters Ryu and Chun-Li Arrive Through the Fortnite Zero Point

You win!

Once again, the dataminers were spot-on. Street Fighter II content is coming to Fortnite, as revealed in the trailer above. Both Ryu and Chun-Li are hopping into the Zero Point to visit Battle Royale island, and they'll be showing up tomorrow evening.

Capcom Arcade Stadium version of Street Fighter II removes the "Rising Sun" imagery from E. Honda's stage

Street Fighter II aficionados have noticed something different with the version of Street Fighter II in Capcom Arcade Stadium.

As you might have spotted above, E. Honda's stage is looking a little different. The original version of the game featured imagery from the Rising Sun flag, which became known as the flag of the Imperial Japanese Army and Navy. This is a controversial image in parts of East Asia, which led to Capcom's removal of the imagery.

Capcom has altered E. Honda's stage to remove the imagery in other recent re-releases of Street Fighter II as well.

Street Fighter content teased for Fortnite

Ryu's ready to get sweaty

Those who've been playing Fortnite recently have no doubt seen the portals that are popping up around the map. Those portals gave us a tip on Tron content being added to the game, and now they're showing a completely different tease.

As you can see in the video above, the portals are now showing off a tease of Ryu's arena from Street Fighter. That seems like a pretty solid tease for a Ryu skin in the game, but it's likely there will be a few other Street Fighter skins added as well. Expect an official announcement of Street Fighter content from Epic very soon.

Capcom reveals Capcom Figure Builder Chun-Li figurine

Chun-Li gets the spotlight

Capcom has revealed a new Street Fighter figurine, and it'll be sold via the e-Capcom store in Japan. Capcom Figure Builder Chun-Li will release on July 21st, 2021, and it's priced at roughly $260.

The Capcom Figure Builder Chun-Li stands at just over 16 inches, and the design was inspired by the work of Kinu Nishimura, who has created character designs for multiple Street Fighter titles in the past. You can check out more pics of the figurine here.

New code discovered for Street Fighter Alpha 2 25 years after its launch

The fighter's code

Street Fighter Alpha 2 came to the Super Nintendo 25 years ago, and its taken that long for one of the game's cheat codes to be discovered.

Street Fighter fan Gizaha went poking around the game to try and reverse engineer the experience, which is what led him to the code's discovery. This code allows you to unlock Shin Akuma for the game's roster. In order to make the code work, you have to complete Arcade Mode with a new high score. After that, enter the initials “KAJ” and then return to the title screen. With the player-two controller, hold down the L, X, Y and Start buttons while the player-one controller is used to select Versus mode. Finally, either player can hold the start button while selecting Akuma to unlock Shin Akuma.

Street Fighter II documentary "Here Comes A New Challenger" launches its Kickstarter

A Kickstarter that packs a punch

Here Comes A New Challenger, will detail the origins of the gaming phenomena that is Street Fighter II and how it impacted the lives of kids and teenagers worldwide. It will explore not just the tournament aspect of the series, but what made it special to players who didn’t have the opportunity to play it in the arcades but in the comfort of their own home. Bedrooms and living rooms became the arcade as children challenged their friends to become champions of the playground.

We've already talked about Hero Comes A New Challenger, but that was before the Kickstarter launched. That funding campaign is now live, and team behind the feature is looking for $33k to make it happen. If you're interested in thrown some cash at the doc, you can do so here.

"Here Comes A New Challenger" documentary looks back at Street Fighter II on its 30th anniversary

Coming soon to Kickstarter

HERE COMES A NEW CHALLENGER will cover the origins of Street Fighter II and how it impacted pop culture and gaming. It will explore not just the arcade/home versions of the game, but the wider world surrounding it, including merchandise, player guides, the origins of the characters, the cinematic adaptations, and why the game's legacy has survived for over 30 years.

If Hero Comes A New Challenger looks like something you'd enjoy watching, you can actually help it come to fruition. An official Kickstarter for for the documentary is going to launch in the near future, and we'll be sure to link you in once it goes live.

Udon x Capcom Sketchbook Beta alternate covers revealed

A series of gorgeous options

UDON presents a new 48-page, sketchbook packed with artwork!

UDON X Capcom Sketchbook Beta gathers convention sketches, rough drafts, original line art, and character designs produced by the UDON crew and friends of the studio! Some pieces are pencil art, some markers, some digital, but all show the energy and skill that goes into raw artwork.

- 48 pages
- comic book format (6.5x10.25")
- no ad pages, it's 100% artwork!

Udon has revealed a number of different covers for the Udon x Capcom Sketchbook Beta, which you can see in the gallery above. If you'd like to order one of these, you can find all the different options here.

UDON reveals special variant cover for Street Fighter #100

Issue 100 is almost here!

The 100th issue of the Street Fighter comic is right around the corner, and UDON has commissioned an online-only variant cover by pinup artist, Reiq. You can grab this variant from UDON's online shop for $20 right here. Check out details on the issue itself below.

Between them, Ryu and Chun-Li have faced every relentless rival, villainous despot, and monstrous creature in the Street Fighter universe. Now, for the first time, these two martial arts masters square off in the ultimate fan-service fueled fight! UDON's 100th Street Fighter comic is a celebration filled with clashes, cameos, and conflict! STREET FIGHTER #100 celebrates 100 Street Fighter comics and UDON's 20th anniversary!

How to Make Capcom Fighting Characters - Udon Entertainment announces new book detailing Street Fighter's character designs


New challengers draw near! Always wonder how Guile got his flat top just right? Or how Menat achieved her distinct look? Or how Akuma gained his fiery lion’s mane? Wonder no more! UDON Entertainment is excited to announce the upcoming hardcover release of HOW TO MAKE CAPCOM FIGHTING CHARACTERS, available Fall 2020!

Take a deep dive into the design process behind the iconic characters of the Street Fighter franchise. HOW TO MAKE CAPCOM FIGHTING CHARACTERS includes a detailed showcase of the raw concept art behind Street Fighter V, as well as a look back at classic Street Fighter and Final Fight games. This massive hardcover collection is packed with in-depth interviews, creator commentary, anatomy tips, sprite illustrations, costume designs, rejected characters, and more! HOW TO MAKE CAPCOM FIGHTING CHARACTERS is a must-have reference guide for all artists and fighting game fans.

What do you think, can YOU draw your favorite Capcom Fighting Characters? SHORYUKEN! 
HOW TO MAKE CAPCOM FIGHTING CHARACTERS  will be released on October 20, 2020 and is available for pre-order now! 


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