New Resident Evil characters join the TUBBZ lineup

Some pretty quacky stuff

The TUBBZ line of rubber ducks is expanding with yet another tribute to gaming. This time around, some Resident Evil favorites are getting transformed. See the full lineup below.

Nemesis – Rocket launch your arsenal

The threat of Nemesis coming!

Complete with his carbon fibre styled body bag suit and specialised extra-large rocket launcher this Nemesis TUBBZ retains his appearance that makes him look so iconic in the first place.

A creation of the Umbrella Corporation to get rid of the S.T.A.R.S. team once and for all! This time it is down to our TUBBZ fans to hunt him down and add to the collection!

Ada Wong – The mysterious antihero

Whose side is Ada really on?

Ada is certainly no duckling in distress, instead rather the opposite, rocking her popular red dress she is ready to infiltrate and destroy when necessary!

Hunk – A legendary mercenary joins the fray

A true survivor and in cahoots with the Umbrella Corporation, Hunk is a cold, merciless killer on a mission to find his way to the duck pond, and now he has!

Merchant – “A wise choice… stranger!”

The man with all the upgrades and witty one-liners has joined the TUBBZ range. He is ready to help supply weapons, herbs and upgrades to all!

The real question is, what’re ya buying!

TOFU – A tasty survivor has been unlocked

Armed with a knife and herbs our favourite bean curd has avoided the hot pot so far! A fully-fledged member of the S.T.A.R.S. team, Tofu is here to serve and protect!

Monster Hunter Rise Special Edition Switch and Switch Pro Controller announced for Japan

Please release outside of Japan...

I think we all suspected something like this was going to see release in Japan, but it's still nice to have confirmation. As you can see above, Capcom and Nintendo have teamed up for a special edition Monster Hunter Rise-themed Switch in Japan.

Along with that, a special Monster Hunter Rise-themed Pro Controller will see release as well.

In a welcome change, the Monster Hunter Rise-themed Switch does include a copy of Monster Hunter Rise alongside the special hardware. This package is priced at 38,400 yen, while the Switch Pro Controller costs 7,480 yen. Both are set to launch on March 26th, 2021. You can see a gallery of all these items below.

Monster Hunter Rise's Mitsuzune armor showcased

Now that's stylish

Monster Hunter Rise is going to offer all sorts of armor options depending on the monsters you slay. One of the sets you can put together is the Mitsuzune armor, which makes for quite an eye-catching set. You can get a closer look at the Mitsuzune armor in the video above, including how it looks on your Palico and Palamute.

Monster Hunter releases on Blu-ray and DVD March 2nd, 2021

Huge monsters on the small screen

Monster Hunter released in cinemas at the end of last year, but not many saw it due to the pandemic and the current state of theaters. That means the home release will be more important than ever, and that's just a few weeks off.

Monster Hunter will release on both Blu-ray and DVD on March 2nd, 2021. There are 4K, Blu-ray, and DVD options, and they range in price from $30 to $20. You can grab your pre-order for either version via Amazon.

Capcom running another eShop sale

So many great options!

Capcom is back with another eShop sale, and this one's running until Jan. 21st, 2021. This sale includes both the 3DS and Switch eShops, so there's plenty to pick from. Check out what's up for grabs below.


Capcom Beat ‘Em Up Bundle – $9.99 (was $19.99)
Devil May Cry – $9.99 (was $19.99)
Devil May Cry 2 – $9.99 (was $19.99)
Devil May Cry 3 Special Edition – $11.99 (was $19.99)
Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen – $14.99 (was $29.99)
Mega Man 11 – $14.99 (was $29.99)
Mega Man Legacy Collection – $9.99 (was $19.99)
Mega Man Legacy Collection 2 – $9.99 (was $19.99)
Mega Man X Legacy Collection – $9.99 (was $19.99)
Mega Man X Legacy Collection 2 – $9.99 (was $19.99)
Mega Man Zero/ZX Legacy Collection – $19.79 (was $29.99)
Okami HD – $9.99 (was $19.99)
Onimusha: Warlords – $7.99 (was $19.99)
Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy – $14.99 (was $29.99)
Shinsekai Into the Depths – $14.99 (was $19.99)
Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection – $14.99 (was $29.99)


Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney – $9.99 (was $19.99)
Mega Man Legacy Collection – $5.99 (was $14.99)
Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate – $5.99 (was $19.99)
Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate – $8.99 (was $29.99)
Monster Hunter Generations – $15.99 (was $39.99)
Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Dual Destinies – $8.99 (was $29.99)
Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Spirit of Justice – $11.99 (was $29.99)
Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy – $11.99 (was $29.99)
Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition – $4.99 (was $19.99)

Nintendo shares a quick guide for the Monster Hunter Rise demo

Ease into the latest Monster Hunter game

The Monster Hunter Rise demo has been out for a little while now, giving players the chance to see what the game has to offer. Every Monster Hunter game can be a little intimidating though, and Monster Hunter Rise is no different. If you need a little guidance before you jump in, Nintendo has put together a quick guide you can read below.

Take on four different Quests, learn how to use the new Wirebug and Wyvern Riding features and get to grips with MONSTER HUNTER RISE's 14 unique weapon types. You can even take on two of the Quests in local or online co-op*!

Plenty to get involved with then. If you’re new to the series we’d recommend jumping into the Basic Training Quest first and getting the basics from Master Utsushi. In the tutorial you’ll learn how to traverse the enchanting environment, how to ride your Palamute, the basics of battling and get introduced to the available buffs the Endemic Life of the area can grant.

One of the big new additions to MONSTER HUNTER RISE is the Wirebug, which allows you to zip around the environments like never before! Check out the below video for a detailed explanation of how it works!

Another monstrous new addition is Wyvern Riding. Take the reins and turn monsters on each other! Learn the ropes of the powerful Wyvern Riding technique with the below video tutorial! The free demo also has a Wyvern Riding Training Quest to get to grips with too.

Once you’ve got to grips with the basics it’s time to take on a Great Izuchi and a Mitzutsune! The Great Izuchi is the best place to start as the Quest is tailored for beginners, with the Mizutsune being more intermediate in difficulty.

Upon starting the Great Izuchi Quest, be sure to grab supplies from the Supply Box before you head out on the hunt. Remember you can swiftly get around using your Palamute! The Great Izuchi rarely battles alone so don’t be surprised if it calls in for some support when you find it. If you dismount your Palamute, you’ll find that your canine companion is also helpful in battle and will assist you in taking them all down! Watch for the Great Izuchi’s attacks and plan your strikes well! Master Utsushi will also contribute with advice too, so take heed. If you get knocked out, don’t be discouraged. You’ll be taken back to camp to recover. Once you’re ready head on out and get your revenge!

Great Izuchi Quest is a great Quest to try out different weapons in so once you’ve got to grips with one weapon, be sure to try out another. Before you know it you’ll have your favourites and you’ll start to see to advantages and disadvantages of each one. This will help as you progress and go up against other monsters. Ready to take on a new challenge? The Mizutsune Quest awaits…

Both the Great Izuchi and Mitzutsune Quests can be played in local or online co-op*, so if you know others who’re also going hunting be sure to join the party and hunt as a group! Looking for someone to play with? Check out the Monster Hunter Gathering Hall on Discord, where many intrepid hunters gather looking for a hunting party.

Capcom shares another update regarding their data security incident, approximately 390,000 people impacted

rd Update Regarding Data Security Incident Due to Unauthorized Access

We previously reported on a data breach that Capcom suffered back in November and warned people to change their passwords and other account info. Capcom has now released an updated report to give a better picture on how big the breach was and what might have been stolen. Check out Capcom's latest report below.

Capcom Co., Ltd. (Capcom) has previously confirmed that it has been the victim of a customized ransomware attack following unauthorized access to its network and has verified that some personal information maintained by the Capcom Group has been compromised.

On November 16, 2020 (JST) Capcom announced that it had verified that the personal information of 9 people had been compromised in this attack. As an update to its ongoing investigation, the company has verified that the personal information of an additional 16,406 people has been compromised, making the cumulative number since this investigation began 16,415 people. Further, the company has also ascertained that the potential maximum number of customers, business partners and other external parties etc., whose personal information may have been compromised in the attack is approximately 390,000 people (an increase of approximately 40,000 people from the previous report), the details of which are listed in "2. Potentially compromised data (updated)" below.

Capcom offers its sincerest apologies for any complications and concerns that this may bring to its potentially impacted customers as well as to its many stakeholders.

As there is an ongoing investigation in place, it is possible that new facts may come to light going forward. Below is a general summary of what new information has been confirmed at this point in time (as of January 12, 2021). Further, because the overall number of potentially compromised data cannot specifically be ascertained due to issues including some logs having been lost as a result of the attack, Capcom has listed the maximum number of items it has determined to potentially have been affected at the present time.

See the full report here

Monster Hunter Rise gameplay round-up

As we learned earlier today, Monster Hunter Rise's demo is available starting tonight. If you still need a little convincing to check it out, perhaps this gameplay round-up will do the trick!

Capcom shares a Monster Hunter Rise Digital Event survey

Capcom would like a moment of your time

Did you watch Capcom's Monster Hunter Rise Digital Event earlier today? Do you have some thoughts to share on what you saw? Capcom wants to hear them, as they've launched an official survey to gather info. Some generic info about your gaming interests, age, and location are included, and they're followed by questions about the Digital Event itself. You can take the survey here.

Capcom shares an official breakdown of their Monster Hunter Rise Digital Event, demo plans and new features recapped, screens released

The big breakdown

We ran a live-blog for today's Monster Hunter Rise digital event, which was jam-packed with new details on the game, as well as the upcoming demo. Following the event, Capcom has put out their own recap as well. You can read that in full below.

During the “Monster Hunter Digital Event” today, Capcom shared new details for Monster Hunter Rise, the upcoming entry in the award-winning and top-selling Monster Hunter action RPG series. Beginning tonight in North America and offered throughout the month of January, a Monster Hunter Rise demo will be available as a free download from the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch™, serving hungry hunters around the world their first taste of the highly-anticipated new entry in the storied franchise. Also showcased in the livestream event, a brand new trailer introduced the “Wyvern Riding” gameplay mechanic, a new monster, a collection of returning monsters and frosty new hunting grounds that players can explore when the full game launches worldwide for the Nintendo Switch system on March 26, 2021.

The new trailer and other related assets for Monster Hunter Rise are available now to download from the Capcom Press Center.

The free limited time Monster Hunter Rise demo launches tonight and runs through January 31, giving players ample time to enjoy a sampling of this all-new Monster Hunter experience. The demo provides players with numerous hunting options, including offline solo and (up to 4 player) offline* local and online** multiplayer gameplay using all 14 weapon types. The following modes and quests are available in the free demo:

Training – Learn the basics of monster hunting, including an introduction to the new Wirebug mechanic and Palamute riding. Solo play only.
Wyvern Riding – Enter an arena to experience Wyvern Riding, a new feature that allows hunters to ride and guide monsters for a period of time. Solo play only.
Beginner Quest: Great Izuchi – Ideal for first time players or hunters who need a refresher course. Solo play, local multiplayer and online multiplayer.
Intermediate Quest: Mizutsune – A fierce challenge for experienced players only. Solo play, local multiplayer and online multiplayer.
*For offline local play, Nintendo Switch Online (NSO) membership is not required.
**For online play, Nintendo Switch Online membership (sold separately) and Nintendo Account are required. From now through January 13, Nintendo is offering their NSO service as a free trial to all players on Nintendo Switch.

NOTE: The demo provides hunters with a total of 30 quest attempts, which are shared between both (beginner and intermediate) quests. The Tutorial and Wyvern Riding training do not count against the 30 quest limit, but those modes cannot be accessed after the limit is reached.

Also revealed today, the icy Goss Harag is an entirely new monster that will make its debut in Monster Hunter Rise. This fanged beast will send a chill down hunters’ spines, as he roams through snowy fields in search of new prey and attacks using blades of ice. Goss Harag is right at home in the Frost Islands, a new snow-capped and windswept locale that was once the nesting grounds for large dragons, who only the bravest hunters would attempt to slay.

Many other classic and fan-favorite monsters will be returning to join the ever-growing roster of foes in Monster Hunter Rise. In addition to the previously-announced monsters, these seasoned threats will also make their presences known: Lagombi, Khezu, Great Baggi, Barioth, Mizutsune, and Tigrex. More new and returning monsters will be revealed in the months ahead.


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