Mega Man Zero/ZX Legacy Collection dev discusses the game's delay and subsequent reaction

Delay of game

The original plan for Mega Man Zero/ZX Legacy Collection would have seen the game in our hands already, but Capcom ended up delaying the title by a few months. In an interview with Siliconera, dev Kazuhiro Tsuchiya talked about why the title got delayed, and how the public reaction to it impacted the team.

At first, I was worried that fans would be disappointed by or make harsh comments about the news of the delay. However, the Mega Man Zero/ZX Legacy Collection team is deeply grateful for the warm words of support we received in response to the announcement.

Postponing the game’s release was a difficult decision to make, but we decided to do so to ensure that we could release the most satisfying game possible. The fans’ kind messages are truly heartwarming. We hope that Mega Man Zero/ZX Legacy Collection becomes a game that you hold on to for years to come.

Regarding the YouTube video announcement, this was a request from the Mega Man team at Capcom USA. We don’t typically take this kind of approach in Japan, so we were a bit skeptical about the idea. However, it seems our sentiments reached the Mega Man community through this video, and we’re glad that we agreed to create it. For this reason, we would also like to express our appreciation to the Mega Man team at Capcom USA for their suggestion.

We’d love for you to continue to share your thoughts on Capcom Unity and Capcom USA’s official Mega Man social media accounts. Thank you again for your kindness and support, everyone.

Dragalia Lost 'Monster Hunter event' trailer

Kicking off Jan. 28th

The Dragalia Lost x Monster Hunter crossover is almost here! The event is entitled 'Primal Crisis,' and it kicks off Jan. 28th, 2020. You'll have until Feb. 16th, 2020 to enjoy the new weapons, monsters, and more.

Retailer says their physical listings for Resident Evil 5 & 6 were a mistake

Evil intentions

Well that's a real bummer. Mighty Ape posted up retail versions of both Resident Evil 5 & 6 on Switch not that long ago, and both were up for preorder. Unfortunately, it seems both listings were a mistake. Mighty Ape has now cancelled preorders, and went on record saying Capcom is only releasing these games digitally.

Thanks to JPSwitchMania for the heads up!

Devil May Cry 3 Special Edition won't be receiving a physical Switch release

Collectors may cry...

Sad news for physical cartridge collectors! Capcom has confirmed in a recent livestream that Devil May Cry 3 Special Edition will not be receiving a physical Switch release. The game will only be available through the Nintendo eShop, and included as a download code in the physical Devil May Cry Triple Pack.

A few more details shared on Captive Palm: Refrain, including various retail options

So many to pick from!

Capcom announced Captive Palm: Refrain for Switch earlier tonight, with the title set to launch on March 12th, 2020 in Japan. Since that initial announcement, a few more details have come in about the game. Check out the early details below.

- can be played in TV, table, and handheld modes,
- supports both the Joy-Con and Switch Pro controllers
- when using a controller, players operate the game by moving a cursor on the screen
- some scenes make use of the controller’s gyro functionality
- in table and handheld modes, touch controls are also supported
- in handheld mode, the device can be turned vertically to be played in the same way as the smartphone version
- larger illustrations
- art gallery
- Traditional and Simplified Chinese language support

Just as with the original, there will be multiple ways to purchase Captive Palm: Refrain. When it comes to physical, customers can grab a Deluxe, Collector's, e-Capcom Complete Edition, and e-Capcom Limited Edition. Digital will have standard, deluxe, and additional content packs A/B/C. There are all kinds of goodies packed into these options, including CDs, special boxes, artwork, and more. You can check out pics of those options, as well as screens and art here.

Original mini games join brand new art by Keisuke Mizuno in Mega Man Zero/ZX Legacy Collection

Get ready for mini-game action

The Mega Man Zero/ZX Legacy Collection just keeps getting bigger and better. The latest blog over on Capcom's site confirms the addition of a host of mini-games, as well as some new artwork. Check out the details below!

Alongside all six adventures (and other bonus content) included in Mega Man Zero/ZX Legacy Collection, you’ll also be getting some fun additions – mini games from the original Zero and ZX releases! We also have some updates on a brand new illustration created by Keisuke Mizuno, artist for the Mega Man X series – so read on for a sneak peek!


There are over 20 mini games included in Mega Man Zero/ZX Legacy Collection, each bringing their own unique challenge for you to tackle. Taking control of one of each game’s heroes, or even characters you can’t normally use, you’ll be tasked with a wide variety of challenges – some of which are very different from regular gameplay! Here’s a sample of what to expect:


Copy X

As Copy X, you’ll be using thunder, fire, and ice elements in a pseudo-puzzle game. Use Copy X’s element-based shots to destroy panels on a conveyor belt. Seems simple enough, but you’ll have to remember which element is weak to which and change elements on the fly.

Hidden Phantom

The most elusive of Neo Arcadia’s Four Guardians steps out of the shadows for this one. You’ll need to make some nimble jumps from one shuriken to the next to reach your goal. The shuriken move, so watch where they are and make each leap count!


“Elf Chase”

This game is particularly unique. Armed with only a lamp light, you’ll need to maneuver a Scrap Elf (an enemy from Zero 4) into a beam of light on the other side of the stage. It seems simple enough, but you’d be surprised how slippery your target can be! You’re under a strict time limit, so take care in how you move through the stage.

“Lava Surf”

In this challenging mini game, you’ll have to hot foot it across three separate platforms and put out rising flames. While you’ll earn bonus points for putting out fires before reaching the top, you can also lose time if you don’t keep your cool – literally! Avoid the flames and the lava below, and go for a high score.


“Energy Converter”

This mini-game makes an appearance in the Area C-2 game room after you’ve completed the game. While it looks deceptively simple and can be a bit daunting at first, you’ll need to pair the falling jewels with a matching color beneath them. Give it a few rounds and you’ll be smashing jewels and enemies in no time!


“Quiz Advent”

Think you know everything there is to know about ZX Advent? This quiz will challenge how well you know the characters with three quiz types: the Zoom quiz, the Silhouette quiz, and the Gap quiz.


You may have seen a preview of this incredible artwork by Keisuke Mizuno already, but in case you missed it, here’s a sketch featuring Zero as he’s seen in the Mega Man X games crossing over with Zero in the Mega Man Zero games:

And don’t forget – pre-orders and pre-purchases (at participating retailers) will include the Reploid Remixes DLC, a selection of six remixed tunes that can optionally replace in-game tracks as well as four additional bonus tracks for the in-game music player.

With all this added content on top of the art gallery, music player, Z Chaser and of course all six games, we hope you’re looking forward to Mega Man Zero/ZX Legacy Collection when it releases on February 25th, 2020!

Check out gameplay of the Dragalia Lost 'Mega Man: Chaos Protocol' event

Dragalia Man

The unexpected Dragalia Lost X Mega Man crossover event has officially begun. Check out some footage of Mega Man: Chaos Protocol in the gameplay video above. The event lasts until December 15th, 2019 at 9:59PM (PT).

Sakurai talks about Smash Bros. Ultimate surpassing Street Fighter II in sales

A milestone achievement

Masahiro Sakurai's most recent column for Famitsu gives us some commentary on Smash Bros. Ultimate surpassing the sales of Street Fighter II. Check out a summary of what Sakurai had to say below, courtesy of @Sephazon.

- in Japan, Smash Bros. Ultimate is referred to as an action game, rather than a fighting game
- with so many variations of Street Fighter II having been released, it's hard to decide what versions should be tallied together
- since Super Smash Bros. Ultimate released as a single game, there's no doubt it's the best-selling singular fighting game
- despite Smash Bros. Ultimate surpassing Street Fighter II, Sakurai feels Street Fighter 2 is still the king of fighting games
- Sakurai says Street Fighter II is a wonderful game, and many titles followed in its footsteps
- Terry Bogard has a play-style like a classic fighting game, and his inclusion makes for a fun and exciting eSports game
- Smash Bros. Ultimate can be a difficult game to play online, particularly for children
- that said, it's still easy to have fun, especially with so many famous characters available
- Smash Bros. is a series based on the idea of a fighting game with many interesting tactics
- traditional final games can get stale once you learn all the tactics
- Smash Bros. is a paradox of a game, but Sakurai is happy to see it top the fighting genre
- Sakurai says thank you for supporting Super Smash Bros. and he will continue to work hard

Capcom TV checks out Mega Man Zero/ZX Legacy Collection

The latest episode of Capcom TV gives us another look at the upcoming Mega Man Zero/ZX Legacy Collection. Check out the full episode above.

Resident Evil Revelations Collection seeing 'Best Price' release in Japan

Just a moment!

The Resident Evil Revelations Collection, which includes two games in one package, is going to see a 'Best Price' release in Japan. The new deal goes live on Dec. 13th, 2019, and nets you Resident Evil Revelations and Resident Evil Revelations 2 for just $40. Remember, the first game is on a game card, and the second is a code.


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