Tales series hits 16 million shipped

Bandai Namco is very proud to announce that worldwide shipments of the Tales series have now topped 16 million. If you look back at the entire history of the franchise, there have been 17 main entries released so far. It's been awhile since we've seen some Tales love on Nintendo platforms, but let's hope that changes soon!

Tales producer discusses Tales of Graces F's main character design

"In Graces f players can experience the protagonist’s childhood and when see him when he grows up. Every boy has an energetic spirit, an ‘I can do it’ attitude, but after maturing into an adult people have a chance to reconsider their views on life. Asbel, after growing up, considered what was important to him like family and the people he cares for.

After growing up Asbel needs to work within the environment because he needs to take over the Lord title from his father, but at the same time he dreams of becoming a knight. He feels frustrated about the choice. Everyone has this kind of situation and I want to portray that people need to decide what to hold dear to them and protect. I want to express how important it is to choose your own path and chase your dreams.

I also wanted to portray through Asbel’s storyline is when you were little you don’t care about a path or what people think about you. After you grow up you have to always think about social guidelines and expectations, which is something people may feel frustrated with. That’s what I wanted to show through Asbel’s point of view in Graces f." - Hideo Baba, producer of the Tales of series


Tales producer discusses the development process

"When we are developing titles, I first prepare a rough world setting and the basic storyline. Then the team works together to add details to the plot and atmosphere. The most important thing is the Tales series is part of the JRPG genre so I want to create characters players can emphasize with and they will want to follow as the story continues." - Tales producer Hideo Baba

Tales producer shares his favorite entry in the series

"To expand the fanbase, I would like players to have a chance to play previous titles that weren’t released overseas. I received so many inquiries about the PS3 version of Tales of Vesperia. Personally, I would want players to play Tales of Hearts for the Nintendo DS because the team pushed the DS hardware to the maximum and the game’s story is about the heart. Unfortunately, we don’t have any plans to localized Tales of Hearts, but this one is my favorite one." - Hideo Baba, producer

Well that's kind of a shame. Baba wants you to play it, but there's no official localization. What to do...what to do...


Tales of the Abyss sales beat expectations, says Namco Bandai

Looks like Tales of the Abyss on 3DS was a success in Europe. A Namco Bandai rep said that the game “sold unexpectedly fast and well, and they had to print copies of the game again three or four times.” The re-release was considered “as a success in its own way, and encourages Namco Bandai Partners in its decision to localize more Tales games in the future.”


Older Tales games to get remakes, says Baba

"We are planning to re-release old games to other platforms in the future, because the old games have some origin and offer standard features of the Tales series. We want to give some opportunities to current fans to play the old titles." - Hideo Baba

No specific titles or platforms were named, so we'll have to hang tight for that info. We do know that these titles will get some upgrades and enhancements for their re-releases.


Hideo Baba on more Tales of for 3DS, Mario being his favorite game

A portion of a JPGames interview iwth Hideo Baba...

JPGAMES.DE: Can we expect new Tales of games for the 3DS, Vita or Xbox 360 or will the series stay on one platform?

Hideo Baba: When so many consoles exist, this means the development team has such a wide range of possibilities, but regarding the Tales of fans, most of them own a PS3 or a Vita. And thus the team is bound on this hardware. But I understand that there are so many various consoles on the market and it could be possible to release a Tales of game on other consoles.

JPGAMES.DE: What is your favorite game?

Hideo Baba: There are way to many games that I really like and so, like a lot of other video gamers, I cannot decide which one I like the most. But, as an example, I can take Super Mario Bros. I loved it as a student, although I hate mushrooms and it was very shocking that the hero eats mushrooms and gains new powers from them. Also, I was very confused that he could eat flowers that made him throw fire.

Full interview here

Namco Bandai making Tale announcement soon

Coming from Twitter...

Who wants to guess what this is going to be all about? I hope it's something worth waiting for!


Tales next 'mothership' title revealed tonight

I'm not making a big deal out of this because I don't expect the next main Tales game to hit Nintendo platforms. I hope I'm wrong, but we'll find out tonight. The Tales of Festival kicks off tonight, complete with a live-stream here. If anything, we can hope for a smaller title to land on 3DS. Fingers crossed, Tales fans!



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