Hotel Dusk writer up for Amazon award

Alan Averill was the main writer on Hotel Dusk, Nier and Tales of Graces f. He also worked on both Advance Wars DS games and Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance, etc. Right now, his self published book The Beautiful Land is up for a major award on Amazon (the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award). If you'd like to vote for his works and help him win, check out the details below!

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Namco Bandai staffer clears up rumors of new Tales of game coming to 3DS

Namco Bandai's Yoshito Higuchi said via Twitter that he was bringing his 3DS to the Tales of Festival event. Many took this as a sign that a new Tales game for 3DS was going to be announced. Now Higuchi has stepped in to debunk that situation.

"I'm not involved in the new Tales games. Sorry." - Yoshito Higuchi

While Higuchi says he's not working on the next Tales game, he doesn't shoot down a possible 3DS version either. He just clears up the fact that he wasn't confirming or hinting at a 3DS version with his Twitter comment.


Namco Bandai and Square-Enix - latest trademarks

Namco Bandai

- "Tales of Card Evolve"
- "Tales of Card Masters"
- "Tales of Battle Frontier"
- Bakushoku Gourmet Battle!
- Over World


- Solo Remix
- A Realm Reborn
- Shinsei Eorza (New Eorza


Famitsu news - Project X Zone details, Nomura on new titles vs. remakes, multiple Tales games in development

Project X Zone details

- Support Attack and Cross Hit systems detailed
- Support Attacks are special attacks from your fellow party members
- if another unit is near your unit (around 8 spaces), you'll be able to trigger a Support Attack
- the support unit will perform a followup attack
- this can only be used once in battle
- Cross Hit is related to Support Attacks
- if the main unit and support unit strike the enemy simultaneously, you'll trigger a Cross Hit
- this freezes the enemy and allows for easier combos

Nomura on remakes vs. new titles

- understands there's a lot of desire for a Final Fantasy VII remake
- focus is on new titles they hope will surpass FFVII
- he personally believes Yoshinori Kitase is the true successor to the FF series

Tales of series talk from producer Hideo Baba

- catch phrase for the new game is "Are you prepared to destroy the world for the girl?"
- this ties into both the story and gameplay systems
- this game will have a more modern theme
- consider this the team's challenge to take the Tales series to the next stage
- Namco Bandai has other Tales games in development besides this entry
- when Tales Studio closed, that studio's staff moved into Namco Bandai
- now members of the Tales team can move to the Idolmaster team, and members of the Soul Calibur and Taiko Drum Master teams come to the Tales team

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Next Tales of game to be new, main series entry, announcement event details

- teaser site here - watch this event live
- must be a Tales Member to do so
- registration is free
- teaser commercial for the title will be shown May 21st to 28th
- commercials will broadcast during the music program Hey! Hey! Hey! on Fuji TV
- show airs from 20:00 to 20:54
- new game is a "mothership" title, meaning a main, new entry
- platform for release will be announced at event

Link, Link

Next Tales of game gets teaser magazine pic

We still don't know what platform, but as we detailed yesterday, that's going to change very soon. Wii U or 3DS are about our only hopes!


Next Tales of game to be announced in June

- next entry in the series to be announced in June
- announcement will come from the Tales of Festival 2012
- Platform, price and release date are listed as TBA
- event is held on June 2 and 3
- expect a commercial to be broadcast during Hey! Hey! Hey! on May 21 and May 28
- this commercial may be for the event itself, or a tease for the game reveal



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