First 4 Figures making Spyro figurine

Spyro the Dragon was first introduced in 1998. He's known as a young, energetic purple dragon with huge horns and spikes that resemble a mohawk. Spyro is portrayed as mischievous and curious dragon with little regard for his own safety. Spyro is also known as being stubborn and has a somewhat cocky attitude but he's a courageous hero as well.

In the original series, Gnasty Gnorc has trapped all of the dragons (except for Spyro) in crystal. He must then travel across the Dragon Realms saving the trapped dragons and finally defeating Gnasty.

Spyro's attacks consist of using his long horns to ram his opponents or breathing fire at them. For most of the games, Spyro has a dragonfly companion by the name of Sparx. Sparx represents Spyro's health. Sparx's color relates to how much health Spyro has. Spyro can regain health by eating butterflies that appear when attacking enemies.

Activision not giving up on Skylanders, says the company will "find their way" with the franchise

Coming from a GamesIndustry interview with Activision CEO Eric Hirshberg...

"I never thought [toys-to-life] was dead, I just thought it was overcrowded. There was an imbalance between supply and demand. I think at one point there was a couple of hundred linear feet of shelf space in stores featuring toys-to-life games from four of the biggest marketers of kids IP in the world.

A new market had been created with Skylanders. It was a way of making toys relevant to 21st century kids, who are interactive entertainment consumers in their DNA. And so, on one level, it wasn't surprising to see that rush into the genre. But it certainly did create a more difficult macro environment. Skylanders... we're still behind it. We have supported [last year's game] Imaginators with expansion packs in the way that we didn't with previous games. We have a great Skylanders TV series on Netflix. We have a mobile game in development that we are very excited about. And we are going to see what the right way is to continue to invest in it.

None of the current generation of consoles have quite captured that family, casual gaming market in the same way as the Wii did. Not even the Wii U. Skylanders' bread and butter is the kids, family and casual gaming market. So the absence of that stronghold in the hardware ecosystem was a difficult thing as well. But look, we want to go where gamers are. Certainly kids are still playing games, they're just playing them on different platforms. A lot of casual gaming has moved to mobile. With Skylanders, we will find our way."

Portal masters Switch it up with Skylanders, now available on Switch

SANTA MONICA, Calif. – March 3, 2017 – Skylanders fans can unlock their imaginations in new ways with Skylanders® Imaginators now available on Nintendo Switch™. Activision Publishing, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Activision Blizzard, Inc. (NASDAQ: ATVI) is bringing the fun-filled innovation of Skylanders Imaginators to the new Nintendo Switch platform for fans to enjoy starting today.

Skylanders Imaginators for the Nintendo Switch introduces a digital library that allows players to easily load and store their 300+ toys from the Skylanders® franchise* directly to the new home gaming system. No Portal of Power®? No problem -- the arrival of the digital library empowers players to take their Skylanders Imaginators adventure on-the-go whenever and however they want.

This March also marks the debut of some of Skylanders’ most anticipated characters including Painyatta and Grave Clobber in Skylanders Imaginators, as well as a brand-new expansion pack for the game. Additionally, the Skylanders Imaginators Cursed Tiki Temple level pack is a first in franchise history, taking kids on an all-new adventure as they unlock more than 100 new offerings for their Skylanders Imaginators! The pack comes with Sensei character Wild Storm who will unleash a new level to players, a life Creation Crystal and an Imaginite Mystery Chest.

“We’re incredibly proud to bring the award-winning innovation of Skylanders Imaginators to Nintendo Switch as a launch title. The game has unlocked kids’ imaginations everywhere as they create and play their very own Skylander characters for the first time,” said Josh Taub, senior vice president of Skylanders Product Management, Activision. “With new toys and content also now available for Skylanders Imaginators, we’re excited to offer Nintendo fans a great experience on day one.”

Developed by Toys For Bob, Skylanders Imaginators empowers players to unleash their imaginations and bring their creations to life in an adventure with puzzles, battles, a compelling storyline and a new line-up of heroes and villains.

Skylanders Imaginators also introduces two new guest star characters - Crash Bandicoot™ and his arch-nemesis Dr. Neo Cortex. They join the lineup of Skylanders Sensei characters as fully-playable toys. Crash™ fans will also get to play a level dedicated to the famous bandicoot, Thumpin Wumpa Islands, which pays homage to be beloved ‘90s videogame icon.

Skylanders Imaginators supports character toys from all previous Skylanders games - including Skylanders® SuperChargers, Skylanders® Trap Team, Skylanders® SWAP Force™, Skylanders® Giants and Skylanders® Spyro’s Adventure - that kids can enjoy in the real-world and in the virtual game. As players add new Skylanders to their collection, they expand their in-game experiences.

Does Skylanders Imaginators for Switch have a street date?

To tell you the truth, it would be kind of silly for the game to have a street date. It's the same game that was on other systems last year. Even if there is a street date, at least one Walmart was willing to sell the game early! Thanks to Tmtigran for the heads up!

Skylanders Imaginators - Switch game card art

Is Nintendo going to be the only company that puts artwork on the inside of their Switch cases? I certainly hope not!

No new Skylanders game for consoles in 2017, Imaginators to get new content

There were rumblings of Skylanders being in trouble, and it seems like Activision has confirmed that. While there's good news for the Netflix series and the franchise as a whole, it seems the console games have slowed to a point where Activision feels it's best to skip a year. Imaginators is going to get new content in 2017, but we don't know how much or when. It seems the big Skylanders push this year will be a mobile title.

Skylanders.com lists Crash Bandicoot edition of Skylanders Imaginators for release on Switch

UPDATE - AwesomePlatterFan lets us know that the Dark edition is listed as well.

We've known for awhile now that the Crash Skylander can work on any system, but only Sony was lucky enough to get the Crash Bandicoot edition of Skylanders Imaginators. According to the official Skylanders website, that might be about to change. The drop-down menu for the Crash Bandicoot edition has added in a listing for the Switch, although you get a message stating that no retailers in the area are stocking it. Is this a mistake, or a sign of something to come?