Nintendo reconfirms Smash Bros. Ultimate's Version 7.0 update as arriving within a week

Update incoming!

Nintendo has confirmed that the Version 7.0 update for Smash Bros. Ultimate is set to launch within a week. This update is going to include fighter adjustments, meaning replay data from previous versions will be incompatible. This update is also in preparation of Byleth's addition to the roster. We'll bring you the full patch notes when they're available.

Competitive Smash Bros. tournament GENESIS 7 teams with Nintendo

Genesis does what Nintendoes

Nintendo doesn't do too much in the way of eSports content outside of their own events, but they're stepping out of their comfort zone once again with a new collab. The gang behind the GENESIS 7 Smash Bros. tournament have revealed that Nintendo will be collaborating with them for their next tournament. No word on what the collaboration means for the tournament, but there's sure to be exciting things ahead!

GENESIS 7 runs January 24th to January 26th, 2020 at the Oakland Convention Center in Oakland, California. There will be tournaments for Super Smash Bros 64, Melee, and Ultimate in singles and doubles. There will also be tournaments for Splatoon 2, Rivals of Aether, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, and more.

Pro NFL player shows up at a Smash Bros. Ultimate tournament

Pro athlete, pro gamer

You never know who your competition is going to be at a Smash Bros. Ultimate tournament until you show up. That was the case for players at a Smash Bros. Ultimate tournament in Columbus, Ohio, where NFL running back Le'Veon Bell dropped in for some fun.

Bell ended up coming in 17th overall, managing a few wins against the some of the competitors. For those wondering, Bell plays as Mega Man for his main.

WWE Superstars Xavier Woods and Ember Moon go one-on-one in Smash Bros. Ultimate

Team Ember all the way

Man, it's been a Switch kind of week when it comes to the WWE! We had Heavy Machinery checking out Ring Fit Adventure the other day, and now we have WWE Superstars Xavier Woods and Ember Moon taking each other on in Smash Bros. Ultimate. See how the battle plays out above!

DOOM Eternal director says they've talked to Nintendo about 'DOOM Slayer' in Smash Bros. Ultimate, but its 'never gone anywhere'

Is this speculated character doomed?

Doom Slayer (commonly referred to as "Doomguy") has always been a highly speculated character for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Due to the legacy of the DOOM franchise, and how recognizable the character is across the gaming community, the demon destroyer would be an excellent addition to Smash. Recently, Marty Stratton, director of Doom Eternal, was interviewed by Metro, where he was asked about the rumors of Doom Slayer being added to the game. According to his response, discussions have been had, but "it’s never gone anywhere serious." Check out the full interview snippet below!

What about the rumours of Doom Slayer being in Smash Bros.? [This was a couple of days before the Byleth announcement] Do you think it could ever happen?

MS: I don’t know. We’ve asked them.

You asked them?

MS: Yeah.

Well, that’s how Solid Snake got in it. Would they discount it just because of the gore and violence though?

MS: I dunno. You would honestly have to ask them. We’ve never been approached and said, ‘Hey can Doomguy be in Smash Bros.?’ But we’re open-minded if they wanna ask. But we hear it all the time [from fans]. Who would say no? [laughs]

But you did ask them?

MS: We’ve had… I don’t even know who talked to who, but we’ve bantered with them. We have a great relationship with them through bringing Doom 2016 to Switch and that kind of stuff. So we have great people over there but it’s one of those things where it’s like, ‘Wouldn’t it be cool?’ But it’s never gone anywhere serious, so we’ll see.

Smash Bros. Ultimate 'Kunio-Kun' Spirit Board event announced

A hot-blooded event!

The next Smash Bros. Ultimate Spirit Board event is set to take place on Jan. 24th, 2020, and will run for five days. This time around, spirits from the Kunio-kun series are going to be joining in on the action.

Prizes for EVO Japan 2020's Smash Bros. Ultimate tournament winner to be announced later

What will the winner take home?

When we originally talked about the prizes you could win for the various tournaments at EVO Japan 2020, Smash Bros. Ultimate was the most disappointing. As we know Nintendo doesn't offer cash prizes, the only item mentioned was a Switch Pro Controller with a gold Smash Bros. logo. Now it seems there might be more for the winner than first detailed.

The official EVO Japan 2020 site has changed up its listing for Smash Bros. Ultimate, and now it says that prizes for the winner will be announced later. Let's hope that means something really special is being worked on.

Sakurai comments on Super Smash Bros' 21st anniversary

The birth of a mega-franchise

Believe it or not, its been 21 years since the original Super Smash Bros. launched for the N64. Who knew it would turn out to be one of Nintendo's biggest franchises, and lead to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate becoming the best-selling fighting game of all-time?! I doubt Sakurai had any idea, or any time to think about it, considering how busy he still is with the franchise!

Sakurai did take a moment to recognize the original game's anniversary on Twitter, sharing surprise at 21 years having already passed. He then went on to say that he didn't feel all that nostalgic for the game, considering how he's worked on revamped stages of the original for Smash Bros. Ultimate. For him, the classic stages are still fresh in his mind!

EVO Japan 2020 prizes revealed

It's not about the cash, but the glory

EVO Japan runs from Jan. 24th to 26th, 2020, and the prizes for tournament winners have been revealed. We'll stick to details on games that appear on Switch, rather than covering every title and its prize.

Samurai Shodown will be part of the big event, and the top winner will get to take home roughly $4,500. The same amount will go to the winner of the Blazblue Cross Tag Battle tournament. Finally we have Smash Bros. Ultimate, which has the biggest number of entrants, but no monetary prize. The top dog will get to take home a Switch Pro Controller with a gold Smash Bros. logo.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Elementary School Tournament and Junior High School Tournament 2020 announced

A tiny tournament tussle!

Nintendo has announced that the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Elementary School Tournament and Junior High School Tournament is making a return this year. The tournament will include five districts (Nagoya, Sapporo, Fukuoka, Osaka, and Tokyo), and is set to run from May through August 2020. Those interested in the tournament can register for entry on March 12th, 2020.


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